Pigs with African Swine Fever Set on Fire and Buried Alive

Pigs with African Swine Fever Set on Fire and Buried Alive

Pigs with African Swine Fever Set on Fire and Buried Alive

What’s the best way to rid a deadly disease found in pigs? Burn them alive in a machine dug pit, then bury the surviving pigs with dirt.

China reported an outbreak of deadly African swine fever on a huge foreign-invested Chinese pig farm, part-owned by a Danish investment fund. The pig farm has 4,686 infected out of 15,000. All animals on infected farms must be culled under current rules. The farm is the largest yet to be hit by the disease, which has infected almost 100 farms across China since August 2018, spreading faster than in any other country to date.

China has the world’s largest hog herd and the rapid spread of African swine fever has roiled the country’s trade in pork, the nation’s most popular meat, disrupting supplies and pushing up prices in some areas. The African swine fever situation is only getting worse. Small farms, big farms, slaughterhouses, feed – the whole production chain all are infected.

I wonder if the reason Muslims don’t eat pork is because the pig is just a filthy, worm ridden, disease carrying animal.

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    1. I’m not sure this is considered abuse since it seems the way to get rid of the sick animals without infecting more? (I’m sure PETA would disagree.) What I don’t understand is why they burned them if they were just gonna be buried anyway.

      1. There’s probably a governmentally regulated procedure for disposing of the pigs and these guys are just moving as fast as possible through the unpleasantness. Maybe the hole has to be x size for y number of infected pigs…which are probably all supposed to be burned thoroughly before being buried. I’m only guessing though.

          1. Fucking retards. Even Hitler himself couldn’t of come up with something a wee bit more cruel., but I’m sure the smell of bacon would’ve got rid of any bad taste left behind.

          2. Lol westerners understand the rules of these psychopaths that live in a shite hole land. They are discusting excuses for humans, they eat anything and suprised they didn’t eat the infected animals. They are known for
            their abuse and destruction of anything and everything. One shite hole I would never want to travel too. Them things should be ashamed of themselves. Idiots.

          3. first time i’ve seen that, and it was awesome., just you know because it’s sad that’s ‘true’ but i’ve never seen it, and it legitely seem like a procedure. ‘ash-tonishing’, so to speak 🙂 don’t get me wrong but it was interesting to view that.

          1. Now there you go!! You’re thinking outside of the box… Even if they do have swine flu, it’s cruel to just burn them alive… They should have killed them somehow first…. Adolf Hitler would have been proud… this was the worst thing I’ve ever seen on bestgore by far worse than the car accidents, worse than the isis beheadings… Worse than the Mexican videos of people being dismembered alive, you get the idea

          2. I’m pissed at this video because it should have been longer bigger formate and why did they just burn the pigs a little? Like maybe for ten min. with some kerosene not gas then bury them so much possibilities what a waste.

      2. Here in Africa you cannot bury infected live stock as the impoverished will just dig up the meat and consume it, thus spreading the disease. It is culture over here to first burn the animal whether dead or alive. This video clip should not have been posted on BESTGORE as it is the epitome of cruelty to animals

          1. What about the Chinese, they are the biggest destroyers in the world. They dictate; destroy; murder; steal and ruin the environment. Why is everyone waging war on each other when it’s these monsters that are destroying the world.

          2. @ihacta247 There is a distinct difference between conquering the stupid and the stupid being inherently stupid. If in the animal kingdom absolute there would only be white people. In every animal species the strong kill the weak (Darwinism if you will)
            In the animal kingdom absolute the all conquering white race would of killed off every race that breathes air. So in essence the black race (and all other races) exist and breathe at the mercy and privilege of the white race… Ironic isn’t it

          3. @ParadiseFaIIs, If only these sub-humans understood the concept of progress it would be a help! Africa is a actually a beautiful place, almost a sort of EDEN if you will, however it is plagued by the creator’s failed experiments. I have studied this continent my entire life and have come to the conclusion that there is only one solution… genocide!

