Rednecks vs Blacks Fist Fight at a Tailgate Party

Rednecks vs Blacks Fist Fight at a Tailgate Party

Bunch of rednecks, blacks and a whole whack of future single mothers held a tailgate party somewhere in rural USA (where’s the music?) and as more and more alcohol was being consumed, smartheads started to get into each other’s face. Eventually the shit hit the fan and a fist fight broke out, predominantly involving rednecks battling off the blacks.

Dozens of punches were thrown, I don’t think a single one actually landed, but it’s the intent that counts, right? I’m not even sure of the outcome cause it looked all kinds of weird in the bushes. And of course, it was filmed by an Iphone owner who held the camera the wrong way the whole time.

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video:

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131 thoughts on “Rednecks vs Blacks Fist Fight at a Tailgate Party”

      1. So to get this straight, “real men” just plonk each other on the head with their fists until of them can’t get up anymore, or something along those lines?

        And what’s the prize or whatever they have at those fist fights? Do they have to do this until they win the love of a girl who is standing nearby? Or does the winner get to drive in the loser’s car?

        I’m having a hard time if understanding the concept of fist fights.

        1. No, they fight until they inflict enough pain to the opponent. The no attacking the nuts is a gentlemens agreement, since i kick you in the nuts you kick me and nobody wants that, kick in the nuts is the equivalent of a nuclear weapon, its effective but the side effects are big.

          1. LOL…everything is allowed in a fistfight, when i fistfight it only takes a few seconds…when the guy is in your face you just lift your hand in front of your body (he wont see because he is busy yelling at and in your face) and poke him in the throat. Works every time…lol.

          1. “Fair Fight” is for boxers in a sanctioned match, there is no such thing in the streets, you do what you need to in order to stop the attack. If someone attacks you in the street, then they get what they deserve, but it help to point out to the police that you “tried to use only the necessary force needed to flee from the assault”.

        2. there is no rules to fighting. but if you do something suspect, then it is fair game for the other guy to take a cheap shot. the only rule I live by, is to stop only when the other guy has given up. if it takes a kick in the groin, better his than mine.

        3. it is one of the unwritten rules. Say you have a disagreement at a bar over a girl and it ends up as a “heated discussion” in the parking lot. Nut shots, or anything ultra-violent is frowned upon.

          The people who will resort to that sort of thing are those who are small and unskilled in fighting. I have never advised a woman to fight according to gentlemans rules or to throw a proper punch. I would always tell her to be as violent as she possibly could. To hold her car key between her fingers and punch him in the eye with it. Small guys are also notorious for resorting to that sort of things because their odds of winning w/o the cheap shots are small. Also need to be careful resorting to that sort of thing if you are a guy, because the gentleman’s code also calls for everyone else to stand aside and let the two combatants work it out. Gouge and eye or kick in the nuts, then all bets are off and his friends can and probably will jump in.

          But like someone above said, real men, who have some experience fighting, won’t take a cheap shot if it is just a garden variety squabble

        4. I just read your comment in Peter Griffins voice in my head! It’s hilarious how that sounds!

          Anyway the prize is your pride! It’s kinda like when animals fight … the alpha gets laid and all the food while the omega starves to death … but in our case as humans you as the winner of the fight, hurt the other one’s vanity, so basically nothing to win in such fights other than some bruises!

          Regards CAD_89!

          1. It didn’t even occur to me to read my comment in Peter Griffin’s voice and it does sound a bit funny. LOL.

            Anywho, I don’t frequent bars and never had to fight over a girl either.

            I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but do we have folks here on BG that do that kind of shit…? Like plonking other dudes on the head for the heck of it, for “fun”…?

            Why can’t people just make tender, sweet love to each other and get their aggression out that way instead of acting like monkeys in the streets?

            It just looks so… uncivilized.

      2. and i will gladly kick you in the balls and then beat you until your no longer a threat.
        I hate violence and will never start it but if someone forces me into a fight i wont play by your faggot rules. I will do anything that gives me a tactical advantage

      3. When in a fight with an African, you do whatever you have to do so you are never at his mercy. Ever.

        Why? Because he will stomp on your head first chance he gets. He will boot you in the head first chance he gets. And if there happens to be other Africans around, they’ll do the same, most like.

        Why? Because they have no self-control. Once they get the battle-lust, nothing but ultimate defeat will suffice either for him, or for you.

        Though, if you fight an African with other Africans around, you’re screwed anyway. They’ll all jump in if you get the better of him, and they’ll all jump in if he gets the better of you. Just a bad situation and you take the loss for even putting yourself in that position.

        Whenever engaging an African in a fight or argument, never take your eyes off him. He is predisposed to sneak attacking (sucker punching) you. Best thing you can do, is start the fight asap on your terms.

        And don’t fight with honor, he will not. Fight him as if you are fighting an unintelligent animal looking to kill you.

