Philippine Army Abusing and Kicking Handcuffed and Blindfolded Men

Philippine Army Abusing and Kicking Handcuffed and Blindfolded Men

We don’t have much background info about this video, but it looks like members of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) mistreating a captured group of rebels, or rebel sympathizers.

In the video, the soldiers are shown kicking and abusing blindfolded men whose hands are cuffed behind their backs.

The video was filmed on an old model cell phone camera with really small resolution. One needs to focus to distinguish what is going on:

Props to Best Gore member Assassinisher for the video:

22 thoughts on “Philippine Army Abusing and Kicking Handcuffed and Blindfolded Men”

  1. What the hell are those round, white things?

    Kicking the living shit out of people: It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

    Crappy camera phone was used in filming, that I’m sure of. Also, thank you for the video and story, Assasinisher!

  2. Its worked closly with the Philippinian army routing out the mercenaries and we taught them to handle terrorists the way they want ONLY AND ONLY IF THE DON’T FILM IT. I guess they forgot that. Anyway this is PROBABLY a case where the found the alqaeda linked cell. Props on the brutality they dished out. Remember the Bali bombings? I do we lost a couple of Americans then. So fuck the cowards

    1. Ninoy Aquino is not a dictator, rather, the one who enforced democracy on the Philippines by overthrowing a dictatorial government by Ferdinand Marcos because the Martial Law in the country was going very bad.

      After Marcos’s reign, which was then replaced by Ninoy’s wife, Corazon Aquino, the Philippine economy spiralled down out of control thus the Philippines being the shithole we Filipinos witness and experience.

      And isn’t their name rather evident that they are Islamists? MILF stands for Moro Islamic Liberation Front, then there’s Abu Sayyaf and a lot of others. Though they are not all Muslims. The Communist Party of the Philippines and National People’s Army are considered as terrorist groups internationally. So, maybe those are the groups you’re pointing out. But out of thirteen, more or less, terrorist groups, only two are non-Islamic.

      The Philippine Army is pro-American. The whole country is pretty much pro-American, not just Ninoy himself.

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