Plain Clothes Cop Brutally Assaults Woman in Sioux City

Plain Clothes Cop Brutally Assaults Woman in Sioux City

On August 8, 2011, in the 1400 block of McDonald Street in Sioux City, Iowa, a plain clothes cop brutally assaulted a woman, put her in a headlock, punched her and choked her. Still, despite clearly damning video evidence, U.S. District Court Judge Mark Bennett ruled that DaCosta Daniels did not present enough evidence that Officer Joshua Tyler used unreasonable force during the arrest, and dismissed the lawsuit. He must not have seen the right video.

Cop Joshua Tyler alleged that he had ordered the uniformed officer to pull the woman over because he saw a suspect in the car with her. When the uniformed officer pulled her over, there was no man with her in the car. Joshua Tyler alleged the man had fled.

During the ensuing questioning in front of the police cruiser dashcam, Joshua Tyler allegedly ordered the woman to put down her cell phone, which he further alleges she refused to do, and then he alleges she “lunged” at him. I kid you not, this roid raging lunatic said the woman “lunged” at him, when the video clearly shows he assaulted her, and she only struggled to defend herself because he was causing her undue pain.

Note how the abuser punches the woman to the body, instead of the face – this is to cause more pain, and to avoid leaving marks that are readily visible. He was also punching her directly in the kidneys – this causes renal trauma, which results in kidney bruising, and can lead to shattering of the kidney and tearing its blood supply.

This type of psychopathic behavior is typical of an experienced wife beater, who knows how to cause maximum pain, without leaving the victim visibly bruised.

I’d like to challenge all police brutality apologists to present a single video evidence of a so called “good cop“. If you enjoy licking the boot on your face so much that you only see “a few bad apples“, I challenge you to show me a video of a cop who interferes with citizen abuse by a fellow cop, and arrests the bad cop for it.

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    1. @DOS
      Personally, I don’t think anyone especially males, should be married when they decide to become a police officer. The stress of their jobs indeed, would give them a green light to beat the Christ out of their wives, when they get home from work.

      Remaining single is a sure fire way, to keep these officers in check. Have these lunatics go into a Hell’s Angels bar after their shift, and see if they can pull of this kind of shit as they do with their wives, when they get off work.

      Then, and only then, will you have safe police officers patrolling our streets.

      “To serve and protect” is a guarantee, if followed by an attitude adjustment. Because sure as fuck, they won’t receive it from our judicial system.

      1. Agreed! As a wife I’m well aware of the huge amount of stress I am constantly putting on my hubby of 16 yrs. I did support us for the first 10 though. Wives need to get it through there heads that TV moms and wives aren’t real life examples. I help mine out as best as I can

        1. This shit is never going to end is it :(. Same with ISIS. But more so its getting worse here. Next thing you know we are going to be a complete police state. Curfew, military invasions, mass executions. State of Stalin

    2. Bottom line period, cops will always protect other cops whether in fear of retaliation or just plain sadism; like I said before in a previous post, violence is their sex. The judge must like CK’s so why even bother with a court case, it most likely fuck up with the quotas just like his cop brothers.

      Clearly “Bubba” was seriously in fear for his life, a mantra that’s stuck in the head of many apologists and sympathizers. Either way the tide will surely turn when citizens will have had enough of being targets by cops.

      1. And that is exactly what they want us to do. They will then have their excuse to become a total police state. Why do you think they are training these pricks to shoot first? Because they know at some point we will start shooting back. Only to crank up the gun grabbing machine disarming all of us. It is no accident that these cops from all over the country have become a cowardly gang. There is just to many incidents happening all at once. They are being led to the slaughter with the rest of us and don’t realize it.

    3. The fucking police are pieces of shit.
      This is clearly police brutality.
      And yet again they get away with it.
      This woman is someone’s mom or sister.
      It is despicable that they beat her.
      Citizens need to start killing cops.
      It is about time to go to war.
      Attack them with guerilla tactics.
      Shoot them once in the back of their head.
      Or attack them fuckers by surprise!!!

    4. Tell the motherfucker put gun badge on hood take cuffs off and no hols barred i would of grabbed biggest thing i could find and go isis on his ass then find me a fence thinking all the satisfaction from all the bull shit tickets and lies.
      Love dead body is a good.

