Nigerian Woman Whipped for Trying to Entrap Man in Marriage with Lies

Nigerian Woman Whipped for Trying to Entrap Man in Marriage with Lies

This video apparently takes place in Nigeria. It shows some sort of military fag torturing a woman, making her squat down and bounce around like a frog before accepting a whipping from a piece of rope. Others stand by and watch.

According to the info I got, this is the military officer’s girlfriend of 7 years who tried to entrap him in marriage by lying to him that she was pregnant. She insisted he marry her because she was knocked up, even though she knew she wasn’t.

There comes a time, when every cock carousel rider hits a wall. While she’s younger, she’s used to getting all the attention in the world and having everything handed to her on a silver plate, but then she gets old and fat and ugly, and suddenly there is next to no interest in her land whale fat folds.

With her biological clock ticking away, she realizes her time is running out and needs to entrap someone in marriage now, or else she’s screwed. That is in particular the case if the male in the picture is of higher status than herself.

This is known as hypergamy – basically, a woman will gravitate toward a man of higher net worth, even if he otherwise lacks attractive traits. You could be a good man, hard working, honest and great with children, but if there is another man who’s more loaded than you, she’s gonna ditch you for him. That’s hypergamy. With the world rigged in favor of women, including justice system, once a higher net worth man is entrapped in marriage, she can divorce rape him and ta da, cha ching, dollar bills keep moving out of his pocket and into hers.

Italy has recently updated their divorce laws to curb hypergamy, so the partner gets what she needs to provide for the necessities of life, and not a fixed percentage of her partner’s income. In response, gold diggers like Debora Roversi, ex wife of the football player Andrea Pirlo, who has been getting monthly $53,000 cheques from ex husband, turned to whining that the law is unfair because she will have a difficult time adjusting to living on less than $50k a month. I’d be exalted if I made that much a year… before taxes. Must be nice to be entitled to $50k a month for just having a vagina.

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      1. I’m selling a book on how to be first, cuz it’s SO Fucking Important, right? Then in the middle of yer speech, thanking the academy, yer mom, daddy, lil sis…. Mark will boot your ass off First Post Island, haha.

          1. @loosythepoosy. Strangely not. Ask any lady unfortunate enough too fall for my sexually deviant charms and she will tell you (in-between sobs). That Uncle Jim has staying power or Im too stupid too know when I’m beat. Choose which answer best fits your assumptions of me Lucy :-).

    1. “While she’s younger, she’s used to getting all the attention in the world and having everything handed to her on a silver plate, but then she gets old and fat and ugly, and suddenly there is next to no interest in her land whale fat folds.”…does she really look that privileged

          1. @nathanbit. Aww I’m sorry petal. I think you have this site confused with the One Direction fan site. But it’s ok if you fuck off back too it Uncle Jim won’t tell your mommy on you.

      1. @Stompy: I sure did notice the ape dance motions … It is a hilarious bonus that complements the whipper stopping to answer the phone…. I’d love to have this video set to music for my collection. Any suggestions as to the music?

        1. No, because there is at least a spark of truth to it. Not for all women, but no denying it is true for some. Not me, but the clock is ticking for some women to drop a foal, and divorce extortion just makes me sick. I enjoy seeing a little payback, especially a land whale.

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    1. laughing my ass off what is that even. is he instructing her to specifically do that move? hell I don’t even know if I could do that, certainly wouldn’t want to. that’s not sexy frog I see no tongue lol

    1. It’s a scene from a Nigerian soap opera. YouTube has a channel or two featuring “Nollywood” productions. It’s some funny stuff but it ain’t got sheeeit on Black Belt Jones and Shaft! Superfly!
      Also, there’s no mob scene here with cell phones recording. Just one guy with a high end Nikon taking stills for TMZ-Nigeria.

    1. After repeated viewings, I agree it is faked. The land whale wears a suspicious, long legged tight fitting underwear. This underwear hides the closed cell foam padding over her buttocks. Listen very closely at the sound when he straps her buttocks. You have heard that rubber slap sound before. Padded so as not to hurt her. I call it as I see it…

  1. I think my husband committed hypergamy. My vehicle was newer than his, I had new flatware and I had a cat. I mean it’s obvious he gravitated to my luxurious lifestyle – eating with new forks and petting a cat whenever he felt like it.

    1. Just make really good sandwiches, give him a beautiful sex time and do not talk to much and he is happiest man in the world.
      When he is happy, he will do anything to see you happy to.

      This is how it works.

      1. I want plaster to have a baby, just think of the stories! I would even be cool with adoption of like a four year old. a four year old named Susie with flaming red hair. yes! and even Kevin agrees he says yesss @plaster yesss

          1. what else to call a four year old adoptee with fire engine hair but Susie?!
            whatever you and hubby decide you seem rather content but this may be just the shake up you need to split you apart so you and haydolf can hang. now *that’s* a story. wow I want that so bad.
            now everyone quit talking so I may rest. BG is closed . goodnight

      2. We’ve been together 10 years and I’ve talked the entire time. I believe his skills to tune me out are very good. And the sandwich thing, I don’t eat meat so I don’t really do sandwiches well. And yet, we’re okay. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad to see her punished for behaving like that.
    To bad we didn’t see more.

