Roma Thief Tried to Steal from Chinese Women on Train in Italy

Roma Thief Tried to Steal from Chinese Women on Train in Italy

While they are officially known as the Roma People, across Europe they are known simply as Gypsies. The plague that is the Roma has been covered on Best Gore extensively, although here they too were referred to as Gypsies. I believe it is unfair to group them up with all Gypsies, as there are many fine, nomadic Gypsies in countries like Ireland, or USA, where they trade their traditional skills. In contrast, the Romas live solely off rape, murder and plunder.

Like their distant cousins the Jews, the origins of Romas go back to the same geographical region – Khazaria. Jews rape, murder and plunder too, but unlike the Romas, Jews pillage whole nations. Neither Jews, nor Romas can survive on their own, and need a host to leech on. Both are masters of deceptions, perfected by centuries of fine-tuning. As a result, despite being aggressors, the unsuspecting humans are often tricked to see them as victims.

During Communism, the Romas settled in Communist countries, because they were the easiest to exploit. After the fall of Communism, they spread across the rest of Europe, where they operate an intricate network of high profit professional beggars, child prostitutes, white meat traders, drug smugglers, hitmen for hire, and so on.

They are often caught, but since they’re master deceivers, they’re able to cry on demand, and fool victims into feeling sorry for them, and support them until they’re caught abusing the victims again, and the whole cycle continues. Of course, they spice it up for themselves by constantly complaining about being victims of racism, cause you know – being caught robbing someone is an act of racism on behalf of the victim.

But for the Roma thief in the video below, it didn’t work out very well. While on a train in Italy, she tried to steal from female Chinese immigrants. Unlike native Europeans, battered down with Zionist propagated white guilt, the Chinese don’t give a shit and can’t be easily plastered with the Racist label. So these immigrants were actually able to pin her down and hold her to account for her actions.

Likewise, since victims were women, the Roma whore could not play the “rape card” that otherwise never fails in female privilege societies. The Chinese didn’t give a shit about her fake crocodile tears either. Although, as you would expect, they did fool the Italians who thought this poor girl was just hungry and had no other choice. Obviously, it’s hard for them to see her 18-room villa with an S-classe Mercedes in the garage in Romania from Italy.

God bless the Chinese women for not pussying down. More about the Romas, aka Gypsies HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE:

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102 thoughts on “Roma Thief Tried to Steal from Chinese Women on Train in Italy”

      1. Yes and I hate when people do that. You try to fuck someone over and then want to cry and play the victim because you got caught. Those girls went easy on her, I doubt I could’ve held back like they did.

  1. Can I just say the comment made about Irish gypsies being fine people that trade on their skills is complete bullshite . They are scum , robbers and child molesters . Nobody in Ireland likes them nor do we trust them , that’s why they have been forced to travel across Europe and Australia scamming and robbing along the way. The only good gypo is a dead 1 .

    1. I stand corrected then. I guess a gypo will be a gypo, regardless of where he’s from.

      But trust me when I tell you – you’ll love your Gypsies when the Romas finally make a move on Ireland.

      1. Yep I have to agree, Irish travelers tend to be thieving and violent. Having no obvious means of supporting themselves and always being really secretive about how they ‘earn’ their money. They are generally illiterate except they are experts in playing the system.

    2. I have to agree with you on this one @ irishguy30.

      Over here in the UK there are many illegal Gypsy camps full the disgusting inbred fuckheads. There is a gypsy camp not far from me, they live like fucking animals, there are mountains of rubbish piled up, shit and piss all over the place from where they have emptied the caravan toilets. When that place becomes too filthy for them to live there, they will move elsewhere to some nice area and turn then turn that into a fucking dump.

        1. Gypsies ALWAYS win because the stick together. Always.

          Brits will never stick together. Half want to drown the feckers, the other lefty, libertards support and fund the thieving pikey scum. Gypsies are illiterate, inbreds, but still smarter than lefties.

  2. Where was her back up they usually never work alone.
    They are con artists and thieves and good at it and know how to work the system, the chinese woman should of done karate on her that is the only deterrent they understand.

  3. Gypsies, Gypsies, Gypsies. Even the word itself causes the tongue to attack the roof of the mouth in anger, leaving your face in the same end position as if you had just said the word ?Aids?.

    I bet somewhere in the bible it says, ?Even God, in all his infinite wisdom, sometimes had a lazy day and on that day he created gypsies by combining the left over parts from the niggers and Jews?.