      1. Cops today are way to scared to do anything like that. They are poorly trained and sadistic. Also a lot of them are just plain cowardly and really should not be cops in the first place. But I doubt if most citizens with any common sense would want to do a cops job so the police forces are left with probably mostly rotten apples to pick from the citizenry but that’s no excuse. Plus the courts side with them no matter what cops do be it right or wrong. I don’t necessarily hate cops but I cannot support cops that abuse their authority. No one should.

        1. Always nice to see cop and zionist defenders come along a few days later to reply to comments the other person won’t see. I was going back to read posts I missed while on vacation and as usual I see the apologists come out of the woodwork. Happens all the time though…

    5. OMG.. wtf is going on with our police. Its crazy what they are getting away with these days. When she sits back down at the end that she is hurting where he beat the hell out of her in the back. How much more proof is needed to proove his abuse?!

    6. Really, this fat ass is clearly resisting the officers attempt to detain her.officers are trained to go one level up from the aggression recieved, they did nothing wrong. There’s no doubt she resisted and they responded with force. You expect the police to beg for someone to comply? Please, next time you need a cop, don’t call 911, call a crackhead to help you

      1. Are you an ex-cop or something? You seem awfully supportive of this type of behavior. I could not hear the conversation so I am not sure what led to this confrontation but I did not see the women attack the officer in any way. It looked like they were having a conversation only and then the cop just aggressively grabbed the woman and began choking her. I not even sure she was resisting in anyway because I could not hear anything. All I know is cops for some reason feel it is open season on the citizens of the United States. I don’t know if its the gang violence that caused cops to see every citizen as public enemy number one or maybe they are not trained properly. Maybe it’s flat out bias against the poor and minorities. Whatever is going on, it needs to be seriously addressed. Hopefully that won’t lead to violent revolution but if things don’t change, people may feel so threatened that they feel that armed conflict is the only answer.

    1. gentlemen didnt exist anymore on earth.
      here we normally have lots of manners and all about this. and today its all shit.
      i m maybe the only one who continu to use manners that my mother teach me. like keep an door open for let the peoples behind me enter. or help gran’ma to pass the road, or help an lady with her bags and things like that.

      pretty sad πŸ™

  1. That guy is a dangerous fucking looney. You can see by his body language that he hadn’t told her to stand up and turn around to put handcuffs on, he just grabbed her out of nowhere and she reacted in shock. I also don’t understand why they are keeping her there, if it was the passenger that was the suspect how is it her fault if he fled the scene?
    I really think that cop could kill easily kill at the the drop of a hat.

  2. There’s been a few “good cop” videos in my area, via our demented local area news. It involves our local and state police, holding one and two year old children in their arms and smiling, as they put the finishing touches on the poor soul inside the house.

    When the military fine tune handcuffs small enough to fit these toddler’s wrists, I imagine they’ll arrest them, for being an accomplice to their parents.

  3. I couldn’t perceive what was going on at this moment .. that video just shows that police man’s brutal behavior. but we have to get the right of perspective even the police act like deadly abusing woman. there must be reason why the woman was abused by police…

    1. If you browse through police brutality videos at Best Gore, you’ll see that there often is no reason whatsoever for citizen abuse. Police just seem to itch to escalate the situation so they can get their fix. It’s like they’re having a competition among themselves – you score points for different types of abuse. Top scorers are glorified champions.

      1. Every time I have been stopped by a citizen killer a have always cooperated. I’m 5’5″ and brown, but never play “smart” with cops. Maybe it is that cops got tired of the same shit game, when a citizen plays “stupid”. Then they get beaten, shot or killed. I guess i would do the same under stress.

          1. But, in the other hand you’re right. If i was a cop and under stress i would quit that job. Many people here complaint about nigger’s violence, while there are very light skinned cops acting like cavemen, beating the shit out of persons, killing them in the process with no consequences.

    2. @Dr.P-Rico,

      It actually has nothing to do with perspective. Their job is to question and arrest if need be, not to beat the shit out of ?suspects?.

      Sometimes the suspect deserves it, granted. However, the majority of the time there is a general pattern of violence against people who are not resisting.

