Pakistani Army Tortures Beaten and Bound Old Man by Dragging Him Through Streets

Pakistani Army Tortures Beaten and Bound Old Man by Dragging Him Through Streets

Looks like Paki mercenaries got more from the USA than just monetary support and latest military equipment. The undying desire to torture and kill prisoners in the most tormenting way possible seems to be more than a common trait between those two friendlies. War president Barack Obama continues to finance Pakistani war machine and this is the result.

Pakistani army captured an old man, bound his hands behind his back, beat him up bloody and then dragged his half naked body through the streets to inflict pain and suffering involved with road rash injuries.

Though this information is unverified, the old man is most likely a member of Khariji Taliban, and allegedly a grave robber. This would make the whole ordeal so much weirder as Pakistani’s ISI – Inter-Services Intelligence provides heavy funding, training and sanctuary to the Taliban insurgency. This support is believed to be happening on a scale much larger than anyone would admit. Given that ISI is Pakistan’s largest and strongest intelligence agency with control over Pakistani armed forces, air force and navy, it makes one wonder why they would throw some of their supported Taliban fighters to the wolves.

Unless of course this old man had nothing to do with Taliban, but Paki mercenaries labeled him as such to justify their actions. But they are Pakistanis, right? They’re Muslims and Islam is the religion of peace, isn’t it? The old man must be a Taliban terrorist cause they wouldn’t actually torture an innocent man like that, would they?

The video of the old man with bound hands and blood dripping face being tortured by Pakistani Army who dragged his body through the streets is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Pakistani Army Tortures Beaten and Bound Old Man by Dragging Him Through Streets”

  1. U.S. tax dollars hard at work. No wonder there are no jobs or health care in America. People in America like to bitch about such things. But, they don’t mind financing the wars. The dollars are wasted on senseless wars and military aid to such garbage dumps as Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, and Afganistan.

    Obama got my vote in 2008. He won’t be getting it in 2012. None of them will get my vote. It’s not apathy. It’s contempt.

    But, the video was entertaining:) Ha!

  2. Oh… they are VERY pleased with themselves. Really big smiles. Dragging the skin and meat off his hands and elbows as they drag him.

    This is why you cannot reason with Muslims.
    This is why a “nice little war” to “contain” them won’t work.

    The ONLY thing they respect is STRENGTH.
    They had it… the old man didn’t. He Loses.

  3. I knew I recognized this video, I posted it on the forum! Nice to get some information though, although after awhile this Muslim torturing other Muslims for bullshit reasons sorta runs together…

  4. Dude, this has nothing to do with Muslims. These Pakistanis are some of the worst people on the face of the earth, Muslim or not. I don’t get it how people like you are so ready to blame anything on Muslims and Islam. If the same thing happen in a Christian country, you wouldn’t blame it on Christians and Christianity, and you shouldn’t, b/c it would have anything to do with Christianity or Christians. Just like this has nothing to do with Islam and Muslims, it has something to do with the human race, which has many sick and twisted individuals. Islam doesn’t teach this sort of behavior. Pakistanis what ever they are, Muslim, Christin, Hindu or atheist, the majority of them are animals. Uneducated animals at that. But I know what I say will just go in one ear and out the other, but that’s the way it is with closed minded ignorant people. =/

  5. Nope it didn’t go out my ear because I agree right with you Kadaver.
    You hit it right on the noggin. The United States is closed minded because for example when people watch on tv nutjobs protesting over a Community center that just so happens to have a mosque over and over and over again, the public goes stupid and believes it not realizing they are being mind fucked by the cherry picking media. It’s truly pathetic how warped this country can get.

  6. Here we go again. Yet another Islam defender who has no idea what he’s talking about. Islam does teach this type of thing and does openly call for violence against infidels. Quran is full of verses where “believers” are requested to smite the throats of non believers because Allah is great and merciful. Merciful my ass. Islam is the religion of violence. All one needs to do is read Quran to understand it. All Muslims who do not kill infidels are not true Muslims because they are NOT doing what is requested of them by Quran. Only murderers, or terrorists or whatever you want to call them can call themselves true Muslims because they are following the teachings of Islam entirely, not just partially. Islam is the religion of violence. Nothing more to add.

