Old Lady Knocked Down with Sucker Punch and Stomped by Young Goon

Old Lady Knocked Down with Sucker Punch and Stomped by Young Goon

In this video, a young goon brutally sucker punches an old lady and knocks her down to the ground for no apparent reason, other than because he thought it would be a fun thing to get on camera.

Backed by a fellow goon who was filming the encounter, the punk quickly approaches the old lady, and smacks her in the head from behind. She lands on the ground with her face bleeding, but the goon was just getting started.

While puffing on his smoke, he stomps the poor lady until she is out. He then hammer-fists her a few times, and adds a kick to the back and the front of her head.

By the sound of it, this happened in Russia. The attacker called the lady a bitch and a prostitute. As an elderly lady from rural back of the woods, she didn’t strike me as one.

Props to Best Gore member ShutterDre for the video:

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        1. Are you kidding me? Bigotry is a cancer in this society and morons like you should engage brain before you open your pie hole. You are not white your heart is as black as coal and your brain has turned into a peanut. I would love to give him an ass whoopin Isis would respect.

  1. The knockout game in Russia who would have thunk it ?
    Young kids this age make the best soldiers as they come off a bit short sometimes on the empathy for their fellow human beings.

      1. Yes, but if she could and the looks on the youth’s faces when she pulls that gun out on them. 😉 and when they try to run away, take it to slow motion and imagine the bullet going right through them guts and all! That should teach them to respect their elders that’s if they survived the lesson learned. The damage is minor but the consequences are severe! 🙂

  2. just when i think i’ve seen how fucked up the FV can be some new content is posted on BG such as this. to continue beating on the woman after she is down is beyond cruel. in 50 yrs the circle of karma will return for the asshole and he will get a beatdown.

    1. Hey mouse! I am a long time BG member. I don’t always comment or communicate with my fellow BG members, but I do know you have been through hell. How are you doing? Healing well I hope.
      Anyway, I found this video highly offensive. What a young idiotic punk. He probably has a tiny penis so compensates by beating on ladies old enough to be his grandma. Disgusting! Unfortunately, this younger generation seems to think the world owes them. They are disrespectful overall, and worse, they don’t fear consequences. Multiculturalism doesn’t help at all.

  3. He must have had a really good reason for it… hell if i wouldnt do the same if she was the local cat-killer… or had ruined your life for no aparent reason by sending cops to my home for too much noise or whatever just because she hated my face… I have neighbours like that, they are complete anencephalic failed abortions with nothing better to do in their lifes but to nag and annoy others… and they certainly deserve such treatment… So i dont know about this one.

    1. I’ll just say this, I’m white, 1/3 Amerind, 1/3 Swedish, 1/3 German but, 100% North American. These pieces of shit may have light skin like me but, so the fuck what? They are not my people.
      Race card? Lets forget the race issue! This is a simple issue of mentality, specifically thug mentality.

  4. Disturbing to say the least. @jaunitoCR7 probadly thinks this is funny eh? This seems to be a volatile subject here lately. Usually it’s a insecure small man that has to do this to a defenseless woman to make him feel superior. Pathetic.

    1. women don’t have to be defenseless, there are such things as pistols in russia too. I would enjoy watching a video where she pulled one out and blasted away at both the attacker and the videopgrapher

      1. There are only a few videos on BG that I’ve had to stop watching because of the content…this is one of them. I can’t even begin to say what I want to do to these subhuman scum except I’d like to tie them up, throw em in my closet for an extended stay. Every day I’d pull them out and break 1 bone with a metal bat until either they sucumed to their injuries or I broke every bone in their bodies. I’m pretty sure that if I smashed the ribs, they’d die….I’d save that one towards the end.

  5. Disturbing to say the least. @jaunitoCR7 probadly thinks this is funny eh? This seems to be a volatile subject here lately. Usually it’s a insecure small man that has to do this to a defenseless woman to make him feel superior. Pathetic.
    And to kick in the head after she’s already out, what’s the point?

  6. What the fuck.
    I don’t understand some humans, I really fucking don’t. For such a thing to even enter a person’s head is totally fucked up. To act on it, well, that’s the pits right there.
    Fucking piece of shit would be facing a trip up to the moors in my car boot.

      1. @Gnat and @rayf.
        Seeing shit like this can turn a good man bad, I feel bewildered by this wanton, cowardice. I would have to act if I witnessed such an assault.
        @slider’s closet sounds good. Maybe when he’d finished with this shit bag, he could forward him on to me… closet too ! 😉

        1. @Ewes, I can send him to you when I’m done with them, but there wouldn’t be a whole lot you could do to them. Although I could take them to the brink of death…where they’ve shit and pissed themselves and have no more spirit. They’d be hanging to life by a thread. I guess I’d send them to you Brits to finish them off. Mommy always did tell me to share. Then off to the moors with them.