    The Gypsies are the bubonic fucking plague. They invade weakened hosts like bloodsucking ticks and then, after slowly consuming the host, jump to the next one to start the cycle all over again.

    There is an easy cure though, just stop putting up with their shit. There are far more indigenous members of a country than there are thieving fucking Gypos and so they can be easily contained and driven out with a bit of indigenous cooperation.

    Let them call you racist, or any other ?ism?, all they want. Wear the term like a badge of honour and just press on because nothing ever changes when you keep standing still and there is nothing more foolish than being prevented from moving forward by a made up word.

    1. I want to know why they got hated this much?.all over the world every nationalities had this kind of scenario but why they got hated thag much? I understand she did wrong but we dont know what pushed her to do this

    1. Not really blayvier, here in England there are all from the same brush that cleans the shit on the street, pikeys gypos call them what you want they would nick off there own grandma given the chance !

  4. The Roma Gypsy’s set up camp at Marble Arch in London. The police move them on, and they simply come back. They pray on the tourists around Oxford Street, who they try and pick pocket and shoplift from the shops. They use the streets as a rubbish dump and toilets and they are generally a bloody nuisance and have no other reason to be in London other to create havoc!

  5. Mega props to the chinese girl, i really loved how she talked to the gypsy shitty being. His Chinese accent was really cool an angry, and she said things as “I don’t fear you”, “fuck you” and so on…
    There was also an Italian woman on the first minute that said her “that’s what you deserve”, after the gypsy stinky shit got some beat up.
    Then I heard an asshole in the background saying something I could translate like “now she (the Chinese girl) is going on the wrong side” ’cause she kept on slapping that bitch.

    I can’t stand that my nation failed so big time in the last 2 decades,being fooled by everyone and showing mercy for pedophiles an murderers that are gonna “miraculously” spend less time in jail than e.g. cannabis growers cultivating for medical reasons and personal use.

  6. Fuck. I’ve to deal with these scumbags every day. An hour ago, i stepped out of my car and saw a group of Cigan leaving their vehicle on the sidewalk and searched for something in the trash. I watched them, until they leaved.

  7. Fucking gypsies… allways trying to play victims… But those chinese are lucky, in here they would be chased by the entire gypsy family with shotguns… They usually hang in groups, just like niggers do… but at least now we know how to get rid of them – bring in more chinese… 😆

  8. I hate seeing shit like this but it makes me happy to live where I do. It’s a small(population 200) farming community with only white people. No murders. No trouble. Only an exploding meth lab every 5 years or so. We’re not backwoods rednecks by any means either, nor are we a bunch of uppity rich folks. Just humble hard working people. I’m not a racist but that doesn’t mean I want to live near anyone that’s filthy… some Blacks, Jews, some Muslims, some Mexicans, etc etc. Every race has its bad apples but damn! I stay with my fianc? in the “city” a lot and the blacks in the apartment building are trash. A bunch of the whites are trash as well. Thank God for country living!

    Never met a gypsy that I know of… but yall can keep them there haha 🙂 Thank you again BG for educating me in the ways of the world.

    1. I share your thankfulness @DirtyDreamDesigner. There’s plenty to be thankful about living in an ethnic free zone. And I too have sampled life in a mixed bag ethnic area… in London in the 90s. I was happy to return to my roots I tell you that mutch.

      Gypsies, or Pikeys, are real scum bags. Professional thieves. They also live like rats. A blot on any landscape they turn up on.

  9. Oh my God how this scum acting: It is so annoying!
    How this gypsy scum pretending to be in shock, abused and shit. Just look at her.
    I am sorry to see this Chinese girl is blocked to beat shit in this shitty gypsy, to learn her a lesson. They understand and respect rules only when forced to them, not by sweet talk. They understand only force.

  10. It’s funny seeing/hearing gooks speaking halfway decent Italian. Tho she said “go fuck my mother”. And the 1 patron said enough of the abuse or he was gonna get involved.just wait for the police. That gypsy was a cute sexy love to smack and choke gently while she rode my Shlong.

  11. Great post, never actually read any article about them before but had my fair share of run-ins with the shower of degenerate scum. You summed them up perfect Acneska. They are a fucked up obsolete variant of the human species, and i base that opinion on the aggravation I’ve had with them. Parasite really does describe them perfectly, it’s hard-wired into them.

  12. I hate these scum-sucking bottom feeders. They mooch off the government by being illiterate and that is why they always have short and simple names, like Adams or Montes. I don’t think they’ll be around in a hundred years though, as they literally shit where they live and are often inbred.

