Cop Kicks Legally Deaf Boy in the Face During Arrest in Cold Lake, Alberta

Cop Kicks Legally Deaf Boy in the Face During Arrest in Cold Lake, Alberta

Back in May of 2012, Best Gore community identified and reported a potentially dangerous man to the Canadian authorities. Best Gore acted in public interest to get the killer off our streets, but the authorities did not seem to care and blew us off. A few days later, severed body parts were delivered to the headquarters of major Canadian political parties and the case became the front page news. All of a sudden, the authorities found themselves faced with a hunt for a man they previously blew Best Gore off about.

Needless to say, while we at Best Gore acted in public interest and went out of our way to identify and report the perpetrator, the police seemingly failed to act in public interest and allowed the perpetrator to escape to Europe, as if taking the report that there could be a potentially seriously deranged murderer among us seriously was not worth their time. But with all mainstream media all over the case, the fact that the cops blew the Best Gore reports off had the potential to show them as incompetent and their response as inadequate. So how did the cops resolve this looming public backlash? By announcing that they are looking to prosecute me for publishing the video in the first place and with that, instead of asking why the police did not go after the killer who could have killed more of us, the public and the media went out on a witch hunt.

So… even though I already know that both mainstream media and general public thank a guy who goes out of his way to keep dangerous people off our streets with public lynching, here I am again to expose what the police seem to be brushing under a rug and the media either ignore and don’t give due attention to. More than 4 million people peruse Best Gore each month, with almost half a million of them being from Canada. Will Canadians fail to see the bigger picture again?

Excessive Use of Force in Alberta?

Video below was recorded in Cold Lake, Alberta. A young man by the name of Richard Claybert, who’s legally deaf was subjected to what could be perceived as police brutality. I was not there to witness the incident with my own eyes, but have an account of Best Gore member JezeusKrishna who described the incident as follows:

On September 21, 2012, a deaf man from Cold Lake, Alberta by the name of Richard Claybert was a victim of police brutality when a power tripping cop pulled him over, pepper sprayed him and kicked him in the face for “resisting arrest” when Richard couldn’t hear or abide by the police officers commands. The arresting officer then beat his baton on the ground in a primitive threatening gesture and asked:

“Who else wants to be arrested?”

Richard Claybert is the son of a school secretary and is legally deaf. He is a non-violent person. The arresting cop has yet to be formally charged but the investigation is pending. The video of the event was captured on camera by his friends. There’s no gore in the video or anything but I hope you can help spread the world and get justice for Richard Claybert.

Best Gore was acting in public interest when 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video was released and is proud to act in public interest once more. People who witnessed the incident want the video to be seen so general public can judge for themselves. And because big name media don’t give the incident appropriate coverage, I’ll take care of spreading it among the masses myself.

From what I have noticed by previewing the video, the arresting officer kicked a restrained guy in the face. Was the guy mouthy? Possibly, but does that give the officer the right to kick him in the face while he’s down on the ground with his hands tied behind his back? Furthermore, does his position of a public servant give him the right to threaten onlookers with arrest just because he has the authority to do so whereas they don’t? Were his actions meant to send the signal that the public does not have the authority to question actions of the police and if they do, they could face similar fate as the guy subjected to excessive force? Judge for yourself.

As a side note – I was not communicated what the officers were responding to. Obviously, they were responding to something which required their response so the victim is not all innocent in this. Still, I don’t see how kicking a handcuffed guy in the face could be justifiable. The police are public servants paid with the taxpayers’ money and it should be their duty to conduct themselves professionally even when dealing with drunk people who are mouthing them off.

BTW – I wonder what the cops will threaten me with this time around for bringing this video to the public’s attention:

How To File a Complaint Against the RCMP

Policing is a public service and citizens have a right to fair and equitable treatment from the police. To lodge a complaint concerning the on duty conduct of the RCMP officer in relation to the performance of his duties, you may address your complaint in writing to:

Commanding Officer
c/o North West Region Professional Standards Section
RCMP “K” Division
11140 – 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2T4


Provincial Public Complaint Director
Policing and Community Safety Branch
Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security
Public Security Division
10th Floor, 10365-103 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3W7


Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP
National Intake Office
P.O. Box 88689
Surrey, BC V3W 0X1

Download the complaint form HERE or go to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP website and file the complaints on line:

Tell them you’ve seen the video on Best Gore!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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106 thoughts on “Cop Kicks Legally Deaf Boy in the Face During Arrest in Cold Lake, Alberta”

          1. Most Police Officers risk their lives every day to improve the lives of the ungrateful bastards who take them for granted.