  7. Little Bastards, This world is so fucked when the generation growing up today have no respect, lazy, and ignorant. most of the time it’s actually the parents fault for not giving a shit enough to play an active roll in there kids life by teaching Them right from wrong.

    1. White, black makes no difference everyone fits in some kind of box or another. A punk ass bitch is a punk ass bitch no matter if he’s black or white. And as far as blaming a whole race I just wonder how a bigoted bastard/bitch like you that puts black people in a box by suggesting that “we” of the Caucasian race do this off hand is so full of dodo that you get Christmas cards from Charmin because you have to wipe your whole body off every time you open your c__k sucking mouth.

  8. Since its a known fact that, when non-whites are shown to commit barbarous acts on this website their entire race gets blamed and denigrated. So, in light of this philosophy is it fair to say that white people are savages based on this video?

        1. I am white, and I did condemn him as a criminal even though he is white. I didn’t pull the old he’s innocent because he is white routine that blacks like to do. OJ simpson was guilty, blacks wanted him to get off. A black guy, Michael
          Brown, robs a store and gets shot by a cop he attacks, blacks try to defend him as the victim and riot and burn the city down. It’s true what @empty said, whites condemn our own criminals.

          1. For one, Mike Brown didn’t steal anything from that store. This is a fact that was confirmed by the store owner that everyone likes to disregard. You guys seem to have a hard on for blacks. I never said anything about blacks specifically. I said ‘non-whites”. Your racism is showing.

    1. The gigantic flaw in your whiny moan is that whites and niggers/sand niggers/chinks/pakis are starting from a point of equality.
      Absolutely fucking not. The analysis must be individualised to each group.

    2. @Poonta Sensei,

      The difference is that we whites condemn each other when a person of our race commits a crime, you blacks just blame your actions on ?white privilege? and in doing so attempt to defend the indefensible whilst turning every fucking issue into a race issue regardless of the actual specifics.

      So to answer your question, white people are not savages based upon this video because white people for the most part condemn this action regardless of the race of the individual involved.

      The main difference is the ability to judge independently rather than judge with a group biased mentality.

      My conclusion, entire races only get blamed and denigrated when entire races attempt to defend the indefensible.

      My suggestion, take some fucking responsibility and condemn the crimes of the people who belong to your race and you might just start to gain some respect.

        1. ?blacks? is the only racially defining point of the whole argument, exchange black for any other colour and the argument still stands.

          Really Poonta Sensei?, you regarding my argument as invalid based upon my immediate racial conjecture merely points to your own bias.

          Race equals right or wrong?, valid or invalid?, complete bullshit and you know it.

          My original argument stands and nothing you can say will destroy it because you argue based upon race rather than action when both are not always mutually inclusive.

          However, by all means, do try to debate with me because I yearn for action more than most people.

      1. @empty (((Standing up and applauding))) The classic “we’re immune to racism because we’ll throw down that oppression card” but if whitey even remotely criticizes any fucking thing, they’ll be demonized with FULL support of the neo-liberal sheep-tards…

      2. Devils advocate:

        Based on your paradigm how come whites defend the countless atrocities they’ve committed against the worldwide community in the last 600-700 years? They defend it by deflection instead of taking responsibility for causing multiple genocides and diasporas based on a culture of colonialism and megalomania. That would be the same flawed mentality you claim blacks have, therefore blacks, Latinos, Orientals, south Asians, Amerinidians, aborigines all have a valid reason to generalize whites as savages based on it he actions of individuals.

        1. ?how come whites defend the countless atrocities they?ve committed against the worldwide community in the last 600-700 years??

          They don?t, however they do balance them against all the crimes committed against the worldwide community by every other race as well.

          You really cant seem to better yourself in the present because of the forever haunting past can you?, which is a shame because the past is a lie for the most part.

          Keep pissing in the wind I urge you.

          1. Lol. It’s a well known fact that whites still commit barbarous, cunning, deceptive acts to this day. This is white most people in the world despise white people. You guys swear you’re angels and can do no wrong. Your delusions of grandeur blind you from the simple fact that whites are a predatory, opportunist race of mutants. You’re not less violent or more civilized than any other group. And the saddest part is you lie to yourself to convince yourselves otherwise.

          2. @Poonta Sensei,

            ?It?s a well known fact that whites still commit barbarous, cunning, deceptive acts to this day?.

            I never said white people don?t commit crime, I said we condemn it regardless of the race of the person involved.

            ?This is white most people in the world despise white people. You guys swear you?re angels and can do no wrong?.

            Again, I never said white people were angels and could do no wrong. I said we condemn it regardless of the race of the person involved.

