Relatives Tear Two Year Old Child Away from Abusive Mother After She Beat Him

Relatives Tear Two Year Old Child Away from Abusive Mother After She Beat Him

According to the (rather sketchy) backinfo I got, this happened in the city of Esteli in Nicaragua. Can anybody confirm, or tell from the accent?

The video, as I understand, shows the relatives of an abusive mother tearing her two year old son away from her. She has been abusive to him since he was born, but that specific night she was apparently beating him so much the residents from the area who were disturbed by the child’s screams, decided to take decisive action and end the abuse once and for all by taking the child away from that puta madre.

Heart gripping video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  4. Well I guess some people are not cut out for parenthood. Then there are some women who can’t have children but wanted some, and would have made brilliant mums.

    Yep, it’s a beautiful world, alright, full of kind, interesting possibilities. Not.

    1. 100% in agreement with you guys. Sickens me to see shit like this when theres people who would give anything to have and love a child. A good majority of people should not be allowed to breed in an attempt to control the rampant spread of the deadly disease we all know as stupidity. Most people these days are infected and need desprately need purification

  5. Poor baby. Sadly in the state I live in the U.S. child services is too busy taking children away from loving parents and not focusing on the bad ones. Hope this little guy ends up recovering from this trauma and has better life. Breaks my heart to see this shit

      1. Bingo. Live in Maine just read an article in the local paper from the town I live in, in Maine where the editor ripped into DHHS for being responsible for that baby girls death. The idiots they have working these cases here can’t even wipe their own asses

    1. It always stay inside and nothing can change that.
      Luckily, our little fellow will be good person with strong empathy, hopefully protected long enough to build it up.

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    1. Google Translated it like this:

      Agents of the National Police’s Judicial Assistance Directorate arrested a teenage 17-year-old girl who was denounced on Facebook by her neighbors for having punched her 11-month-old baby in the face.

      The teenager was detained by the police in the home where she works full time as a home assistant, located in Villa Germany, in the Seven District of Managua.

      The teenager, who is supposed to be from the municipality of San Francisco Libre, also has a three-year-old child.

      Video on Facebook

      The story was known when a person recorded a video and then was shared on Facebook, which shows the blows to the child. It is still unknown what will happen to the baby because apparently the child is a single mother. (eye brows up anyone?)

      Jazmina Muñoz, sister of the employer of the adolescent, indicated that they disclaim responsibility and only once, before the latter, saw that the girl had beaten the 11-month-old boy with a sash and left marks on his legs.

      The investigations of the National Police regarding this case are not known because they have not provided their version.

      The arrested teenager arrived in Managua from the municipality of San Francisco Libre, where she left her first child who is now three years old.

      The young woman came to Managua in search of work supposedly and that is how the relationship with these people that gave her employment arose.

      It is unknown who is the father of the abused 11-month-old baby, but the three-year-old boy meets the paternal family and the detained teenager did not take care of him.

      The population condemned the fact, but behind the case of child abuse, according to clinical psychologist Julio Jimenez, the background of the girl must be known as this may be a reflection of events of violence that may have occurred, although this painful case does not Is justifiable under any circumstances.

      “It is very likely that she is living a circle of violence, it could be the reproduction of violence, but we also have to see that teenage mothers can not deal with babies because of the stress this generates,” said Jimenez.

  8. When I read “abuse went too far” I was picturing an eyeball half popped out like Glenn’s last moments on The Walking Dead, not a child with half a sun burned look being throat hugged by a fat cunt in a moo moo…
    “If you’re gonna do wrong, do wrong right” and listen to Michael “just beat it” or “whip it, and whip it good”
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  9. I can confirm that this is in Nicaragua, I can recognize the accent. Here’s a bit of what they were saying :

    Woman- let him go, let him go, let the boy go

    Woman – you went too far, why would you hit the child in the face?

    Man- she seriously punched his forehead?!

    Man- I’m gonna call the police and you’re going to jail, she wouldn’t release the kid.

    Hope these details help tell the story.

  10. She is just a coward that redirected her frustrations and anger to child.
    -He cries: Beating.
    -He doesn’t understand: Beating.
    -He piss and shit: Nervousness’s and if he cries while she changing a dippers nervously: Beatings.

    That is how it was 100%

  11. What the fuck–
    This kid barely even entered the world and here’s this sorry excuse of a mother coming in beating this child like a punching bag!

    What a cowardly piece of shit, why not try to do that to someone who can actually fight back? I hope she gets a beating 10x worse than what she’s done to that child.

  12. Wow. Harsh watch and that’s saying something on here. Cunt of a mother needs some good old African street justice. Fuck!, I’d even strip the tyres of my own vehicle for this shit bubble. Flame oooon!

  13. I created an account just to comment on this. As the mother of a 2 year old, this churns my stomach. The family and community is almost at fault for allowing this to continue for so long. Just because they finally stepped in doesn’t make them heroes. They stood by and allowed this baby to be beat until it was too much for them to feel comfortable with. If it hadn’t they would’ve continued to allow it. Bravo to them for finally stepping in but shame on them forbl taking so long.

    Secondly, what the fuck does this have to do with feminism? Fuck. Not even feminazism (misandry) is related to this much less feminism/egalitarianism. This has nothing to do with the rights of men or women. It’s the rights and life of a child regardless of sex.

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