            You get bad eggs in every occupation.

            All I see here is part of the incident. I won’t judge a man who knows precisely what would happen if he misused his powers of Authority.

            Nobody is stupid enough to jeopardise their own livelihood on camera without good reason.

          2. Most Police Officers risk their lives every day to improve the lives of the ungrateful bastards who take them for granted.

            You do get bad eggs in every occupation, that much is true. Although to write off every copper as being “Shit eating” and “deserves to die” is a terrible thing to say by even my standards.

            All I see here is part of the incident. I won?t judge a man who knows precisely what would happen if he misused his powers of Authority.

            Nobody is stupid enough to jeopardise their own livelihood on camera without good reason.

          3. @Trooper72 I have seen any of your comments since joining the Best Gore community and I held a lot of respect towards you and your words of wisdom in most of these said comments but I have to admit this is probably the most ignorant comment I have ever read by you and it is very disappointing to me.

            Do you honestly think that any of the pigs in this video knew that they were being filmed? They wouldn’t have been doing the things they were doing to that poor boy if they had known.

            Yes, we all didnt see the incidents leading up to this point but is there any justifiable excuse to kick a child that is legally deaf in the face while his hands are tied behind his back and he has three grown men holding him down? I think not. Oh and how he threatened the boy’s friends with being arrested for noticing this horrible and brutal unjust attack on a little boy, riiiiight thats definitely the way the men of the law should treat us… HA

            Not to mention that those disgusting pigs wouldn’t give their names or badge number because they thought they were hot shit, that they could get away with whatever they wanted because their grown adults, and police officers so they have the ability to treat humans however they please and get away with it.

            There are great policemen all over the world but from my experiences and the unjust brutality I have witnessed with my own eyes I have come to conclude that the bad out weighs the good and its motherfuckers like these guys up there that give them ALL a bad name.

          1. Sorry, can’t change my views on what i think about these pigs. Never had a good experience with a cop and i never got my shit back that i reported stolen when i got robbed. So, until the day these fuckers give me a reason to give them respect, I’ll still think of them as the pig rectums they are.

      1. I’m originally from Calgary, but I’ve moved abroad for school – there are a few other Canadians at my faculty, all of whom enjoy poking fun at me for being from Alberta. It’s the Canadian equivalent to Texas, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. I guess wherever it is that you are in this world, if you are given a much authority and power as these guys are given, it changes you. My guess is they start to like the rush that abusing their power give them. I’m sure there is no cop who hasn’t abused it. “The problem with always being a conformist is that when you try to change the system from within, it’s not you who changes the system; it’s the system that will eventually change you. There is usually nothing wrong with compromise in a situation, but compromising yourself in a situation is another story completely” -Immortal Technique

    2. What’s your badge number, what’s your badge number???? That shit does not scare those power abusing bastardised cops anymore… Shoot the bastards full stop only then they will abide by the law

  1. This is when cops think they are above the law! They do this a lot in my city since 98% are Hispanic they think we don’t understand our rights and rules, they tend to be smartasses but if you correct them, oh no its a pair of nice handcuffs for you! I bet there are other officers who think they have special rights and can do whatever they want. Whatever happened to “Protect and serve”?

    1. @xRGT -you’ve highlighted one of my greatest concerns regarding large scale immigration into the US. We can ill-afford such a large population (no matter where they originated) who haven’t been educated on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution itself, Miranda Rights, etc. Also, the Democratic process -which includes not only the Presidency, but also State and local City elections as well. I’m not necessarily trying to educate you, sir, but it concerns me that legislation -much more restrictive of our rights than the “Patriot Act” -may easily be passed if a large enough population remains ignorant of it’s ramifications.

      1. I hate the city so much. Half of the people don’t even bother trying to learn their rights, and the other half can’t even fucking read or write in English. The ones who do work in law enforcemnt, city officials, etc. Are all there because they know someone on the inside. The types of things people look up to are getting big gas guzzling trucks, going out to the shitty clubs, and getting drunk. There is no pride in anything, the youth are not motivated, and. I just hate everyone here. The news cast always speaks incorrectly, the news paper sucks at grammar. The town just needs to be nuked.

          1. Why do you think everyone runs to Austin soon as they get the first chance…don’t get me wrong I love south Texas but you get bored of it and start hating the people living around you, its good to leave for a while and experience new cities and faces, belive it or not you do get home sick but when I leave Austin for to long I start to miss it as well.