    Those behind are ready like tennis(read: Trannys; All women in today’s tennis are transgenders) ball guys.

  3. @happy. Something about Niggers being whipped seems natural too me. Like the leaves turning brown in September or the birds sing at dawn. Kind of a let down its another ape doing the flogging on her disgusting fat, sweaty black back. Shame on you Mark for destroying my outdated and harsh ideals of human/animal interactions and I watched 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice pick before for the first no wonder they locked you up mate. It was beyond obscene and I’m a rapist not a cuck. You ever want too talk about things I’m here too help. Fuck the rest of these trannies and sexless wonders on here. I’ve seen the world and I can help you cope with what that queer weirdo did ;-). (by the way at what point in the video did you spunk at, I got to 6:43 before I hit the motherload).

    1. Agreed. Almost like some type of reenactment, or performance. You can tell by him pulling out the phone, assuming to call someone, he barely dials any numbers, puts the phone to his ear and starts talking automatically. Not to mention the hilariousness of the hype men in the back!!!

  4. when sex robots become available for males this will be the norm for females. when men begin to get sexual satisfaction from synthetics the male to female relations hit almost zero. there will be a massive spike in violence against female because the overwhelming urge to fornicate will be quelled in the synthetic flesh. this ‘urge’ which is dealt with will leave males with an attitude of ‘why am i putting up with this shit’ when the primary reason for this gender battling will be taken care of. there will also be synthetic wombs which will provide an even safer growing environment than the females womb and this will further the distance between the two genders.

    1. This doesn’t make me feel threatened. First and most important, only a particular type of male thinks like this. For example, men who don’t beat women now won’t suddenly decide to do so. The mass marketing of a sex robot won’t make a non-violent man decide to hit women. You’re just that kind of person or you’re not. Then there’s the issue of money. I know guys that can’t make their car payment so I don’t see a top-of-the-line sex robot in their future. And finally, most people don’t want a robot companion. I can see the initial appeal especially if your only interest is sex – any time, any way you want it and maybe some household chores and who needs bitches? But one day, you’ll be 85 years old and you won’t give a shit about fucking every day. And your robot won’t care for you. There will be no one who cares about your pain, suffering, loneliness. You can hire home healthcare and many will take your pain meds, let you sit in your own filth and collect a check for doing so because who’s watching out for you? So if you plan on living with a robot, I’d say get cracking on adopting that kid that will love you when you’re old. By then, sex-bot will be covered in dust and staring blankly into nothingness.

      1. i am not actually hinting with this one, i am saying this is what happens .. this is one of the prophecies disclosed to me a couple years back by one of the mystics i communicate with. and its a female who disclosed this information to me.

      2. @Haydolf sounds fucked any way you look at it. His Fuck-Bot 9000 won’t wipe his ass and feed him. Home Health Care will steal his meds and ignore his ass rot.
        What other options are there except for a human wife? But, if a human wife won’t make sandwiches for 30yr old(?) Haydolf then there’s NO chance that she will stick around to hold 85yr old Haydolfs ball sack up out of the toilet water and spackle over his bed sores. The future is bleak.

          1. Haydolf, I know you have your belief in other-worldly connections and such. And some of it actually makes sense (such as where humans come from.) But I hope these women-killer things do not come to pass.

          2. See, I was gonna do that too but I live in the U.S. and airfare to Europe is so expensive. Say ‘Hey’ to the 4 Horsemen for me.

          1. @itsplaster there is an american series called psychic detectives. in laymans terms this is how this realm is .. its all energy and nothing is linear but actually happens all at the same ‘time’. i say time loosely because there is no time just energy manifesting and vibrating and changing so watch some of that and see how they can pick up the vibrations and energy left in that area or piece of clothing or the walls etc. this realm is a vibrating pulsing ball of energy almost like a radio frequency for this ‘station’. but believe me there are many many other vibrations/beings/realms and as you progress in this story of yours, and as i do in mine .. we will piece by piece experience these other dimensions. but there are certain forces that get involved in this realm and some are meant to .. and some people can communicate with these forces and get ideas or vibrations or instincts about what direction this place might be heading. some of these forces are timeless and have so much knowledge and wisdom and vision that its nothing for them to look at us feeble human life forms and see the path we are heading. but i can gaurantee you 100% there are forces that operate here and if they want to interfere they will do.

      3. Can’t wait for my 240 Volt FuckMaster Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6 speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray, together with optional built in realistic orgasm scream surround sound system!

    2. @Haydof…: I do believe you are a futurist and agree this is where we Homo Sapiens are headed. Technology will develop fuking robots that are customized to individual tastes. I myself will be in the market for Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters look a likes.

  5. In a case like Pirlo’s, who does one really blame ?.
    Anyone with half a brain cell knows what’s going to arise when the shit hits the fan, so, make damned sure, before any commitment to a minge, that your ducks are in a row. Easier said in this day and age I know, but damage limitations can be put in place.

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