Police Brutality Compilation – Why It Is Important to Always Film Their Actions

Police Brutality Compilation - Why It Is Important to Always Film Their Actions

While this video is a compilation of dozens of cases of police brutality and general abuse of power by law enforcement against the civilians, its message is much deeper than that. It first and foremost explains why it should be a duty of every citizen to film actions of the police every time they appear to engage in the “enforcement of law“. I have said it many, many times and it holds truer with each video – police do NOT serve and protect the civilian. They serve and protect the system. And while they’re at it, they serve and protect each other and that makes them the greatest threat we as taxpaying, law abiding, hard working civilians face.

Evidence that the abuse of power by police is rampant has been presented on the pages of Best Gore almost on a daily basis. Yet we must keep in mind that what we get to see is merely the tip of the iceberg. The occurrences of police brutality are far greater than what gets captured on camera and leaks to public. Police are the largest and the most dangerous organized armed gang roaming our streets and they are by far the most ruthless. But what’s worse, we the people who are their victims have little to no means to protect ourselves against them. But with the progress in technology, with just about everybody having a cell phone camera in their pocket, we now have the means to add what has lacked in the police force since its inception – transparency and accountability.

As has become apparent, policemen go out of their way to strip we the people of our ability to add transparency and accountability to their actions by brutally attacking citizens who videotape them and framing them with fabricated charges that are almost always pure lies. If officers acted within the rule of law and served and protected the citizens whom they’re sworn to serve and protect, none of them would object to transparency and accountability of their actions. The fact that they do and that they routinely assault and arrest people who film them is a clear proof that they have something to hide and are used to having their way at an expense of civilians. We must no longer let them get away with it.

The type of assaults on civilians seen in this compilation happen to people in North America each and every day and the criminals keep getting away with it because there was no camera around to record it. False arrests and false charges are a daily occurrence because there is no video evidence to prove the wrong doing of the police. Police do it because they know they can. They do it because they know they will get away with it. They assault people because they know they will not be charged with assault. And they have proven time and time again that they will not enforce laws on themselves.

As you watch the video, picture myself in a situation where you are completely disrespected and treated like a second class citizen by police. Naturally, everyone who’s mistreated like that would eventually have their natural instincts kick in and try to fight or flight as a manner of survival. Cops like to push citizens into these breaking points to justify their brutality with. We have courts that are supposed to deal justice, but during their power tripping escapades, cops like to feel like Gods and be the justice dealers instead.

The only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state. Police will NOT protect us from themselves. We must protect one another. If you see police dealing with a civilian on a public property, make it your duty to record them. None of us is immune to police brutality and for as long as we continue to live in police states, we can’t rely on police serving and protecting us. So let’s serve and protect one another for any of us could become a victim. Honest cops the likes of Chris Dorner are few and far between. We need one another if we are to have a chance against the most dangerous organized street gang in North America. If you see something, film something:

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70 thoughts on “Police Brutality Compilation – Why It Is Important to Always Film Their Actions”

    1. @Bloody-Mary yeah I get that this shit is wrong but then again you have to realize is that if you decide to be a dick to the officer and resist arrest you will annoy the cop to the point that he will be forced to take action, -.- id rather take a night in jail than have a fucked up face and a shit load of charges against me. And no I’m not in anyone’s side so don’t go pointing fingers and accuse me of being a sheep >.>

      1. and ask yourself how they all got into the situation that a cop was called to confront them.

        I’m sorry, but almost all of these incidents could have been avoided if the suspect(s)cooperated with the cops and not tried acting like some dick in the first place.

        Obey the law, don’t be a dick and you won’t get in trouble.

        Police state.. psssh

        1. @Alayton I agree with you the only country that is heavily guarded by the police and militarized is Mexico .. in the United States sure cops roam the streets but to protect but in Mexico it’s a different story the cops there are so corrupt instead of the actually protecting the people they are bought by the cartels to do their dirty work, there have been cases where cops have actually pulled people over and they would either kidnap them tell them to give them money. lets not forget the military the zetas were created by specially militarized personal that deserted their positions and I’m pretty sure a high ranking police commander was the founder -.- I don’t see heavily guarded military convoys driving down the streets of California or military checkpoints 😮

        2. ok dude, theres a difference between tactical arrest and swinging a fuckin nightstick like a baseball bat 40x at someone.

          swing once to take his legs out then ground him and arrest.

          and whats your opinion on that white van rolling over, the guy unconcious and they still beat the shit out of him?

        3. horseshit. Those people didn’t deserve any of that at all they were helpless. Also if you don’t think we live in a police state you are delusional. We have the NSA which monitors every electronic thing we do. The NDAA allows the government to detain someone indefinitely. You are a dumb ass who has been brainwashed by the media into believing that the US is the best nation in the world. We have a lower infant mortality rate than Cuba we have some of the lowest rates of taxes for the rich while people starve to death on the streets. Also we are one of the only countries who doesn’t have socialized medicine which is cheaper by far than having insurance companies pay for it. Plus we spend over half of our budget on ward overseas. We try to police not just ourselves , but the whole world. Maybe you should read a little more often and not vote for republicans, even though dems aren’t much better.

    2. Think of the crimes that those criminals have committed. They broke the law. I would do the exact same thing. Obviously jail isn’t a deterrent for these people. The police are just taking it into their own hands….