        1. @LadyLazuras -well, forgive me I’m mistaken, I believe You yourself are still a “youth”-aren’t you? Attending college now (yay!) and moving forward to improve your life and career opportunities. “Nuke” is a little harsh, don’t you think? For, by your very example (& others like you), there can still be hope. 🙂

  2. Yeaaa! Good old alberta canada. I love this place. I got a dui here when i was seventeen. And the cops never laid a finger on me when they pulled me over and i even fled from them for about half of a kilometer. Maybe the cop was power tripping or maybe the kids needed to be put in there place. Like it wasnt even that hard of a kick.

    1. I find it quite amusing how everybody is throwing a fucking paddy because some Cop tapped a bloke in the face.

      Such people have never witnessed one man jumping on another Man’s head.

      And this fella who is deaf… Does it matter?

      A deaf person can be as much a risk to life and property as much as a person with perfect hearing.

      Failed high school athletes yeah?

      Should it matter how a person performed at school sports? As long as a Police Officer has a slightly above standard level of fitness and a well developed sense of civic responsibility… It shouldn’t matter if they were shit at Basketball, Baseball or Handegg.

      1. Exactly troop.
        The thing is most people haven’t dealt with the violent scum bags of earth. Pumpkin head got a tiny tap on the chin, Haven’t people ever heard of a chin check? Run your mouth and I’ll show you who’s boss. You may not like it but cops are out dealing with trash all day. They come online and see all these people saying “fuck dah popo kill da piggies” that is always on their minds. I don’t have a badge but If I feel threatened I’m gonna defend myself and i won’t check flack for it because I don’t have a badge. Imagine a world with no cops….. Yah not pretty. I’ll take a kick in the face so that maybe my mom won’t get raped by a wild buck. Rant ~ FIN

        1. Exactly Spanky mate… I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

          I have to wait a wee while before I get to know if I am joining… So this is quite close to the bone for me.

          In fact, we need more Coppers like this who ain’t afraid of getting stuck in.

          1. Early next month I ought to be getting a phone call to see whether I will begin basic training for the Police.

            I am at a bit of a crossroads at the moment. I have other career opportunities. But this is the preferred one.

      2. By failed high school athlete I mean; person who was a high school athlete and made nothing out of themselves (hence the chip on the shoulder). I didn’t throw a “fucking paddy”, in fact, I had zero emotion or facial expression when I made that comment. I could care less about the deaf kid. Another drunk adolescent in search of a hormonal outlet, as far as Im concerned. It has been proven time and time again that power in the wrong hands can “cloud” a man’s understanding of humanity. The authority of a police officer is a great example of such a power. On a previous post I stated that I feel Police officers should be recipients of Masters degrees with the intelligence and aptitude of a civilized and worldly person. And why not? They are granted the right to detain human beings as needed and authorized the use of deadly force when deemed “reasonable”. The majority of police officers from my home state have the decency, tolerance and wit of a plumber. This is why the institution of policing is lacking the proper respect it deserves. Any unqualified baboon can and will be accepted to assume such a huge responsibility, such as that of becoming a police officer. No disrespect to you Trooper just my opinion.

  3. Ask a cop what his main goal as a police officer is.

    You know what he’ll say? “To take people to jail.” Really? That’s the main goal? Nothing positive, just a robot that “hooks and books”. Yay.

    The US has more people in jail than any other country. And if you’re not taking people to jail or writing a boat load of tickets, supervisors will start to wonder what’s going on with you. Of course there’s no “quota”, but there’s “expectations”. If you’re not producing, you’re transferred.

  4. At least he didn’t get stomped on by the Royal Canadian Mounted police, I hear “The Mounties” are viciously brutal and are known for being extremely corrupt in fact they are so corrupt and know for their police brutality that they’ve made a character by the name of Dudley Do-Right to exploit the diabolical actions of The Mounties…lol