  13. Oh, no, you didn’t!

    I was “just watching” until 4:15; when she started the fake crying, I wanted to slap her repeatedly. That fake cry just goes through me and I want to give them something to cry about. This is why I don’t have kids. I scare myself.

    Anybody else notice how Blondie kept looking into the camera and crying? I’ve seen better acting in a soap opera.

  14. Fucking Gypsy cunt. I wanted to reach through the screen and slap the shit out of that low-life piece of shit. And then those Italian bastards who were yelling “Basta!” to the Chinese ladies who were acting appropriately to get them to stop hitting her instead of yelling “Basta!” to the whore Gypsy to stop stealing from people. Unbelievable.

  15. OK here we have an Asian passenger mouthing off about a gypsy girl trying to rob her , but….. Another passenger on the bus holds the girl’s arms and slaps her yet the slappers handbag is in full view of the girl. Notice how the girl eyed it a few times.

  16. Chinese are one of the hardcore Asians and they don’t give a fuck about political correctness and they are known to be pushy and demanding and in your face. Even aggressive Americans can’t handle the Chinese. This gypsy is lucky that she wasn’t in China. Jews and gypsies are both leeches and this also includes Muslims. Although I dislike the Chinese, it’s like picking the lesser of two evil. I rather have Chinese than Gypsies or Jews.

  17. “Wars are the jews’ harvest…in both lives and money”.

    I see this applying to the gypsies as well. On a side note, how could anyone think of having sex with that creature in the video?
    Those Chinese women though….. 😉

  18. What I know about Gypsy’s.
    They turn into werewolves on full moons.
    They steal children.
    They steal everything.
    They are terrible actors.
    I know that isn’t much but it’s really more than enough.

  19. Yes its true, the Jews are responsible for all thetrouble. If there were no Jews, it would be a perfect world. P.S. this business about Nazis killing them, hogwash. It was the Jews who did all the mischief. More Jews died in traffic accidents during World War II (Google “WWII” if you are not familiar with what that was) that at the hands of any German.

  20. i’m italian, when the girls beating the gypsy a commuter says: “their right, you deserve it”, than the chinese girls “stop crying, why you cry, don’t move.” than talking about another object, “Did you steal this one too?” and the gypsy ” nooo is mine, is mine…” and she start crying, “don’t cry, stop it,shut up”, than a commuter “ok now stop beating her, we call the police now, you hold her but stop beating.”, than arguing for something unintelligible, and they do waiting for the police

  21. Their commonly reffered to as Rats/Roma AKA Gypsies, every race has their few share of them, which I think the Fritz Hippler film summed it up: filthy vermin creatures that travel in large numbers spreading their infectious diseases wherever they reside.

    How do we stop them? If the gypsie problem were anything similar to the Jewish problem (despite the Jewish problem being more obstruct than the gypsie problem..), and Roma being similar to Jewish Bolsheviks, then solving the gypsie problem would be as easy as to dissect the problem and do what the Chinese would do and not put up with their lies.

    In a communist country, the stystem is designed to benefit the few from the working class, middle men and third world monkeys. That is not a social nationalist country, and the social national ideology was founded upon a religion Christian orthodox system, but I digress..

    This is a case of race, and every race is different, but a gypsie will be in every race. But a gypsie controlling a race, is a race that shares low morals and values, and that is not a conservative race, instead the basic formation of Anti Christ practices albeit homosexuality, feminism, porn, ect.. Rats.

  22. I think this article is not correct…. The Roma have been traced to be from India or south asia. modern day gypsies have been in europe for around 2000 years and have heavily mixed with europeans. Jews have also heavily mixed with euros but they are definitely not the same at least no proof. original Jews were a semitic speaking people from the desert. The Roma speak and indo-european language and trace their origin to northern india i believe and now have heavily mixed with europeans. so you’ll see roma that still look brown/ indian and also white looking roma.

    1. i dunno where you guys got the name “roma”. In Italy gupsies are commonly called ZINGARI or ROM, but not roma which is the italian capital city. that’s it, if you try to identify a zingaro withh the name roma, nobody associate that with them. again in italy call them zingaro or rom.

      rom stand for Romania which is where usually they came from.

      1. Many of them come from Romania but they are not Romanian,they treat it purely as a host country they mostly come from india originally, many, many centuries ago. Some left 13,00 years ago and have been a plaque on Europe ever since.