        1. definitely to destroy a niggers reproductive organs save the rest of us a lot of money. he will no longer be able to hump on any and every female of his species and create multiple bastard offspring that we will have to feed,house,clothe, and waste money on a feeble attempt to educate someone who either doesn’t want or lacks mental capacity to be educated. i make this statement recognizing that there is a huge difference between a nigger and a black man. unfortunately only 10% of African-Americans are black men (usually found in the armed forces) and 90% are niggers.

      1. So what we see here is an “unreal” or “fake” fight because both sides want to get hurt?

        So, these people that do these “fist fights” are they like cutters or masochists that just get off getting hurt to the point of passing out?

        I’ve had people getting in my face a few times who probably were about to kick my ass but I just walked away swiftly. Is that against the rules? Did I hurt their feelings?

        1. you must be bullshiting, youve really never been in a fist fight? how old are you? and no1 has ever pissed you off enuff to just wanna smash their face in. fist fights are the norm where im from, you win some you lose some. when you lose you learn from what went wrong and adjust for it next time. ive had my nose broken(still fucked up to this day cuz i never got it fixed, split eyebrow, broken elbow but ive also dished out somd broken noses and split eyebrows. a fist fight every now and then is good for you

          1. Seriously, almost 40 years old, never had a fist fight. You make me feel inferior because I never have been hurt by someone else’s fist.

            Of course people piss me off, pretty much on an hourly basis. Maybe I’m just such a pro dealing with anger that I won’t resort to smashing people’s faces in, who knows.

            I lived most of my live in Germany, where it’s pretty civilized unless you are looking for trouble and piss people off especially when you’re drunk.

            Since I’m not a great fan of violence (towards me) and I’m also not a drinker I don’t put myself willingly into situations where I’m exposed to such folks that look for fights.

            You say that I couldn’t kick someone in the balls if I’m being attacked because it would “piss them off”. Aren’t people already pissed off when they start a fist fight? Why else would they start fighting if they are not pissed off? How would it make a difference? So there is this “gentleman rule” that you can hurt each others head (brain included) but you cannot hit each other where it really hurts?

            Sorry, I don’t understand. Please don’t start a fist fight with me. *causally walking along*

      2. I agree with empty. Hell I was in a sanctioned fight of sorts…it was a karate match when I was twelve, I kicked one way, the fourteen year old girl i was going against broke the rules and kicked me in the jewels, and lefty was pinned between cup and pelvis. Hence, my name. Since then any and all rules are out the window. There are no such things as cheaters in a fight – only winners and losers.

        1. i couldnt reply on the other coment so i had tp do it here,yea your right some1 is already pissed if they are fighting but what im sayin is that if ypu do kick em in the balls it might escalde the violince that they are using toward you meaning that weapons might be used then ya kno like they are thinkin he did some bitch shit ill show him

          1. I see. Well The kick in the nuts or the good ol’ eye gouging isn’t intended to put the fight onto a “next” level. It’s a response to get the fuck out of the situation and run away.

            I don’t want to fight and I will do anything to get an opportunity to end it asap so I can get the fuck out with the least possible injuries.

    1. @klonker. a good square punch to the nose will blind or at least disoritent your opponent long enough for you to haul a haymaker into their fucking stomach….the only trick is being able to connect, which can be difficult when you are drunk….so there really is no need to go for the nuts because if you miss you’ll just look stupid as shit so your better off just rushing into him grappling him to the ground and giving him a swift kick to the jaw…goodnight ….speed is important in a fight more so than size.
      but if you know you don’t have a shot and he wont listen to reason then you gotta do what you gotta do.

        1. Obliterator, my savior! Well thank you very much good sir for educating me on this topic. I am interested and eager to learn.

          I always thought that in this day and age it’s common knowledge that once you get attacked in public places you can resort to Krav Maga responses in order to defend yourself and get out of a situation.

          I don’t want trouble, I’m a happy camper. If someone corners me and wants to have his way I will not give a damn fuck about his balls, eyes or windpipe.

          Correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that untrained punches to the head don’t usually have a great effectiveness (as seen in the video above).

          Of course people can get knocked out cold if the puncher knows exactly what he is doing.

          But in cases like it was shown in the video I don’t get why they keep roughing around instead of just kicking each others guts out.

          It just looks like some sort of recreational way of killing time. Again, I don’t get it.

          1. well, i’m also making it sound easier than it actually is. I’ve had my ass handed to me a few times, too. these guys are wasted, though…you can tell by their wide-ass swings. yeah, dude the only real rule in a fight…is to win 馃榾 because you do not want your girl to be with you when when you get your ass kicked, that is a humiliating experience.