  5. update on the case, they were at a massive party and Richard wasn’t drinking or driving or committing any crimes other than being drunk with 100 other drunk people. Richard has a camper attached to his truck that he was going to sleep in and they towed and impounded that truck. he was, being deaf, blind sided by a cop with mace and beaten by the cop with the baton in the legs and ribs before going down on his stomach and submitting himself to arrest when they jumped on his back and cuffed him. His friends from the massive birthday party he was attending started filming using cell phones after seeing him get attacked a cop with mace and a baton. They kept asking him for his badge number and his name which he refused to give and then they taunted him by saying that he was going to be working at 7/11 for the rest of his life after his brutality. I spoke to richard and he made a joke after he was cuffed and there was an officer on his back by saying that “His momma made hotter hot sauce than that” when he was interrupted by 2 kicks to the face. Another officer pulled the assaulting officer off and he then beat his baton(which he just used to beat richard with) on the ground in anger and then he threatened the onlookers with threats of their arrests which if are handled in a similar fashion would be violent beatings. I was personally assaulted by a Lebanese man last year with a similar baton and they hurt they are capable of breaking bones, not as much as his face hurt after his baton broke on my arm and i smashed his face up, but the Leb who attacked me last year used that same baton to beat somone else a few months before and that person dropped the assault with a weapon charges against the guy for the same reasons he tried to get me to drop the charges, he was going to lie and get his relatives to make a false testimony that he was just defending himself. The sand monkey called my family and told them that if i didn’t drop the charges, he would go to the police with his wife(who has several bruises that “prove” i attacked her, and claim to have witnesses that would testify that i attacked him without provocation and punched his wife in the face and that i tried to attack his small children in his car by smashing through the window of his car to get at them. Luckily the police officer in my case chose to press charges on the guy who was not only violating a private parking space but who also used a weapon against an unarmed person who was at the workplace. the edmonton journal released an update on RIchard Clayberts case with an official statement about how an investigation has commenced to determine “IF’ the arresting officer(s) used excessive force against richard claybert. They apparently didn’t know he deaf when they assaulted him but they will know doubt cover their own asses and the hand of one hand of law enforcement group will protect the other. I expect this officer to walk or get a slap on the wrists like in many similar cases around north America.

      1. no, i didn’t i just blocked his baton until it smashed on my arm and seized the opportunity to know him off his feet and pound his face bloody until the guys wife was crying behind me begging for me to “stop hitting him! your hurting him!” then i stopped and when inside to wash up my knuckles and the cuts and bruises caused by the baton.

      1. Heals well? He barley got kicked in the face…it was more like a friendly kick like a “hey little buddy quit being mean to me kick”…a real kick would’ve knocked him the fuck out, like a “I fucking hate you die mother fucker! kick” ,the cop was being super gentle with him did you see how they were giving him hugs and holding his hands…such friendly peace officers.

    1. Future days,
      Way to put it into perspective.

      i used to know a cop that told me he didn’t like using his baton because it caused bruising, he said he said favorite thing to do was punch the “hardheaded” ones in the ribs cause it left no mark..

      1. Heh, thanks, but I don’t think my post has much perspective. If anything, it’s my (healthy) suspicion about everything that goes on around me. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but when the shit hits the fan, I don’t want to be one of those people running around saying stuff like “How can this happen?!”, and “Unbelievable!” Considering the thoughts that cross my own mind about other people, and society in general, I wouldn’t put anything past anybody. We are, after all, Human.

        The cop you mentioned sounds experienced. Scary, too, but I’m not in law enforcement, so I won’t judge what could teach a man in the field a lesson like that.

        “The only real crime is getting caught.”

  6. His actions don’t necessarily provoke ‘respect’. They provoke disgust by the rest of us. That prick needs to lose his job over this. I like it that a vid was taken by an independent camera so the asshole cops can’t conveniently edit it.

  7. That kick was totally uncalled for even if the kid had a big mouth and a pumpkin head. That is one whacked out cop who needs to turn in his badge and work in a chicken farm. It did my heart good to see the second cop intervene though. There still are some good ones around.

    1. Yeah, the few Good cops give the other 95% of Dick cops a bad name.
      Totally dick move by the power trippin cop. “REspect my Authoritay” *Kick* *Double kick*.
      Or maybe he got a double kick to the face because of the backward wigger baseball cap?

  8. The incident with Luka and the BestGore community was absolutely ridiculous! If this site had been something other than a Gore or other shock related site stating the exact same thing and posting the video then everyone would be praising the site. However, since it was a Gore site everyone shook their heads in disgust for allowing such atrocities. People have to put the blame on someone and in this case it had to be Mark because only bad people create or look at Gore.. *eyeroll*

    As for this video! LOL! This is why I hate ALL cops! The number of incompetent, lazy, and untrustworthy cops SERIOUSLY outweigh the good ones. So its safe to just hate them all and expect the worst out of all of them together.

