Police Respond to Peaceful Anti Police Brutality Protest in Berkeley with Brutality

Police Respond to Peaceful Anti Police Brutality Protest in Berkeley with Brutality

I’ll be the first to admit that I recognize Berkeley students for Obama voting white-guilt liberal faggots who hate their own race because that’s what liberal mainstream media tells them to do, and are probably only participating in an anti police brutality protest to protest police brutality against black or brown people, but it still changes nothing on the fact that the right to protest exists on paper, but in reality you can’t engage in one without being subjected to intimidation, oppression, tear gas grenades and physical assaults against your person.

Notice how many of these anti riot cops smile, as if they were just drooling to assault someone. They take protests for an opportunity to abuse their power on random civilians.

I see at least 3 counts of battery and assault the police committed against the students in this video. Bottom line is, the police are not there to escort the students to a peaceful march. They are there to intimidate them, terrorize them, and every chance they get – assault them.

They are dressed in riot gear with masks, armor and shields, and armed with batons, flash grenades, shotguns and rifles, because they want the peaceful protest to turn into a riot, and are provoking the riot by assaulting the marchers.

Here’s a brief count of assaults:

  • 0:21 – 1 count of battery against student
  • 2:45 – 1 count of battery against student
  • 3:35 – 1 count of battery against student
  • 3:55 – multiple counts of assault against students
  • 5:35 – multiple counts of assault against students
  • 7:19 – Cops throw flash grenades – multiple counts of assault against students
  • 8:00 – Cops throw tear gas – multiple counts of assault against students
  • 8:52 – Cops shot student in the back with something – 1 count of assault against student
  • 9:00 – More tear gas until end of video – multiple counts of assault against studentsο»Ώ

What we truly see happening here is police herding protesters into an ideal location and density to deploy chemical weapons on them – as if they were lining them up for non lethal chemical weapons testing.ο»Ώ

Tear gas riot control agents, including tear gas and pepper-spray, are banned in international warfare under both the 1925 Geneva Protocol and Article 1 of the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention. Yet they are readily used against peaceful protesters domestically.

The Chemical Weapons Convention defines chemical weapons as “munitions and devices that are designed to cause death or other harm through toxic chemicals” that lead to “death, temporary incapacitation or permanent harm to humans or animals.

According to the Chemical Weapons Convention, “riot control agents” are any chemicals, not specifically named in their list of prohibited chemicals, that can cause humans to suffer rapid “sensory irritation or disabling physical effects which disappear within a short time following termination of exposure.

Video of Berkeley police responding to anti police brutality protest at UC Berkeley Student March with brutality is below:

Author: Acneska

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    1. Sorry about hijacking the thread but whats the news on mark? Haven’t heard anything for ages now and cant find a fucking thing on the web (shills doing a marvellous job of hiding it) so was just wondering if he will be allowed back on the site? No offence to present contributors you are doing a great job that I couldnt hope to emulate but I miss the flare that mark put into every post he made

      1. No on knows what happened to Mark. he is incommunicado. Agent Smith of The Matrix has him in a reeducation camp where he will emerge with views favorable to the status quo and ruling power elite. in other words he is in a concentration camp where he MUST concentrate on toeing the line otherwise he will never be released. these camps are popular in North Korea. I’M SERIOUS!!!!

        1. Non violent offender being held without bail…. Hmmm it seems mark has found himself to be a key pawn in the bigger game. 2 fronts. 1 and most important; Precident!!! As a non violent offender charged with “corrupting morals” and “hate speech” there is no legal reason to keep him confined. But since they have held him without bail or the presumption of innocence they will set a “Precident” which may be used in the future to legally hold a person or all persons they desire with no bail or presumption of innocence. #2 internet restriction. This hiatus between arrest and trial is to give time for things to coalece into a more favourable circumstance…… As our politicol lawyers have been working on wording new ammendments to our internet privacy laws im posotiv e they will be sure use this case in conjuction with the media to have passed new laws that are cleverly worded so as to discreetly remove any privacy laws as voted by the sheeple. Yayyy sorry mark.

