Police Brutality in Chattanooga, Tennessee – Inmate Assaulted by Two Cops

Police Brutality in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Inmate Assaulted by Two Cops

This incident dates back to June 14, 2012 but has only gone public now. Chattanooga, Tennessee police officers responded to a disorder call at the Salvation Army Federal Halfway House on McCallie Avenue and arrested 36 year old Adam Tatum on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, aggravated assault on police, and possession of marijuana. Possession of marijuana is a pretty lame crime but let’s say Adam Tatum did possess marijuana so it’s a fair charge and so is disorderly conduct. But resisting arrest and aggravated assault on police – that already stinks of police brutality and subsequent lies about what happened to turn the assault on the victim into charges against him.

Adam Tatum was taken to the Chattanooga police station where he was assaulted again in what looks like two officers knowing beforehand that they were gonna use excessive force on the man. Luckily, this time around the assault was recorded on the station’s surveillance cameras and the news of the incident reached the desk of Chattanooga Police Chief Bobby Dodd. As a result, officers Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley were removed from patrol duties and placed on special assignment involving no law enforcement activities and an internal affairs investigation was initiated.

The internal affairs investigation concluded that Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley used excessive force during the arrest of Adam Tatum and terminated both from the department. So far no word on the abusers of power being charged and jailed, but let’s hope it’s coming. Firing their asses is a good start and getting their names all over t3h interweb the best follow up. Hopefully future employers will check to see that they have violent, abusive individuals applying for jobs so these sore losers end up homeless in the street, unable to find decent work. But then again, they could always apply with the police force in Canada. They tend to like violent individuals inclined to abuse power.

CCTV video of the unprovoked assault on the inmate at Chattanooga police station during which the victim is put into a choke hold, body slammed to the ground and zapped with a taser is below. Props to Best Gore member J3ZAB3L for the video:

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108 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Chattanooga, Tennessee – Inmate Assaulted by Two Cops”

  1. This is absolutely disgusting, stealth stick, tasering, the works man. Those fat fucking cowards out way that guy 6/1 like sincerely. Then there was like what 10 other cops in there! What were they gonna take turns beating the fool? Meaty pigs need to be fires immediately. I say we start a petition.

        1. Hey ya!! I just realized ..the answer to the whites..the niggers and the problem in the middle east… Get the cartels on them!! Lol..they are devot Catholics! Lol..they will crucify them and then burn them still attached to the cross!! Yea!!…

      1. though i agree with you that those are some big ass white dudes, the stupid fuck should have just rolled over and let them handcuff him. could have saved himself a hearty portion of that ass whooping.

      1. He could have… but the cops were out of control. The man was passively resisting according to the Use of Force pyramid. That means the officers can only use contact techniques like the escort hold.

        Can’t blame the officers for the initial takedown but the man stopped resisting quickly.

        Watching this excessive use of force makes me sick. The two cops couldn’t handle this guy?

        Even if that was true when 10 cops storm the place and they don’t do anything to arrest this guy and just watch like it’s some sort of MMA on tv.

        Glad those cameras were there.

  2. As a former Austin detective I know all to well how cops use their” rights” when it comes to suspects. I have witnessed on many occasions the abuse of power. After 14 yrs on the force I chose to quit and undermine the the sickness of the corrupt institution we call “Peace Officers”. Having been a witness to a brutal attack on father of four who got lost and ended up in a bad neighborhood didn’t give my fellow officers the right to frag a man out of his open drivers side window and beat him saying he spit on them when I know for a fact he said he was new to the area and got lost please help him. They showed the sign which was to nod their heads , at which point they all turned off their mics so an audio recording wouldn’t be captured. I left mine on knowing this type of stiff had to stop. Being as I was the only officer there who was honest I called my lieutenant asking for civilian back up. I was later question by my captain who stressed that what I said could affect the others involved I told him that the only one I was sworn to protect was the “innocent man who got lost” I was subsequently relieved of duty and later fired for “inadequate service”. Now I say Fuck the crooked cops. I gave fourteen yrs of my life to those corrupt pieces of shit and I know Karma will bite them all in the ass. End of rant. Thank You.

