Police Brutality and Illegal Arrest by Alaska State Trooper in Kodiak

Police Brutality and Illegal Arrest by Alaska State Trooper in Kodiak

This is why cops assault people who videotape them left and right. They used to be able to beat people up at will and then simply claim that the victim attacked them first and not only would the victim end up battered, but also with a lawsuit on their neck. But with cell phone cameras in virtually every person’s pocket, they can no longer do it freely but it’s clearly a hobby they’re having difficult time shaking off.

In the 11 minutes long video below, Alaska State Trooper is seen arguing with 20 year old Skyler Irene Waite inside her home in Kodiak, Alaska. At around 3:40 the woman moves behind him in what she said was her reaching for the door. The trooper responded by violently shoving her backward which prompted his partner to join in on the assault and sweep her off her feet and into a forceful faceplant.

Skyler Irene Waite demanded to know why she was being arrested but the Troopers could not think of a reason so it took the second officer a while to respond with “probably disorderly conduct.” In other words: “we are cops, we will find a reason to justify this assault and illegal arrest. Don’t you worry about that one, kiddo!

According to Col. Keith Mallard, head of the Alaska State Troopers, the case is now being investigated but it’s only because video clearly showing the power tripping troopers resorting to police brutality has leaked. If there was no video, there would be no investigation into the misconduct. The police state is worse than the nigger state because you have no means to protect yourself against the largest gang in the country.

Neither of the power tripping troopers, which were identified as Brian Mitchell and Boyd Branch, have been placed on administrative leave. Skyler Irene Waite was however charged with fourth-degree assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. She spent the night in jail and paid $100 bail. Trooper Brian Mitchell wrote in the affidavit that he pushed Skyler Irene Waite because he “feared for his safety”. Feared for his safety – that’s the magical line by the cops akin to “Stop Resisting!

The troopers reportedly searched the home and reportedly spotted a small amount of marijuana. Skyler Irene Waite argued with them that they shouldn’t assume she smoked pot just because they saw some in her home.

The most important lesson to learn from this video – never, ever, under any circumstances let a cop inside your home. Unless they have a warrant, they have no business snooping around. But they can, if you allow them in. And an equally important lesson is to always have a camera rolling when cops are talking to you. They are just drooling to assault you and charge you with assault on a police officer. And unless you have something to prove otherwise, you will be made a bad guy. The cops do NOT serve and protect you. They serve and protect the system.

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83 thoughts on “Police Brutality and Illegal Arrest by Alaska State Trooper in Kodiak”

  1. I need to say this, I hate cops, I hate niggers, I hate the facebook sheep who say (in their little whiny voices) “stop showing beheadings, stop showing the truth, oh, and long live Jeff Hanneman,(even though he died)

      1. @ boc, nothin’ wrong with bein’ part black or full black, as long as your not (and I don’t point this at you) an uneducated gangbanging nigger, that lives off of other people , but however, I hear ya on fuck all people, we as a human race should die…….in one big bang!!!!

    1. she is being arrested for being a dumb ass. you say nothing ever to cops, except wheres my lawyer. you smell pot in my house? no. you don’t. don’t open the door ever, talk thru window. if they ask why tell them you r not coming in w/o warrant. call a supervisor. lawyer lawyer lawyer

      1. I drum that into my kids, if ever the police arrest you say fucking nothing till you speak to a brief, i was jumped on and given a hiding by cops simply because i had one hand clenched,they assumed that i was concealing something, i was,but they did,nt know that,that was the good ol days when the british sus law was about and they could pull you on suspicion of just about anything.its still about but under a different name now.

    2. IKR Police are NOT loyal nor to be honored. I mean at least NOT a lot of them! They are basically those who claimed to protect people but NOPE they are NOT protecting people but to ABUSE them! A Police came to my home without consent at all and handcuffed me for not answering question (without doing anything) with those kind of police there will NEVER be peace on earth!

    3. This is why so many people mistrust the police. Shit like this goes on everyday all around the world. A bunch of power hungry cops getting their rocks off because they have the power to stack false charges against anyone they’d like. People who grow up to be cops were the kids in school who never had any power or friends the kids that got bullied and grew up to be bullies themselves. Just another day in America. Fuck the cops!

    4. you coward.
      you wouldn’t dare call a black man a nigger to his face.
      plenty of cops are assholes, but not all.
      these two assholes in the video, are in fact, assholes.
      Once again, ‘Keyboard Conan’, you are a coward.

    1. Look at the facts: Talk of marijuana, different colored socks, neutral tones throughout the house. She’s clearly an enraged junky Taliban. Goodbye chick with socks, you can’t spread your poison anymore. You’ll be with your 77 virgins soon. Hope it all works out for her but I’m more of a pessimist than an optimist.

