Romanian Women Receives Good Beating from Boyfriend

Romanian Women Receives Good Beating from Boyfriend

Romanian Women Receives Good Beating from Boyfriend

This girl must have messed up bad to get the beating she did, it starts out with her squating in a bath tub, being yelled at by her boyfriend, bitch better not be bleeding on the floor that’s for sure.. It looks as if he also starves her, put some meat on them bones. This one does need the milk you guys.

He then breaks a wine glass over her head, maybe she has a drinking problem?? This guy really goes all out and even makes her kiss his toes yum.. You can see that his knuckles are bloodied from throwing punches right into her face. He kicks her some and pulls her hair too.

She is then seen laying down on some very mix-matched bedding. “One of these days Alice.. straight to the moon..” she is definitely seeing stars anyway..

The high-pitched pusscuit is later arrested.


Hey man,here is the translation for “Romanian Women Receives Good Beating from Boyfriend” :

Guy:-“You whant to take me from my family? F**k your dead relatives!” ( An akward insult in translation I know,but is the most ofensive thing you can say to a Romanian)
He continues:-“To take me from them?
Girl:”I didn’t said that…
Get’s interupted by guy:”Heeey heeey ! What did you said earlyer huh?! Tell me,do you put up with him ,yes or no?”
Girl:”With who?”
Guy:”With my uncle!,my uncle from Kuwait,say YES or NO?”
Girl:*crying*”What do you whant me to tell you?”
Image skips:
Guy hiting girl with glass:”The way I see it….The way I see it(it could be understand also as “The way I know him”)”
Girl: “Please stoop,I beg you,stop please,stop”
*glass breaks on her head*
Guy:”The glass broke on her heaaad see…and now I will stab her in the neck!”
*Image skips*
Him”Kiss my hand…no..kiss my foot.
*she kisses*
Guy: “that’s right,like slaves do it! Who is your boss,tell me,who is your boss huh?
*image skips*
Guy:”Pay attention,you f**king girl and your f**king dead relatives,I will hit her head against the walls,look! I hit her in the face like you do with the whores”

Soo to sumerise this up: The guy beats her up because he says that she said that she does not put up with her uncle.

Also the guy is a gipsy pice of shit,a coward who chose to show off beating a defensless girl. She is not a whore,at least in the video the guy does not acuse her of cheated or something. He hits her with a glass not because she is drunk. He just use it as a tool of torture.

In gipsy culture is acceptable for a guy to beat her girl/wife. They actualy brag about it. That is what that video is all about. The girl is pretty dumb to stay with him.
This gypsies are like 5-10% minorities,they are that many because 4 milion romanians emigrated to other countryes since the fall of comunism.
Most of romanians see the gipsyes with disgust/hate because they steal/rob/scam all over europe as they are used to do in Romania and it makes harder for the romanian to be trusted abroad. Also gipsyes are originated from norhen India,they don’t look like europeans.

Thank you @wizzy for the update!

Props to Best Gore member @nofawkx-al for the video:

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          1. I do love boobies. I agree about some of the young boobs too.
            Imagine the level of giddy anticipation just before the bra comes off only to witness two slabs of balogna attached to slinkys racing each other to the floor.
            All is not lost though. There’s still a 50/50 chance that the clam bar is fresh.

      1. ahhhh shit i really wanna send him a message, just letting him know he’s a piece of shit, but he probs doesn’t give a shit.
        might find his ‘gf’ and tell her to leave him ‘cus he’s scum. jesus.

      1. Hahaaj you both nailed it!
        I knew a alady who wanted tgis for foreplay. Bruises and blood drawn. She dumped me! I was too soft! I like a bit of rough but I don’t want to bruise and bash and possibly kil and go to jail. Yet she loved it.

        On another note,bearded hunk would get lots of women sliding off their stools. @lady-lexis

        Whoever he is ,he has an annoying fucken gay voice as fuck! Pernicketty cunt!

      1. #MeToo, Lmfao Nice one (;

        I really hate torture i find this shit disgusting but in some occasion, when we talk about person who are 300 % guilty who make some fucking horrible crimes, it’s sometime justified in my opinion.