          1. I thought Mark was out on bail but was prohibited from the Internet and having a mobile…mark needs to sue Canada for taking way his civil rights over the most bogus politically motivated charges….Canada is making North Korea look better with this case…

          2. @mike11111 is correct. Mark isn’t being held without bail. Strict Internet restrictions are in full effect though, including not even being able to own a phone with Internet capabilities.

      2. I think about Mark too. Can he have visitors where he is being held? Maybe it’s the southern up bringing, but I wish someone could go see him, pet his hand, and just spend some time with him. Are there any BG members that are near him? I’ve no doubt he feels alone and hopeless. Is there anyone that can go see him?

          1. @dutchy, ive noticed that most christians arent as judgemental as muslims are. Even if everyone calls Christians stupid and backwae they are nothing like muslims.

          2. Arab…most Christians especially the born again are the biggest hypocrites you ever met…they have bought into the evil ways of Zionism by supporting the biggest concentration camp in gaza..

          1. Manowar….can you pass onto your Arab brothers that they are being played as fools and the Zionist are laughing while Arabs are killing each other as planned….ask them if they consider it odd that the ISIS leader Baghdadi hasn’t once
            criticized Israel…the whole region is being fragmented and weaken for Israels benefit….Arabs and

            Muslims should be ashamed of
            themselves for letting their enemies divide them to weaken
            each other…

      1. @mike, as much as I’d like to believe you, ive noticed that the Sunnis will stop at nothing until the Shias, Kurds and Christians are exterminated. Ive had cowardly cousins who where in the Iraqi military who ran at the sight of ISIS and got killed by them. Sadly it was better under Saddam’s rule as much as i hate to admit it. But yes i did notice how strange that ISIL (levant meaning Isreal) doesnt make any approaches on Israel. The Jews dont even consider them a threat which i find is the biggest problem and is very scary to think about. They would rather think that Iran is a bigger threat which i think is stupid. But muslims where killing each other since Muhammad (who i believe fabricated the religion for a legacy)

        1. All religion was man made up to control the masses and fill their own pockets…is it Sunni or Saudi whabbi that did the same thing to establish the kingdom of Saud….I assume most in ISIS is in it for their $1,000 a month and whatever spoils they get like someone’s home or farm they got by killing them…..no doubt Iraq and Libya was better off under saddam and gadaffi….the Zionist in and out of the USA govt has planned and implemented the strategies to weaken the whole region with regime changes known as operation Arab springs…

          1. Manowar…..you can always change your name to Saladin II and lead your people back to Jewslum….I can only imagine what Saladin would think of Jewslum and the middle east today…I bet he would have a good laugh over the Mossad agent known as Baghdadi of all things….even the name baghdadi is comical….Arabs surely can not be that damn dumb to be lead to it’s demise by their real enemies proxy agent…

          2. I completely agree, without religion we wouldn’t have this worldwide Islamic domination competing with Christian backed Zionism. What really grinds my gears is that no one cared about ISIS until they started the Christian and Yezidi genocide even though ISIS was killing Shias for a longer time.

          3. It wasn’t about the Kurds or Yezidi…it was when ISIS took over the oilfields that the USA started bombing again…the ownership and flow of oil and gas has been very deadly for the Arab people…Libya has been raped since Gadaffi….the 1.3 billion they invested with Goldman Sacs is gone now…go figure…they had 200 billion invested around the world with no debt…now they are in debt and I am sure the gold reserve is gone…it’s a game with these greedy bastards…let the dictators build up the wealth to clean them all out later…..and who cares who gets killed in the process …look at Ukraine with already 4,000 people being killed

          4. In my opinion i blame the Sunnis and Saudi Arabia. What most people dont know is that Saudi Arabia was the first Islamic State and they still are. My cousins find countless of dead terrorists with ID and passports from Saudi Arabia it makes me sick.

    1. Should I worry cuz I understood what you posted??? No BFD
      Silver Bullet…we’ve ALL done that at least once…I gave up trying to use the voice command a week after getting my 4G….my bros/bras would reply…WTF DUDE!!! You speaking in tongues???? I’ll stick with my slowwwwwww ass testing ~
      P ?

