Oakland Security Guards Rough Up Unruly Teen in Wheelchair

Oakland Security Guards Rough Up Unruly Teen in Wheelchair

CCTV video from Oakland High School dated May 19, 2014 appears to show two security guards roughing up a special needs student in a wheelchair. 17 year old Francisco Martinez has cerebral palsy and said he suffered pain from injuries to his head, neck and back after the incident.

The video shows two security officers, one of them named Marchell Mitchell, wheeling the teen to the elevator. They are followed by two other students. As they’re waiting for the elevator, the teen starts acting unruly. During the ensuing scuffle, Francisco Martinez is taken down to the floor and Marchell Mitchell appears to kick him in the head. The teen is then dragged into the elevator.

Marchell Mitchell was reportedly fired, arrested and jailed immediately after the incident. The female guard named Shalandra Cotton was placed on administrative leave. You can always count on female privilege in North America.

There are two videos of the incident. The first video shows how the altercation started while waiting for the elevator:

Second video shows Marchell Mitchell wheeling Francisco Martinez down the hall after they got off the elevator on the upper floor and striking the teen in response to the teen spitting at him. The guard then appears to pull Francisco to the ground and beat him.

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  1. The disabled kid certainly was having a good go at them despite being confined to a seat with wheels, he must have grown up watching Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

    The guard was probably like Walter in the big Lebowski and said to his fellow guards,

    “I’ve seen a lot of spinals, Dude, and this guy is a fake. A fucking goldbricker. This guy fucking walks. I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life”.

    I expect that’s how it all went down.

    1. The physical violence seem to start when the black dude just decided to prevent the student from turning his wheelchair his around.

      Disabled people often say that their chairs are extensions of their body and no one has the right to put their hands on someone’s wheelchair and direct it where THEY want to go without the permission of the one in the chair. It would annoy the fuck out of me if were disabled and people were just continually deciding they were going to ‘help’ me with my chair if I hadn’t asked for help, and just walked up behind me and started pushing me along, even though that is not exactly what happened here. But it’s similar, taking control of the chair without permission. It’s like
      an able bodied woman being kidnapped by being lifted off the ground and thrown over some drongo’s shoulder as if to say ‘you Jane me tarzan’ so as to gain control of the other…..

      1. I work with disabled students in the public schools. You’re supposed to wheel these students into the elevators backwards. Im sure the punk in the chair went through the same routine hundreds of times, just this time decided to start some trouble, trust me.

        1. That’s real comforting to know. Bet you if he was a black retard with a big cock you’d enjoy being spit on by him. So what do you do at the school hand out towels in the boy’s shower room.

        2. @crimbo: I reckon that is a policy only for disabled students that can’t wheel themselves. Why in the hell are security guards even responsible for taking a student into the lift anyway? He is obviously not paralyzed, he has cerebral palsy. He can wheel himself, no problem at all. Why is the black guy even accompanying him? Its not to push his chair that is for sure.

          So I stand by my original comment, which was don’t take control of someones wheelchair without their permission. Having his independence and autonomy removed, is the reason he lost it and I don’t blame him at all. I would have done the same thing.

          Who in the fuck does that dude think he is, trying to kick him in the head anyway?

          Do you think he deserved that as well?

  2. That’s pretty funny I had a spat with the guard at my daughters school this morning. Rent a cops think who they are man. Not my fucking fault you can’t pass the police exam. What a bunch of dry humps.

  3. They beat up Timmah!

    I am feeling more secure by the minute!

    You know, I was all for being more secure when they said that’s what we were going to get. However, I had no idea they would be hiring fast food and toll booth rejects with the people skills of slug shit for all those jobs.

  4. Sure, maybe he was being difficult, but absolutely NOTHING in those videos showed any behavior that warranted the beating that he got. Those fucking retarded reject guards are the biggest pussies I’ve ever seen, beating up a guy in a wheelchair. Hope the kids parents sue the hell out of them.

      1. He’ll be riding around in his new state of the art motorized wheelchair in no time after the impending lawsuits. With a full time personal assistant designated just for spitting on people who get in his fucking way.

  5. This disgust me….absolutely disgust me..wow….i hope they get sued so hard and put in jail for rest of their lives…and I’m very disappointed in the 2 boys who did nothing..they seem old enough to know right from wrong…I Understand they are kids but still…if it was me I would’ve thrown myself over that poor boy and took it all for him..then beat the hell out of those fuckers

    1. @bobcat quite the opposite. The kid in the chair is hispanic the guards were niggers, the nigger kids at the school started a petition to get the guards reinstated. Hopefully they’ll just hire a couple of Paul Blart’s then the next time it happens the spics and nigg’s can say it was racially motivated.