    1. As a cop, how would you of handled this situation? Seems they had perfect opportunity to get the guy onto his stomach from the start before putting a knee into his back and forcing the cuffs on…poor technique? Or do you think they shoulda given him more time to decide if he wanted to comply or not?

    2. Sounds like what happened to you is similar to what pushed Christian Dorner over the edge. Fired for telling the truth and blowing the whistle. You have a lot of integrity and guts for not going along with their crooked bullshit.

      1. I would never stoop to the level Former did but I don’t blame him either. When we put that badge on we are inducted into a fraternity that says we stand by our fellow officers. However, that doesn’t mean we step on the ones who we are meant to “Serve & Protect”. I miss being a cop but I don’t miss the injustices cops do. I personally would have handle this situation differently but I wasn’t there so…as for the cops getting fired, they got what was surely coming. My guess is it wasn’t the first time they did something like this, just the first time they got caught.

    3. Don’t worry man you did the right thing and you can live with yourself. How did you last 14 years?

      As for the nig in the video, those two hillbilly retards could have easily turned him over and handcuffed his ass. Thats why they got fired. Morons!

  3. if only the guy getting abused by the cops knew where they lived it would only be a matter of time before they ended up dead or worse people can be as mean as they want but you gotta understanding that the people getting abused by cops or anyone in general can do the same thing. it don’t take a drug cartel to chop someones head off and stick it on a post or take some battery cables attach them to a car battery and fuck you up. anyone can get pushed but if the pushing goes to far there’s always hell to pay.

    1. Doc I’m all for fair justice but if the innocent person stoops to their level what will it gain him? The way we work is ” we hurt uou ….good, you hurt us….you’re fucked.” It will always be the corrupt on top and the others get screwed. But I do agree, they need to watch who they beat on Cuz his father, brother or son may take a liking to cop killing.

  4. reminds me of the pigs in Middlesbrough UK…they do not fuck about…if you want to see nasty pigs google ‘matrix police’ from liverpool, they are a plain clothes hit squad that kick fuck out of anyone who looks like there up to something…run like fuck if you see a matrix van if you value you teeth

    1. Thought it was kind of weird that those two big ol’ cops couldn’t take down that scrawny little dude who wasn’t really even fighting.seemed pretty easy for the third big cop that came in, or maybe it was the punches to the head…

  5. Did they eventually eat this poor motherfucker? Because they sure seemed intent on tenderizing him.

    Anyone else notice he voided his bowels and there was poo all over the floor? One skinny cop seemed to be fighting the urge to puke.

  6. Dumb cunt gave them attitude the second he turned his back and then more attitude when they asked him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. You tell em daaawg, you tell da po-po dat u don’t take shit from nobody and you can brag to your buddies about it later.
    I know you got some important shit to do like cure cancer or send the first manned expedition to Mars. Otherwise why else would you say “Don’t talk to me like that” to cops (after you caused trouble at a facility built to help people) if you weren’t a person of major importance to humanity?

    The steroid-head cops beat the fuck out of him because his urge to impress his buddies was far greater than his sensitivity to physical pain. This is the mind set of the super-degenerate.
    I don’t condone the amount of force used by the steroid heads but as is the case in 1000’s of incidents like this in the USA if he had done what they asked they would have walked him out peacefully to the car. Super degenerates give cops attitude and then all of a sudden become victims as soon as they get attitude thrown back in their face.
    What the fuck are the police supposed to do with so many hostile egomaniacs? If more people co-operated maybe the cops wouldn’t feel like beating the shit out of every other person.
    There are plenty of countries in Europe were the police are generally quite respectful to the majority because they aren’t constantly hated by a hostile gang-banging public (although this is changing in some cities because of the increasing influence of imported American super-degenerate gang-banging culture).
    Just because cops have the law on their side doesn’t mean all the effort has to come from them. A stable society requires positive effort from both the public and authorities. But sadly I think its too late for the USA in this regard, too many super degenerates and way too much hatred ingrained in the gang-banging “fuk da police” culture. America will crash and burn before things improve.

