Non-Hen-Pecked Indian Man Teaches His Woman Manners

Non-Hen-Pecked Indian Man Teaches His Woman Manners

Non-Hen-Pecked Indian Man Teaches His Woman Manners

Given that India is the world’s second most gynocentric country, seeing instances of pussy pass denial seems rather remarkable.

In the video, the man is seen applying something to his woman’s face. She throws a fit and gets aggressive with him. He has none of that and puts the woman in her place.

To further teach the woman manners, the man picks up some kind of knife with the hardness of a plastic fork and gives the woman back massage with its tip. What the whole scene is about, I have no idea.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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101 thoughts on “Non-Hen-Pecked Indian Man Teaches His Woman Manners”

          1. I’m not talking about Muslims. I’m talking about Hindu Families. They do give marriage their Preteen Daughters to Much Older Guys.

      1. He is what Americans call a fucking cuck or faggot or my favorite a bitch made dot head!! India is full of these tiny weak and frail minded frail bodied Indian men that have too torture women. I would feed him to my hogs alive and smile the while time!!!!

        1. Western women should be reminded once in a while what even malnurished turd world manlets are capable of and that the only authority sustaining their pussy pass is White men’s capacity for deterence.

  1. yeah well… i m not anymore surprised by indian people. they are the most weird people in the world.

    that can be woman violence, as same as some kind of tradition or fuck know what else…

    on the otehr side, if she didnt obey, i guess the dude will calmly get the beheaded head of that woman to the nearest police station and receive a drink in return. like we already saw in other video.

  2. This is the only way to keep bitches in check but even then nobody is safe from being cucked. But at least it seeds some fear and discipline. Todays world is prime example of what you get if you put women on pedestal instead beating the shit out of them if they dont behave as normal human fucking beings.

  3. Since I rub shoulders with Indians as well as Croatians alike I will make an educated guess:

    The woman’s pretence has led some family members/neighbours to believe she is possessed. Despite the erratic behaviour the husband isn’t having none of that & performs slappery therapy rather than the usual exorcism. Indians widely believe in possession & sometimes put on a performance in order to fool people around. Stubborn performers generally put on an extended display whereas others give up more easily. Women & even underage girls who refuse to obey eventually get tied to either a tree or a lamppost etc & slowly get articles of clothing removed. Breastfeeding mums have even had their breastmilk sprayed in front of cheering crowds. In the end its the anal insertion of foreign objects that eventually breaks even the most stubborn type. They beg for vaginal insertion instead as most Indian women are terrible at taking it up the ass

  4. No man, husband or otherwise, is going to rub shit or anything else for that matter, on my face without my permission. Any more than I would do that to a man. He was out of line. And I’d hardly call India gynocentric. Far from it. Have to disagree all around with Mark in this one.

  5. Who wrote that pile of trash video content? You never got over being dumped like a weak maggot.
    I don’t like bitches asking for pussy pass but that female there didn’t want to be man handled by a typical Indian rapist that are culturally bred over there.

    You filthy scums don’t know how to analyze a situation and just judge it upon your cynical preconceived prejudice.

    * fuck your lame responses you’re below me*

  6. Let’s not forget the horrid practice of Indian men destroying women’s face with acid in India. I’ve been thinking about traveling and was set on India for a while, but ended up on the acid attack survivors section of YouTube. Can’t believe that other woman is doing nothing to help.

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