      This creates the premise that if we support their acts of brutality some of time we inadvertently increase the likelihood of police brutality happening via our own blind consent to it. This means that we too may end up victim to it at some point because we do not get to pick and choose who the police victimise, only the law makers and the police themselves do.

      It is therefore best if the police just do their job of questioning and/or arresting if need be and leave the carrying out of justice to those more suitable.

      The last thing we need is more dim-witted cops playing judge, jury and executioner.

      1. @ Empty soul, there you are buddy with a sensible post and I quite appreciate what every word you said ‘ cop-phobicos .. here is a lesson for all of you ; when you are not in the wrong or not in violation of any law or order remember its just them like any common man on the street .Let not the uniform they don scare you cause truth fears none and honest ways and good citizenry can nail any one of these shit loaded beasts . Stay calm to have that magic work for ya and also there is a point I must stress on which is to say is when they go blurting out all that they always do just hold your ground and well if you can talk some gibberish judicial word-o-logy right in their face . it scares them right up to their anal opening.

        1. Cops are too stupid to listen to reasoning. If you’re lucky enough to get through the process, your best bet is to fight the ticket later in most cases. It’s going to take the cop killing a child or parent of someone with a lot of clout (a politician?) to get the focus on these citizen killers. Then we might actually see sheep looking at them as killers rather than protectors.

      1. I live in the USA. One cop shot a man with his gun and claimed he thought it was his tazer which happened to be bigger and bright yellow. He knew he was shooting him. Yes and now we are having blacks against whites fighting and regular citizens against cops now. The USA is going wild.Im afraid that a race war is going to happen.

        1. This race war is already happening.. and it’s happening for a very long time. Perhaps it started at the evolvement of different cultures. People with different skin color, different culture and traditions always want to be superior to others. It’s human nature to fight against those who are different and independent.

      2. Yeah, at the end of his ‘show’ he always reaches some kind of culmination – putting a cap back on isn’t the highest point of his show. The highest point is when he starts to rap concluding everything he’s done to get that one cigarette. What’s important, all those words rhyme πŸ˜€

    1. You’re absolutely correct, run your cocksucker to the cops get your ass kicked. Then someone posts it on BG and the bleeding hearts come out of the woodwork.
      You simply can’t reason with black people don?t you guys on here get it?
      Police brutality my ass!

      1. There is no reason to hold her down and keep punching her in the back even if she said something they didnt like. I dont agree with running your cocksucker get beat up. They should handle things in a professional manner.

  4. Forget about our rights we are here to be controled and opressed like the sheep they think we are..these so called elites and goverments must be put down..the cops are only dogs doing the fight for them cause they are nothing but cowards with lots of greed power and money but no honnor..

    1. It’s interesting to hear this perspective from a Portuguese. In Portugal, police is incomparably more humane than in North America, so if you perceive your police as being abusive, imagine what it must be like for people in the USA or Canada.

      We’ve seen one video of Portuguese police beating a man in front of his children, but that’s one against dozens from North America, plus abuse citizens receive from cops in NA is incomparably more severe.

      I’m not sure how many are aware, but Portugal decriminalised drugs 14 years ago, and now hardly anyone dies from overdosing. Also, if someone does have a drug problem, he is treated as someone who needs help, not as someone who deserves punishment and gets treated like shit.

      There is also bad news from Portugal, though – a month ago, the Portuguese government passed a law that will grant the intelligence services secret budget that cannot be audited by anyone, and unrestricted access to metadata about anyone, their financial information, telecommunications information, localization data and whatever other intelligence is collected of any individual on Portuguese soil, without anyone overlooking their activities – all in the name of preventing “terrorism”. Obviously, the plague of Zio has infested Portugal too. Terrorism has been their catch all phrase for systematic destruction of everyone’s civil liberties.

  5. she didn’t follow lawful orders to drop her phone and drink and she was obviously antagonizing him with foul language and behavior. she was obviously hiding the guy that they were looking for. crime is ugly and sometimes fighting crime is ugly too. if you can;t handle it, don’t watch these videos.

  6. wow what a tough s.o.b., now there are so many knives in the world why cant one find its way into the head of this jackass. If i saw this dude dying in the street he’d be lucky if i gave him my warm cloudy piss to drink., after rubbing his belly hard with my triple sole daytons.