  7. a lot of you have been to the zoo, i’m sure you’ve noticed why it takes some animals LONGER before they go on to perform a trick the trainers want to show, because some animals are just more hard headed than others

    notice too why ALL trainers have whips they flip from time to time

    Folks, this is EXACTLY the same

    everytime you see a monkey beat up like this, remind yourself that he is the hard headed animal in the zoo
    and the batons and tasers are whip equivalent in this situation

    1. hey, we’re all monkeys, some more than others. i’m guessing by your name you’re some antisocial nutcase with a bunker in his yard who spends his time just waiting on white jesus to come down from his heaven and zap all the sinners and brown people with his laser eye beams,then taking you into his big,strong arms and flying you back up to paradise. “theblademan” haaa, what a joker.

  8. Notice the cops evil smile at about 1:04? Or how the guy who is supposed to film this properly walks in and then almost directly out at around 4:40. And after watching all these police station brutality videos, I’m beginning to wonder if they go through some sort of training/practice to find the perfect way to block the cameras from seeing the real action.

    1. According to the Chattanooga Free Press, this was a federal prisoner serving time for bank robbery. Allegedly he was relieved of a knife during the pre-curser to this melee, and was violent towards staff while high on crack, which is why the cops where called to the half-way house. Still, he had a chance to do it the easy way and he chose the hard way, so, yeah, who cares bout this criminal!?

  9. The dumb ass nigger wanted to act tough and was served what was on the menu. 4 minutes into the beating he still didn’t want to listen. Shut your mouth and do what you are told and there won’t be issues.

  10. How many times did they have to ask him to, “Roll over, put your hands behind your back.”

    Perhaps if the fucker had listened, he wouldn’t have had the absolute shit kicked out of him.
    As far as I can tell, he made it hard on himself.

  11. The thing that angers me most about the video is that whoever posted it feels concerned about the fact that people watching a video of a man being beaten might hear the word “fuck” and be offended.

  12. I’m really in two minds about this. One the one hand, the guy coulda just complied and saved himself a beating. On the other, that was total overkill by the police. Aren’t they taught how to get someone to roll over and get their hands behind their back without tasering and beating the shit of them?

    1. Yea- I’m with you on this one. I think the foolio should have complied and he probably required some force. Fine. However, they whooped him. They took it to the next level and the one cop with the baton really got lost in the beating. I know i could never be a cop because i too wouldn’t be able to control myself. Once i start punching and kicking- it’s like i temporarily check-out! Way too many cops there to make him bleed like that but he was totally resisting too. Idk how to feel. I teach my little ones to respect the police and that they’re good people here to help us, but then i have my doubts. All it takes is one power-tripping police officer to come crack me over the head and i don’t engage in criminal activity! That’s scary! I remember that as a young kid, i was taught to hide from police. “Ooh, police are behind us- better sit straight and be still!” I remember knowing they were the “bad guys”, but only because my Mom engaged in criminal activity. When i see this kinda stuff- i don’t really know what to think. Although one thing is for sure- i don’t think all police are really out there to protect the innocent, anymore. A bunch are just on huge power trips.

          1. (hit dang post button) *people*get under my skin. Sometimes its better to make your replies short, simple and to the point! Lol. I let no one rain on my parade and sometimes i forget that when you put your real thoughts out there, there’s always going to be some coward hiding behind a fake generic avatar that wants to shit talk. That’s just real world problems! Lol. Doesn’t bother me, but you ladies make me loved and i appreciate that. As for he or she or a combination of the 2 😉 lol, it didn’t even bump a nerve!! 🙂

        1. kvv pretty sure Juicy gave you a pretty sound piece of advice. And as my sister so kindly reminded you “personal attacks aren’t allowed”. Maybe before you post you should think and not be rude like you are/have been in so many of your posts. If that doesn’t work for you then I feel sorry for you and the fact that you are a rude little cunt.

          1. @wifey- thanks girlie!! No harm done. Those personal attacks aimed towards me keep me on my toes and remind me to not put a whole bunch of thought into my replies. “Kill them with kindness” has always been my motto! 🙂

      1. There are so many posts on this site of uncivilized punks reeking havoc on society… in this post, justice is being served to one of those uncivilized punks and only because insisted upon it….Of course there are cases of police brutality that are obviously wrong and the police should be punished….But this was great to see ! If that makes me pure evil then so be it…I just wish they were using machetes instead of batons.