          2. klonker, your obviously a logical person. i like to think i’m a logical person as well. i understand that you’ve never been in a fist fight. and i feel safe in assuming that you’ve had little to no experience dealing with american niggers, you’ve most likely have only encounter black men. i say this because i know a lot of black american service men serve in your country and chose to live there after their service ends because they don’t want to come back home and have to deal with niggers. with all that said, your attempting to apply logic to something where logic has no place. when dealing with a combatant nigger logic will get you injured if not killed. you must treat a combative nigger like a wild dog, because a wild dog and a nigger operate on the same intelligence level. so you must put them down as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible so that you have plenty of energy and strength left to deal with the other pack members of their species who will definitely attack just like a pack of wild dogs. so, in closing you must never apply logic when interacting with niggers, it is futile, and will get you hurt. never under estimate the lack of logic (intelligence),class, and animalistic behavior of a nigger. you should be grateful that you live in a civilized country like germany. and please don’t allow what’s happening in sweden (immigration of savages) to happen in your homeland.

    2. I don’t see how you go through life and not hit at least a few people. When you get in an argument with someone next time just slap the piss out of them, and you’ll feel awesome. That is of course if he doesn’t kick your ass, hold you down and repeatedly slap you back to redeem himself. Slammin your foot into someones crotch should be the last thing that should be on your mind, unless you’re getting your ass kicked real bad, or more than one person is on your ass. Keep in mind, that if you ever got jumped by a bunch of fat chicks, you could always kick them right in the pussy, seeing how there is no set rule on fighting women.

          1. I don’t know about that. Look how the Africans move and sway. That’s primate level.

            Makes sense, though doesn’t it? They are the closet humans to our primate cousins.

          2. They all don’t look very sophisticated but that may be because there is alcohol involved. And alcohol can make any person act wonky.

  1. Why does every fight suddenly break down into a race thing. Since I wasn’t there I can say what started the incident. But their seems to be a thing among races where you always support those of your own skin color. Seems a little shallow when the fight could have been about anything other than race, then again it could have been all about it. Either way their all fucking retards. And was one of those kids wearing a Charlie Sheen shirt?

  2. Knuckledragging shitskin was wearing a belt and still had to pull up his fucking shorts?? Is it part of a routine to pull up your pants/shorts while in a fight? Macfuckingdamn.

  3. What a gay faggoty tear up that was ! The phrase … “Couldnt a hit a cows arse with a Banjo” springs to mind. If you are going to fight then make sure the things on the end of your wrists make contact, rather than flailing about like your swatting flies ! Faggots.

    1. Seriously? This is supposed to be the way to sift out the scum? Wow, I’m sure whoever is left after a fight is going to make sure we have clean, sustainable energy sources and dedicated medical research for the generations to come. NOT.

      1. I live in Texas and get called a redneck on a regular basis. Just because they had on some clothing you can purchase anywhere in the US does not give them the satisfaction of the title.

    1. @it was me. This is the truth.

      I was once married to a redneck (long story) anyway, he was a violent SOB (why did I get involved with someone like that you say? I was very sheltered as a child and was dumb as rocks at age 20). Back to my point, I’ve seen him knock a man out twice his size with one punch without spilling a single drop of his bud lite.

      It was actually a very scary thing to witness. Cause you realize people have to learn to punch like that and you only learn by practice and you only really practice by beating on actual people.

          1. I’m a lover, not a fighter. lol But, I’ve been in a couple of fights, none I started though. If another female puts hands on me, I will defend myself.

          2. Haha. I used to be that way. If it ever got to the point of a fight, I’d just try and trip them and pin them. Didn’t like the sight of blood, and hated the idea of hitting someone hard enough to draw it.

            Then I got my ass beat and my nose broken.

            That was enough of that. Now it’s guns ablazin’ and let the blood fly.

            Of course, that’s a rare thing now that I’m older. I don’t put myself in situations where I have to deal with idiots.

  4. Meh. Soon as I seen Africans there, I would have been gone. I make it a point never to hang around with Africans or Whites who hang around with Africans. This type of stuff always happens. So this was expected.

    Never watched the video, but did any Blacks jump in?

  5. LOL I almost spewed my drink watching this ” fight “. Here is another reason why I don’t drink pass my limit and don’t hang out with a bunch of drunken Frat boys. How embarrasing I didn’t see a single punch actually hit. I never been in a fight before but I could do better than that.

  6. This has probably been noted already above but, I love how the the whites -who majorly outnumber the blacks – just stand around like a bunch of pussies. You can bet if the situation were reversed we would be watching the whites get beaten to death by the mob.

  7. I’ve been a bouncer for 7 years and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been in the middle of this kind of fight involving loads of pencil neck, no dick pansies who go windmilling in but couldn’t hit a barn door with a fucking banjo!

  8. niggers at a white people party if thats not dumb enough they gang up on one dude leave it to a nigger to make sure its not a fair fight .. fucking welfare loving stupid nigs theyll never change

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