Nonchalant Robber Receives Street Justice After Failed Bag Snatching

Nonchalant Robber Receives Street Justice After Failed Bag Snatching

CCTV video from Medellin in Colombia shows a man on a motorcycle dismount and nonchalantly approach two school girls apparently with a threat that they hand over their money or else. The girl he picked on let go off her bag and took off. The wound be robber ran after her which aggravated the girl’s friend who despite her young age, got in the robber’s face to give him a piece of her mind.

The altercation attracted the attention of people in the neighborhood who one by one gathered round, showing aggravation of their own that such low life operated in their backyard. Eventually, one of the mob noticed a pipe sticking out of a hole in the ground, pulled it out and started clubbing the robber before he could get the hell out of there.

A few blows with the pipe knocked the robber off his motorcycle, giving the rest of the mob the opportunity to add a kick of their own. Hopefully he learned his lesson for trying to rob school kids.

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  1. LMAO @ that school chick chasing him while he ttempted to run away like a litte bitch. He tried so damn hard to escape his impending doom and the dude in yellow was all, “Oh, Nigga I don’t think so!”
    That was the best Karma ever, haha!

    1. This might be one of the most comical videos ever. Everyone just standing there like ohh well he picked up his bike now hes escaped and my man grabs a 10 foot pole out of the ground and starts trying to hammer the dude. CLASSIC

          1. Ha ha, I love the way the people accrete around the situation so quickly, before you know it, there’s a squad of locals all over it like flies on shit.

    2. I thought Benny Hill had more titties running around but all else the same. My man called ACME like Wile E. Coyote and pulled a post out the earth. …like it was the known town whooping of ass stick

    1. Lolz..I’m sorry missb but if it wasn’t a foil’d robbery with street justice then what the fuck was this older fucker doing taking off that kids backpack?…I’m pretty sure she knows how to take it off herself without help…… the many story’s have you written hun?…..I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of your stories…I’m sure they’re just as awesome as ate’s…right?…thanks ate for all your works and keeping bg alive!!…and Portuguese….infact thanks to everyone here for keeping this site alive… <3

    2. You’re right @missb he didn’t even take the bag. Which could be the reason @ate wrote “would be” robber (although technically he wrote “wound” 😉 ).
      That said, it’s definately possible it wasn’t a robbery attempt as it looked like he was trying more to grab her and pulled the bag off in her attempt to get away.
      Either way? Ate & others never claimed to be Walter Cronkite, just fans of gore and great friends to the site, working hard to keep it afloat for us.
      P.S. No sarcasm intended, but if you think you can do better then click the ‘write for BG’ tab near the top.

    3. @missb…
      This is a community, not unlike the community observed in the video above.
      Unless you want us to lay some BG community justice on your sorry ass, I would suggest you lay off the insults.

  2. This looks like a case of road rage. The girls walk slowly across the road whilst staring at the motorcyclist who then pulls up at the girls, dismounts and lifts up his jumper to pull out a hidden machete, he then precedes to chase one of the girls with the machete in hand whist grabbing at the shoulder and knocking her bag to the floor, he doesn’t pick up the bag nor does he strike the girl with the machete.

    In my opinion this is just another case of “I’ll show the bitch for making me slow down”, he wanted to frighten her.

  3. I LOVE street justice..specially when it comes to douchebags like this asshole…kudos to the lil girl who stood up to that fucker…haha..when I read the background on the video I thought nice he grabbed a lil pipe out the ground and beat his ass….nopes..he pulled a HUGEASS stick thingy and CRACKED his ass…I wasted a hit because of that…I lol’d so hard when I saw that…haha….good..I hope this guy never fucks with another Lil girl ever again….lolz..

    1. @ Rotten Stench, Maybe a little off topic but before BEST-GORE, i use to frequent the pages of Rotten. Com. Is this where you got your name, or were you the owner of that site? B.T.W. I loved that site also! 🙂

    1. I wonder what happened to Silenced. He was from Canada and was an outspoken critic of the police state. He disappeared shortly after Mark was charged. I’m concerned the Canadian ZOG may have had his hand in his disappearance.

    2. People come and people go, others just like to get away for a bit before coming back refreshed and renewed, that’s life.

      Also, being a member of BestGore or any other uncensored website can cause you to become disillusioned with life as most people naturally create a psychological bubble around themselves that protects them from the horrors of reality and when this bubble bursts, as is often does when facing the cruel needle of reality, they go through a existential crisis and this is why some members will drop out for a bit.

      During this period they will feel like it is all pointless, they spent a lot of time blowing off steam on Bestgore and other websites trying to create change and unfortunately that change never comes, they talk with all their friends and family members about all the wrongs in the world and sadly they do not care for they live in their own bubble and the end result is that they stop trying, they stop swimming against the tide and just let the sea take them away.

      Other members just have Bestgore low on their priorities and I can’t blame them for that, we all have our own individual lives to live even if we live in shit covered societies.

      As far as individual members fearing the hand of ZOG, well, the sad reality is that our governments do not care about what people believe, all that matters is what people can prove and the burden of prove is always with the public and never the government for they can prosecute you without proof.

      Mark was targeted because he was the leader and because he was embarrassing the Canadian government and police force and as far as they are concerned the individual member is a nonentity and they are right, as individuals we are nonentities but like I have said many times before our real strength is that of combination, power in numbers.

      The people may not get it now but they will have to eventually or it will all be over, the end.

    1. custer deserved it more, too. The final touch was slitting custer’s face at each side of his mouth and stuffed grass in his face, vengeance for starving the natives on the Trail of Tears, telling them to eat grass.
      But I still love the street justice on this one. No one likes a thief.

  4. People get pissed after awhile. They just want to live without having to worry about shit like this. He gets beat to death,oh well. Cry me a river mutha fucker. I still ain’t listening. They have every right to live without fear. Courts pretty much don’t do shit. Mob justice ? Works for me.

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