      3. Actually burning them alive won’t stop the virus. It’s still going to be there. Their insides were not burnt were they? It’s a bit like cooking raw chicken with a blowtorch for 5 mins.

        It would be kinder to kill the animals first and then incinerate them.

        1. Yeah, I thought you are not supposed to undercook pork. Lol Also, why are the pigs in China infected with “African” swine fever? Btw, never knew China had largest hog herd. Never would have guessed.

      1. @The SoulForge – Me too. This was absolutely horrific! I have been on here now for a couple of years and have witnessed some serious brutality! Usually, I can get through the videos; however, this is one I turned off right away. Horrible screeching! TBH, got teary eyed. However, I am woman and sensitive at times.

        1. I can’t watch. But I’m glad best gore doesn’t normally post this stuff. I think it was posted to show how Fck up humans are. Maybe those Chinese will get infected and die. At least that way they can stop torturing and killing dogs and cats. And other animals.

      2. Jesus christ what is it with you fucking fairies. All day long youll sit here laughing at people being beheaded but the minute pigs are culled you shit yourselves!

        1. Oh man! I cannot tag you ‘FREDANDROSE’; however, your comment made me chuckle. Just so you know, I do not laugh at people for the most part. However, at times, there are just dumbass people we all laugh at. The comments make me chuckle now. They did not at first but do now (as completely understand why people comment as such). There is just something about ‘animal abuse’ that gets under my skin. Like I mentioned before, I can watch ‘gore’ yet CANNOT watch videos which display animal cruelty. Not the same thing as most people that are on BG Videos are doing dumb shit like speeding or killing for revenge etc.. Still not right but not the same by any means.

          1. Hello! If bacon in the pan doesnt float your boat then you dont watch it. What cracks me up is the sad sacks who get all butt hurt about this video, when a little scroll through their posts reveals them having a jolly good laugh at some tortured flip flop or unfortunate soul flattened to mince meat on the highway. Everyones got their limits of whats just a bit to far… but if youve had a chuckle at the rest of this website dont come on the animal videos acting like youve a right to take the moral high ground because you havent and you just look a cunt.

    2. Those fucking Disgusting Animal Abusing Fucks could of killed them first with one quick Gunshot to the back of the head instead of burning/burning them half alive first. I Could not
      And **WILL NOT WATCH-IT** Especially after Hearing their Cries/Screams in the first 5 seconds of the Video, as It Made My Eyes Water, And My Blood Boil. 🙁

      Being A Pig Lover,,, Well ALL Animal-Lover, i could not do it! Fucking Sad That Humans Still Show No Mercy To Gods Creatures,,, SAD!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. @thedre – Me too thedre. This was nothing less than horrific and stopped it after a few seconds. Made my eyes water as well. Cannot watch videos as such and genuinely wish they were not on here. Strange when it comes to animal abuse how one can feel as opposed to watching humans being abused (most likely cause most of the humans deserve it to some extent of course).

        1. Yes exactly @Brenda & @Hambergerbob as animals are pure like children, and never try to use you, lie to you, or hurt you unless they are being abused themselves. Gods Creatures should always be loved and respected, and only hunted, or killed as a last resort to ourselves surviving. But should always be done quickly, and never inhumanly like these cruel bastards did. Also I Happen To Love Pigs, As They are as intelligent as dogs. They play ball, give you their paw, or hoof, lol, i should say and are cute, and kind/gentle as hell. POOR THINGS 🙁

          1. “Diesel so true bro at it broke my heart also just to hear their scream directed at them to help them,,, So, So Sad to hear! 🙁

      2. I know, this was fucked up. I can see many reasons to burn humans, but innocent animals that couldn’t help that they were sick, should’ve been put out of their misery with a quick bullet or something. If those dirty fuckers had a disease & weren’t of use to the world, I’m sure they would’ve preferred a quick death.
        Side note, I’m sure the nasty bastards ate some anyway, after that BBQ.

