NYPD Cop Provokes a Fight to Assault a Man on the Street

NYPD Cop Provokes a Fight to Assault a Man on the Street

This some booshit, man. I got everything on camera.” – regardless of the cameraman’s irritating commentary, the video proves why it’s important to film the cops. The more you film the cops, the more the people learn how they “serve and protect“.

What we see in this video, is an NYPD cop literally provoking a fight with a citizen, so he could assault and arrest him. While the conversation is not always clear, at no time did the cop articulate to the citizen that he was under arrest.

The victim says he is going to take his medicine and go home, at which point the cop says “That’s fine“. That alone should be considered permission to leave. However, the cop prevents the citizen from going about his life by stealing his property (the ID), and threatens him with arrest when the victim demands it back. The victim tries repeatedly to walk away, but the abuser prevents him from doing so. At no point in the interaction do I hear the cop say: “You are under arrest“.

In summary – the cop robbed the guy, then refused to let him leave, then provoked him into a fight, then repeatedly attacked him, and finally arrested him. The victim did nothing wrong.

At one point the cop mentions a knife. But even if the cop did see a clip outside the victim’s pants, it’s still a reach to suspect he may have an illegal knife. The cops can do a Terry Stop (an external pat-down for weapons), but seeing a clip is not reasonable suspicion to detain anyone, and certainly not probable cause to search them.

Notice how evident life in the police state is, when you are forced to keep walking away from a cop ceaselessly throwing punches at you, because defending yourself would constitute resisting, and you’d be charged with assaulting an officer’s fist with your face, or destruction of government property for bleeding on their uniform.

To add salt to the wounds, Zio Media is spinning the story as “cop attacked while just doing his job“. Unfuckenbelievable:

The video shows George flailing his arms and demanding Francisco give back his ID. Francisco is seen trying to reason with George, to no avail. Then George assaults Francisco, igniting the fight between the two men while the officer’s partner calls for backup.

There should have been a citizen delivering a flying knee kick to the cop’s head, while others take his gun, followed by a wave of bodies swarming and disabling every one of those sick fucks. But thanks to the media, the public is pussified, with entire hoards of sheeple siding with the abusers.

Land of the sheep, home of the slave. Can I already hear the sheeple say: “The guy in the red shirt shouldn’t have resisted the arrest. If he did as the cop told him to, he would have been out of the situation quickly…

Right. Surrender your individuality, accept the abuse of personal liberties, give up your freedom, or straight up just stop doing whatever you’re doing and walk yourself to the lock up.

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162 thoughts on “NYPD Cop Provokes a Fight to Assault a Man on the Street”

      1. Dirty fckn pussy footing Pig should’ve had his lights knock out., hit his head on the ground and died., now That would be funny cause I’ll bet you the red shirts win the case., and there’d be one less dirty pig.

      2. Fucking cocksucking police lowlife losers !!!!! Total abuse of power !! Unfortunately there’s also good cops BUT …… More and more I’m seeing these fuckers totally abusing their power and we pay their fucking salaries ! So much for living in a free country . It looks more like we’re living in a communist state or under some regime ! What really pisses me off is that we are basically powerless to do anything to these pricks .. They really need a complete shitkicking ….BIGTIME !!!

        1. Do you not get the bit that guy is carrying a knife. look at the size of him, he could probably knock most of us out with a single punch, and, he’s carrying a knife. I would bet you anything he’s got a criminal record as long your arm and that’s why ‘acting’ compliant. maybe your fine with people like that walking around your community with a knife, personally I’m not. Good job on the cops.

        1. You guys are ridiculously stupid. The man was trying to avoid a confrontation at all costs and another human was consistently provoking him, then calling 10 others for backup. Who is the real nigger committing crimes? White people and their subordinates, the self-righteous immoral imbeciles. Disgusting people with empty backgrounds, no culture, nothing.