    The kick was uncalled for and like most cops it will be overlooked more than likely.

  9. Come on… who here wouldn’t get off on tap dancing on some fat kids chin if they knew they would get away with it? Society tells you you’re a sheep and a brown noser if you like police. I think that’s a crock of shit. I love cops, and I also understand that they are humans. They do shit that gets them fired. They make mistakes. They have the same primal reaction to violence that we all have. They have a dark side, a soft side, a nice side, and a mean side. They are varying combinations of all human traits present in all of us. Saying you wish them all death for exhibiting human faults is a tad hypocritical. After all, which one of us is perfect? How many of us would never ever kick a person in the face under any circumstances? What he did was wrong but watching Bubba’s double chin wobble to a fro’ after the officer kicks him was funny.

  10. Here in the United States, there is a growing movement to outlaw the recording of police. Many jurisdictions have tried to enact laws that put people in jail for years for recording the police. Some simply use existing wiretapping laws. Often, simply possessing the video is considered a criminal act. So far, the appellate courts have dismissed these cases, but it’s only a matter of time before one makes it up the chain to the Supreme Court and it ia then upheld in the name of national security or some other pro-law enforcement/anti-citizenry reasoning. Despite having their charges dismissed, the people who have been caught up in this have spent many months in jail and have had to spend many thousands of dollars defending themselves, which often is deterrent enough to prevent others from recording the police.

    Of course, when examined from the governing bodies’ point-of-view, this makes perfect sense. In a nation of sheep, controlling the evidence of police brutality is the same as not having police brutality. Without the video evidence, the authorities can simply say, “Oh, that never happened. Mr. Victim is a lying criminal who is not to be trusted,” and the sheep go along with it because in the sheep’s mind even if the victim is telling the truth, it doesn’t matter because the brutality will never happen to the sheep because he is not a criminal.

    I hope things are very different where you are, Mark.

  11. If the cop had kicked the guy because the guy couldn’t understand him as he is deaf then there would be a huge problem! Granted the cop shouldn’t have kicked him anyway; there are far better ways of dealing with a mouthy person.

  12. Crowd shouldn’t have egged the cops on. Instigating the cops with threats that you are bigger than them will most always get you stick time. If anyone should be acting civilized its the onlookers who couldn’t shut there damn pie holes and just made the cops more furious to beat a fool.

  13. @Mark, are they still coming after you for the Ice pick thing? Jeeze man, Ive seen a lot in my forty odd years, but you sure are calmer about the situation than i would be. What can the BG family do to help clear your good name?

    1. I’m not worried about my name. Truth conquers all and in the end it’ll prevail. I may not be there to see it, but I’ll always know I’ve done my part in bringing it to light. They’re coming for me and it’s only a question of time before they get me. You will have to pick up after me so when I’m silenced, the bell of truth continues to sound strong and uninterrupted.

  14. personally I think all of the victims buddies are fuckin pussies. I know this much. if that was one of my crew on the ground and me and my buddies sitting there and we witnessed such a blatant violation of his rights. I would of rushed those cops before even thinking. I can not sit idly by as someone I care about gets kicked in the face. I would probably be dead or in prison for my actions but I would of just reacted because that is what a man is suppose to do. you fight for your people. fuck that cop. If as some others have stated he got kicked in the face because of his friends talking shit..well either way..this deaf kid needs a new crew to chill with.

  15. The kick was wrong. If pulled over use your intelligence and just answer the questions asked of you ,answer with sir or maam, be courteous. Usually co-operation will save you from a ticket and or jail…Now, if you have a record…hell hounds will always be on your trail…if your mouthy you can bet the officer(s) will be looking for something to get you on. Needless to say, their are some men/women who have no business with a badge. In this particular (video) situation…all I know is their is no need to kick a hand-cuffed person.

  16. The crowd’s instigation in no way allows for the police to become more violent. In america where im from this kinda shit “Police Brutality” is alot more common then people let onto. We pay there salaries but somehow they want white gloves when it comes to holding them to a set of standards.

  17. Im Deaf and member of Bestgore! Until I see this video, that pissed me off.. Because I was arrested with no reason when the police stopped me and ask me questions I said I cannot hear, He thinks I was lying and trying to be aggressive with me, I dont want to give the police officer a problem, let them arrested me and went to jail overnight for refusing to produce information to police officer when I CANNOT hear what he was asking me! I got dismissed from court and this police officer got suspend with pay for a month. Not enough but I want his ASS fired!

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