        1. @My Notorious Clitorious
          I Would not doubt-it Whatsoever, & One Bit that these Fucking Pigs Pigged-Out On Some Afterwards.

          And as you said ,, At least kill them with one quick 22 cal. And i say a 22 cal. because you can buy a box of 1000 22 cal. bullets for like 10 bucks,,,, TEN BUCKS MAN. 🙁 And one clean shot behind it’s poor little head, and that’s it, a quick and clean kill forever ending it’s days of suffering. But instead, they make them poor and sick Pigs Suffer Even More, From A Disease that Man Himself was, and is 100% responsible for starting.

    3. Best gore is a site dealing in truth. Animal abuse, children abuse, there should be nothing taboo for BG because it’s all happening in the world we live in, and there’s nothing wrong with us knowing about it.

      I think BG authors would not post child rape though, but I think they should, read the above.
      We live in a world where child murder is more tolerated than child rape.

      1. Child rape? That would fall under “child pornography”. If that disgusting shit was posted here, it would be the final nail that destroyed best gore. I understand the idea of educating people, but you can’t un-see some shit like that. That type of shit brings an aura of negatively that no sane person could shake.

        1. My thoughts exactly, sir. Those are a visual record of a child’s life being completely destroyed and every time such a video is watched by fresh eyes it is almost as if the child is being violated all over again, this is something which most victims struggle with especially as they go on later in life is the thought of more and more people watching the videos they were abused in. That was the case with me, anyway. For years, and still to this very day I struggle with this aspect among many others.
          I understand the point about educating people as you pointed out to the person making what was quite a ridiculous comment, no matter how well they meant it.

          1. I’m just a random user strolling by but I just want to say, I am very sorry to hear you have had to deal with crap like that. I wish the best for you as well as all victims of child abuse.

        2. And ripping the heart out of alive teen boy is not disgusting enough for you? That’s like, middle tier, I guess? Yeah, that boy got off easy, it would be much more cruel if he was sexually abused, then we wouldn’t want to see that shit. *sarcasm*

          I mean, I smell something of a doulbe standard which persists across the society – even murder is not considered as grave offence as sexual abuse where the physical harm was not so severe.

          My point is – taking of life is much, MUCH worse and intolerable than sexual abuse, but we have no problem with seeing that.

          Another example – crush fetish videos. Like that famous chinese whore who crushed kittens with heels until their eyes and brains popped out. I don’t think we’d see that on BG here, but the murder of a boy I mentioned above is OK.

      2. So, where do you draw the line between “dealing in truth” and dealing in child pornography?
        I’m all for putting a spotlight on all cases of child sexual abuse, but that can be done in text along with naming and showing mugshots of the filthy perpetrators, but saying that the videos of such cases should also be shown is complete nonsense.

        1. I agree. But nothing brings the point to the home as much as seeing the shit that wee see here on best gore. Even this video – you think the text article “Chinese burned some infected pigs alive” would trigger anyone to the same extent as the actual video documenting the deed? Or would we try to be more careful on the roads if we didn’t see the fleshy gory bloody consequences of not doing so?

          Yeah, child abuse may be too much to see, but someone could find the assaulting fucker and do the justice which the law can’t do.

          1. I agree with you Andrew, the double standard is apparent but nothing like that could ever be done without drawing in more chomos who would only propegate the shit even more.
            Not worth it.
            To your point though, as I’m sure it would amp up the vigilante justice to 11, I’d rather keep it the way it is.
            I dont believe there are too many people other than child abusers themselves who could ever bring themselves to watch anything like that.