  1. I think some of the students behavior can be attributed to a kind of “When in Rome” mentality. They are in an area that has a history of student protests, therefore, they MUST go out and do the same. Otherwise, they might feel like they missed out on their college experience. If they were anywhere else, they’d be sitting in their dorm room smoking pot and playing the Xbox…or maybe studying?

    It’s like when people go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Chicks don’t go around flashing their boobs, but BECAUSE they’re THERE… Here we go! No more dignity and self control! Yay! I’m a product of my current environment! Screw being true to myself and to hell with the consequences! Something like that…

    1. It might be true that some people go out without actually having a clear understanding of the situation. But the people are being oppressed by the elites and those students are helping by doing this protest.

      I am a student myself and I hate the student environment but in this case i am happy that they are protesting instead of getting drunk.

      1. Students are still children. And all children want to feel important and fit in with the crowd. So if the media shows people protesting, all the followers that want to fit in have to d it to. All this stuff is media related. The media is inciting blacks to hate whites, and we all know who owns the media.

        1. I hope everyone sees this for the blatant move that it is, over here in the UK the media is flooded with stories of BLACK men being killed by WHITE cops while no stories of white on white killings ever get a mention, this is all a blatant provocation to incite more hatred so that marshal law can be implemented all we have to do is go along with it and it will happen the more protests the more violence the more looting is all playinh into the powers that be’s hands as it is but more justification for the implementation of marshal law, for the last month or so our MSM has done nothing but replay these same stories over and over and the way they emphasize the black and white portions gives the goose up for them it is nothing less than a call to arms which is what they are waiting for, as soon as the yanks pick up their rifles and shotguns instead of a megaphone the beast will rise and we will all see what a police state looks like after that. We must remain calm and not adopt mob mentality as this is what they want

          1. not, is to promote the white guilt and black victimhood
            . remember, was with this maneuver that the Jews were able to fill the Western countries with tens of millions of non whites. this is a psychological war against the whites!

        1. I was thinking the exact same thing. This is how it has always been and always will be. A fearless authority will never be effective.

          I hate to admit this as I know its wrong… but I wanted the cops to just smash the fucking shit out of these protesters. They seem like your typical coffee shop revolutionaries… entitled, annoying and pretentious. I know I’m in the wrong but it is how I feel.

  2. Cops are people too.

    They are our brothers and sisters, neighbours, and former class mates.

    And we know them well.

    They are the ones with below average IQs and who get off on bullying, harassing and intimidating people whenever they think they can get away with it.

    They are the ones who, when you were at school, you thought there was a high probability they would end up in prison, or psychiatric facilities.

    They are the ones who can’t be anything else in life because they aren’t equipped with the skills or faculties to be something other than the piece of shit they are now and always will be.

    Fuck the police!

          1. Ok, thanks for clearing, I was thinking it was you with that bird. I’ve been looking for a mina a long time, but no way to get one, not in Germany anyways.

          2. @boozer, I’ve never owned one but think they’re awesome birds. Have seen them for sale on line for over a grand, but don’t know if Germany allows importation. Hope you find one!

          3. @it was me Very true they cost lots, but they sure are worth it. Really nice birds but like you said Germany dosen’t allow the importation bc people did to much crap with em. πŸ™

    1. Bay Area resident here: Vallejo doesn’t have a police force anymore and Berkeley (those douches) are off protesting like they do over every little thing. Was the brutality called for? No, but it feels good to see them get stomped.

      Crime is happening everywhere in the Bay and peaceful little Berk hasn’t done shit but complain like they always do. If they want shit done, they should actually DO something about it. Words without action have no merit.

