Naomi Oni – Disfigured with Acid in East London by a Person in a Niqab

Naomi Oni - Disfigured with Acid in East London by a Person in a Niqab

A Niqab is the dress worn by some Muslim women that covers her from head to toe and only leaves a narrow gap over the eyes for her to see. An illustration photo is included in the gallery.

20 year old Naomi Oni of Dagenham in east London became a victim of an acid attack while on her way back home from Westfied in Stratford where she works as a shop assistant in a Victoria’s Secret outlet. It happened on December 30, 2012. Reportedly, after a ride on a tube and a bus, she had about 5 minutes walk to do to get home but felt a presence behind her, turned around and saw a person in a niqab throwing liquid over her face. She knew it was acid and ran without looking back toward her home.

The attack left Naomi Oni with burns to her face, arm, hand and leg and caused temporary blindness that didn’t clear for two days. She was taken to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London and then transferred to a specialist burns unit at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.

After two weeks in the hospital, Naomi Oni underwent an operation to remove the damaged tissue from her face and head and was given an allograft – a synthetic skin that covers wounds. She then underwent another plastic surgery to graft skin from her right thigh on her face, forehead and left thigh. The graft has pulled down her right eyelid so she cannot close her eye properly.

Scared to go back to Dagenham, Naomi stays in a temporary accommodation elsewhere. She knows her attackers is out there somewhere and couldn’t bear the thought of having another encounter with them again. The police have a CCTV footage of the attacker but have not been able to come up with any leads as to the identity, let alone their gender. Niqabs are meant to be worn by women, but it could have just as easily been a man.

In an interview with The Sun, Naomi Oni said she stopped hating the attacker, but pleaded for them to come forward:

This could have happened to anyone and I just want this person to come forward. How can they sleep at night knowing they have done this? I have stopped hating them. I just feel sorry for them and I wonder what’s going on in their life to want to make someone else suffer like that. But I would like to see them caught, for everybody’s sake.

Photos of Naomi Oni before and after the acid attack are in the gallery below. I find the before photos worse:

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  1. As a child id wake up Saturday mornins run to the tv to see what new cartoons were on. Now I log into BG to see what new material they’ll be. Thanks again mark!

    Yea I’m with you mark, she was pretty Fugly before attacks.

    1. Maybe so boys, but it must be horrible to one day be normal and the next to be disfigured. I don’t believe she was “fugly”, she might not be to our liking but no one deserves this.
      Great pictures though to a sad story. I hope that if the person tries this again he/she is caught.

          1. Sorry…she deserves this now as it has been found she did it to herself. Cause she is bat-shit crazy. But no matter the race or creed NO ONE deserves to have their face disfigured because of some ass.

  2. London, How can I best describe this place, If you’ve ever seen Blade Runner the movie and you watch the street scenes with all those people bumping into each other and every race under the sun all in one place and all the crime and poverty then you will have some idea of what London is like.

    If you walk down the streets of London you will not hear English being spoken anywhere and you will see very few English people.

    Now to my point, acid attacks are common place in Muslim countries and such a crime would not shock however these types of attacks are now becoming common place in London too.

    This reason being that Muslims for the most part do not amalgamate with the current societal norms of the host country but instead choose to recreate their home countries social structure.

    This is how they take control, it has already happened in most African countries, they outbreed the indigenous population and force, by way of numbers, societal change.

    Therefore If you are a soon to be tourist and wish to come to England, even though I have no idea why you would want to come to this shit hole, then please avoid London, it is not part of England anymore, it is now more like New York in the Escape from New York movie.

      1. Which I think is the wrong way to go about instilling change.

        I’d advocate and sanction the assassination of our (Western) politicians, Judges, Police etc. though. Car bombs, regular bombs, hit and runs, fire bombs, assassination, targeting families (necessary) until the ideology responsible for bringing them over to our Countries is wiped out, or the people enforcing it are.

        Targeting Muslims is a waste of time. The same people will pollute our Countries with them again – Remove the polluters first before cleaning up the pollution.

    1. Hmm, leaving one’s country of origin because it’s social structure has made it a miserable place to live, moving to another country whose social structure has made it a wonderful place to live, then doing everything in your power to re-create the miserable social structure of your origin country in the wonderful country to which you’ve moved…making the indigenous inhabitants of the wonderful country miserable in the process.


      Yep, those immigrants really seem to have their shit together.

    2. it’s your government’s fault, for allowing all these foreigners in and giving them residency status, and it’s not just the muslim monkeys, i’m talking about the towel heads, the rag headed niggers, asians etc

      these people are going to suck the lifeblood out of england until the entire country is no longer recognizable

      your economy is in the pits now, your country can start the turn around by telling the entire royal family to get real jobs, and not prance around in carefully crafted pictures distributed to the press that are designed to show that they remain relevant in the 21st century

  3. I’m from just outside London and hate the place. It has been in the press last couple of days that whites are now a minority in their own capital city. This disgusts me. If Asians in burkas and the like want to go throwing acid in other foreigners faces let them get on with it. Ironic how all these jihadists want to attack Londoners considering how Londoners now aren’t REAL English. London is the arsehole of Europe now. I’m moving to Mexico. Adios amigos.

    1. If your seriously considering Mexico (which you probably aren’t) them I would recommend Guanajuato, the place is a beautiful historic little city. A few top colleges are located there so girls are always abundant. For the most part its been spared from the narco violence and alot of retired Americans and Canadians call it home. The hills that surround the city are quite a sight to see

      1. Thanks Pale Rider, but if I were to move to Mexico, I’d want to be in narco territory not hanging around with college kids. I’d be in my element with beheadings and similar. I’m thinking about opening up a chain of camera shops there. It really riles me that these great videos have such poor picture and sound quality. Can you imagine how amazing a chainsaw beheading would be in full 3D widescreen surround sound etc etc? I feel all fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

  4. England is a joke, London is fucked & our government are spineless toffee nosed twats who are too scared of admitting we have a problem in case the newspapers call them racists. They also force us to accept this multicultural cancer and tell us that we have to like it and not say anything about it. If you come forward with an opposing opinion you are labelled a racist. It doesn’t help that half of britain is also full of naieve morons that still thinks “most muslims are law abiding and peaceful.” They may be law abiding and peaceful, but as soon as they get their sharia law you just see how quickly they will change. Then they claim that its only a minority of muslims that are extremists. Well 1% of 1.5 billion (muslim total) still equals to be about 15 million extremists. Doesn’t sound like a minority when they are outside your front door.

  5. The plot thickens! It’s been reported
    in UK press today that the police suspect she threw the acid over herself. They have seized her computer and say that she had researched acid attacks In some detail before her incident. Maybe her moustache really was getting on her nerves more than we realised.

    1. That’s down to the splendid detective skills of our constabulary…. again……
      Except it turned out that they were very wrong, and this poor woman had to put up with acid burns (from some mad Muslim from the same college). Yet having to deal with police thinking you did it to yourself for attention must be unbearable!!
      She was treated so differently to Katie Piper. I can’t think why…

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