    4. I can’t speak for Mark on the subject, but to my understanding, he didn’t want to give a platform for sickos to abuse animals, and gain sick fame from it. I remember years ago there was a video on here that showed a pig being beheaded with a chainsaw. If I remember correctly, he said that he would not normally have posted it, but he did it in the hopes that someone would recognize the culprit, and help catch him. The issue of animal cruelty within the gore community is an interesting one. Most people can’t stand to watch bad things happen to animals. I being one. I believe this is due to several reasons. First off, we have been conditioned to accept violence against humans. We see people being murdered all day everyday on T.V. It is rare to see an animal being killed on T.V. Another reason is that animals are considered to be purely innocent. People that are killed in violent ways on this site can easily be written off. They were killers themselves, etc. I watched Apocalypse Now a couple days ago, and the most disturbing thing about it was the part where they hacked to death a live Water Buffalo. The movie was made in 79′, and I guess they did things differently back then. There is no way that shit would fly these days.

        1. @ankun256
          I was very surprised seeing the pig burn video on BG, and i applaud it for being here 🙂
          And I also see the point, and I find it undebatable!

          Up until this video the following skewed standard is upheld on BG:

          Human killing Animal = Not Ok
          Human killing human = Ok
          Animal killing Animal = Not Ok
          Animals killing humans = Ok

          I am all for full exposure. And I have sent in a couple of Animal vs Animal and Human vs Animal videos, and they never appeared on BG.
          I find it weak to pretend these things don’t happen, and just whitewash it from BG.

          1. I remember couple weeks ago when I wasn’t sure about animal features… lol I sure went all out in a sense, at least it isn’t just animal torturing video. there’s news behind it

          2. i never did ask mark about the videos which i feel bad… but i’d be happy to look at them personally if you are ready to send me something 😉


            animal vs animal should be on the same terms as humans abusing young/little kids/babies, you’d think. I won’t post anymore of these videos though… still haven’t looked at pork rines the same way

          3. The only way to get people moving towards justice are stories. We don’t care about some arbitrary nigger children who starve to death in Africa, or Thai girls who are sold as sex slaves in their early teens, or a handful of pigs burned in China. But if we see the documented story of how it happened, see the faces and lives of people (or animals) affected and their circumstances, suddenly we become much more aware of the shit that’s happening there and much more likely to do something if we could.

            That’s why I think there should be no such thing as censorship or restriction of information (any information, no matter how extreme) even if it can give some sick psychos a material to jerk off.

    5. You are such a fucking retard. This isn’t abuse. They HAVE to do this, they have INCURABLE DISEASES. YOU WANNA EAT CANCER, DUMB FUCK? They lost 1/3rd of 1 5 , 0 0 0 pigs. I bet you’re the type of disgusting cunt to let your pets suffer instead of put them down. Fuck you, degenerate.

    6. really?? wtf kind of sickos do this. think you could use a bullet first.. little more humane. they can’t make cheap bullets? they make everything else cheap that breaks and you gotta buy another one the second you go to use it…

    7. Ive been on bestgore for a bit,

      Ive seen men and women have their miserable lives ended in every way I thought I could imagine. Burned alive, drowned, beheaded, hung, disembowelled, strangled

      Why would I give a shit about some pigs, literal pigs ( not cops)

    8. This is not animal cruelity. They have swine fever so killing them normal wouldn’t help they will still be infectious, but I agree he could have killed them first then burned them, so yeah maybe there is abit animal cruelity in this afterall

    9. I agree. Just fucked up they burned them enough to torture them but not kill them (you’d need much more fire power than that) and finish them off with suffocation 🙁 Could of at least cattle bolted em and tossed em in as they went, jerky roast after!

  1. This should be a mandatory punishment for many types of criminals. I doubt it would curb the crime rate, but it would make for some good BG vids! (On a side note, it saddens me to see all of that bacon gone….)

        1. I get your point bro.
          But I don’t need to watch that shit to know how it goes.
          My imagination is enough.
          Human beings are monsters. We are damaging the planet, slaughtering animals and wiping out one species after another. We poison the minds of children and we do incredible cruelty against each other.
          Nothing but monsters are we, and the next world war will show us up for what we really are.

