Palestinian Boy Returns from School to Find Home Destroyed by Jews

Palestinian Boy Returns from School to Find Home Destroyed by Jews

Jews randomly decided to destroy this family’s home and carried their dirty deed out cause that’s what they do. They’re destroyers of homes, destroyers of life, destroyers of what bit of humanity we have left. There’s pure desperation and agony in the faces of these poor Palestinians who are left at the mercy of blood thirsty tyrants with no one to stand up for them.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Palestinian Boy Returns from School to Find Home Destroyed by Jews”

          1. All i see in this picture is a boy`s kind and innocent switch turned off in an instance, i hope he goes for cooleteral damage agaisn`t all the fuck fat jews.

          2. All i see in this picture is a boy`s kind and innocent switch turned off in an instant, i hope he goes for cooleteral damage agaisn`t all the fuck fat jews.

  1. Anyone who has ever had their property repossessed knows what its like to have your home and life destroyed by the Jews.

    After all debt plus interest is a Jew invention and they sure like to stack the odds in their favour, swindling hook nosed cunts..

    1. nothing wrong with interest. Without interest, you couldn’t use your credit card to buy porn magazines, your Flat Screen TV, or even buy a house. Banks use interest paid to give you loans to be able to do that. Simple capitalist economics. What sucks is when they shark-loan the interest rates up to 15-20%. Current home loan interest rates are down to 3.5% which is good. Yeh you complain about interest but the world wouldn’t go around without it.

      “can I borrow $200,000 for a house?”
      Bank: “When will I get it back?”
      “30 years.”
      Bank: “WTF is in it for me?”
      “Well in 30 years you get $200,000 back”
      Bank: “Fuck that. Save up $200,000 and buy your own house when you have the money.

      1. Except banks lend out money they do not yet HAVE! Governments allow them to create the loan out of nothing – that is the time when that amount of money is born – it’s all digital, it only has to exist virtually, in the form of digits on your bank account…. THAT is what is disgusting about interest. It doesn’t cost banks a single cent to loan money. If suddenly 2 million people went to a bank to get a loan, the bank could serve them because they are creating money out of thin air then and there. On top of it, they get to colelct interest…

      1. The Holocaust did happen, and I would settle in Jewish nation over a Islamic/3rd world nation just like every full of shit conservative member on this site from a developed nation. Conservative = Neocon undereducated hater who turned out plenty dumb enough to wear their parents shoes.

  2. Towel heads. there is a humanitarian crisis happening in Jordan cuz of all the fuking Syrians streaming over the border to get away from shitty Syria. refugee camps. they’re complaining they’re not living in 5 star resorts. these towel heads have over bred so much there is nowhere to put them and nobody wants them. but it is all part of the fv insanity which is going on all over. the planet is overrun with fv. i wish a new species would take over. like cats cuz they’re stealthy and cool.

      1. I say we fuck em over with snakes. A shit ton of snakes. Black mambas n vipers, inland taipans & Cobras too. Then we get to see people filming each other get bit n die from a heart attack or system failure. Don’t forget water snakes. Cats along side them.

  3. fter seeing enough times where they’re hiding combatants or weapons and their house gets shot up or destroyed and the first thing they want is money. Or pushing their wife in front of a convoy for the check. Let me guess, they’re just simple farmers minding their own business and boom house gone. Haha, what a joke.

      1. I’m reserve for 2 more years and then my service is done. I drive around and deliver construction equipment to job sites or shops, pays quite well. So are you remodeling for fun or is that your job? There has to be a better way to communitcate then this old post, open post in a newer one you think?

  4. How many times have we seen homes, and more importantly ways of livelihood like olive orchards, bulldozed and destroyed by racist Israelis? These people moan about being persecuted, yet they are the most persecutorial bastards on the planet. Disgusting that our government supports a country of people like this.

  5. When will we learn to stop sending hundreds of billions to these freaks in israel. they fucking hate us and call us alll sort of shit names while cashing out checks.

    simply go to any pro israeli website or newspaper…and just read what they say about us….they laugh at us…make fun of our milatary but still obama sends them buckets of money.

    now watch…some fucker on here will call me
    ANITI SEMITIC……look you can dislike america and NOT be anti american… i can dislike israel not not be anti semitic.a
    Enought of that shit…….israel lost the PR battle years ago.

  6. This picture is definitely worth many many words. Heartbreaking is the main one. The anguish and heartache in the woman’s face and the hatred and sadness in the child’s is devastating. I so wish that I could could do things to help people…

  7. This is what it lloks like when US/Israel sucessfully directly or indirectly create al-quaeda/ISIS/ISIL. Note his clenched fist, and yes, this is very much the moment when he loses his innocence if he had any left……

  8. I despise kids but damn, poor sod. They ain’t got much as it is but to see that at a young age probably shut down his innocence and switched on vengeance as he grows. And he ain’t even seen a bombed corpse yet, like other kids do.

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