      3. the cop pulled handcuffs and told the loudmouth nigger he was under arrest. The nigger started with his bullshit. What the fuck you people are talking about, is beyond reason. You must have the same mentality as the nigger- that being arrested is a voluntary act.
        If a police officer who is on duty in his area of jurisdiction tells a citizen that he is under arrest, the citizen must surrender. That is the law here in USA, and in every other civilized society on earth. Maybe in Africa things are different. The cops were right, at least as far as what is seen in the video.

    1. Niggers. Niggers incarceration rate is roughly 6 times that of whites in the USA. Niggers commite nearly 8 times as many homicides than whites. Nigger youth make up only 16% of the youth population in the US, yet commit 52% of all the juvenile violent crimes. Nigger crime rate for robbery is 8.5 times greater than that of whites. And I quote, ” Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white. With 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of white assault on a black female was found in an FBI study.” …… and that is just in New York City

    2. This is unfucking believable. I wonder if this will get any attention news attention? Or is it too complex for the mainstream–a a black cop and a black civilian. It’s about the police state and who the police are compelled and directed to harass and institutionalize, not just race.

    3. Video is missing the intial stop. A bunch could have happened that’s not shown.
      Either way the guy had a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in court he was getting locked up.
      Not a fan of police but it’s a tough job none the less

      1. That’s why niggers are hated everywhere. They are loud, stupid and violent, not to mention ugly and unpleasant to the olfactories. That fucking porch monkey must have said he has it on camera one hundred times. I can easily see why cops get fed up with them and want to beat some sense into them. They are truly uncivilized savages, and I can see how they were enslaved by their own people. Damn, they are obnoxious. Also, in the pre camera days, if a nigger ran his mouth like that, the cops would eventually tell him to beat it or they would beat his ass and jail him- and the nigger would invariably bitch up and run away, with the exception being if there was an unruly mob of niggers there and the loudmouth sensed an uprising brewing, then he would put on a show of bravery for the audience. Like I said, DAMN, they are obnoxious.

      1. I’m shocked that they niggers didn’t quieten down when the Doritos truck turned up. Maybe a new police method to defuse difficult situations in the hood.

        Next time officers, try a truck loaded with KFC wings. You won’t get no trouble from the knee-grows then. Bananas for dessert.

  1. I’ve had a cop point his gun in my face at point blank range. No taser, no mace , no baton, straight for the gun. After seeing countless videos of police brutality on here I consider, myself very lucky because I could’ve ended up here on Best Gore.

  2. As much as I hate niggers this cop on purposely agitated him and started the fight. He then brought in backup in order to help complete the arrest.

    There are many niggers committing crime in real time so why go after the one who isn?t?

    My emotional side says ?oh well, fuck it. Just another nigger who is probably guilty of something or another anyway? but my logical side understands that the police do not merely target blacks with their abuses of power but everybody else as well.

    We therefore have to make sure that the police only act against actual real-time criminal behaviour otherwise we risk setting up a future where no one is safe from ?authority?.

    My conclusion, those who do not fear their own position often end up causing their own demise via their own blind consent.

    1. Indeed @empty. We see loads of vids of blacks getting busted up by the cops (guilty or not) because they get the most attention and reaction.

      I keep hoping more people will open their eyes and see it not as a racial issue or a “he was guilty” of something issue, but as a completely built wall of the boys in blue. Cops see themselves as the masters and all citizens as bad dogs that must be constantly kept in line and under their control. I guess it’s how they are trained to act by their masters, lol.

      Don’t know what it’s going to take to wake people up. Maybe someday cops are going to injure or kill a rich kid and that kid’s parents are actually going to have the balls to attack the system. Gonna have to be someone very politically and financially important who’s unwilling to brush one more under the carpet.

  3. Cops are a joke anymore acting as if they need to just go around and act worse than the common thug or criminal. A little street justice is needed to put them back in line. That’s just my opinion. Thanks for the video and the second home (BG)

  4. Oh no camera! Sidearm is a no no. Left hook right hook oh no he don’t fight back hmm don’t think gun dont think gun dont think gun heey let’s keep punching until backup arrives hmm backup gonna see how i started this whole thing cuz I’m afraid of social media hmmm punch harder hey he is fighting back book em! Oh shit he is out of control! Damn hope backup on its way to give me some temporary pat on the back oh lord anything to get my mind off of this fuckup.