  3. Hey there BG brothers and sisters. I have a serious question to ask anyone with medical knowledge. As I noted last night, I went to the ER yesterday with severe upper quadrant pain 10 on the pain scale. I actually gave the receptionist the business because it seemed like they were taking people in the order that they walked in instead of priority of the condition. About 2 hours later, they called me, but I couldn’t stand up…the pain inside was too much, so they wheeled me in. now to the point. After 7 hours of x-rays, ultrasounds, shots for pain IV’s, blood work, they came up with a big goosegg,, except I told them I was taking ambien and might have fell down in my sleep and hit . Who fucking knows? So I’m reading my discharge papers today to find something not so great the ultrasound detected a 1.4 cm cyst on the gallbladder head. I don’t know yet if it’s benign or not. They recommended an MRI. They also found my liver to be a little fatty at 17 cm in length, kidney length was 10.5. Everything else was within acceptable levels.The doc gave me 600 Mg of Ibuprofen for pain. Right now, the pain level is better, but before, it felt like a was getting hit with a bat and the spasms felt like a knive getting twisted through my sides and back. Help me please, ANYONE. the fucked up thing is I’ve got really good insurance, but unless you come in on a meat wagon, you gotta wait. not my best night

      1. Yep, i’ve never been on ibuprofen at 600mg. 3 times a day.I also don’t like the fact that they found a cyst in my pancreas, no matter how big or small, fact is I’ve gotta get it cut no matter what which means they have to open me up

          1. Thanks mama. Since I have
            a hospital 4 blocks away, so my dumb stubborn ass decided to walk it.
            it was a painful walk, but just like men do, I walked it with a wince of pain. The rest is uncertainl


      1. High cortisol levels can increase blood volume in the body which can cause the spleen to ache. Statin rx can make it happen. Could also be pancreatitis if you hit the sauce too much, but the gallbladder is the most typical culprit.

    1. Given ibuprofen is a doctor’s choice for swelling, and given it has reduced the pain, I’d be putting money on swelling as your cause of issues.

      Do you drink vodka or other high potency alcohol? Lots of different liver issues can’t be accurately determined through blood tests or non invasive examinations. If nothing definitive has shown up, you may be in for a biopsy. This involves a massive arse needle. Think closing fight scene of Commando and you may have some idea what you’d be in for.

      Livers play havoc on the other organs when they are not functioning correctly. Especially susceptible are the kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen. That at least two of those are presenting issues as well would be making me really suspicious.

      If alcohol or recreational drugs aren’t part of your staple, another risk might be parasites. Been to South East Asia in the past two years or so? Unless specifically looked for in your blood work, they could easily be missed. There are lots of different types. There is a worm I remember reading about once which is really vile. People can live a long time with them but learn to embrace death.

      Anyway, would be keen for pictures if they have to go invasive. Good luck!

      1. I was going to ask if you drink? I mean more than you should as that can cause fatty liver and problems with the spleen plus the other symptoms you mentioned. I hope you get sorted out soon. Just a word of caution regarding ibruphen, be careful how long you it for as it can compound your problems.

        1. Of course, but it isn’t so much whether there are parasites everywhere, but how the water is treated everywhere. Most westerners know not to drink from streams, but forget themselves when in third world countries and drink from a tap in the mistaken belief it will be safe. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

          Don’t have to take my word for that either. Western government advisories encourage travellers to drink bottled or boiled water when in SE Asia, Africa, South America etc.

          1. To true mcTreblar, people make the mistake of ordering only bottled drinks but having ice cubes in them, obviously made from local water. Even ordering a salad will have been washed in the local water. Never fuck around, I’m lucky I’ve never gotten the trots or worse but thats partly luck, having iron guts and being careful. I did get sick eating the air plane food on the way back from a particularly dodgy part of the world though.

          2. Haha @ WM – yes, my husband had a severe case of the shits after eating a large Caesar salad and then ate mine after I tasted one bite. This was in Mexico, and you should have seen the poor guy on the plane home. πŸ™

        1. If you are concerned it is drink related then I recommend Milk Thistle that is absolutely incredible at repairing the liver. Also to treat any swelling of the liver you need a high dose tablet of tumeric. The active ingredient , capsaicin, has been shown to have better anti-inflammatory properties than nearly all prescribed meds for the liver.

