NYPD Conducts an Arrest on Subway Train, Whole Ghetto Descends to Stir Shit

NYPD Conducts an Arrest on Subway Train, Whole Ghetto Descends to Stir Shit

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Multiculturalism is some really scary stuff. I can honestly say I’m glad I don’t live in a city overrun by the diversity’s finest cause that’s just fucking scary to even watch on video, let alone live next to. It reminded me of what I saw in Eastern Europe whereas a Gypsy Agent Provocateur would intentionally stir shit to provoke a response and then a fucking hundred Gypsies would come out of the woodworks to overwhelm the “usurper”.

All I know about this video is that the police were conducting an arrest on the “3” train at Brooklyn Museum, New York. The man was resisting arrest so backup was called for, which was clearly necessary because whole fucking ghetto seemed to have descended upon the train creating so much tension, you could just fucking smell it. To make matters worse, a fucking hood rat kept sticking her fucking mug in officer’s faces and eventually got arrested too, which sparked the “she’s a female” response from ghetto spectators.

When you get multiculturalism and feminism all at once, it’s pure disaster. So what that she’s a female? Does that give her any right she wouldn’t have if she were a male? Feminists and their ilk of pussy whipped lesser men make me sick.

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of police brutality and the police states many western countries have been turned into (although the sheep believe otherwise). But seeing whole ghetto descend upon the train and just itch to turn the incident into a riot (which miraculously didn’t happen this time around) – that was some scary stuff and I must give the cops props for pushing on despite seemingly riot-itchy crowd.

How culturally enriching… More of the diversity’s finest HERE and HERE.

Props to Best Gore member hung like a mouse for the video:

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100 thoughts on “NYPD Conducts an Arrest on Subway Train, Whole Ghetto Descends to Stir Shit”

  1. Now imagine if you were a random white citizen when this riot erupted. You cannot call backup and the police would take their time to get to the situation. While they are eating doughnuts we would be attacked, robbed, and raped(if a woman). Also you know blacks love to stomp someone after they are laying on the ground.

    Got to love black folks. I may be wrong, but it seems like the majority of black idiocy is when they are in a pack.

    1. i concur. a single black person is just that, a person. they’ll seem intelligent and civil. but, if there is two are more they behave like niggers for some reason. a statement that i have made often is this,” if you take a black baby out of the black community, and raise it among whites; that child will grow up to become the president of the united states.”

    2. thats called “group behavior” and applys to people not just a race, and people who are ignorant stomp, sadly when people come from slavery there is no economic clime, keeping them poor. what you view as black, is really just poor american, you just believe poor america is black america because you coorelate the two together when really its 2 issues combined into one, and not really black peoples faults they are pushed into poverty and not given education. chicago schools dont even have sports or anything, let alone the ability to teach

  2. black, yellow, brown or white in the end they’re all the same colour on the inside. the woman who got arrested for getting in the officers face isn’t a “female” she’s HUMAN. serves her dumb ass right

    1. No, actually, thickshit, I don’t know what Jewish textbook you read that said we’re ‘all the same on the inside’ but that is not correct. We all have the same organs and our blood is red in colour but our brains are not the same. Blacks are the least intelligent of the human races, so much so it pains me to even include them as human. It’s got fuck all to do with ‘socioeconomics’, which is the Jew’s cover-word to explain the manifest failings of this people.

      Immigration is no accident. It’s a programme. It’s designed. That’s why we have not only immigration but state-encouraged race-mixing. The Jew doesn’t want foreign labourers here for whatever good they might do. The Jew really wants us to mix with these 3rd world beings and so inherit their low intelligence that we become stupefied and easier to dupe and control. Blacks were slaves once. Now they’re freed, they’re are free’d slaves. What happens when you mix with slaves? With a people who are genetically more submissive than any other, who are less intelligent, who created or invented nothing nation building that were found living like cavemen when the rest of the world had evolved cities and technology and medicine! The answer is you become slaves yourself. And this is the Jewish plan. Encourage Whites to mix with Blacks to stupefy them.

      It’s fucking God-damned nature! Life diversifies into an array of species that exhibit different qualities and abilities. Humans stem from a common mother. Since our migrations we have evolved tangentially and assumed different races. The accomplishments of each of these is evident throughout all history. By what Jewish holy book are these evolved races somehow identical in all things except skin colour?! Bit of a convenient ‘truth’ for the better keeping of a multiracial state wouldn’t you agree?