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    2. @gunkgirl, in the state of Nevada, where do you live mysterious gunkgirl?, i changed my avatar because i’m sick of this clown but i don’t know how long it takes for the changes to take effect, so when are you going to reveal your face?lol

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  6. I think this is the only video that I’ve ever watched on BG that I was actually wanted the Black guy to beat the shit out of that pig… But predictably the cop’s mouth writes a check that his ass can’t cash… And his partner knows it… Hence the rest of the pig pen comes in and helps the pig that’s in “fear for his life”…

    To Protect and Serve… THEMSELVES!…

  7. I seriously got a headache from the cameraman…… Did some reading after watching this video its more than zip media saying the officer was the one assaulted and George was resisting arrest naturally and of course this is under ‘investigation’ but the commissioner didn’t even play along like he would seriously ‘look’ into this with an unbiased mind like most pretend to do for a week or so he just flat out stated he didn’t see anything wrong with anything the officer did during the encounter….

  8. Typical nigger behavior. I be done did notin. I be done gettin all dis shit taped. I’m sure he’s a stand up citizen with no criminal record whatsoever. And the president is a Christian….
    BTW, is that by chance and black police officer ???

  9. The man was wanted on an outstanding warrant and carrying an illegal knife. He resisted arrest and struck the policeman with a closed fist. Both men were blacks and can you imagine what would have happened if the police officer was white. There are two sides of the story.

    1. Yep, here come the sympathizers… And your info comes from where? TV? Why didn’t the cop either: 1) call for back up before interacting, and 2) tell the victim what he was in trouble and being arrested for?

        1. Good call @Judge.
          Also, @lincolnerrors must have been there and witnessed the whole thing. Why else would (s)he be so certain of the details that we didn’t see on the video?

  10. Criminals have a job to do and so do the cops. The Criminal had a warrant for his arrest and the cop was DOING HIS JOB and trying to arrest the asshole. The only booshit going on here is that you all want to to demonize all cops. Put yourself in their shoes for a week, and talk then. till then STFU.

    1. US cops need to be demonized! Have you been following the comments from other members who live in “1st world” countries? Their cops RARELY act like such wimpy bullies (which should be an oxymoron, but fits US cops perfectly). We bitch about US cops because they act like they work in 3rd world countries.

    2. @IG-88

      How does throwing punches at a member of the public & seizing his property unlawfully, constitute “DOING HIS JOB”???

      If the tables were turned and it was a member of the public who instigated that against an officer. He’d be arrested, sent to jail, fined and convicted in court and probably end up in prison.

      But when it’s an officer doing it to the guy he wants to harass, it’s doing his job? That what you’re saying?

      I hope you trip up someday and land on your temple, knocking some sense into you. Stupid left asshole.

  11. What a pathetic joke.
    A Cop starting a fist fight on the pavement !, what the fuck, come on, this must be a piss take, no !?.
    Unprofessional piece of shit. Shouldn’t be anywhere near anything to do with proper Police work.
    Those people have totally lost the plot.

      1. As much as I despise the police over here for treating me like shit on many occasions, I honestly think I’d have been killed by now if I lived in the US. They are a ruthless bunch of bastards over there. God help the citizens! At least all the white ones anyway.

      2. The first thing all police departments need to do is test for steroids…you see these young cops wearing UFC fighting gloves with military style hair cuts now….they are hiring all these simple minded nut jobs from Iraq and Afghan now….you know the people in DC are worried when they are arming pigs with military weapons and equipment…No doubt the shit is going to hit the fan worse than what you see going on in Greece today…it’s just sad that we have allowed DC to put this country in so much debt with over 100 trillion in future unfunded liabilities…When the USA dollar tanks with much higher interest rates we will see our own Real House of Cards collapse…

  12. Not the cops job to start fist fights, be judge, juror, or prosecutor. Way out of line IMO. He was not in fear for his life then but, maybe should be now! Mutha fucking piece of shitte

  13. Wow, this is why police women are a danger to male police officers…… did you see his so called partner? She wasn’t doing anything to help, here is this donut eating officer who squares off on a civilian and she can’t do anything to help him because she is weak and useless….. even when all the officers showed up the females stayed back and let the male officers do the dirty work….. female cops are useless!!!! And keep filming the police, they need to be held accountable for all of their felony actions against civilians!