          1. @Bungle, I’ve tried a few home remedies, with limited results. I’ll ask my doc if it’s ok to mix with my meds. Thank you for the advice….it’s very interesting

      1. @LF, it started in my upper right quad….it was a stabbing pain. The next day, it had spread around my back underneath the ribs. It hurt to move on my right side. A cough or a sneeze, and I’d be in tears. The Motrin has done it’s job…Iv’e still gotot some pain, but nothing like a few days ago. Im just worried about this cyst

    2. Don’t believe having it removed is no big deal. I’ve read a lot of comments from people who said their problems didn’t cease and in some cases got worse. Or you can have diarrhea from just about everything you eat. It’s a surgery that is easier to do now but still should be a last resort.

    3. @mr slider – I would just add that depending on your financial status, get the MRI asap. Waiting for insurance to get their shit together may be waiting too long if the “cyst” or whatever it ends up being is aggressive and malignant, especially in the pancreas. You can try any or all of BG member suggestions, just remember health is more important than anything else and once you lose good health it’s extremely hard to get back to what you had. Once you are chronically sick and/or in pain, you’ll end up spending more money than an MRI would cost and each day sucks more than the previous day. Just my personal experience. Good luck!

    1. I got slapped by one once. It was funny as hell; after taking a bunch of shit I called her out as a manipulative, abusive wench and she responded with a “How *dare* you call me abusive??” shout and a massive slap followed up with an “Oh my god!”. I couldn’t help but laugh like a hyena…

      1. I don’t have the source (feel free to Google it as it should come up) but there was a study done using the Facebook “block user” function that graphed how self-proclaimed Liberals, Independents, and Conservatives treated other people based on their opinions/beliefs.

        What it showed was that Liberals, by a tremendous margin, were the most biased, and would block, ignore, and unfriend more users than any other group if your opinions were different than their own.

        Food for thought.

  4. James Boyd… a white homeless man… was killed by Albuquerque police for unlawfully camping earlier this year.
    Clearly the man didn’t have to die which is self-evident since the entire shooting was caught on film.

    The Michael Brown or Eric Garner incidents were obviously far less worse cases of police brutality.
    A police officer was defending himself from a violent negro named Michael Brown.
    It doesn’t appear as if the police were intentionally trying to kill Eric Garner.
    Garner died partially because he was fat and in extremely poor health… partially due to the police officers taking him down and partially because he was combative.

    Only the local media and with some mention on alternative news sites had the James Boyd case covered.
    The victim was a White man and not a Black man… the reason for the subdued coverage.
    Promoting cases in which the victim is Black and the alleged bad guy is White is the only thing the national Jew run media is interested in.
    Police or anyone else have little to no interest in covering stories about Whites who’ve been victimized by Blacks.

    Boyd is no different than Garner, regardless of the fact that Boyd may have had a bit of a dubious past.
    According to these Jewish Marxist scumbags and negro race agitators apparently Black lives matter and White lives don’t.

    Despite their attempts to say otherwise… Black people aren’t the only ones who’ve been victims of police brutality.

    1. I really don’t think anyone is safe when it comes to U.S cops, not from what I’ve seen. You either do as the cop says
      or pay the consconsequences.
      Probably won’t get reported if it’s a white person on the receiving end though.

      1. Nope. The cop is “more equal” than you. And if you’re white, it’s not important even to many other whites, mostly liberal shitstick fellaters, as Acneska pointed out. Nor can whites be victims of hate crimes legally, or racial discrimination, unless you’re a fucking Yid; then farting in their general direction is grounds for judicially sanctioned ass tenderizing and double castration. We’re sure a well balanced society.

    2. @BluHell, thanks for the info on that, and of course it isn’t reported in the MSM. Why, if I would act like a nigger and have a few illegitimate kids, well, I could live off the government. But since I am a white 34yo female who is educated, responsible and I don’t have three baby daddies, the government doesn’t give a rats ass about me until April 15. And even though I work, I am still unable to afford the so-called affordable health care insurance. But, I’m white, so who gives a fuck? So now I am going to have to pay a penalty on my taxes for not having health insurance that would be provided for free if I had a couple kids, not to mention getting food stamps, a free place to live and my light bill paid and a free cell phone!!!

  5. What we have here is two sets of lifestyle choices clashing. Some on the students side would protest against someone farting, anything will do. Some of the cops would beat a mannequin if there was nothing else to bully and beat on. Both sets of people do as their peers do, follow my leader.