          1. Yup! Once they placed her in handcuffs she had a lawsuit until she actually started resisting, at that point she looked like an idiot. And unfortunately a jury will see her acting like an asshole and will have far less pity on her now. She fucked up and should have acted like a scared little female victim.

    2. yeah…this is the most infuriating thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. I don’t think watching this was constructive for me. I’m fucking pissed now. I really hope they lost their job. Hopefully this video is circulating around facebook and other popular sites. These cops need to be broken and humiliated.

      They should’ve put the full names of the two cops in text at some point in the video, so someone can say “hey! I know him! I can’t wait to tell ALL of our common acquaintances!”

    3. Yes me too!! There should be a law that states if an officer comitts a crime especially hate crimes they should be held more accountable then regular citizens. I say this because there susposto know the laws inside and out just as much as they know things are defined in a court of law they also without a doubt know if their commiting a crime no matter that be cover ups or just plain assault.. ..harassment.. You get the picture. Sense the badge comes with power and perks,the lose of a badge should come with more then it would your regular citizen.. In a sense I almost feel its real close to pre meditation I say that because no matter what..they go in knowing the consequences when these acts are committed.. Then its just p!ain agorance and a ” Iddon’t give a fuck..I’ll get away with it attitude”

  2. When ever I insult the police my ears receive an onslaught of verbal violence, they tell me “how can you hate the police when they protect us from criminals” followed by the evitable ” are you a criminal?, you must be to hate them”.

    I can insult the police and bloody well will when they start acting like criminals themselves.

    I have only had a small number of run-ins with the police in my life, 90 percent of the time we have met was because I dared to drive at 5mph over the speed limit, in my country that offence is worse than murder and the police use all of their resources dealing with it.

    The other 10 percent was because I like to smoke the occasional joint, again, a big criminal offence in my country.

    My police force are nothing but revenue collectors, they exist merely to acquire wealth and never solve crimes unless they are forced to by media coverage or if its a crime against the police.

    They do however state that they are an equal opportunities recruiter, I’ll let you decide what that actually means in reality.

    1. Yeah @ empty, if ya ever get pulled over for a traffic offence or a misdemeanor type thing plead not guilty (but then again, always plead not guilty) (unless you’re REALLY guilty) cause you can plea down to a lesser charge (for no points on your license) because all they want is your money. That’s what it comes to, government sanctioned corruption.

      1. @lunatic

        In my shit hole of a country the fine greatly increases if you plead not guilty and either way you still get the points which means much higher insurance premiums.

        I would not be surprised if the police were getting back handers from the insurance companies.

          1. I’m from the land of out of control immigration, bad food, homosexual politicians, constant bad weather, extreme political correctness, a compete an utter hatred of the working class and vast unemployment caused by a refusal to recruit the indigenous population, sadly I am from England.

          2. So, were basically from the same place, (as I hold my head in my hands, shake my head back and forth and repeat to myself over and over, were fucked were fucked.
            Well, we always have the best gore brother!!!!

      2. Dont plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Plead nothing at your arranment this is nothing more than a court implemented trick to get you to say you are moving forward with there made up court laws. Cheack out “Establishing Jurisdiction Beating your Case” on youtube nine out of 10 cases are done in an illegal fashin to save them time and money. You as American citizen have the right to a jury trial. A judge getting up and charging you guilty or not guilty us a military court jurisdiction not civil

  3. Nice to finally see a video in the state I live in. The Troopers ARE pretty ridiculous… Even the Anchorage police department. They actually have several investigations going on for shooting people and not really having any reason for it. I am sure this happens in many states though. I lived in AZ almost my whole life and didn’t see this much police brutality, surprisingly.

  4. From watching this, and from personal experience, I will simply say this. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, NEVER GET TOO PHYSICALLY CLOSE TO A COP. Especially when they are in your domain, they are as jumpy and skittish as cats. I was arrested once in NYC for touching an officers hand. Dragged out of my car, had the shit beat out of me on the pavement and spent the night in jail. This cop probably got spooked when the girl reached behind him to close the door, thinking she was going for his gun or something.

  5. Hello everyone, finally registred here.
    Sorry in advance for my fucked up English, it’s not my native so please spare me lol.

    Anyway to add to this video I several times got cought by eagerly ticket writing crooks for smoking a joint somewhere abandoned where no one except me and my friend could smell the weed.
    That costs 110 euro each time.
    I always try to apologize to them (to avoid wallet theft) and tell them to look around, no one is near except you two plus my friend and I.. anyway we will instantly pack our stuff and will go home but they never let us because we are criminals and literally must pay for it. So lame.