  14. Americans are so fuckin stupid. Look whats happening in their society lol… We Al Yahud people (the chosen people of israel) we hate americans and treat them like dogs. We rule them with our money and we take a dump on their flag because we can. And after taking that dump we’re giving our ass for americans to clean in with their whore-money-greedy tongues.

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          1. I’m with you @Persian. A poser stiring up trouble. Baiting people into arguments. He’s got nothing going on. Probably just bored.

          2. I know his mom was trying to tell me while she was sucking me off that he pretends to be a jew boy doctor because his life is so miserable. He’s really a 700 lb shut in
            Its really Gross it’s kinda of hard to bust a nut when you can smell him through the wall.kinda,but of course I manage.

  15. I thought the video was a fake for the first few minutes. It didn’t begin to look real until the dog pile at the end.
    The cop who initiated this whole mess didn’t follow any kind of basic protocol.
    Generally, if a pig suspects that somebody has a weapon, the pig would have ordered the suspect to face the fence then pat him down looking for said weapons. Also would likely cuff him to prevent this from escalating the way that it did. What was his “partner” doing the whole time?
    To me the whole thing just looked like two trouble makers squaring off on the sidewalk. Watching it again only convinced me that it is just two thugs squaring off.

  16. The next person who mentions ‘this is some bullshit’ and ‘i have it on camera’, what the fuck is wrong with you. Can you imagine if that had been you seeing that happen to your friend?
    That guy has balls, he knows his friend just got attacked for nothing and he’s still talking one man against the police force. Guaranteed not one of you keyboard warriors have any balls near that. I’d rather have this guy on my side than any one of you, turn the fuckin volume down and shut the fuck up if it bothers you

  17. This reminds me of my own arrest. Not that it was nearly as atrocious or brutal, but in the way I was coerced into the system illegally, with no idea of what recourse I could take, and feeling cornered with no good decision to make.

    I was illegally parked with my bumper touching another car. When I returned to the car I found myself surrounded by 5 police, hands near their radios and guns.

    As someone with a graduate degree I still had no fucking idea what was happening, what my rights were, etc. When I refused the search saying they did not have just cause, they threatened to detain me for hours until they could get a warrant, and I collapsed, terrified of the idea of sitting with them, surrounded by them, as neighbors walked by to scowl at me, all only to be in jail longer, and with the cops angrier at me than they already seemed to be.

    They found a small amount of pot, and placed me under arrest. They read me my rights when they cuffed me. Fucking scum told me it was just business when they put me in the cell and proceeded to interrogate me without a lawyer present for an hour. I was happy to do exactly as they said, hoping it would get me away from this terrible place as soon as possible.

    I get that they’re just part of a system that is devastating to centralized communities and especially the poor and defenseless. But also, think of the Stanford Prison Experiment. You are seduced by that shit. It overtakes you, fogs over people’s judgment.

    It all makes me feel sick to my stomach.

    1. I think it’s their job to confuse and intimidate people, even those like yourself. Don’t feel bad – I’d probably confess all my sins during interrogation (especially since I’m female and don’t like pain, lol). It just pisses me off to no end what they put us thru whenever possible 😐

  18. 1: suspect negro had an illigal knife.
    2. Cop seen it before video started rolling.
    3. Negro did not want to go to jail.
    4. Cop had back up enroute.
    5. If you don’t want to go to jail stop BREAKING THE FUCKING LAW NIGGERS

    1. Because they can never think of more than one thing to say but they can never shut up. They need to have all the attention on themselves. So they repeat the same shit over and over.

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