    Balls, proper balls, are lacking on both sides of this coin.

  6. Some of those Berkeley kids are going to be in for a rude awakening when they wake up in jail and find out they don’t get served spiced chai lattes or non-genetically modified organic vegetables for breakfast. They’re gonna be all omg and wtf.

    1. Fun Sticks and Happy Gas already paints a brighter picture of police state in my mind. Let me continue the police state dictionary:

      Prison = Fun Camp
      Black sites = Surprise Camps
      Crowd control heat rays = Cozy Beams
      Labour camp = Teamwork Camp
      Rubber bullets = Massage Rounds

  7. Absolutely pathetic, these scumbags need to get a job. Students at Harvard requested extra time for exams due to distress caused by the brown/garner incidents. Fucking lazy niggers cryin racism, blocking traffic and essentially solving absolutely nothing. I have no crocodile tears for these protestors, they are the enablers of wasting a lot of time.

    1. Students always do that, it was unbelievable the amount of students going to their doctors saying they were depressed, getting anti depressant drugs and extensions. They’d fucked around all term, done no work and then got doctors certificates to get them extra time. Everyone else would have failed the unit if the work was in a minute past the deadline.

  8. When I see the cops all bunched up like that, I can’t help but wonder, what could one suicidal person accomplish?
    One person, resigned to death, perched on a rooftop with the right tool, looking down at all those bunched up cops?

    1. Good point. They call those dudes suicide bombers and these cops would shit themselves when confronted by a few. Cops are cowards and will only fight you when the odds are in their favor. They really dgaf and are only doing it for a paycheck and some benefits. At day’s end they all wanna go home and bust nuts.

  9. These idiot protesters will always lose when they go up against the police cuz the police are prepared for a fight and they are not. When the blood flows in the streets and the bodies of the oppressors hit the floor THEN and only THEN might you see some actual change. Power comes at the end of a gun barrell. The elites know this and use it very effectively. The police are also idiots as they allow themselves to be used as attack dogs for the 1% at the top of the power structure. Police are working stiffs beating on other working stiffs while the 1% sit back and laugh at both sides.

      1. my Army training Sir. in order to defeat force you must be prepared to meet the opposing force with OVERWHELMING force of your own. there will be peace but only peace thru superior FIREPOWER. Sad, but violence is the only language FV understand and respond to quickly.

  10. If you read the biographies of corrupt politicians and corporate leaders you will often find that they were student protestors in their youth and that they often protested for working class causes.

    What the above teaches us is that most protestors are not protesting for better conditions for all but rather just for better conditions for themselves instead and once those conditions are met they cease to be protestors and join the rank and file of the system, often condemning future protestors along the way.

    Politics being the prime example here, politicians always create extremely unequal legislation which slants the rewards of society in favour of the already rich and well placed and they promote these new legislative practices as fit for all, for the benefit of everybody in society and tie it up with the message of ?we are all in this together?.

    My conclusion, the best way to succeed in the game of greed is to pretend that you are being generous, it never fails.

  11. Incidentally, the police LOVE the protesters as they are making millions of dollars $$$$$$ in overtime pay they would otherwise be deprived of. It’s an Ez gig. Dress up in full riot gear and beat the shit out of anyone who opposes your authority. Collect the fat paycheck at week’s end. EZ money for them. There are monsters in this world and they look like fully equipped riot police. Yes indeed. As a civilian how will you defend yourself against them? Think you can hurt them? You cannot. That is the point of the riot gear. It gives them “superpowers” over you. A degree of being invulnerable to injury.

  12. If the police say move , you fkn move . Or fking plant propane tanks all over the place . You idiots , peaceful? STFU no riot is peaceful . A riot is a protest . Kill em all!!! What’s the point , both police and civilians needs to die nowadays .

  13. While Fox news blindly supports police and the rest of the media portray all of this as the result of racism; this video clearly shows the truth. The truth is that it’s about control and who the police actually work for. One thing is certain, when the police in mass, assault loud but peaceful protesters, it isn’t the people the police work for.