  3. there’s a fucking reason that cops are conducting an arrest on the subway, they don’t just do it for no reason, so back the fuck off and don’t cause trouble where it can be avoided. people in the ghetto are always going to be like “fucking cops only pick on black people in the hood”, well, there’s a fucking reason for that, WHAT THE FUCK, you do it to your fucking selves, don’t blame police for all of the illegal crimes that you commit.

      1. Props mouse. Saw this yesterday when you posted it. I’m shoocked the cops remained that chill!!! She’s a female! Pshhh and???? She want to act all big and bad and stick her nose where it don’t belong. She deserved to get arrested. Female…male…white..black…you can’t act like complete wild animals and not expect something!

    1. actually this is the fact that the biggest gang in america especially in NYC is THE POLICE. Fuck the ones that act like gangsters. The ones that talk to the people in the streets and dont act like ZOG mercs are the safest “ghetto’s” in nyc. If you dont know what im talking bout then you ain’t from NY.

      1. Ghetto is ghetto is ghetto. Don’t blame the police when a criminal is apprehended or for arresting someone who is interfering with an arrest then resisting her own arrest. And yes there are crooked cops but these officers handled this herd of ghetto ignorance better than any of us would have. Better to have a big gang of police than a gang of pant slouching, untied shoe-wearing, hip hop wannabe, uneducated peons.

          1. @killthefilth… Instigate is the perfect word for it. I detest when people blame their actions and reactions on “the ghetto”. Sorry but ghettos are filled with lazy people of all colors who prefer to be criminals or live off of government help so they don’t have to do legitimate work. And if police are more stressed/violent around ghettos, maybe it’s because of people like this stressing them out more.

      1. ghettos were once a nice neighborhood, then blacks moved in and made it a ghetto. east st. louis is a perfect example. in the 50’s it was a nice blue collar place to raise a family. my father, a stereotypical irish catholic white man was born there, as well as most my uncles and aunts. then the niggers came, now it’s a nationally recognized ghetto. ghettos don’t make niggers,niggers make ghettos. we almost had it happen where i live after Katrina, when FEMA brought a bunch of new orlean’s troglodytes to my town. but they were easily out smarted, and either incarcerated, dead, or went back. and why when niggers move in to an area does all the grass die?

    2. You fucking idiot, cops arrest people all the time for no fucking valid reason. Cops beat people all the fuckin time for no fuckin valid reason. Cops murder people all the time for no fucking valid reason. Have your stupid fucking ass noticed that those victims are not mostly white males and females living in all white neighborhoods? Get your fucking head out of your ass and wake the fuck up! If you’re having difficulty doing so, well there are thousands of police violence videos to help your dumbass comprehend the truth a little better.

        1. @it’s,
          I agree, I wish they could have got rid of everyone else, just been left with the trouble maker intimidators, no phones camera’s or cctv and given them one of mousie’s shampoo’s, in this case a police baton shampoo.

          1. You know what, I’m not comfortable with cops being able to do what ever they want to do with no recourse from the law. But in this situatition, the two cops battling it out on thier own with a hundred people and three choice cops that turned up against five of those arseholes. No firearms or knives, hand too hand. Those cops would beat the fuck out of those arseholes fair and sqaure.

  4. Wow! this was quick! I sent this in yesterday and here it is already. EXCELLENT. Mark is on the job. I got a bg mention and props from the master so i’m full of myself now and have a raging hard on and urge to jizz which i’ll relieve momentarily but before I go let me say something. I live in new jersey but i’m very close to nyc and so I have my own car and don’t have to deal with this insanity. I haven’t ridden a train in years but you gotta know the tension in the nyc subways is palpable. shit could jump off at anytime, anywhere. so if you visit nyc and use the subway you best be on your toes and keep your peepers open. thx all and mark. now if only he would post the bike vid I sent him.

  5. I am so happy I managed to watch the entire video to see that screaming bitch arrested like that lol. We’ve seen many times cops using too much force but I don’t think this was the case here. At the start it was just two cops and 1 was trying to arrest the dude while the other was just trying to talk to the people actually. So he left his partner to deal with this guy on his own. I didn’t see anything wrong from the cops here (especially at the start). But seeing that stupid bitch with her legs up made my day :D.

