Rapist Lynched, Violated with Bottle and Hanged Upside Down from a Tree

Rapist Lynched, Violated with Bottle and Hanged Upside Down from a Tree

These photos are from Oaxaca in Mexico. The report I got is a little bit sketchy, but from what I could gather, this fellow attempted to rape a young teacher who screamed after he entered her bedroom which attracted the attention of the neighbors who lynched the perpetrator’s ass, violated him with a glass bottle, hanged him upside down from a tree and beat him bloody with sticks. They wanted to cut him up and leave him there hanging and bleeding until he died, but the police showed up and rescued him.

The would be rapist was identified as 47 year old José Peláez Flores, leader of the movement the meaning of which I could not find a suitable translation for (Movimiento Unificador y Lucha Triqui). His would be victim was 24 year old Maria Cristina Pacheco Morales. She was sleeping in her home when the perpetrator broke into her bedroom and started to tear her clothes off.

Maria Cristina Pacheco Morales woke up and started screaming and kicking like a rabid skunk and ran outside, waking whole neighborhood up. A few minutes later, majority of the inhabitants of the Emiliano Zapata suburb were all up in arms and caught the perpetrator while drooling over the premise of having someone to lynch.

Maria said the rapist wanted to take her virginity – somehow I’m having troubles believing that there is a 24 year old Mexican virgin. I’d say the same if her age was half that, but at 24??? Yeah, right!

The lynch mob stuffed glass bottle up rapist’s ass and beat him up so bad he was bathing in blood but since he just wouldn’t die, they hanged him upside down with an intention to leave him to helplessly bleed to death. But then the authorities showed up, rescued him and took him to a hospital in Cuicatlán.

Doctors said he was already on the brink of death with multiple fractures of the skull, cracked jaw, broken ribs and shattered legs. His internal bleeding was so severe, it required multiple operations to patch him back together. The glass bottle the lynch mob forced up his ass tore the ligaments of his anus almost beyond repair. The 24 year old Mexican virgin now has multiple Mexican cocks to thank for their service.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I’ve done the group thing. Two girls one guy, three girls one guy, three girls three guys, two girls two guys, but the most fun was me and two guys. So fun I had to try it thrice.hehe. But I never had two items in the same orafice. Let alone in my back door! To each her own I guess. But I can still OBSERVE these practices.

      1. A good friend of mine wanted me to join her and her bf in a 2 cock style threesome, but I refused the offer. Before you call me a faggot, I had a good reason>>>
        No I didn’t. know that I think of it… I fucked up. Looks like I’m sticking to the right hand and the occasional desperate 6/10 girl.

        1. @1cup you are my kind of girl. I dated a girl who was a dancer and she turned me on to the multiple partner life style. Best part she was not into having sex with other dude’s (she is bisexual),only girl’s. All my fantasy’s and some i couldn’t have thought up were reality for 5 years. That was the best 5 yrs of my life. Your man most truly be a happy camper!

          1. I stop playin around like that years ago. Now I just keep it to one guy at a time. When you get older (36) things start to not hang right on people and there’s only so many saggy balls I want to keep track of.

    1. The Latinos are the only people on earth that names their sons ‘Jesus’ (pronounced like Hay-Seuss).

      But let me ask you guys. Why wasn’t Jesus Christ born in Mexico….

      God couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin over there.

    2. Well man, l’m truly sorry if you can’t find decent women in your country, apparently you are just used to whores like Amanda Todd, and that other bitch who slept with half of the team. lt is weird, but here in Oaxaca there are some small villages in which they have customs and traditions where lf you are to marry some woman, first you have to throw party ;almost all of the villagers assist, and the bride wears a white dress and the groom all he does that day is bragging about how cute his woman is and how proud they are. But the only problem is that the bride is expected to be a virgin for the people , including the family, and of course the groom. At night, the couple go to their love-nest and start doing their thing. But people wait outside the house looking at the window for a signal. After a while, lf the bride was a virgin, the groom celebrates jumping, screaming and returns to the people to continue the celebration, drinking tequila or mescal, ,,and the party goes on for a week or more. But, if after the a while, the groom doesnt make a big deal of it, it means the bride was not a virgin, then he returns to the people with his head down, and grabs a bottle of tequila or Mescal, and goes to the closest bar to get drunk and forget about it as soon as possible. Then the bride is taken back to her house and of course now everybody thinks she is a slut, or a lier, and has to live ashamed, the party is cancelled imediately. In other cases, if the woman is sincere, she just discuss the matter with his boyfriend before they get married, and they agree to celebrate and do things normally during the party, and hope to live happy and together for the rest of their miserable lives xD … Well, some people are very chatolic here in Mexico, and one of the first things they are taught is to avoid becoming a whore, a man-whore xD. But of course, most people dont give a shit and do the opposite. Well, i’m just telling, although it is not normal, it is not that weird being a virgin at the age of 25 in here. Personally, l dont care if the woman I am to marry used to be a slut, as long as l love her and she does the same, that is all that matters, to me, we are not perfect and the world full of shit we live in is not either.