        2. If I could go to every Asian country or any country and pump 10 rounds in the heads of people cruel to animals I would do it in a heartbeat and feel NO remorse at all. Animal abusers, should be executed. If they will abuse an animal they will abuse a child.

          1. @meli6827 I guarantee there are people within a few miles of you right now that have been violent to an animal. And if you spend 10 mins doing a bit of research, you can probably find someone within driving distance who’s been convicted of cruelty to animals.

            So, now the big question is: are you all talk?

            You said if you could, you would. And you’d feel no remorse at all.
            So, what are you waiting for?

            And just for the sake of argument, to say someone would abuse a child, simply because they’ve abused animals before is flat out absurd.

            Might as well say they will also abuse the mentally disabled, the elderly, and those with low I.Q.’s(watch out now lol).

          1. My family owned a slaughterhouse when I was a kid.
            I assure you, that would not have smelled like bacon. It would have smelled like burnt hair, skin, and shit. Along with whever fuel they used. It would have been stomach churning.
            Ever fried chitlins? Fucking nasty. And pigs cramped up like that would reek of shit to begin with.

  2. Fossil making in initial stages in about a million years they will have the remains displayed in museums homosapians will be baffled how loving these creatures were all died together in a fiery lovemaking mega cuddle manner

    Perhaps the only animal which has homosexual desires

    Eats its own excrement

  3. In the last couple of years here on BG I’ve seen a lot. But animal cruelty always gets my empathy glend going. Either burry them alive, or burn them. But burning them a little so they suffer and then burry them, seems just once again typically for the Chines cruelty beasts. Me don’t liky. Me can’t.

        1. My family used a bolt gun like in “no country for old men”. One pop on the side of the head and they die. Sometimes they did a little twitching. But they died quickly. Before you know it, a hook is jammed into the jaw and they lifted em up to be quickly rinsed and gutted. The hook was suspended from a track on the ceiling via a chain.
          After gutting they rinse a bit more as they shoved em to the vat of hot water.
          The hot water bath/extended dunk would loosen the hair. Then a crank was turned and a claw-like spatula would flip the pig to the machine that abraides the hair off. If the hog was small they might slip through the bottom to the floor. Then back into the vat for a repeat until no hair.
          Then back on the chain and into the cooler. The exit of the cooler opened to the truck/loading bay. So the pigs would stay refrigerated until they made it to the cooler at the butcher shop we owned.
          Very nasty bussiness. But if you like ham, bacon, pork chops, pork loin, cracklin, pork rinds, or (god help you) chitlins… don’t judge. Someone has to do that work so you can enjoy your pork.

          1. True true !! But on the other hand, no matter how many pigs you have to slaughter in a given
            Amount of time, you and your family would have never tossed all the pigs into a room or a pit in this case… And just simply set them on fire okay.. The slaughtering of animals is natural if you want to eat your beef or pork or chicken or whatever the hell you got going on but nobody would do this at least not in this society… And a note to BG… Love you guys but this was too much !!!… Videos of people in Mexico being cut a part alive is less cruel than what I’ve just seen on this video

    1. No doubt slaughterhouses have a few abuses here and there. No pretty way to kill something alive to harvest the meat. But I highly doubt some worker set your bacon ablaze then after it unsuccessfully working, they decided to simply begin harvesting the meat while it’s still alive.

  4. What the fuck is the matter with human beings?… I get that they had to be killed and burnt to stop disease spreading but why burn them alive?… and not only did they burn them alive but they did it half assed and buried them alive too…

    I’m pretty sure this had more to do with somebody’s sick amusement than stopping disease from spreading.