    1. Thanks Deadman,

      Haha no, not even in Holland.
      Glad you can do whatever you want without getting hunted by flashlights.
      I wish I could live like that.
      Maybe in a few years, when I can afford it:)

  6. They didn’t state her rights when they hand cuffed her and many other things.

    I hope pigs some day decide to arrest me for no reason, because when I get out I’ll be sure they never do it again 😉

    1. They never do, especially if you are already spouting about them like this girl was, they assume you already know them. Once a cop decides to arrest you, understand that to them you are basically a package at that point. A package they must deliver safely to a judge. The best thing you can do for yourself at that point is to just be silent. Don’t give them any more fuel than they already feel they have to prosecute you.

  7. It’s cool to see a video in my state!

    Anyway, I’m surprised that this happened. Usually it’s metropolitan police in the lower 48 that are in breach of proper conduct.
    I suppose it’s kind of a hit-or-miss with police. Some are helpful and actually know how the fuck to do their job, others not so much.

  8. wow those cops sure were jerks. I wonder what the original call was for. couldn’t have a conversation and then arrested for no clear reason other than having an argument – and that seems reason enough for a cop to arrest you.

    However, even though she may have been going for the door, it could have been assumed that she was reaching for the cop’s gun – still, excessive use of force for sure. But that’s the first thing I thought when I saw the video – “damn she went for his gun!” I’m sure that wasn’t the case but that’s got to be a cop’s biggest fear.

    1. I know I’m a little late for the party here but I have 2 thoughts abt this video that I want to add. First, obviously the cop was wrong to begin with, clearly this woman is not under the influence of marijuana. She’s way too hyper. second, that cop is a stooge. If she actually wanted to go for his gun, he gave her the opportunity to do so. He turned his back to her in close enough proximity that she could have grabbed it. That’s on HIM.

  9. As far as I know, Mary Jane is legal in Alaska. Letting the cops into the house (mobile home) was a big no-no. I am pretty sure she will have all charges against her dropped as the police KNOW a jury would not convict her if shown the video tape.

  10. I heard something about weed and kids in the house. They did what I wish I could do to every bad parent. Unfortunately, that is completely illegal and a little overkill haha. Good thing her friend was recording!

  11. Everywhere I go, I’m seeing this video now. When people scream “Police Brutality” immediately the first thing to come to mind is a bunch of white police officers beating down on some unlucky minority or homeless guy. Instead I get a video of some cops talking pushing some girl onto the ground and then escorting her out to the car and telling her to get inside where she continually screams at the top of her lungs.

    The younger officer tries telling her to calm down but she continues to scream. Police brutality was a extreme exaggeration.

  12. people talk about black people now this is some straight white trash group and the cops did what they had to and you let them in with drugs out come on now all the police gotta do is see it and thats anuff reason to search the house and take that skanky ass to jail

  13. When you users use the term nigger does it mean just all uneducted hoodlems? (not based onracist) or? sorry just confused. Because they are plenty of other people whp are in gangs that are unedcated such as the racist gangs so are they niggers basically

  14. Whatever I wanted to say, has already been said by others, much better than I probably could but you know what? Those fucking cops are very unprofessional and should be fired. Their actions proved that they don’t have what it takes to be stewards of the law. If closing your door can get you arrested in Alaska, I sure as shit don’t want to go there. I felt really bad for that girl. She was absolutely no threat to anyone.

  15. Look, I am a former cop here in the USA. I am not condoning all behaviours of cops, but this bitch was plain stupid. You never, ever, ever, get into the personal space of cops. We get skiddish after being on the job a while. We wanna go home too! It keeps us alive. This cop might of been over skiddish though. And all he did was make him more and more angry. We are all humans. Tell me if someone makes you that angry, you wanna just have control over them. It is a normal human response. Cops have power. That is why it is best to just shut up and take it, no matter how unjustified you think they’re being. That’s what complaints and lawyers are for. If she would’ve just shut up, probably nothing would’ve happened.
    I do agree, some cops do take their job a little too seriously, and get power trips. I was more laid back type of cop. I hated writing citations, unless you really pissed me off, or were a smartass!

  16. As others have mentioned, this woman made two crucial mistakes: engaging/conversing with the police and making sudden or unexpected movement in their vicinity

    People have said she made the mistake of letting them inside, but that was not the case. The police made it very clear that the girl’s mother was a felon, and as such it is very likely that the police were permitted to enter the home without a warrant. So refusing or resisting in this instance was probably not an option. Regardless, it is always a good idea to clearly state that you do not consent.

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