Police Brutality in Punjab, India – Male Cop Beats Up Woman

Police Brutality in Punjab, India - Male Cop Beats Up Woman

Video from Mansa in Punjab, India shows a male policeman in uniform brutally beating up a woman allegedly for selling liquor without a license. Instead of body-slamming the woman the way the American cops would, the Punjabi cop took more of an Egyptian approach and repeatedly slapped the woman around.

The woman, later identified as 23 year old Raj Kaur of village Bhundar along with another woman named Paramjit Kaur were taken to the Bareta police station after licensed liquor shop owners complained that they were selling liquor illegally. Both women had previous brushes with the law having been caught snatching and stealing.

Bareta police department initially denied the incident but after video of it was leaked on the internet, the higher ups suspended head constable Balwan Singh pending further investigation. It was also learned that the abusive male officer refused to hand the female suspects over to female officers even though they were on duty and available at the time.

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28 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Punjab, India – Male Cop Beats Up Woman”

    1. It’s gotta be a hot milf, gotta take the news somewhat serious. Can you imagine a big tittied 18 year old with a Jersey Shore “bump” hair style, shutter shades, a shirt that reads “yolo”, and neon colored jeans, trying to talk about something serious?

  1. He slapped her a few times and they kept repeating it over and over.
    You have to remember that third world countries do not have police brutality laws like we do. To them this is perfectly acceptable and they know it.

  2. pfffft…fawke this shite!! I dont care who he is…no man would be doing that to me and walking away with it…i dont care if its barney from mayberry! Buddy needs a good clean kick to the chacha’s……..

    i totally would not last a minute in one of these countries !

  3. Why is it that whenever a woman gets her ass whipped even a little bit that it’s a huge fuckin deal? Maybe this fuckin woman deserved to get her ass shoved and slapped a bit, possibly for doing something worse to some child. It’s interesting to me that a woman seeing a man getting his ass whipped by the police will ask what he did to deserve the beating, but a man seeing a woman getting her ass whipped even slightly will completely ignore the question of what she did and instead will just blindly state that the criminal is a victim because the criminal has a vagina.

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