  6. I find this kind of video more uncomfortable to watch than almost any other horrific stuff on BG. Maybe it’s because I’m actually part of a Western society, and I can’t personally identify with gangs and beheadings and shit in Honduras and Mexico or wherever.
    This just makes me cringe with embarrassment.

  7. What a chaotic mess! At one point, i had to turn the volume down to prevent my blood pressure from going up! I was overjoyed when they took that broad to the wall! Annoying fucking side-buster! Why the fuck do people feel the need to resist arrest and make everything worse?! Its not like you’re going to actually win that situation! Idk.. And the cell phones! Lol, its like people used to hold up lighters- even though i never did, and now everyone and their granny’s have their phones up in the air! Sign of the times i guess..

  8. I’m so tired if hearing, ” that’s a female”. This bitch asked for it after receiving numerous warnings ( that I’m sure the police gave her) to back up from the situation at hand, she refused and so she got arrested. Women wanted equal rights, so they’re getting them. Don’t be appalled when an officer slams a women or sweep kicks her to the ground just like he would any man if he had to.

  9. Multiculturalism at its finest, indeed.

    What multiculturalism really means and stands for is that many racial/social/religious groups can exist all at the same time and at the same place without any need for integration and in my learned opinion that is one hell of a colostomy bag full of shit.

    People in general tend to stick with what they know best and that is why, even when they travel to other countries, they form communities with individual cultures and behaviours and more arrivals from their host countries only serve to swell the size of these communities.

    What this means is that the country that takes in these immigrants, these cultural enrichers, sees within a few short years areas of unknown, unwanted entitles that seem to be growing and expanding all the time, much like a cancer, these parasites suck the blood from the host until the host finally succumbs and there is no more blood left and then they move on to another host.

    What you see in this footage is only one of the problems such multiculturalism can bring, these people are not thankful for being in your country, are they fuck, they are there to take what they can, when they can, they are parasites after all.

    Despite how much they bark about how much they hate your country they never seem to hate it enough to want to leave, funny how that works isn’t it, despite how much they go on about how proud they are of their roots and their home countries they never seem to want to return do they.

    On a side note, I will add for the sake of balance that there are many cultures and groups that seem to be able to integrate and behave themselves, the Chinese for example, but I put this down to that particular groups strong sense of discipline.

    My conclusion is that, with our own countries so full of our own shit why the hell do they keep importing more, destabilisation that is why, a working class fighting amongst each other is a working class not fighting the government, cheap labour destroys workers unions and lowers the wages and the end result is a further dispossessed worker and a richer ruler.

    This train footage is not upsetting or surprising, it is the end result of your governments crimes against your people, and a menacing police state that likes to get stuck in, which ever way you cut it, you’re still fucked.

  10. That fucking Nigger saying thats a little kid man just a little kid .yeah with a fucking Big mouth .these niggers should be back in the jungle the worse type of race just make me so sick of the sight sound smell of these face sorry for my rant but thats how it make me fill. nuke the fucking lot .

  11. Finally some cops with balls…the fems should know verbal and physical assault on a cop leads to automatic arrest. Not because you are a female makes it okay to do it. It’s up to the other mangina cops to enforce the LAW by doing the same thing these cops did. Thank good for cams because the cops could loose out in the pussy whipped court system as well.

  12. Why do these people act like that. You’ll never see a crowd of white people react like that to another white mans arrest. Even if this kid shot a man on camera those monkey assholes who still respond the same way. They have a simple pack mentality… Fucking losers. stand apart and judge a situation for what it is. Asshole committed a crime and the police are arresting him, so stay the fuck away.

    1. I am a black African and I think many of my fellow African Americans are sort of paranoid. They are paranoid because they do not want witness or sort of experience anything similar to what used to happen back in the day, you know, when is was okay to mistreat blacks. That is at least what I think. You would not see this back home in Africa because we have a different mindset just like White people have in majority white countries. This kind of event would probably happen in a place like South Africa though but only because of it extremely racist past.

      1. Most Africans that I have met have been nice. Most ” Afican”/Americans here really take, take, take and seldom give back. Even our military blacks are racist against all other races. And favor blacks only for advancement. But they just can’t wait to fuck our daughters, our nieces, and cousins. Mainly because black women are considered to demand to much. Wish we could send people back to their roots so that they could see firsthand how ashamed their people would be.