    1. I don’t think it is for sick amusement. You see a lot of these farms raise pigs, then sell them to the slaughterhouse. They don’t do it at the same place they are raised. With that said, these workers may not know how to kill the pigs and thought it was a good idea to set them on fire thinking it would kill them very quickly. With it backfiring – no pun intended – I don’t think the workers wanted to jump down in the pits and sledgehammer them to death with squealing, half dead burnt pigs laying around. Breathing in that fume alone and seeing that would probably be unsettling. I wonder how many of the workers still eat pork product after seeing that?

      You also risk spreading the infection by jumping down and getting blood on your shirt or whatnot. So I think at the point it failed, they just had to continue on as if they were dead.

      1. It’s common sense to know that nothing and no one dies “very quickly” by being set on fire.. they should’ve been killed using bolt guns by people wearing protective clothing prior to dumping them in the pit. Or if the lazy and sick fucks were too cheap to do that, they should’ve just had people with rifles standing by to shoot them as they were in there… and THEN set them on fire.

  5. I can understand animal culling and immolation as pathogen control methods – after all, chinese have a LOT to lose if a strong strain of swine flu gets lose, given how close they live and interact with each other.

    However, would’ve been too much to ask they actually do the culling and immolation parts right? There’s a video of some chink army guys whipping out a beast flamethrower just to roast a huge wasp nest, they could’ve used a couple to make the pigs’ demise easier on them, just a few M2’s would’ve done the job flawlessly.

    Half ass burnt and half ass buried is a sad way to die. That’s a lot of reincarnated Indians, whose previous human existence was cut short by train suicide, being dealt a shit card in this porcine next life of theirs.

    1. Maybe that pit of pigs will grow a whole garden of huge, super infected monster pigs that will eat all of the slit eyed faggots who think it’s ok to abuse any animals.

  6. Come on man what the fuck? It would have been less cruel to just bury them alive! The fire didn’t last long, only long enough to cause excruciating pain. No other way to kill them off? They’re in the pit, they ain’t gettin’ out. Shoot em all then burn the carcasses if they’re worried about disease.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s all about gore I get it, but this is just fucked up. Now PEOPLE…there are people who deserve being treated like this. Cartel assholes, pedophiles, raghead terrorists and the like, but these pigs?

    1. It’s more depressing when one can consider them our genetic distant cousins, given that they are able to form rather complex social hierarchies, they get sunburnt like us, and even according to cannibals, we taste pretty similar. Listening to their screams, closing my eyes and picturing them in my mind as people it’s a bit overwhelming. Never noticed how eerily similar both sounds are.

      I’m not above eating a tasty porkchop every Tuesday night, but a slaughtered pig is a far cry from the undeserved cruelty they got dealt here, forrealz.

      1. Agreed! I’m a meat eater but killing them quickly is the way to go.

        Look at the Halal way the ragheads do it, they slit the animal’s throat and let it bleed out. Of all of the things people whine about changing these days how about getting rid of the barbarism?

  7. Two things I draw the line at is animal abuse and child abuse. I despair at both. Sick fucking Chinese, they just don’t burn pigs alive they boil cats and dogs alive! Scum of the earth!

  8. I dont understand this at all. Those pits filled with pigs… seen that before. Thats not 1 or 2 layers of pigs. So burning the top layer, and for the small amount off time, doesnt do anything. It wont kill of the virus that causes the swine flue. The person who came up with this method…prolly has just 1 braincell, or enjoys seeying animals to suffer. That the pigs had to die… well… they wouldnt lived long , either the flue, or the slaughter house wouldve killed them anyway. I can understand the reason why they had to die, but like this ?

  9. Poor little piggies! But at least now they are not suffering anymore from what must’ve been for them quite painful headaches, feeling week, and being totally dehydrated while having to walk, lie down, & them sleep in their own diarrhea.

    It’s funny how these killer flues always seams to happen in China. Cause over the years this is where Most of the Human, and Animal Deadly Fevers Have Come From. There are not Keeping Things Clean, and Properly disinfected in order for these to spread all over the world, and this has to be the reason why. 🙁

  10. MDamn. FUCK this video! I don’t see the point of burning them alive if it’s not going to kill them quickly, or even kill them at all?