        1. yes, they are a big problem in italy too, those fuckers doesn/t do anything for living, they steal and steal daily all around the country, they also have been breaking in my house while my brother in the basement were sleeping, they managed to stole the gold in the bedroom! in my city we HATE the ZINGARI, is a fucking big problem, thanks also to the weak rules we have in italy letting them do, whatever they want, there’s fucking zingari camps in rome suburbs and many other big cities

          1. i kind of feel bad for them though, they are born into poverty and everyone hates them. i’d imagine it’s pretty tough for them to get a job when you grew up in a dump. it’s just a never ending cycle, children raised by bad parenting and poverty end up being thieves and scumbags and raise more children like themselves.

    2. in north america european gypsies are referred to as Roma. and i’ve personally had bad experience with them. when i went to germany one of them flashed a machete at me. A black woman also stole my wallet in Amsterdam… europe is fukt…..

  23. Yeah they’ve even made it to Scotland. Anytime I’m in Spain there everywhere, bitch tried to rob me one night when I was walking home pissed to the hotel. Coulda slapped the shit outa her

  24. Lol, that was too funny. Would’ve been great if they had beat the dogshit out of her, but it seems like those asian gals love to smack…and that last one was the best…CRACK! Bwahahaha! I had a feeling she was gonna get one more in 😉

  25. Let Me explain a little more.
    I’m Italian, and you call them with the wrong name.
    “Roma” is the Italian translation for Rome, the Capital of Italy. The group of people you described are called ROM.
    The girl in the video is not a Rom, she’s simply a thief.
    Rom (or Roms?) are very poor, so they’re not as clean as the girl in the video, and they are a particular ethnic group, characterized by semi-dark skin, black hair and brown eyes (Usually). They live in chaotic fields full of garbage, and sleep in some huts they made. They also steal a lot of stuff, anyway.

  26. who fucking cares how many jews died ? was it six million ? no it wasnt and thats a shame , it should have been all of them. which country would murder 3000 innocent americans? yes israel in 2001. the same country that murders innocent palestine kids. they have no consciesce and hate us all. they want to strangle us slowly by breaking us down and turning us into their slaves. were all slave to the banking system. humans dont even need an ‘economy’. we could share everything if we really wanted to evolve as a decent species. the paper rules us all. every last one of us. what a shitty world we really live in. we could just all be having sex and sharing the worlds natural resources and living alongside nature. but no the green paper is god. and all the elitist scum that force us to be consumed by the green are destroying humanity.

    1. are armenians really like this. i’m persian and armenian share a lot culturally with us, and most seem like hardworking good people maybe the ones in california are scummy? I don’t live in the states so i don’t know. i hear a lot of armenian haters though and they always acuse armo haters as being turks.

      1. You better believe it. They’re the best at running govt. welfare scams. They’re the ones who pay in food stamps and proceed to get into a BMW back to their govt. subsidised housing. They’re skeezy and shady. I dunno about turks, but that’s the gist of arm0 br0s here in SoCal.

        1. It goes beyond those kardashian pigs. Armenians have perfected credit card fraud and identity theft, as well as acting in order to get government money to subsidise their penchant for gaudy, tasteless luxury. No matter how much money they throw around, arm0s are still classless gypsy trash.

          1. I don’t know i respect the armenians but i haven’t met these armenians living in the states. well I think most of them live in the states because there are only 3 million armenians in armenia haha and some in iran and dispora mostly in western europe and states.

  27. I understand each race/religion has their shitty people. I also understand that some countries let those shitty people run them. However I don’t think it is exactly fair to condemn a whole religion. Gypsies are shitty and I’ve seen the fair share of them screwing things up. But I am Jewish and I have absolutely no intent of A) screwing with other countries. B) Leeching off of anyone or anything. C) Hoarding money (I actually believe it’s the cause of all troubles in this world or connected to in some way) in any way. I don’t believe I’m right or that my way of thinking is better than anyones. Hell I’m hardly that involved religiously and I don’t ever plan to really. I am going to get a masters in Symbology. However please understand what this girl did was horrible and I don’t think they did enough, but because I grew up with a certain way of thinking does that really put me in the wrong?

  28. Thanks, BG, I’ve gone from wanting to fuck whore bitches to fucking them up. Not that I wasn’t a loner like Brokeback already but all women look like scrubs to me and you know who are responsible? The Jews. 🙂 Yes, by turning America into a female privileged society, the Jews are responsible for turning white American men into third class citizens. I almost forgot our colored brothers from other mothers. Between the six million and Django in chains, I’m so sick of the Horace Mann propaganda force fed our children.

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