          1. @doc,
            there’s nothing to forgive, don’t give a moments thought to it. ……………………………………………………. Although having said that, being a girlie, I am a bit tempted to milk it just a bit. (bollocks, there’s something wrong with my keyboard so I can’t do that smiley thing).

        1. @Doc I hear what you’re saying but if you really watch the bid you’ll see that damn near every time they tell him to roll over one of those cops is holding onto the suspect making it impossible for him to comply.

          1. @BigTexan…Being that you were on the force for 14 years I respect that you would have a keen eye to what was going on there but it seems like he had plenty of time to submit when he was sitting against the wall….just a bad situation.

  13. The punk walked around like he owned the place. He deserved to have some sense knocked into him. But the no-neck cops should have been more discrete. Now NBC will post pics of the punk when he was 12 years old and the unthinking public will hand him millions of tax payer dollars.

  14. Wow this is the very 1st time I have ever seen anything on BG that comes from where I live. I live in Chattanooga and of course I didn’t hear of this nonsense until now. The whole thing disgusts me. I hate how cops feel superior to other people and abuse their power.

  15. when the cops say put your stealing nigger hands behing your back you do it or you get fucked up plain and simple they should have beat that moon cricket to death….one hit in the fucking mouth with that asp and that nigger would have complied

  16. I agree about excessive force and that beating was unnecessary, but I can’t help but wonder….
    None of the autistic children I used to work with we’re *that* dense, even at their most cooperative (and as a caretaker I do not put hands on a child in anger). Two of them were 100+lbs and a foot taller than me, each. Yet, they would come around and comply far sooner than the vic.
    I can’t help but think his non-compliance was calculated. The change in his voice was incredibly exaggerated even before the worst of the abuse. Even a parrot can comprehend “roll over”. He wanted that beating, staged it even, hoping to get a multi-million dollar settlement, most likely. There’s no other explanation of his behavior. The persona switch is too dramatic. His gait and carriage implied no cognitive impairment.

  17. Why is it brutal? They asked to roll over many times. And used legal methods to make him roll over. But nigra did not listen. It would be brutal if they kicked him in the face or kidneys

  18. That is one of the most brutal police beatings I’ve ever seen which leads me to only one conclusion… This video was made with very sophisticated camera tricks… Because the Police are there to protect and serve and would NEVER savagely beat anyone in such fashion. Especially not a black guy.

    1. That black piece of shit should of listen to what they were tell him to do! roll over you roll over plain and sample. This black person cause his own injuries. What a dumb ass and for the cops they looked for an excuse to kick some ass…

  19. I live near chattanooga and there are other facts in this case [listed above]. beating deserved?…………..I don’t think so but………..I wasn’t there and don’t know every single detail of what went on. the video is incriminating.

  20. just looked at the video again………..the vic is relatively “calm” throughout the whole ordeal. He speaks clearly and never raises his voice. He does not yell when they strike him. Must be on drugs-coke? I saw a lot of patients in 30+ years in hospital work that came in on drugs and whipped whole groups of people trying to subdue them. I also got whipped by an 80yo man who was simply demented. just don’t know exactly what to think. it looks excessive?

  21. Why not just comply… I understand if you get tasered you cant really control your actions but seems like there was alot of times he was coherent and still didnt put his hands being his back. Honestly I think you have too big a hard on for police and didnt watch this video clearly all the pain would have stopped if he outs his hands behind his back no?

  22. I work in law enforcement, and what these coppers did was disgusting. Even bad guys know not to do something where video cameras are rolling. But I have to give the suspect props for holding up the way he did. He took it like a man and made those officers work for it. Sometimes a simple request and a little respect can save you alot of headache and paperwork. Even when people videotape what I am doing, I make it a point to explain what I am doing to not only educate the suspect, but the viewer as well. Not all of us are assholes, it just seems that way because there are so many assholes on the job these days.

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