Nightclub Bouncer Punches Girl Square in the Face in Prahran, Australia

Nightclub Bouncer Punches Girl Square in the Face in Prahran, Australia

POW… right in the fucking kisser!

A nightclub bouncer in multicultural Australia by the name of Ahmed Popal assaulted a male and female patrons outside the 161 nightclub, an action which was caught on CCTV camera and landed him a seven-month jail term suspended for two years and a fine of $10,000. As an additional penalty, the CCTV footage of the assault was released to the media as a form of public humiliation. Except that aside from humiliating the bouncer, it also humiliates the silly ho that got knocked the fuck out with a punch square in the face.

During the assault on the male patron, which followed a verbal exchange, his labia armed friend thought nobody would have the balls to touch her cause she was oh so hawt but that’s not what our Muslim friend Ahmed Popal thought. He first slapped her over her silly head but that wasn’t enough for her pussy mind to comprehend so the pair of labia lashed out at the bouncer again and earned herself a pow in the kisser. Bouncer is a pussy for punching the ho, the ho is a silly cow for thinking anybody gives a shit about her snatch.

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the bouncer punching ho video. It happened in Prahran, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:

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71 thoughts on “Nightclub Bouncer Punches Girl Square in the Face in Prahran, Australia”

  1. Seems all door men/bouncers are just boxers or fighter’s who are itching to pounce on someone. It don’t matter to these guys if you wear a fucking skirt either. That chick should have know better than to face off with one of these brain farts

      1. It’s not a joke actually, I’ve had Muslim friends who’ve gotten beaten up along with their mothers. I don’t agree with the Muslim life at all but I don’t hate them all. I have Muslim friends that I love.

  2. What a retard. Don’t get involved in fights with a man if your a woman. You will instantly be targeted as a man. Don’t raise your hands you dainty little cunt or get punched in the dick sucker like this presumptuous ho.

    1. See I love the way you word that, but I myself would just troll the ever living dogshit out of a girl and HAVE if they tried to hit me. It’s funny as hell, though I DO agree with the sentiment. Girls who stand up and try to fight should be treated as equals. Equality swings both ways ya’ cunts!

  3. DONT raise your hands to a man. You will be targeted as a man. Then get punched in your dick sucker. Don’t be a presumptuous little cunt and think he wont punch you in the face.

  4. And the pussy bastards that walk away with her what a pussy these guys are pussy for hitting a girl and pussy when you don’t do shit all those bouncer would of have to k.o me cause I would of been on their asses fuck that fucking pussies all of them

  5. This is 2013, men are not putting up with this bullshit no more, bitches think they can square off and swing at men. The only way they will learn not to do that is to simply tee off on these females.
    Its not cool to hit females that dont deserve it, but we are seeing a trend when it comes to females catching the business end of a mans fist. Its quite simple girls if you dont want to get hit by a man don’t swing at him or square up and get in his face. In the heat of battle someone creeps up behind you all your thinking about is protecting yourselves. Unfortunately, this female thought that since every guy in her life bows down in obedience to her vagina, the same would happen here. Boy was she mistaken, Feminism Fail.

    1. Yup. Most gals realize that they cannot take a guy on in a physical fight by the time they are 14 or so. In the same vein, it is very uncool for a gut to hit on a girl for the fact alone.

      But… if the girl ‘brings it on’ in this manner, then just for the fact that she is a girl this does not rightfully give her an advantage either. Some females do not understand this… and are stupid as a result.

  6. First off, I am NOT a women’s lib. advocate,not by a long shot.But,why is it, on here that men are referred to as just that, “men” but women are referred to as “a pair of labia”,a “ho”,a worthless “single mom”,and even a “cum-dumpster”? I don’t understand.Some others have pointed this out and touched on the subject a little bit in the past but I am wondering why such obvious hatred toward women???

    1. hello little @Sage, would you consider most of the women featured in BG videos to be of the type you would classify as something sweet and responsible and loyal and someone you wouldn’t mind taking to meet your mum? because i just see a lot of drunken irrespsonsible premiscuous violent trash.

      1. First off I wouldn’t take any one of them to meet my “mum”due to the fact that I’m female, all female and have no interest In my own gender.

        I would probably have no interest in anyone on here considering most of the subjects are dead. But seriously there is a lot of (unnecessary) female bashing that goes on here during Mark’s introductions to some of the videos and I think it’s safe to assume that most of females that visit this site have taken notice of this also. And yes I would agree that most of the females are undesirable in these vids. But if you go back and look through previous postings, there is a greater deal of anger toward females and the last person to acknowledge this fact was a male (who shall remain nameless)as far as my post is concerned!

    2. I’m with you @sagemoon! without women, guys would a: have nothing to jerk off over and b: nobody would be born! Not all women are sluts and hos! Remember they all have mothers ‘n’ they need to have some respect! 🙂 As for the gung ho bouncers over here in Aus, they’re mostly fuckwits with no brains!

          1. @Sage , I guess it’s because at least 80% of women actually are sluts, and trash. Ever since feminism came up, a lot of women (and girls in this case) think they can do anything they want, just because they are female. They want to be seen as equals with men.

            And I’m fine with that as I am also a woman, but I think women also need to realise that they’re physically not as strong as most men, and they will never be.

            If women try to keep up with men at things like fighting or sports, things like this happen. You want to keep up with men? You’ll be treated as one. Don’t expect anyone to go easy on you just because you’re a woman, because you chose to join in with men’s sports and fights.