  6. Special needs is a PC term for RETARD. no one wants to deal with a cry baby RETARD. in ancient Rome or Sparta the RETARD would have been discarded at birth. not everyone is equipped to survive the fleshy virus world. we are breeding too many RETARDS.

    1. I totally agree with you; we are breeding too many retards. Yes,The guards were very out of line, but that tard was being a little shit. Initially, all the guard did was to attempt to turn the wheelchair so as to easily maneuver it into the elevator when it opened and the kid flipped out. I don’t blame the kid- the guards deserve to be punished- what they did was beyond fucked up. In the future, the school should make sure to hire personnel that are better equipped and are more knowledgable about how to deal with “special needs” kid’s tantrums.

  7. Yup a couple of bad asses picking on the kid in a wheelchair. Hopefully they send that bitch up the river too. Just two more people who have issues with themselves and take their place in a position of authority where they say they deserve respect. Bullshit!

  8. Whatever about being a bastard for attacking the kid, he’s even more stupid than he is cunt-ish for doing what he did knowing there’s cctv cameras everywhere, that could see his every move. Should have let the kid in the chair act like a fucktard and let him look like the bad guy on camera. This is the thing with the modern age, the days of hitting someone a slap for acting the bollox are over, it’s all lawyers and legal action now, and this allows kids the licence to he fuckers cause they know 95% of the time nothing will happen to them. Hitting someone in a wheelchair for whatever reason is destined for failure though. If ya have to put manners on someone, do it where there are no cameras, dont hit someone in a wheelchair, and be careful not to hit someone who isn’t the same colour as you, as we all know this makes you an instant racist attempted-murdering bastard. Careful now.

  9. Those fucking bully’s! What did he do to deserve a kick in the head? He already has brain damage. I am so sick of these cops and wanna be cops on a fucking power trip. Using their job and badge as a license to beat up and kill people. If this was my kid they would be very sorry.

  10. It was like watchin sumone bein restrained in a mental institute decades ago …wherever did they got there training from an if they treated this guy like this how would they be treatin able body students … surely this was not the only time they lost it with people they are supposing to set good example too …

          1. could it be “please do not kick me”? 🙂 ,but no thanks Tony, I like to be like this, in fact I like to inflict pain 😉

  11. i agree with everyones equal rights to be bullied by the police and security services. i would be discrimination if wheelchair bound people were not beaten up as much as able bodied people. this is a great day for diversity and all our natural born rights to be harrased by those empowered to harrass us.

  12. this reminds me of that dialogue in Ameican History X when ed norton says: someone just put on ghe camera when the minority was being beaten, but nobody taped when the minority attacked the police officers, that boy was asking for it, you just dont get that mad without a fight back.

  13. Great so we have two “rent a cops” beating down a spastic, wheel bound retard who is misbehaving….

    Also one looks like a nigger, I honestly don’t know how this could get any more pathetic. Really this is just.. I don’t have faith in anything anymore.

  14. Retards do get tiresome, but all the same…. it looks to me as if Timmy got a little over rambunctious and forgot there was a trained ape back there while he was getting rebellious….. looks like Timmy got a bad kick to the head… oh well, hope Timmy learned a lesson. Now take the ape out back and shoot it.

    1. It would have been great to see Timmy go full retard on the niggers ass, and maybe take a bite and suffer lock jaw.

      The big fat bastard could have kicked at his head for hours with Timmy locked on like a deranged piranha.

  15. I like y’all in a hurry tryin’ ta get to go where y’all go
    Our little special yellow bus grip through town extra slow
    We don’t get shot in our class we happy all damn day
    You see the little yellow bus comin’ fuck out the way

  16. Guards should have stopped the elevator, put the little cripple face down on the floor with the chair on top, closed the elevator door and just let him simmer for about two hours. When they open the door flip him upright, turn on the elevator and ride down with his sniveling,sorry ass.

    1. Haha, that’s exactly what they should have done. The little tard was acting like a rude little shit- I will not deal with those kind of people….I don’t understand how anyone who isn’t forced to would.

  17. Wow as many people that sat there watching and laughing no one helped that poor boy what a bunch of pusses i know if i saw my fellow classmate in a wheelchair getting beat by security im jumping in to help him.

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