          1. ranucala…
            His parents probably did not like him at all to give him a name like that lol

      2. Nah…its not about rase…its about one’s way of thinking and aducation….that kid was no more than 20 or so when he beat her up….he thought he’s cool …anyway he got what he deserved…but the police could’nt do shit cause she dropped her charges against him…so she’s stupid just as him

    1. Are we sure it’s a man? Sounded like a butch dyke to me n them legs were clearly shaved and not many men shave their legs, right? Unless they are a swimmer or some shit. Or as mad as a box of cat farts

    1. Exactly what I thought Mate.

      On an alcohol trigger note;
      When he knocked her head with the wine glass I uncorked a bottle of Cab Sauvg : it’s 8am!!

      What’s that old joke?

      Tom: Your having wine at 8 o’clock in the fucking morning?!

      Harry: What then ….Scotch?

  1. I could sit and translate word by word but its all pretty much nonsense since he was on drug influence and he is a glue sniffer and had no smokes left and got into a crisis due to lack of drugs in his system and pored on her. They were for 1 year together til that beating. She did not leave him since he threaten her that he will kill her. He also made her do prostitution for his daily dose. It happened sometime in late fall of 2018 in Ploieşti (Ploieshti), the famous town that USAF bombed during WW2, Hitler’s oil reserves. Anyway, here’s a link to the news of that time, use google translate fuckers 🙂

    1. Oh dang you are right!! Sorry about that, I was never sure what the difference was, thank you. You can be “laying” her down, but she is “lying” down, I get it now hehe.

      Look at me trying to be funny, can’t even speak English properly..

  2. This video reminds of a riddle.

    What is strong enough for a man but made for a woman? The back of my hand.

    If this offends you, please give me your hate.

    I own myself and don’t recognize any taboo.

  3. When it’s a man getting mutilated people don’t care and joke about it, a women gets a little beating and white knights say it’s too far and will report site, there’s allot of whiny bitches here, you don’t like what your seeing then don’t come to the site, stick with YouTube or some other child friendly sites

  4. Pretty old news, been out since december 2018, but regardless, from what i hear, he’s getting his drugs munching ass handed to him in prison or at least he did. Wish someone would’ve done the same, put it on facebook so we can get a hold of it to get some sense of justice out of it.

  5. this is horrible.. i would love to meet this fucking pussy. Dope him up, and drag his bitch ass behind my car from chain so he feels it but doesnt really. as his skin peels away on his face and all that good stuff

  6. You know this really proves to me what im doing is correct. The retard in training i have at home…or my wife if you want to call her that. She can take a lot from this. Like for example, make sure you wrap up the food and put it in the fridge or eat my ass nice before bed or your gonna get corrected like this one…i hope his knuckles heal fast…poor guy.

  7. When I was younger this would piss me off to no end . Till females taught me how truly their brains are fried . More than once I’ve I have seen a guy beating up on his woman . She screams for him to stop and yells for help but when someone steps in usually another guy . The woman turns on the the guy trying to help . Same thing with the police I mean police that still upheld to protect and serve . The cops would get their and grabbed the guy to separate them and the female would attack the police . With the forever classic it’s my fault ! I made him do it ! . So videos like this truly mean nothing not talking crap about the site cause it’s the best website . And no I’m not putting females down just that it’s the truth .

  8. Main male female clash is about passive aggression in women. It destroys marriages and females abusing it.

    This guy enjoy being in power mode and he really sucks but i cannot bet that this girl is innocent.

  9. It’s always the so-called good girls that want the so-called bad boys and then they complain about what they have. The worst mistake women make is thinking they can try and change a man. It never happens and they just end up worse for wear for it. She bad dig your heels in and either leave, or have that dinner ready on time the next day and be a submissive good woman to him

  10. I just want to clarify the fact that in gipsy culture beating women isn’t acceptable. I’m Romanian and I grew up in the countryside and let me tell you that if they heard that someone from their family had beaten up a woman, well… let’s just say it wouldn’t end well for him.

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