New York Fag Performing Ellen DeGeneres Dance Dare Detained and Choked by NYPD

New York Fag Performing Ellen DeGeneres Dance Dare Detained and Choked by NYPD

While one could argue that there is plenty of wrong with the ass pirate in this video – quite decisively an Obama worshiper who owns an Iphone, uses Google Chrome, has a Facebook account and spends half of his day walking around with a Second Cup coffee mug in his hand (aka an unfixable liberal retard) – it still changes nothing about the behavior of those pillars of the community acting all heroic with the fag:

  • What are you a fucking asshole?
  • What the fuck is wrong with you bro?
  • Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me bro?

Faggot or not, irritating or not with his fellow homo Ellen DeGeneres dance dare, he was not a threat to anyone, causing no harm nor loss to warrant harassment.

This video is but yet another of a hundred and one proofs that to interact with police in any capacity puts one at peril. The response to the faggot dancing – detaining, choking and throwing him on the ground (even if it was a dildo up his ass that assisted in him losing the balance) – can be seen as nothing but a ridiculous over-reaction. Per usual.

Just a few bad apples, right… apologists? How about this as the answer to your: “Why oh why would some soulless monster kill two of NYPD’s finest?

There really is little difference between watching mobsters and cops in action.

The sign on their van says “School Safety”. It is nice to know we have raging violent bullies watching out for the little school kids. I for one am glad these valiant crusaders of justice are standing guard, closely monitoring the movements of the kids. We need brave warriors like these to protect the rest of us from the marauding hordes. /s

Unfortunately, as we know, the actions of abusive cops are overseen by other abusive cops and their crony DAs. Thus, they will get away with it once again.

Funny thing is – as NYPD boycotts mayor Bill de Blasio with their “Virtual Work Stoppage”, the people get along peacefully and the society carries on. Whatever they were trying to prove, they proved the opposite – that there is literally no need for them. Civilians get abused and killed everyday by cops, and nothing happens. When finally something puts the police at risk, they pussy out and suddenly don’t make all the bullshit arrests to justify their excessive budgets. Quoting

The de facto police strike unwittingly illustrates the true role of police: to empower, protect, and generate revenue for the State while keeping the people demoralized, scared, or poor. Because of the strike, we are now witnessing the reverse – more freedom for people, and less power for the State.

Video of dancing faggot getting harassed and assaulted by the cops is below:

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96 thoughts on “New York Fag Performing Ellen DeGeneres Dance Dare Detained and Choked by NYPD”

    1. Faggot cops kicked his shit back up his poopchute. I don’t know how these mental zeros think (or not think) that in a busy city,nobodies going to see or film it. On top of that, these dickheads never heard heard of CCTV…I can’t wait till these pricks have to wear POV cameras on their vests

  1. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! 2015 has now arrived in Ottawa Canada. it is 12.01 May the world become a better, safer, and less selfish place, for all to love, and enjoy in 2015, and beyond! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. It’s the mating call of a cop. Notice the wide legged stance, puffed out chest, thumbs hooked into the belt. When he begins to bluster and yell all other cops within hearing distance gravitate to join in the mating dance ritual.

    1. Of course the MSM is pushing the pro police state agenda. No surprise there. The little fact that a guy is not committing any crime means shit. All that matters is that the cops feel tense, so civilians are not allowed to act in a lawful manner, or else they get manhandled. Lawfulness of your actions mean shit because cops get away with abuse every time, and pro establishment media will give more air time to cop apologists. Between guy dancing on the street, and cops choking, bullying and pushing him, it’s the dancing guy who’s an asshole.

      1. Dude cops are trained this way, They are to be excessive. Probably because the government in america wants to weed out the people who don’t fit the build of what they want. The worse thing in america would be a war with police and or government. It would be they’re excuse to come in and kill, or take away more rights and guns. The best thing to do is a revolution with the pen. peacefully demand things from your politicians. They are the real bad guys. Taking money from corporations to get elected and do the bidding of the corporate world and bankers. A shooting war is no way to go. its bad for only Joe-American. Big business and government wins every time.

  3. May of been in bad taste considering 2 cops where just murdered. They overreacted tho. There is a fine line of law enforcement. You must remember that we need police. We need them so that big beefcake Bubba can’t poke the little tiny clumsy kid in the butt when he feels the need to just go out and catch him, then poke his butt. However the position does put the normal person in a stressful environment. I think that things like this maybe people’s inability to take cops for what they are. I think that alot of these police brutality cases could be people pushing cops in the wrong way.

    1. My point is, use cops for what they are. Law enforcement. When your around them move slow and act right. There really is no reason to interact with police unless you need help. I ignore cops. Literally act like they are not there. And i never have a problem. That cop in the video is mad. May of been that he just felt like a man snuck up behind him and could of shot him in the head like the 2 buddies of his. However there’s no need for excessive force. Bottom line is live your life, and don’t push just because you can. Cops are only human. Some are nice, some are cruel, and others are just not that bright. Ignore them like me. I never get hassled.