  14. Well that’s all face it, The law does not like to be challenged even with the laws that they make for us to use to challenge them, I say bullshit we have the right to take a stand. The way this country is going now with The current US president and his administration if we don’t act it’ll be too late and our rights will be taken away. Just imagine if shit like this happens nationwide, It don’t have to happen this way if we don’t let it.

      1. Well said!
        I know that a lot of BG:ers don’t like black people, and i believe that the 1% elite have their comment-posting agents on these very pages as well, just as they have on Youtube etc. BG is a good community for libertarian and pro freedom of speech thoughts but, unfortunately, a lot of US citizens here on BG cannot understand a simple thing:
        Divided you fall, fucking US fucktards. 1% agents must be laughing hard (if they had feelings) at how racism is so common in a community whose members could otherwise be a real threat to the elite status quo…

    1. Well said!
      I know that a lot of BG:ers don’t like black people, and i believe that the 1% elite have their comment-posting agents on these very pages as well, just as they have on Youtube etc. BG is a good community for libertarian and pro freedom of speech thoughts but, unfortunately, a lot of US citizens here on BG cannot understand a simple thing:
      Divided you fall, fucking US fucktards. 1% agents must be laughing hard (if they had feelings) at how racism is so common in a community whose members could otherwise be a real threat to the elite status quo…

      1. Yes mouse you just added to what I’ve said and I agree with you on that as well but I don’t have to be that way, but we must all take a stand at some point as a people in time otherwise I’ll be total chaos then there’s is going to be nothing left after that. And then again maybe it should end that way. I don’t care about the color thing, I just want to live my life and Not have to fight for survival. That’s what I’ll be like in total chaos. People out there with medical conditions would not live very long. Only the strong will survive.

      1. Divide to rule has worked thru out time…being united is the ruling class worst fear….Watch what happens when the public sectors pensions start being cut like they have in Europe….18 trillion national debt is nothing compared to the future unfunded liabilities of over 30 trillion…the unfunded federal pension liabilities is more than Medicare and social security…does anyone think Louis Lerner that retired from the IRS deserves her $102,000 a year pension which is $52,000 more than the median usa taxpayer is making while working….

  15. CopSpeak. You have they right to STFU and do as I say. If not, I have the right to best the living shit or kill you until you comply. Do you understand your rights as I’ve explained them to you? Good. Now assume the position and prepare for an ass fucking boy!!!

  16. These kids are probably getting EXTRA credit by the teachers that are brainwashing them to attend and if you get your head busted you get an A+ for the course. Who knows maybe things change with the corrupt police, probably it won’t, no where near enough death yet for that to happen but I would count on the fact that the more the police and the puppet masters controlling them are forced back the harder and dirtier it will become. Tyrants know what losing power means.

    1. This was never a peaceful protest. I love how you folks think that the protesters have all the rights in the world, but the business owners and people trying to get home have no rights what so ever. “Hey look, I’m a protester, therefore I’m in the right” I hate that mentality.

  17. some revolutionaries. all they have accomplished is to each give several hundred dollars in bail and fines to fund the cops that throw them in jail. Yes, the cops that are paid through their taxes.

    How stupid is THAT?

  18. Now i see all horror USA did in name of it’s people-get back at them. I see great civil war coming. Not happy at all because many innocents will go down as FEMA prison camps are already builded.
    God damn it, you must take this Satanic Government down or USA will burn in Orwellian nightmare.

  19. All Cops Are Bastards.

    We all know that, we all support this message… BUT

    Those guys were LEFTIES… leftie hippy sissy froo froo Obamzelle lovers.

    Even if the police cut them piece by piece and raped their crippled moms with sadistic smiles… i would not care… scratch that.

    I WOULD CARE… I WOULD BE LAUGHING, even the thought of what i wrote makes me LOL

    Mmmmmmmmmmn…. yeaaah

      1. Hatred as an emotion is extremely counter-productive and self-hatred.

        I don’t hate people. I simply express my genuine views toward one particular demography – left wing men and women.

        Let’s not Hate. Let’s Act based on our intents… this is the path to Happiness πŸ™‚

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