    I’d rather see the Mexican cop and his son get beheaded and flayed a million times over, Clockwork Orange style with my eyes pinned open before watching this again.

    Those poor animals have no clue why this is being done to them, but they’re smart enough to know they’re going to die.

    I remember my friend’s dad had a pig farm and showed us how fast the pigs learned what a gun does. They’d seen it used a few times on the farm, and if he even pulled it from the holster, those pigs would run, squealing their ass off all the way across the pen.
    They knew enough to know that thing would kill them.
    I dunno what any of this means. It’s just a thought.

        1. @hopingfornemesis
          There’s a guy near my hometown who has this little Ark on his property and used to have a ton of miniature animals in the field around it. These days he just deals in miniature horses. They are amazing to see up close. It’s pretty surreal the first time you actually pet one. They’re fucking SMALL!

      1. Totally agree. Owning something after pissing on it, shitting wherever, whenever and sniffing any pussy that you wish is definitely a better way to live life.

    1. I would have rather seen them crushed by the mini x than the unnecessary burning. All that did was put them through immense pain for no real reason. You’re telling me a farm doesn’t have 1 measly box of bullets to put them down with? This was simply done out of pure gook stupidity.

  11. They didin’t burn the enough, not to the ashes, to the bones. Maybe there was a better way to sacrifice them; this shit is very primitive. Certainly it will contaminate the soil and water sources… Maybe some corrupt servant lift the money of the proper procedure and paid for a cheap solution cashing the amount, maybe to spend the money in Paris or Los Angeles fancy stores. This happens all the time. Just wondering the shitty stuff we pay to eat around…

          1. @jadedcunt, what is a cringe edge lord? i’m not up to date on terms. if that is loosely translated to mean dick… i agree. he does seem to be a diseased dick dripping green puss all over the place. he’s like the physical embodiment of the blue waffle.

  12. I don’t think cruelty was intended, since there were probably many other pigs that needed to die as well and any other more ”humane” way of putting them down would also be way slower and unfeasible, but damn. That sort of thing is hard to take

  13. to cull hundreds of pigs, its not gonna be pretty. this is the quickest way to burn away all the oxygen and suffocate them. i assure you, what the pigs went through before this hole wasnt much better. these pigs are often crowded and clumped together and forced to go into different container their whole life till slaughter. What you see in this video is a merciful expediation of their time. the cries of a hundred pigs at once is terrible. but its terrible for them already. and you havent been doing anything about it all this time. so what now? how do you deal with suffering on this level. watch the documentary Dominion. its not fun. it pulls no punches and shows exactly whats happening every single day for money.

    1. @Jesse Oh well people get fucked up daily too and John McStain and George Bush Sr. are also rotting now along with Mohammed the goat fucking pedophile slave owning warlord of Islam infamy.

      Niggers and spics get snuffed out daily as well. It’s just part of the chain. @ASickMind will be the next homosexual to be suffocated by a pig’s cock directly into the throat hole while being burned alive by Frisco shit eaters in a back alley abortion clinic during a Mexican whore donkey show.

      1. We NEED more people like @ASickMind. The mother fucker puts it plain and simple and that’s just how life works. Fuckin’ problem with it? Good. That’s what we love to fuckin’ see on this site. Fuckin’ lefty snowflakes who cannot accept how the REAL world rotates. Live with it fuckers.

  14. Loved seeing all the cucks cry about some retarded ass pigs. I love hearing them cry just as much as I do the retarded 3rd world cunts. They’re both worthless and dead just as they deserve. Fuck them and fuck all the snowflakes that are actually crying over this. LOL

    1. I dead set just signed up after years of being on this site just too say that HAHAHAHA fucking sooks I love watching humans die and suffer but not animals, these cunts are fucking fried like the site is called BESTgore not only human gore….. Fucking hard left pussies

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