Prisoner in Venezuela Stripped Naked and Brutally Beaten with Wooden Plank

Prisoner in Venezuela Stripped Naked and Brutally Beaten with Wooden Plank

Latin America seems to breed some of the most fucked up shit ever. Brutal prisoner torture used to be the domain of Egypt, but Venezuela, that one country that tries super hard to keep up with Brazil seems to be catching up.

The video below shows the Venezuelan prison guards brutally beating humiliated prisoner with wooden plank (looks like one of those dimensional lumbers that are cut to scale for use in construction). The prisoner was stripped naked and lined against the prison wall with guards destroying his ass cheeks with ruthless force utilizing said wooden plank.

The conversation among the guards implies that the prisoner who’s being tortures may have stolen sugar from one of the guards. His punishment was 10 strikes with a wooden plank on naked ass. Twinky behind the camera seems to be having himself a good time filming the man being brutally beaten. Beating starts really badly, but gets worse and more painful with each strike. Second prison guard to deliver the strikes takes some mighty swings to hit already tender muscle exceptionally hard. Given the giggles of the guards, it almost seems as though the beating was performed for their personal gratification.

Venezuela is fucked up. But in a country like that, the ass they beat down today could be the ass they will be kissing tomorrow.

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34 thoughts on “Prisoner in Venezuela Stripped Naked and Brutally Beaten with Wooden Plank”

  1. Two different guys getting the CRAP beaten outa their arses. first got 6, second one got 2. They got a couple of swats on the head for movin around too much.

    those guards were getting some jollies from this for sure.

    I hope they commit some crime and go to the same prison. I’ll wager they’d be the block ho in no time. Would serve them right.

  2. Being surrounded by men in uniform holding tools with camera and action all aimed on me… I’d be so hard.

    REGARDLESS though, this video reminds me of the Stanford Prison Experiment
    Wearing a uniform makes the guards feel united, even more so because the naked men are not wearing anything (duh). Not only does it make them feel united, it also makes them feel superior. When you see others as different than you, it’s easy to see them as less than you as well. That’s why they can laugh when they’re hitting the prisoners; they really don’t realize what they’re doing.

  3. they just were playing basseball i know because i speak spanish, dude is recording was saying strike one like bassebal and then he said gone it gone like when manny ramirez connect s a home ru, and the naked guys are rats the cops juts were doing his job.

  4. Would also love to see those two boys slowly getting hanged by the neck… watch them twitching and gettin a boner, in the end squirting a good final load of cum… mhhhmmmm

  5. ha i’m from venezuela, i had to leave the country cause of robbers and murderers. they got beaten yeah, it’s illigal yeah, but you know how many people get killed just in caracas over the weekend each week? around 25 (just in caracas, and i have to remark the every weekend part). violent murders, usually to rob people. And the police said at the end “eso es pa que sigan robando aqui en caña de azucar”, that means like that’s what you get for keep stealing here in “caña de azucar” (some town or something).
    so this is just a rant because I hate them, fucking robbers, murderers, fuck them. too bad there’s no death penalty on venezuela, fuck them really

  6. They all can go to hell !
    Even is a prisoner, they have no right to hit them and make fun of it.
    They’re pained as hell, and they treat it as a joke???
    This is NOT funny at all. Screw them all ! A bunch son of a bitch !!!!!!!!

  7. Fuck the Venezuela!!!
    I hate this so so much, why don’t they stripped naked and lined against the prison wall , and let me send EVERY SINGLE ONE of them straight away to hell.
    That’s so not right to do that !!!!!

  8. That’s humiliating man…..kinda have to give the 2nd criminal props. Took his first hit like it was nothing. Didn’t even get teased with wimpy shots like the first guy was.

    What they should have done is every time they were ready to be spanked, hands against the wall, feet flat on the floor, legs a few feet apart.

  9. Prison and this punishment is part of their judicial process in Venezuela. I have seen a number of these videos and read the articles about doing prison time in Venezuela. It is not corporal punishment or prison, it is both. Being stripped naked is part of the humiliation and helplessness of the inmates in the Venezuelan prison system as they are regularly whipped and beaten as part of their punishment. I am not taking my next vacation there.

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