      1. I really enjoyed you’re story except for the poor slut’s who live in shame afterwords simply because they tried some dick before marriage. Is it possible they might send the good looking sluts over to the States by chance? I’m talking about recent one’s, nobody gives a shit about an old slut. The one’s in their early 20’s would be perfect. And please notify you’re fellow Gore members because we would like first dibs. Okay…great and thanks again for that charming story

      2. I really enjoyed your story except for the treatment of these poor slut’s. I’m thinking they should be sent here to the State’s instead. We have a saying that goes like this “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. American men like their women with a little experience, better blow jobs for one thing. That’s always a plus. Its pretty shitty treatment your people are handing out simply because they tried some dick. Now i’m requesting we here at Best Gore get first dibs, and only send the good looking younger girls. We hate old fucking whores. Thanks in advance

  1. The Legal age of consent of there is 12…. it is legal to have sex with a 12 year old girl over there in Mexico.
    What a vile sickpeople, I’m not even counting the hacked up limb and torso yet.

    1. Fuck off dude , When you are not hating on Black people , you love to mess with Mexican, or Russian. First do some research before you open your dirty mouth. Even some douche singer wanna be who fucked a 16 year-old woman had to do 1 year in prison. You are full of shit Hawk, so we always expect shit coming out of your mouth. l would like to meet you to find out if you are really though , or you are only a keyboard bitch.

      1. @asinya

        Sorry to break it to you but that was not consented any sexual relations that are not consented are illegal pretty much here is common to see 13-14year old’s + with guys in their 20’s & 30’s when both families are okay with it, it’s not illegal pendejo fuck off


        we’re vile & sick thank you for the complitment :mrgreen:

        1. Jesus, you fuck off Malinche. I dont give a shit if you are willing to turn your 12-year-old daughter/ sister or niece into a whore. Consent sex? Piss off dude, for people like you there are rapist and childmolesters all over the world. What the fuck is wrong with you, are you so fucking ugly and ignorant that you cannot get yourself a decent grown up woman?

          1. most 12 year olds & up + are skanks and whores already if you have not noticed, you wanna live like americunts & their sheep mentality laws thinking a girl magically becomes a woman when she turns 18? then it’s your call but don’t ruin it for everyone else.. in the end no one is breaking any law when you are in a serious relationship plus se te olvida una mujer cuando sangra, le salen pelos en la panocha y sus pechos le crecen ya no es una ni?a so don’t come at me with that rapist bullshit if you don’t like it make the governors change their laws up to 16-17-18 just like gringolandia.

  2. Ahhhh, poetic justice. He wanted to force his cock into a unwilling woman’s vagina and in return he got a bottle forced into his unwilling asshole, the rapist in effect got raped. Could it be that, just like his anal virginity, his raping days are over.

  3. No! This happens in real life!? but whhyy!!???
    look at the grass, the dirt… look how they taint the soil! Sweat and blood on the very rock that makes it possible for us to enjoy our masochist-limousine bouquets, wearing strings made from brass copper! fuck that! Fuck that establishment, its not a lishment and certainly not a estab. hypocritical palm trees, fuck my life.

  4. Mexicans don’t fuck about do they. Good on them and I don’t think he’ll be trying to rape anyone anytime soon.
    This is how it should be for rapist and paedophiles……beat them, stick a broken bottle up their dirty arse hole and hang the fucker upside down to bleed to death.
    Job done.

    1. What about when the pedophile is a woman? Would you agree to her being raped in the ass and pussy by an outraged mob and then being strangled? Or does the sex of the molester (must be a male) decide the punishment instead of their crime against a child?

    1. Too right. And I’m glad for mob justice here. If the dude is a scum bag i.e. a rapist and the cops haven’t got him yet then they should fuck him up. I don’t agree with everything on here but people definitely need to stand up to the shit bags of the world and and shove them back up the ass from whence they came.

  5. There are a lot of very devout young Catholic Mexican women, Mark. I myself knew a 78 year old virgin jailhouse librarian in Virginia Beach who wasnt even Catholic. There really is a such thing as a decent womwen, whether you believe that or not. The cocksucker got what he deserved.

    Dominance is not being a swaggering, cocky bully of women, hating them for whatever reason a man might have.

    Visit alt.com’s more established chat rooms & blogs to learn what true dominance is, & talk to the more established Masters there if you cant get to a real time BDSM group locally.

    1. Yeah, that librarian you knew – we all know them as LESBIANS. You may think of them as “devout” or “proper” but it’s not normal for a woman to go without sex like that unless dick is not what they’re after. I have known 24-year old women (and older) who were virgins, but let’s just say there was a reason for it. Because no man with two eyes would want to hit it. Which is pretty bad considering some of the beasts I’ve seen juggling more dick than they know what to do with.

  6. Well she was pissed. If she didn’t say she was a virgin, then they would’ve called her a whore (which she probably just is anyway) and then she’d be just another Mexican whore. And the guy would’ve walked. But if she’s a virgin, then suddenly the crowd’s on her side. You see, in Mexico you’re either a virgin or a whore, there’s no such thing as a normal 24-year old woman getting raped. There’s a 24 year old nymphette getting what she asked for or a 24-year old virgin, deflowered and soiled forever more. You can’t have it both ways.

  7. Damn looks like the tables were turned in a big fucking way. Dirty bastard came to wreck her life and literally had his ass handed to him. P.t.s.d is going to be bitch. He got what he wanted . Penitration he’ll remember 4 ever and ever and ever oh and every time he shits , or changes his colostomy bag.. Lol ;-*

  8. Now WHY Can’t the same punishment be dished out here in New Zealand? It seems like the Degenerates seem to get pampered and mollycoddled. Our system SUCKS ASS! I Fully support such punishment to each and every dirty motherfucker.

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