      1. lol, on the contrary (eddx004), only a weasel would take the side a pig puttin his hands on a woman without knowing the facts., cuz ime sure your opinion would change in the big house.

  7. he must have mistaken the milkshake or whatever drink she was holding,for a deadly weapon

    before the end of the year a situation like this is going to occur and all the males in the neighbour hood will come out and shoot the cops in the head

  8. Having seen police brutality on BG time and time again, being from the UK, I don’t understand how American cops get away with it. Is it because they aren’t accountable to anyone. UK cops would be prosecuted, possibly jailed and kicked out of the police force, and it has happened, believe me.

  9. The sad thing is that, no matter the result of the investigation, we’d never even hear of these incidents if it wasn’t for bestgore. The catalogue of police brutality is scary, it’s a crime that the efforts of the authors here are ignored and considered “taboo” by the rest of the masses. Thank you for continuing to expose these scum and telling it like it is.

  10. She knew she was going why she sat on the car ” Looking little relaxed with her big ole ass ” And cop got sick of her run around with the mouth so he decided enough is enough Time to wrangle in the Bitch …. She deserved every licking of it feeling that comfortable and unthreatened …..

  11. I think the chances of a copper grassing on another copper over there are very low, that ship sailed long ago. Too much to lose for those entwined in the buddy cop system, serious consequences await any good cop willing to take that leap I reckon.
    Very sad.

        1. Too bad the video was too grainy and short… But it doesn’t take away from the fact that the cops over here are way out of control…

          Even our founding fathers foreseen this happening… Hence the Second Amendment…

          1. As an outsider looking in, I’d say the way in which the nation was founded was bound to lead to what’s happening. So yeah, foreseeable it was I suppose. That’s not a criticism of the way things were done as the feasibilty of the nation being built in any other way, bearing in mind the initial lawlessness, was low indeed.
            The cops have lost touch with reality, they have more or less totally abandoned their rightful and proper duty.

  12. Love how this cop teaches this loud mouth bitch a lesson wish he would have worked her Ass over more. A cracked open head would have been perfect. Or put her fat head through the windshield

    1. Disregard the video I linked, new details about this old vid emerged so I had to come back and correct myself. The cop in the video I linked is actually “scolding” two neighborhood security guards, not fellow police officers from the same department. We all know how that goes, police departments/sheriff departments and security guards alike, dislike each other and have dick measuring contests. The movie Supertroopers, although a comedy, displayed a rivalry between Police departments, that part of the film isn’t exaggerated one bit.

  13. Not sure what she did to deserve this type of abuse. But needless to say that is one pussy ass plain clothed cop. I mean seriously come on enough is enough. I think it’s time to turn the tables and start giving these wanna protect and serve police officers a taste of there own medicine.. This shit is getting fucking old!

  14. You can tell he’s getting ready to tear into her ass. Watch starting at 1:45 and see how he looks both ways to make sure the coast is clear before jumping on her. Sneaky bastard already had his mind made up.

  15. She’s got more than a few extra pounds, especially around the midriff so she took the punches rather well & didn’t seem that phased- physically anyway.

    If chicks don’t wanna get punched out they should keep their weight down.

  16. I live in southern Iowa.. Thank God I live in a SMALL Town with Police who are NOT like this. .now I am sure this kind of thing COULD happen but the fact that everybody knows everybody the chance is slim.. I will tell you.. one night about 15 years ago. I was working for the cable company and there was an outage. it was 11 at night and I was PISSED OFF.. I FLEW into town about 70 in the Company Truck.. all of a sudden the cherries were on and I was like GTFO of here.. NO WAY they are fucking with me tonight.. so ME being the nutcase I can be.. jumped out. ran back to the car and SCREAMED in the window.. ” I am fucking working go fuck with someone else”.. VERY LOUD..they both leaned to the other side of the car and had this OH SHIT look on there face.. I went back to the truck and waited.. the realization of what I had done sunk in by the time they came up to my window.. before they could say anything I said ” guys im sorry, I am stressed out from this shit tonight”.. all they said was ” do you know you could have got shot for that” I said Yes sir I know.. THAT was THAT.. NO ticket. NOTHING.. a couple days later My Brother in Law who is a cop there told me ” Dude.. YOU scared the shit out of them…. BAD” but I wouldn’t do THAT again… we had a good laugh…..

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