    1. That’s pack mentality for you!!!
      Sadly we are all FUCKED unless we stand up and stop them…video recording all of these beatings is all fine and dandy, but none of these scum bags will ever have to pay for their disgusting deeds…we can either stay at home, with the curtains drawn and keep our fingers crossed that we do not run into a cop having a bad day/on a power trip or we can stand up and fight back…they may have the weapons, but we have the numbers…I AM NOT a violent person, but reality is what it is and it’s them or us.

  1. I was bashed by some cops in the Vietnamese highlands a few years ago, it was the most fearful moment of my life, the power they have to completely fuck your life is huge. I think the bashing was karmic payback for my complete embrace of the Body Count album of 1992 Cop Killer.

  2. Mark, thank you so much for continually highlighting one of the greatest threats to free people, the crooked police. Most people do not have the guts to go against the status quo and speak out as strongly as you do. You write extremely well and very persuasively. I thank you very much for your defiant critical comments because your voice is so much louder than mine due to your great accomplishment and continued success with this website. You are speaking for many people who have been ruined by dirty cops and you do it skillfully and very loudly. Thank you.

  3. this is fucking disgusting but its the truth you guys.
    Film every encounter with the police you may have for your safety in today’s sad and bitter world we cant trust the police.Please whip out your phone and record them next time your pulled over in a routine traffic stop because for all you know the man in uniform that’s pulling you over is a psychotic ass hole.

    Rest in honor chris dorner

  4. i reckon BG should have a scorebard of the countries with the highest police brutality cases, just so SoB’s know which countries to avoid. even better, a scoreboard of each catagory and which country has the highest death rates of each, would make this site have more purpose to the general public and the sheep XD

  5. If you can be arrested for filming them. Then why take that risk? look at the guy who filmed the cowboy yahoo how came out of the unmarked car. Charged with wire tapping, and possibility of 16 years. that is messed up.
    To me, anytime a prisoner is in handcuffs, or motionless, like the guy ejected from the van. He should not be punched or kicked. There was a lot of abuse of power in this video. But i think by far the worst was the guy ejected from the van. He could of had neck injuries, or even spinal break. Plus was not moving.
    Its hard to say what he did, but at the time of them getting on him, he was defiantly subdued.
    I would be afraid to film tho, don’t want to go to prison.

  6. Totally outrageous, these are the guys that are supposed to protect us, it makes my blood boil watching these assholes get away with that shit.

    How’s the dude that gets thrown out of the car, he looked dead but the cops still thought he was a threat so they flogged him some more. Totally fucked.

  7. when shit goes down here folks these are the people we will be relying on. i met a few cops and c.o.’s that were honest good people when i lived in kansas. everyone in this city seems to be a maggot…. equally.

  8. ALL cops are dirty, no good pigs. I personally haven’t come across 1 yet that was at least half decent. These were the fuckin’ rejects/pricks that everybody in school hated, now they just wanna fuck people up for a living. I say fuck’em all, they can eat shit. That “Johnny Butt” song from Sublime just popped up in my head 🙂

  9. I know there are corrupt cops out there. However, I have been pulled over many times, I always cooperate and the cops are always professional and I have never received a ticket. What I noticed a lot in this video, is that they were beating the people who wouldn’t turn over (put there hands behind their backs). If they wont cooperate then what other choice does the officer have? I do know there are many corrupt cops but I think there are more who are doing the right thing.

  10. Pretty fucked up video. Beating the hell out of someone who isn’t resisting and hell the person in the white van that flipped was out cold and they still stomped the person’s ass. Given that not every cop is bad, I’m starting to think that there are far more bad than good and the bad numbers are growing. The few times I have been stopped by the cops, they were polite and very respectful. I hope I never get one of those fat ass Barney Fife motherfuckers on a power trip, the thought scares the hell out of me. LOL

  11. Man, I wish China employed all these mean fuckers, Chinese cops are useless pussies compared with their American counterparts. Red-light jumpers and bag snatchers which are rampant on Chinese streets should be shot and killed on the spot.

  12. dood, I don’t feel sorry for those people…they start shit with cops you’re going to lose. I ve been pulled over and stopped dozens of times…I don’t argue, im polite, they let me go I move on……what’s with this fuck the cops mentality. next time someone breaks in your house and tries to rob and rape you ..don’t call them up.

  13. These are probably the only videos on this site that actually piss me off. Cops are deemed untouchable by law in any circumstance and thats bullshit. In the 1970’s there were around 500 swat raids a year, in 2012 there were over 50,000 raids, these fat fucking loser faggots that pretend like they were in the fucking military deserve the same treatment they give us, I can’t wait for the day when they’re to afraid to go out and do their job.

  14. Years ago on video Faces of Death was a man in a mental ward of some hospital. A worker had left behind a full size screwdriver that this man found. He took his nurse hostage holding it under her chin. Police were all around but they took directions from the Doctor who was trying to calm him down. They never pointed their guns at him when he shoved it into her head. Dead she was then they arrested him calmly sorta as if he ran a stop sign. I’m understanding that he who wields power in certain situations are not capable of using it correctly. In the video I saw they should’ve shot but not to kill. But in these videos these cops seem mentally ill to me. I’m sure the race to arrest someone got your adrenalin up but being already severely injured already,what more do you retards want? Just making sure he’s dead I guess? May God have mercy on your soul if I ever get pepper sprayed ! I need my eyes for a living. When will that stuff get banned.

  15. The police force is really just a glorified and legalized street gang. They think that they can shoot, beat, violate, and kill people as they please and get away with it. If the legal system turns a blind eye to there conduct, we the people should take it upon ourselves to put a end to this bullshit.

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