Religious Self Flogging (Bloody Self Mutilation) in Philippines – Pics

Religious Self Slogging (Bloody Self Mutilation) in Philippines - Pics

Self Flogging or Self Flagellation is ritually performed in the Philippines during Holy Week (on Good Friday, before Easter). Young men would walk down the streets shirtless, whipping their own backs till blood is drawn and flesh is torn. Self flogging is performed to punish themselves for their own sins committed during the year. Whips used have glass or bamboo tips to ensure each stroke draws blood.

I understand that these men self flog themselves due to religious reasons which makes it hard for me not to use the word “fanatics”. Certain areas of the Philippines, such as Pampanga which was featured by National Geographic’s “Taboo” also involve crucifixion whereas men are actually nailed against the cross and lifted up to suffer the same pain Jesus Christ went through when he was crucified.

In the Philippines, the rituals of Self Flagellation and Crucifixion re-enactments are seen as highest form of faith a man can express. I wonder if it’s still what it was originally intended to be as nowadays these self flogging events are advertised by the Filipino government to draw more foreigners to the country as it is a spectacle most people don’t get to see elsewhere. A tradition, albeit maniacal has been turned into a profitable touristy venture.

Here’s the YouTube video to go with the pictures of self flogging during the Easter Week in the Philippines. The gallery of photos involving people self mutilating themselves and getting crucified as part of their religious ritual is below the video. Christianity has deep roots in the Philippines:

Gallery of a few photos:

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  1. Best Bore = best site ever. Nice wide range of topics, always keeping the site interesting without sticking to the same o’ same o’ all the time. Fucking awesome. Great post, keep it up, Mark.

      1. This is a twisted version of Christianity. I am a Christian, and the foundation of our faith is that Jesus Christ died for our sin so that we could go to heaven. We simply need only to accept the gift of love and sacrifice God gave us. No Christian has to punish themselves for their sins. All one need do is ask God’s forgiveness then God says our sin is as far as the East from the West. Any true, Bible believing Christian, would not participate in self- flogging. For that matter, no true Christian would kill in God’s name either. The most important and most taught rule of the Bible is, “Love thy neighbor.” I am so sick of people thinking they know so much about who Christians are based on very little information or based on what a small few far right extremists say.

  2. I’m a Filipino, and a christian…
    Our priests do not favor these acts. those people did it on their own. Long have our priests voiced out about this that this is very unnecessary.

    The Spanish People introduced christianity to our country long ago which is absolutely not in this manner…

  3. Philippines is Catholic country long before USA Government when Spanish sat camp in Philippines, thats how i got Spanish Middle, when USA toke over mostly got Spanish and US names, and those Christian parade is acceptabel, im self from and born philippines, and yes i think this is a bit weird, so i wonder how much they like the pain when i have a lash and smack their back as hard i could, muhahahaha.

    Breanna: WTF, when are you coming to MSN ๐Ÿ˜€
    Lexy: LOL

  4. I am from the Philippines and yes, it is normal here to see this. This is called the penitensya, or penance. Men who want a clean slate do this. Some even go to great lengths to have themselves crucified.

    I know this looks very foreign to some, but please do meet this matter with an open mind. As much as Westerners look down on cultures “not” their own, I suggest opening up the mind to this and not calling these men fools. They have deeper reasons for doing this and it is not of great prudence to make brutal judgments.

    As much as the Catholic Church here frowns on it, the fact that Catholicism here has been turned to a folk form contributes to this practice persisting. In fact, they do this too in Italy, using nailed clubs.

    It’s part of that mindset that the only way to earn sanctification is through suffering. So, let’s leave it that way. It’s like judging tribes who chop the head off goats when in fact it’s the only way they could survive day to day.

    I have a vid of the penitensya, and I shot it myself while on vacation… here is the link…

    I know the vid is kinda grainy, but this is moving

    1. Im from the Philippines and I read all the nasty talk about the country on best gore but it’s all awesome. I mean, its best gore. I get what they’re saying. It really is a dump in some places. Anyway no one expects to find sweet words in this site.

  5. Bring salt next time. That will make them think twice. Oh, or citrus-y juice. Then again, that pink stuff that the nurses in elementary school used to use on my cuts would probably be just as good for them. It will also clean the wound.

  6. lol!!!! im from the philippines too!!!! magsG relax! filipino’s don’t favor the jackass but they are doing this things for the sake of religion. and even if i am a catholic realigion is not a view to be forced be belived in specially with the filipino youth… they are baptized when they were too young!!! shitty heads of their parent rules!

    Penitensya-is for the weak and unpopular people only! is not even that sick to be posted here…

    maybe if we add some lazy bitches, impaled heads, aborted children and cock sucking MANANG’S(old madamme’s) maybe this will be an attraction to anyone specially the best gore family.

  7. im from the phil. too and these very common to see this is what we called penitensya or penace. on some reasons they just beating them selves just to satisfy them self that all the sins and mistakes that they have made will be forgiven hahahaha how funny but its our culture! im proud to be a filipono!

  8. They do not only flog themselves but wait there’s more, crucifixion (after flogging)! I am a Filipino and a catholic, they do this everytime when the Holy Week starts. They are depicting what Christ have gone through after he was sentenced to death. Well, I don’t really care but enjoy the view Best Gore people. rofl

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