Policeman Delivers Flying Head Stomp to Head of Bicyclist in China

Policeman Delivers Flying Head Stomp to Head of Bicyclist in China

This happened earlier today in the city of Yan’an (延安), Shanbei region, Shaanxi province, China. Tensions of sorts arose between municipal policemen and a group of bicyclists and lead to a physical altercation during which the fattest of the policemen delivered a flying head stomp to one of the bicyclists.

The whole fight looked rather gay, which is odd cause I always used to think that the Chinese knew Kung Fu, but I am yet to see a street fight from China that wouldn’t be anything but a complete embarrassment to the Shaolin monks. Pretty tittied girl in yellow ends up on the ground at the end of the video too – not sure what happened to her.

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42 thoughts on “Policeman Delivers Flying Head Stomp to Head of Bicyclist in China”

    1. once Shaolin monks were staying in the hotel across the road from me while they were doing shows here. I could watch them come and go from desk. A load of them came out to play football/soccer at the park and one of them was trying to spin the ball on his finger. He just couldn’t do it, I was so shocked, I always thought Shaolin monks could do anything.

  1. Nowadays, the police violently go over the top with his official position. Police Academy, what fuck? Do you check people’s psyche before allowing the service? I should do a stuffed animal from this cop ….

    1. Those are not police. They were not wearing police uniform. Those people are called 城管, showed on the van in the background. Literal translation is “city management”, they are more like security guards. They are just thugs that anyone can hire. They are probably just just trying to extort a fine or confiscate the bikes for themselves.

  2. In the Jackie Chan movies the fat dragon, Sammo Hung, always resorts to underhanded tactics.

    As far as every Chinese person knowing martial arts goes, it is mostly a myth I am sorry to say. I too grew up on Hong Kong martial arts movies where everyone in the street would kick the shit out of each other for no apparent reason other than to show of their skills.

    It was somewhat sad when I lived in Hong Kong and saw no Gung Fu street battles, I saw no one hanging from clock tower faces or anyone hanging from a bus with an umbrella, you only get gung fu schools with students and they do not do battle in the street, to my knowledge anyway.

    What a shame.

    1. @empty…”Hong Kong martial arts movies where everyone in the street would kick the shit out of each other for no apparent reason”…you brought back such vivid images of my childhood THANKS 😀

  3. I was a cyclist & the level of elitist arrogance these fucktards in the US have is ridiculous. I have the good fortune to live in a scenic suburban town, and every spring/summer I have to deal with these POS’s riding down the road side by side 4 or 5 across blocking the entire road. Just once, I would love to have these douchebags behind me, to execute a well deserved brake check. After seeing this, I’d rather have this cop as my “trunk monkey” and have him dole out this punishment instead.

  4. The girl probably gonna claim one of them raped her. 😀

    Anyway I get cops are people to and can get mad, because we don’t know why this happened I can’t say if the guy deserved it. I mean he could have been a total asshole. But form the info we have the cop definetly reacted the wrong way.

  5. These stupid drunken beasts are not Policemen. They are some kind of city supervision crap called Cheng Guan, whom generally were low educated
    savages resolving things with their primal desires.

    On the other hand, they are not armed, however they need to “manage” the streets off illegal vendors etc. so while they are not intelligent enough to use their language and codecs, they deal with it with the old fashion way.

    Wikipedia link about the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau:

  6. Usual tatics by local Chinese government while this kind of shit hits the fan is to blame the perpetrator is not an actual employee of the so called “City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau” but rather some dude they hired on a temporary/short contract. And you know what, that’s exactly the excuse what Yan’an government used after this vid went viral on Chinese cyberspace. Right now, the fat thug is doing time in a prison cell, but he might be a regular already before he got that uniform.

  7. Maybe he stomped the chick on the ground at the end also. Maybe he has some kind of stomping compulsion he can’t control when he gets angry, you know like that dude that turns green and gets huge but never rips his pants.

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