            But most females, as I said before, like 80% of them, do join in with men’s things. Mostly things they don’t have to do anything with. But they still do, because they think men will go easy on them. And some men will, of course, but I don’t think that’s fair.

            And because most females think they can do anything just because they have a snatch instead of a cock, I agree with Mark. I agree that most women are stupid bitches, hoes, or selfish sluts, or all of those. And it might not be true on 20% of women (including you and me, apparently). But with simple whining on sites like this and hoping that men will understand, we would only show that ALL women are whiny bitches.

            It’s up to us, the 20% of normal women, to prove there actually are females who think normal, and don’t act like overreacting feminists on every article involving women. We live in the same world, and women and men need to work together to get things done.

          2. I’m not at all an angry person.But I can respect and celebrate the huge differences between all individuals and especially the differences between men and women so I can understand why you don’t understand what I’m talking about.You can’t possibly understand what I’m trying to convey from a female perspective and never will.There are quite a few females that visit this site and even a few males that know exactly what I’m talking about and even a few who have touched on this subject here and there.But they for one reason or another won’t come right out and say anything.Too many just don’t want to rock the boat (that is Best Gore).

  7. that girl did a fine job. she had the courage to step up against a dick head. and she didn’t get knocked out. that’s a black eye to be proud of. well done.

    the faggot that hit her was a pussy. what type of man can’t even knock out a chick. pussies that fight like that get ass raped in prison. good luck, dip shit.

  8. Switzerland has the right idea – they are drastically limiting the number of immigrants that can enter. Preserves their heritage and keeps the riffraff out. “Multiculturalism” sounds cool – be inclusive and open, but the reality of it is people from every shithole country in the world will swarm to yours bringing their culture with them, which typically doesn’t meet the Western standard of civilized. Case in point – London. We all think of that city as being full of white prissy English folk, but around 60% of its inhabitants are now foreigners – lots of Pakistanis and Somalis. The trouble London has is there is no unringing that bell. Those immigrants are there to stay and the London full of actual Englishmem is gone forever.

    The downside of Switzerland’s policy is it keeps my American ass out as well. I can’t join their club either.

  9. I don’t get it….random guy tries to break in through security, 4 of them try to restrain the guy …then a fucking fem comes in, assaults the security…and he is the one punished!!!!….my word, what this fucking world has come to.

  10. ahhh… television has given to women of this country(australia) the perseption that they can not only hit a man, but also knock him out with one punch. get it through your heads you dumb bunch of jersey shore watching skanks. you will get hit back. im a little unhappy the cleveland bus driver wasnt on the door that night.

  11. I thought this was funny. I got into a fight with my friends twin brother before. I accidentally kicked him in the head while he was sitting on the floor and i was on the couch and he got so pissed and started socking me in the stomach and i was hitting him in the face. Then his friend and sister got him off. Took it like a champ 🙂 its all good now. This was back in the day haha. Never cared about it though.

  12. You interject yourself into a fight, then expect to get hit. These are the social rules of males. Just because you are a female and do so, don’t expect the outcome to be all that much different. Equality and all….

  13. I do not advocate violence against women. However if you act like a violent man, don’t be surprised if you are treated like one. The woman in the yellow dress had the right idea. She got the fuck outta there ASAP. None of this jumping on the bouncer’s back and attacking him.

  14. The reason the law cracked down on the bouncer is that they are trained to take down or restrain patrons with out the need for punching, kicking or any striking. That cock roll bouncer took it way to far, there was no need for him to hit the bitch. she may have been acting like a mole but as i said they are meant to stop or restrain troublesome people with out striking them.

  15. Come on now. If that were a guy that grabbed the bouncer, he would have snapped him in two. The bitch was stupid enough to put her hands on him in the first place, then EXTREMELY stupid for hitting him.
    She got what she deserved, but he sure didn’t.
    Fuck your double standards.

  16. Come on now. If that were a guy that grabbed the bouncer, he would have snapped him in two. The bitch was stupid enough to put her hands on him in the first place, then EXTREMELY stupid for hitting him.
    She got what she deserved, but he deserved less than a 7 month sentence.
    Fuck your double standards.

  17. Come on now. If that were a guy that grabbed the bouncer, he would have snapped him in two. The bitch was stupid enough to put her hands on him in the first place, then EXTREMELY stupid for hitting him.
    She got what she deserved, but he deserved less than a 2 year sentence AND $10,000.
    Fuck your double standards.

  18. Come on now. If that were a guy that grabbed the bouncer, he would have snapped him in two. The bitch was stupid enough to put her hands on him in the first place, then EXTREMELY stupid for hitting him.
    She got what she deserved, but he deserved less than a 2 year sentence AND $10,000.
    Fuck your double standards society.

  19. That’s not a bouncer, that’s a mad dog. Bouncers do not hit unruly guests, they subdue them using arm twisting and the like. Mad dogs are mad dogs, and should be put down.

    That being said, dumb ho shoulda stayed out of this one.

  20. i have been a bouncer for over 20yrs. and your are trying to break up a fight…you try to keep people back. but if some hooker is drunk & thinks she can just try to stop bouncer from doing hit job, then this will happen. i have broke chick fights….and this chick thought she going to me on ss well. sorry wrong answer. she ended up in the ER with a broken jaw.

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