Naked and Bound Man Tortured in Woods in Brazil

Naked and Bound Man Tortured in Woods in Brazil

Naked and Bound Man Tortured in Woods in Brazil

At night, somewhere in the Brazilian woods, a kidnapped man was stripped naked, bound and tortured by his abductors. The video is short, but at the end of it someone puts a wire around his neck as if to garotte the guy with it.

I don’t know why they beat the guy. Per usual, could have been a false rape accusation, as that’s about the response I’d expect from the most hen-pecked men in the world that are the Brazilians.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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            And if you mother fuckers are reading this, if I had nothing against you before, you can bet your ass that I do now. You know exactly who you are. Fucking hypocrites.

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  1. They Are Really That Hen-Pecked In Brazil Mark? Like Worse Than In Canada, or The U.S. Dude?
    Cause I Knew that Unless You Were A Tourist With Lotsa Cash,,, The Brazilian Women Were Cold As Ice.

    I Heard That They Are So Cold That When They Take-Off Their Underwear, The A.C. Shuts-Off, And The Furnace Would Automatically Turn-On.

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  3. I actually feel sorry for this fellow. It’s not unlike nazi germany where all it needed to get you sent to a camp was a neighbor to accuse you of being gay, or odd. Like mentaly retarded and you’d be hauled off never to be seen again.

    “LOOK THE BITCH IS BEGGING (presumably for mercy) ”
    “DAMNED RAPIST (estrupador = rapist)

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