Prisoners Beaten with Baseball Bat by National Guards in Venezuela

Prisoners Beaten with Baseball Bat by National Guards in Venezuela

I find this type of abuse of authority upsetting. There is usually no sense of concept in videos like this one so we don’t know who is guilty and of what. The only thing that is known is that the receivers of the beating are prisoners and the abusers are Guardias Nacionales (National Guards). If the prisoners committed exceptionally heinous crime, then teaching them a lesson could be a way to go, but where is a line going to be drawn? A guard who tasted the joys of being a god for a moment, whereas life of another human being was completely and entirely in his hands and he decided his fate, is a guard who will want to feel like god again.

The fact that they also resort to public humiliation of prisoners by making them bare their bottoms in front of a whole group of guards only makes it sadder and sicker. A gang of sadistic clowns is a gang of sadistic clowns and it matters little if they’re prisoners or guards. I’d hate to imagine what a man who beats another by destroying his naked ass with a baseball bat is like with his wife and kids. He’s used to tough guys not being allowed to talk back to him or he beats the living shit out of them.

There is a difference between a punishment and fulfilling the guard’s own personal gratification. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s another video of similar humiliation and abuse of prisoners by guards in Venezuela.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yes lets start with him because even though this is overboard we can’t decide to kill off everybody, it’s only an ass whopping with a bat..! If it were women getting they’re ass beaten for no reason I might have a problem, I love a fine woman’s ass so don’t be beating on them cheeks..

          1. Some kinky people pay big $$ to get beaten up like that guy in this video. Juicy, how about we start a business?

          2. I love the thought of having my own (with a partner) business, so I’m down @JB! I’ve never had so many ideas for a business since i found BG!! Do i do the beating or am i getting beaten?!

  1. I mean, c’mon if your gonna beat ’em like a pinata, at least hang ’em from a tree and put blind folds on. The waythey did it was no fun, no fun at all. But on a serious note, did they deserve it? what did they do? I could only speculate, and that’s where my fun comes in. Hey @juicy hey Louisiana @my next girl, looks good huh, but yes, there has to be a safeword.

    1. Yea Luna- looks good but I prefer some scented oils and a nice paddle! Not quite sure if I’d enjoy a home run style beat down with my panties at my ankles! Plus, I prefer a nice dim room (you know to hide my imperfections and all) and at least a soft blanket on the ground! I mean there’s no way I’d lay on that nasty floor all oiled up! Ooh and the music… Gotta have something freaky playing in the background.. This just didn’t do it for me. Maybe some pink fur on those restraints and a leather whip instead of a bat and I could be feelin’ it a little better…

      1. Don’t tell me what to do, bitch, no music in the background, just your moans of pleasure as I have my way with you, (as you beg for more) , soft blankets, not, how ’bout some thumbtacks and nails while your ass is bein’ spanked with a big ass hand like mine, never mind where the finger wanders

          1. Haha!! Tomorrow is your special day, right @kill?! Tell me I got it right! I searched through about 8 pages worth of posts and comments to make sure and couldn’t find it! 🙁 But I did see where someone had me all figured out- that I’m a black dude from Jersey that’s 46! Bwahaha!! Hadn’t seen that one! Had me lmao too!! 🙂

          2. @Luna- You’re black like me?! According to some dude- JUICY is a black man that’s 46! Haha and another dude had his suspicions! I’m sorry, but that shit made my day! I mean come on bruh- I wasn’t fina get mad about it- those my fellow BG niggas after all! Lol. People are funny!

  2. I don’t even know what to say. How does one really not have compassion? I mean, I grew up without a bunch of empathy.. Like, no one ever said- “Ooh, Alexa- are you okay?! Are you sad? Do you need a hug?? Its ok to feel scared- its ok to be upset and I love you..” Yet, I don’t think I could EVER inflict pain and suffering on a human. Although I don’t see molesters, etc as human and could very well inflict pain on them. My thing is- how does this guy just batter up and not even show an ounce of a reaction?! I’ll never understand how you could be right there- in the moment, seeing this man getting the shit beat outta him and just continue on. Obviously it can be done, but fuck me- I just don’t understand how some could do this and others (like myself) couldn’t..

    1. Ok, I?ll try to ease your mind a lil`.
      5% of us humans have a congenital braindamage, which cause a almost complete lack of empathy and a narcistic personality. Those people see us “Normals” as holograms, that are just for own usage for them and easy to erase. Many people think, that psychopaths are just those low life serialkillers etc, but thats horibbly wrong. Those are failed psychopaths. The succesful ones are ruling over us, that?s why the world is so fucked up. Their psychological magnetism hypnotizes receptive and weak minds to do the worst deeds. Its like a mind virus of evil, that has infected a great portion of humanity.
      The essential 5% who use their minions against us, are very aware of our emotional stirrings and its a piece of cake for them to trigger the right ones. They?ve studied us like a cold lizzard. The knowledge about those facts is being opressed, cause its the only way to unmask and marginalize those bastards from any influencial positions.
      Source : Political Ponerology from Lukasz Lobaczewski (a polish psychiatrist who lived in the communist era there).

  3. An abusive authority figure with a family probably has no problem taking shit from his / her spouse and kids, because that authority figure knows that the anger built up on the home front can be taken out on poor chaps like in this video the next day at work. That would be the safest thing to do if you want to maintain a reputable demeanor for when you get busted abusing your power. Unless some jackass is filming you do it like in this video………

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