Child Tortured by Man Who Repeatedly Zaps Him with Taser

Child Tortured by Man Who Repeatedly Zaps Him with Taser

CORRECTION: Multiple BG members confirm that this is not a video of a child from the Burma Rohingya Muslim minority group being tasered by an alleged Buddhist Burmese soldier, but rather that the child is from Cambodia and the abuser who tortures the child by repeatedly zapping him/her with a taser is from Vietnam. The scene was reportedly set up and witnessed by a Dutch man, who employs child labor.

Who the hell tortures a defenseless child, removed from the parents, scared and unsure what is going on, just to feel relevant? Any such deplorable act drags the abuser down to the same level as the Jew, and that’s an ultimate insult to anyone’s existence.

Props to Best Gore member @NoDnARb for the video:

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224 thoughts on “Child Tortured by Man Who Repeatedly Zaps Him with Taser”

        1. That’s not what the puppy is for you imbecile. This is a cite which unveils the reality of what goes on in the world. The puppy is for people who can’t stomach the gore and wish to be in denial. If anything this cite should make you better at empathizing not worst. Clearly hasn’t worked on you.

      1. This has got to be one of the things ive seen on here that has profoundly affected me. Absolutely disgraceful and hope he dies the slowest most painful death possible. The last thing to haunt me to this level was the Dusty the cat saga. Vile revolting and inhuman. God help that poor poor child.

    1. You’re wrong. They’re Mexican. The guy is speaking in Spanish and telling the baby to shut up. When the baby falls over he tells him to sit up and stop crying. After that towards the end when the baby looks away the guy says, “Look, it’s your aunt, go with her.”

        1. What a bunch of fucking pussies… it is only a black kid… you lot are acting like it is a white baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes being tortured.

          I would not watch a white girl being tortured but a black kid being tortured is acceptable.

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          2. You are a cunt and a piece of shit. A baby is defenceless and innocent regardless of colour. Get out of your chair, leave the basement, head upstairs and fuck your mother some more you ignorant prick !

    1. nor me, i can’t watch this one, just hope the soldier gets his come uppance and soon, if anyone gets a video of the torturer being stoned by a lynch mob i’d love to see it

    2. actually wish i didnt to be honest but to be fair its just given me more fire to fight for causes that i believe in x i can watch adults bein tortured etc and be over it but this one totally hurt me and stays with me x all the best my love x

    1. Yeah the baby at that age religion to me does not matter, it is shameful and needs to be dealt with …. I think some said to send him to Brazil… yeah 3rd that the guy needs Jello Arm justice so his arms are gone and he is defenseless just like the baby

      Look up jello arm Brazilian prison!!! Enjoy

      1. yes and it could have the scurvy , big dollars! and don’t get me started on legion of disciplinary issues it’s sure to have as evidenced by fact he doesn’t take his shoes off while sitting in his home

      1. Trying to sound all badass by making jacking off comments on Gore sites is so played Freddy…..nobody is shocked, or in awe of how cool and badass you are because you can watch a video and joke about it. It just exposes what a moron you are and that you need to go out a blow your wad on a woman for once. I know that probably seems unattainable, but keep trying. Never give up.

          1. No. I watched no problem. I just don’t try to seek the approval of others and act all badass by lame, overplayed comments. And I blow my wad on women, you should try sometime hahahahaahaha

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  1. Of all the gore and depravity I have seen over the years, I found this particularly difficult to watch. Mostly because it’s inexplicable and inexcusable from every angle. It’s one of those rare videos that had me numb, even shocked. My heart ‘twinged’ with a slight ache every time that child flinched from the shock, and the utter relentlessness of this absolute scumbag of man to cause as much pain and horror to his little body gave me chills and a lingering empty feeling. How can a grown adult man do this to a helpless little child? The worst form of torture humanity has ever conceived, fathomed or carried out needs to be brought forth for this individual and shown for the world to see.

  2. WRONG!!!!! SO FUCKING WRONG!!!!! This kid is Vietnamese! This was taken by a notorious pedophile and his sidekick, another pedophile. The vid is several years old!!!! They bought or kidnapped the child. The authorities used this vid to help convict the serial killers. I do not know the fate of this child.

  3. Karma is going to have fun with this mother fucker. Oh the torturous hell that awaits him, perhaps a small exacto knife, very sharp, to cut beautiful intricate designs in his ball sack. It may take hours

  4. I only condone this behavior if it’s being done to the infamous 2 year old isis lil shit. I always wonder what that lil shit is up to? Giving execution orders at 2. He needs to get the shit zapped out of him

  5. Yes, karma will have a nice time with him, hopefully really soon! Can’t wait to see that one on Gore. As for the heartless fucktards that are making jokes about this, you will too. Too many dumb fucks to weed out on this planet anyway.

    1. Yeah i was expecting some insta-death via shocking, but it does not seem like the baby is in that much pain, i mean if it was high voltage lil’ nigz over here would be fry cooked in a few sec

  6. Fucked up so had to share it. As for being old didn’t know about that. The earliest date for the video was around december 2016. I figured he was asian but oh well I went with what I could find on it which was nothing.

  7. I don’t believe in murder in any case but my God I want to kill this guy several times over after watching this. There’s been nothing I couldn’t stomach here in years, but this one I have to look away from.

    1. @stevebollox yeah my thoughts exactly. let me have this wanker alone in my dungeon for a few hours. I’ve got a collection of electrical devices including a cattle prod that I would love to stick in all the right places. Normally I would require consent but in this fuckwits case I would love to make an exception

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