      1. If they ask me for id i give it, i don’t have time to prove a point or hassle some dick head because i can. I don’t care, and i want to get away from them as fast as possible. i move slow and i don’t insult them. I never have a problem. Doing something to prove a point or just because you can, may get you killed because your in the presence of a power hungry prick with a badge. You hate them, but without them. Your left to the mercy of big bubba poking your little sister her room. wich may happen anyway.
        but with out cops its gonna happen more and without repercussion or fear from the bad guy.

        1. I’ve met good one’s.
          i’ve met bad one’s.
          If i need them they are there.
          If i don’t i just don’t care.
          If they are rude i ignore.
          Because most are a bore.
          If they ask i answer.
          Im no dancer.

          ah it rymes and looks like a middle finger in a way.

    1. @Alayton, you’ve said exactly what the issue here is, nobody wants to be made a fool.
      The NYPD is full of fools already and this guy dancing around like a fruit cup as he did was definitely a no-no.
      People need to use some common sense when dealing with the popo these days and the dancing queer shit ain’t gonna go over without a visit to fist city.
      The foreseeable future should be quite interesting with the NYPD, try not to be a part of it everybody.
      Happy New Year to all.

  4. Cops are acting like prison guards these days, you’d swear they were dealing with inmates in a prison, although they probably wouldn’t be treated as harshly as some of the public. That said, when you’re doing an Ellen inspired dance…

  5. I read a comment on a police state in merica article, some guy said if you act normal bla bla bla there would never be a problem.

    Then why are these cops cussing? For what? Being aggressive, all of them surrounding him threatening him. It’s fucking sad and it’s like seeing a gang, ganging up on that one guy.

    Fuck these pigs, they demand respect and fear from the citizen. There was no reason to act like they did. Bunch of assholes.

    I would support the deaths of cops like these. Let them rott.

    1. Hey @PARANOID , you really believe a death sentence is warranted to those cops who bullied this guy..?
      That’s the same logic as giving a kid a life sentence for possessing a joint.
      May I suggest that you keep as far away from any cop you encounter, for your own safety.

  6. Regardless if i was a cop or not if my 2 co workers just got killed from behind by some freak i would be on edge too.this was merely for a reaction and HE GOT IT. I would not be to pleasant about a crackheaded moron jumping around in back of me either. I think the lil push he got and the way he talks to his own friends would be the least of his worries! I am no fan of the NYPD at all BUT what would have been the consequences if he had done that to a group of thugs doing a deal..

  7. I view this as taunting.
    The dancing queer thought it fun to “play” with the cops.
    He wanted to see if he could have some fun by acting a fool up close and too personal. Sort of like throwing a stone or insult at them.
    He got what he wanted if you want my opinion.
    He got their attention.

    If you wish to interact with a cop try saying hello.
    Think of it as if your trying to appease the pissed off 6 ft. 200 lb. 7 th grader in the playground.
    You know you can’t beat him up, so make him a friend.

  8. Negros like Obama should be kicked out from the Americas to Africa. The story isn’t finished because another racial group remains in the Americas are the worst than Obama and his cronies corrupting the economy to dissolution.

  9. It was a joke and the only one that looks stupid is the dancing fag. Call him out as an asshole and send him on his way. No need to get physical. The video really shows their pack mentality. I bet if it was just the one cop he wouldn’t have acted in this way.

    1. American cops are jumpy as hell, always on the defensive. Absolutely pathetic excuse for Police and about as far removed from the proper way as they could possibly get.

      Surely the priority would be calmness under pressure, the ability to assess a situation and act accordingly. Nope, not for those fucktards, they’ve totally lost the plot. And in packs, well, best of luck to anyone who has the misfortune of being in the presence of those wild idiots.

      A sad state of affairs indeed.

  10. Gotta agree with a lot of what John Candy said on here. Just take in the facts of your circumstance and fucking act rational. It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about what *is*. These are tense ass, tight as a black hole wild boars already on edge, and you go up and pull that kinda shit (legally being a complete dipshit) what the *fuck* do you *think* is gonna happen? That fucking fruitcake shoulda gotten a retina detaching universal bitch slap just on general principle; you pull that shit on anyone let alone psychotic leg breakers and your will to live is obviously not that strong.

    Yes! If you’re in the middle of a wild pig farm, I ignore the pricks and just keep your head together and act rational (especially during *interaction*) you’ll probably go unmolested. Sure I have shit to prove and points to make, but not then and not there and not like that. Is that the time to exercise your right to be an incurable fuckstick with 2 braincells? Bozo the Clown is lucky he didn’t get turned into a fucking smoothie and make life for all the rest of the pod people around him all the more risky just by breathing in the general direction of those fucking retarded, ground meatheads with license to abuse. He proved a few points though. Even strapped, abusive hacks can excercise restraint of abuse with yapping rats that are just asking for a creamed whipping.

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