Prisoners Stripped Naked, Lined Up and Beaten with Baseball Bat in Venezuela

Prisoners Stripped Naked, Lined Up and Beaten with Baseball Bat in Venezuela

I shared my thoughts on what I thought about severe mistreatment of prisoners in the previously published post with the video of two prisoners beaten with a baseball bat by a National Guard in Venezuela. I hate criminals just as much as the next guy and for some of them, this wouldn’t even be a sufficient punishment, but with so many videos out of Venezuela whereas prison guards brutally beat the shit out of the inmates, I suspect strong ulterior motives whereas the guards beat the men who can’t fight back for personal gratification. Added humiliation doesn’t lesser the suspicion one bit.

The whole situation gets even worse if you consider that we don’t know what exactly these men are in prison for. It could be for a heinous crime, but it also could be because they exposed a crooked politician who in turn abused the state of corruption in the country and retaliated by having the usurper jailed and tortured in jail.

In this video, prison guards had the inmates stripped and line against the wall. One after another they posed themselves in front of the batter who delivered full on blows to their buttocks. A blow on bare ass hurts like a motherfucker, a full power swing with a baseball bat, or a few of them – beyond brutal.

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49 thoughts on “Prisoners Stripped Naked, Lined Up and Beaten with Baseball Bat in Venezuela”

  1. “Smack!” “Smack!” Next!! “Smack!” “Smack!” Next!! …that needs to happen to the the Congress, both houses of the Senate and on through to the Top of the Nobomba Abombination regime.

    1. Whether it’s disciplinary or not, it’s still sadistic abuse.

      However, they were all crouched down in a line, and then when it was their turn, they assumed the position (sans pants), took their beating, then crouched back down. The assembly-line ease of it all reeks of routine. Everyone knew what to do, how to stand, and when to try to “disappear” again. No-one cried out or jumped like in the other Venezuela videos. These guys know the drill. This is a regular occurance.

      Now what I don’t understand is why no-one gives a fuck. There are so many videos like this from this country… but no-one gives a fuck. If this happened in an “important” country’s jail – like in the US or England or Australia – there would be absolute chaos. But Venezuela? Meh, who gives a fuck. 馃檨

        1. definitely punishment, at 1.34 the guy only takes one wack, crouched back down before the 2nd was given. there deffo some order in this chaos.. Fuck i was cained at school and that hurt. i couldn’t begin to imagine that pain.

    1. Yeah, spotted that and, also, they didn’t wipe the bat between prisoners.

      My next paper ‘Baseball bats demonstrated as a significant vector in the transmission of Pthirus pubis and other sexually transmitted infections’.

  2. It’s an assembly line of ass whippings. I’d rather take a quick beating then time in jail but having both would suck. Think the guard is just trying to improve on his batting.

    1. It is an assembly line, good point. It is like a daily routine and they are all very obedient. This is no substitute for prison time, it is part of their prison sentence. You are right, it sucks.

  3. this should be American prisons. the prisoners should be terrified of the guards, not the other way around. murderers and rapists should be beaten half to death upon entry. people sentenced to death should be executed within hours, not decades.

    1. I’ve never been sent to jail or prison despite the “crimes” I have committed. as far as those jailed for exposing the truth, well, you can’t fight battles like that directly. it has to be done behind the scenes. infiltrate like a virus, directly attaking an opponent you can’t beat is foolish.

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