            Also, white people are not despised by most people In the world. It is in fact the opposite and you will find that white people are accepted and sought after business partners throughout China, Japan etc because white people invented most of the current world?s technology, medicine and economic systems and are still at the forefront of science and medicine.

            ?Your delusions of grandeur blind you from the simple fact that whites are a predatory, opportunist race of mutants?.

            ?You?re not less violent or more civilized than any other group?.

            The above two quotes are contradictory, you say that whites are predatory and opportunistic and then say that whites are not less violent or more civilized than any other group. This would therefore make all groups predatory and opportunistic or it would make no group predatory and opportunistic which, either way, crushes your ?delusions of grandeur? argument.

            I leave the best part to last, ? you lie to yourself to convince yourselves otherwise?, I have done nothing but state facts from the beginning and it is yourself who tried to dehumanise white people by calling them mutants which is in itself a delusion of grandeur.

            You hate white people, that much is clear. However you hate them based upon their supposed social position rather than their accountability as individuals because you make arguments based upon white peoples mentality and historic record rather than on their behaviour, individually and in group, whilst in societies.

            You also contradict yourself many times which tells me that your world view is built on a very shaky foundation, as one would expect from a viewpoint created from hatred rather than facts.

            There is nothing wrong with hatred but it will consume you if cannot maintain the stability of your ideology.

  9. Ooh, that mother fucker deserves to get gang raped by zoo animals, prison convicts, space aliens, and small children! I hope he dies slowly and painfully from ass cancer. But before that, his mother should be thrown into a shark tank while having raw meat attached to he labia for giving birth to a horrible human being!

  10. @ Everybody imagine that was YOUR mother or grand mother what would you do IF you caught the perpetrator(s)?
    Myself, i like knives so i would make my own Cartel/ISIS style video and submit it to bestgore before they ship me off to prison i live in Canada so i wouldn’t expect more then maybe 5 to 7 years tops.

  11. total scum man. I swear i’d love to see this going on. I’m telling you we need to start getting tough and interviewing in this stuff. These punks i just don’t get. At her age this could of killed her. This is the reason for firearms. a couple of shots in the ground and i know this prick would of bolted. Somebody needs to identify these punks so others can break there arms.

  12. “What!! no birthday card!”…KICKS the old .. “and no fucking money”…kicks again… “So you forgot you had a grandson, bitch!” …punches the shit outta her… but that last kick was fucked up, she sure shit herself and probably swallowed her dentures whole! Poor lady…but who knows maybe she did something earlier to them..or not.. Still pretty fucked up but funny

  13. I saw an interview of the guy who was filming the act. On Russian TV-show.
    He claimed, that this lady was cursing them every day they passed from there, that’s why. And also he filmed it by the request if the beater and was afraid to not get beaten too. Of course he was lied. Hies family are alcoholics, as the beaters too. They did it, because they were bored, as he confessed… This shit happens everyday in Russia.

  14. Poor women is going to be terrified to leave the house now, she’ll shit herself every time she hears footsteps behind her. Nice one arseholes, she’s going to become a prisoner in her own home while you walk the streets. Please, someone put a bounty on their heads and see them shitting themselves.

  15. Funny how when a nonwhite does shit like this everyone attributes it to the entire race of said perpetrator, but when a white commits crimes like this they are consider “goons”. Double standard much? Of course.

    1. There are people out there that care
      me it’s nothing to do with what colored or religious anyone that does this and mean anyone has no place on this planet.
      I am shore this dick head has no soul.
      HE NOT FIGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY HE, SOUTH FIGHTING FOR NOTHING, I except a lot what happening but not that fucked up cunt!!!!!

  16. Backstory: It is two bumps, homeless people. This guy is a like in “civil mariage” with this woman. This happen often, not so brutal, but often. The police (russian police renamed from “militsiya” to police)))) can’t do nothing untill she didn’t claim on him, that she do never. Even after this. The “bruce lee” get only 15 days in “????” – it’s like a jail in police, i don’t know how it is in English, sorry.
    The the third person is the just 14 yeras old prick, who just ask him to beat her for camera. That’s why when he say “? ??????” – “That’s it???” this f***ing a**hole come back and kick her to the face. That’s why it was so brutal.
    Sorry for my english )))

        1. That’s cool I love Russian girls..there’s a Russian girl who works at a mall here in Texas .she’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen here in San Antonio..she’sa very nice person she loves Mexican food..but god she’s beautiful..

    1. Yea @ chosen it’ll be like the video we’ve seen about a month ago where 3 Brazilians took a 17 yr old boy taunting him, telling him we kill snitches do you remember? Then they get him out the car out in a field.and kill him…that would certainly be enjoyed here on BG ,these 2 sorry ass fucks …

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