    2. Yes there are my friend…..but in my opinion and that’s just my humble opinion, if you wanna see animals go to the zoo…….but never let your ignorance get the better of you and assume every black person behaves in the same manner because then you would only put yourself in the same category.

  13. Holy poop sticks, that’s some nasty infestation you have there in NY.
    Thanks mouse, for bringing yet another “diverse” outbreak of “chimping” to our attention. The ricin laced bananas are on their way. Thanks from the CJ’s

  14. If each of these rowdy african monkeys can live for another 30 years and breed more, NYC will not be suitable for human habitat anymore. The worst is that the laws allow this type of behavior to happen.

    Human races already segregated many thousands years ago based on their habbits, characters, skin colors etc through many wars, pro-multiculturalism only invite another disaster waiting to happen.

  15. I’ve been aggravated by black girls before for no fucking reason, saying how hispanic girls take all the black guys away and how we have the white girl hair with black girls body…seriously? I ended in a very bad part of NY though accidentally.

  16. They freak like that because in their mind, the guy was probably just acting ‘normal’ to them. Why fuck with a ‘normal’ acting person????? In their world, it’s ‘normal’ to rob, threaten/intimidate, steal, deal/use dope, etc when the opportunity arises. If one cop had not been black and the other Hispanic, pretty sure a riot would have cut loose.

  17. This makes me sick. And please my Anglo-Americans, refrain from using the N word, it brings us down to their level… On an unrelated note, I found some nasty pic on my old phone of when I sliced my hand and got 15 stitches, any way I can get them posted?

  18. Fucking ghetto-ass niggers and spics…

    They call us racist while this is how they act and expect us not to look down on them?

    I will kill many niggers before my time is over, hopefully some muslim scum too.

    1. Very common in some locales & subway stops there. Actually pretty safe when there are that many around at a subway stop and are in good humor mode. It can get scary real fast late in the evening when the station is deserted and a group of 5-10 boyz show and start sizing you up.

      You know you are in trouble if one approaches and asks for a cigarette or if he could have a dollar. You gotta leave right then and there and hope they don’t follow you up the steps. That’s the prelude to a mugging, cause like most predators, they need to build up confidence by testing prospective prey. The key is to get on the move and stay moving, as they don’t like to chase their prey while building up the nerve to make their move. Kind of like how hyenas hunt.

  19. What I love also is that most of these folks are leaching off the government for food stamps and housing assistance and they are all wearing name brand clothes and holding the newest best cell phones.

  20. apes this and niggers that… ha. crack me up sometimes. don’t like how people act or conduct shit, do something about it. if you do like the shit that goes on everywhere in the world that’s fucked up and foolish, get your 7 chuckles in like i did and call it a day. like you comedians on here… feel like i belong here.

  21. Niggers need to be hit in the head to obey. The cop with the baton should have hit the nigger on the ground in the head a couple of times and he would have turned his arms around to be handcuffed. Then hit that loud mouth bitch upside the head and she sure would have shut the fuck up.

  22. White cop arrests black person who is resisting so black people go crazy,
    if it wasn’t for the fact that one of the cops was black they would have easily attacked the white cops and then the white cops would have been thrown off the force for defended themselves.

  23. Looked like a scene from Planet of the Apes.

    Cops did fine, especially the sergeant who was holding the suspect for quite a while. Lifts weights!

    Brothas all saw dollar signs as soon as it started.

    If it took 3 cops, and they struggled, to bring that small lady down, crack is a wonderful drug they say.

    Peaceful takedown, no police brutality at all.

  24. WOW, NYPD must have been giving out free nanners, to get the monkeys acting that way…oh wait, their niggers, they can’t help it. I bet that whole train stunk like red onions and spoiled fish, cause thats the only stench that niggers excrete. I’m glad they arrested the little screech monkey, maybe she can go and teach some more of the baboons to dance for nickels like she did..disgusting.

  25. Look at them! They are acting like fucking animals LITERALLY! Black people resemble wild fucking animals so much, look at them gang up there like a pack of wild monkeys! Stop and think about it next time you see black people acting like fucking animals. Live animals walk among us in brown skin.

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