  7. This fucking shit’s been going on for years. It wasn’t until the TV says “thems bad” then people started seeing them as uncivilized merciless cave people. Anyone seen 2 The Ranting Gryphon’s take on America?

  8. We should just surrender to the death and misery and embrace it for what it is. Regardless of religion and the politics. GORE is why I’m here. I shouldn’t stray from that. Screw the issues of the world. There’s not a God Damn thing you can do about it anyway. It’s a lost cause. Doom and gloom has become my bag.

    I’m ready for the next death pics:)

  9. It’s nice to see that not everyone on these forums is a zombie controlled by the biased media. It’s seems that too many people these days are incapable of using their own brains and need someone to program them. Thanks for not being a slave to the parasite.

  10. No way, a brainwashed Muslim himself is on here preaching about his great religion. What a joke! I’m glad EDL is cleaning your shit from the streets of the UK and uses your book of asswipes for what it’s supposed to be used – ass wiping after a stinky dump of shit. Fucking Muslim scum!

  11. Crybaby, you are just a brainwashed zombie. You are incapable of reasoning on your own, so you let others do it for you. You are a victim of the media and those who are fashioning the minds of the weak willed to think as they want them to think. Every word that comes from your mouth are not your own, but words feed to you to continuously spit out of your little beak like a good brainwashed parrot controlled by by your master. And every word you let escape from your little beak is an exhibit of your ignorance. Ask yourself,Why is it that when people do bad things in a supposedly Muslim country it’s an Islamic problem, but when the same thing happens in a non-Muslim country it’s a social problem? Learn to think for yourself and not what others tell you to think. People like you are the biggest problem this world has. B/c you make the problem more difficult to fix by making it worse. Either be part of the solution or and extension to the problem. =/

  12. Here we go, I think this weekend I’ll just buy the Quran and read it myself. Why Anybody and Gorphan have the right idea though, as long as it’s gore who cares? My bad, I let something slip, and I unleashed hell. Oops

  13. I’m no longer amazed at the hypocrisy and sanctimony from casual browsers who are outraged by the comments of those who might be best characterized as “hard core jaded gore zombies”. Relax, keep viewing and you’ll be assimilated soon enough.

  14. Since when was Israel a “garbage dump”. A “garbage dump” who supply you with better intelligence than you could ever gather? A “garbage dump” that is your first line of defence against a nuclear-armed Iran? A “garbage dump” who is your only reliable ally in the Middle-East? A “garbage dump” who trains your F.B.I., Special Forces, Marines, and Police in hand-to-hand combat?

    The U.S. aren’t supporting Israel for shits and giggles.

  15. LOLWUT? Please tell me you’re kidding. Israel a first line of defence against Iran? Hello! Time to wake up and smell the coffee, kiddo. Israel is the aggressor in the Middle East. Israel is what others need to defend themselves against. Israel is a bloodthirsty, murderous nation that should be eliminated from the face of the planet for severe violations of human rights. World needs to quit bullshitting around and unite in a fight against Israel – in a fight that would make the world a better place. Global peace can never be achieved with a nation like Israel around. Off with them. Destroy Israel or be destroyed!

  16. These people are not the ignorant rural muslims other muslims claim to be the ones who are barbaric! This is a mind set shared by all the people watching this man being treated so horrifically! they have access to media and know the rest of the world – western world that is- regard this as utterly cruel. What the hell are these people doing in this day and age! Bloody hell it’s just terrible. I don’t have the words to describe how horrified I am!

  17. There is no hiding these atrocities anymore thank God, since we have instant world wide communication. Get as much evidence as you can so this can be stopped somehow – don’t know how – but somehow!

  18. Okay, this video, well, I am not a pakistani myself, but this video is not pakistani.

    I have seen this video somewhere else tagged to the caption “Merciless Afghanis”. So, here is the token of knowledge to everybody that this is not happening in pakistan. the language in the video they are using is similar to what afghanis speak.

    I am not a pakistani but I am asian. So i know this thing. well, I don’t really care if someone has to protest what I am saying.

  19. @ smile,

    this video most certainly IS from Pakistan. It’s the video that caused international uproar. Have you considered the fact that Pakistan is a large country with various dialects that make the users sound different?

    Pakistan shares a long border with Afghanistan. Many Pakistani who live along the border may have their accents influenced and sound like they’re from Afghanistan. Think about it…

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