Russian Cult Leader Alexander Shevtsov Slaps the Living Snot Out of Girl

Russian Cult Leader Alexander Shevtsov Slaps the Living Snot Out of Girl

Total pussy pass denial in this video. Is this what’s needed to make women become worthy of chivalry and respect once more?

Alexander Shevtsov (Александр Шевцов) is a Russian psychologist and a leader of a sect Trojan Path (Троянова тропа). He is seen in the video slapping the living snot out of a young woman while the audience watches and does nothing.

Obviously, this type of video makes liberal fags pull it out of their boyfriend’s ass and wet their pants, for it affords the incitement of female privilege by enforcing the female victim card.

During the slap fest, Alexander Shevtsov tells his audience:

This is the bitch! What is she doing? She is once again not with her man!

In other words – a woman unworthy of respect was shown the way to deserve it, instead of demanding it, as is the case with women in pussy whipped countries today.

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          1. I agree but even though she didn’t do anything back doesn’t mean she deserves that. Its sexist bigotist like him that are ruining a woman’s true worth. Don’t forget sexist pigs who fucking popped you out of their vaginas. Yes a woman is capable of things men couldn’t even fatham. I fucking hate stupid pigs like this fucktard piece of shit

          2. Pussy Pass denied. There are a LOT of things anyone can do to deserve to get the snot slapped out of ya. Not sure she deserved it. Just so tired of the, “any woman” bullshit. Like it’s a fucking pass to do what the fuck wver kind of harm you wanna do to the world. FUCK THAT. No!

        1. Some people don’t have the ability to stand up for themselves. If they have been abused from an early age like this woman likely has been. Sometimes it forces the victim to grow a pair, but a lot of the time they end up like a whipped puppy, just looking for a place to belong. This woman’s situation is pretty obvious. Details aren’t always necessary when abuse like this is at hand.

          1. @justnotnormal88

            “Its sexist bigotist like him that are ruining a woman’s true worth. ”

            It’s stupid cunts like you who like being slapped and gagged while reading 50 shades of gray.

            Or simps and “white knights” being delusional about sluts.

      1. @2Skulls, don’t feel bad…I lol’ed my fucking head off at this. It was obviously pre arranged/set up for the shock factor. Notice how loud those slaps were? They must have been amplified with the mike somewhere near her face. Who knows…maybe those slaps were pre recorded and played through a loud speaker.

      2. Hahahahahahahaha !!! Hey ! What do you tell a chick with two black eyes… nothing ! you already told her twice……. no but seriously folks , she should have gutted this bass turd at the first slap

    1. You won’t get any argument out of me that some women need to be slapped around sometimes. I think women should get equal pay if they do the EXACT SAME JOB A MAN DOES. Not stand in the middle of a road directing traffic. Not carrying nails and coffee, with their asses hanging out of their shorts. Not whining about how heavy the materials are and ‘oh can you be a big strong man and do this for me?’. I do NOT, however, think that a woman has the right to go everywhere a man does. After all, women have their places to go, to get away from it all where men aren’t allowed. It should be the same for the men. Do not coed schools that were, for decades, boys only. Do not allow women reporters in men’s locker rooms. Do not allow women into men’s clubs. Women’s lib gained us the right to vote. Big whoop. Women tend to vote with their eyes, instead of their brains. It gave us the opportunity to work. Yay. Putting women in jobs that are, to my mind, men’s work is stupid and dangerous. We don’t have the same physical strengths that men have. We only serve as a distraction, which creates very real work hazards. We are NOT the same, and it’s high time that women realize that. It gave us ‘equal rights’, yet we still expect doors to be held open for us, without returning the courtesy. We still expect men to do the standard maintenance on our cars, instead of learning how to do it ourselves. I know how to change oil; how to change a tire. I’ve done it. I also know how to do research to effect simple repairs if necessary. I’ll do that, as well. If we want to be treated equally, we have to BE equal. But, since we don’t, then most of the Women’s lib bullshit should be truncated. Retain the right to vote, but license it, so that we don’t still keep putting asshats greedy for our hard earned dollars in high political positions. Retain equal pay, but only if you do the exact same processes that the man does. If women want to be treated like men, then they should be more willing to ACT like them.

  1. “In other words ? a woman unworthy of respect was shown the way to deserve it, instead of demanding it, as is the case with women in pussy whipped countries today.”
    Seriously? The day some cocksucker slaps me in the face is the same day said cocksucker gets a fucking bullet in the head.

        1. Do any of us actually know what she did/didn’t do? Because yeah; if I was a prick and fucked over my loved one and generally fucked up, then yes; I’d take the beating. Albeit difficult not to naturally fight back. She wanted what she got presumably. Because, as Anapocolypse said; she did nothing. Nothing. Thus wanted.

        2. Get off my nuts you fuck. Can’t figure out if you are a piece of shit Christian or a cunt bag feminist? Either fucking way shut the fuck up. This is Best Gore not one of your little PC sites.

        1. why are you mixing up the words feminist and nazi?i think you are really demonizing the term nazi here,aldough i can find myself in your way of reacting on something like this if i look at it from a womens aspect. x

      1. I don’t know if I’d be able to stop myself from lashing out. Kind of an instinct thing but I get what you’re saying. Luckily, I don’t put myself in situations where I would have to fight back, I only surround myself with good people 🙂

    1. Anyone who joins a cult is fukd in head anyway … That leader is big man slapping a woman come at a guy who aint one of your brainwashed sheep at see what happens you will be knocked the fuck out motherfucker…. My guess she has had this punishment before as if that was just random / first time she would of been in tears .. Probably so brainwashed that her and the fuked up members believe it rite and they deserve it because the fat bitch ass leader says so.. And any guy who hits a woman is a piece of shit there no excuse ever to raise hand to a woman .. This guy needs a nice slow castration .. Make him the little bitch he is ….. PS what is a pussy pass ? Woman using her pussy to get anything she wants that rite ???

      1. I completely agree with what you said. I don’t think anyone should be hitting anyone ever! I’m always just as pissed when I see a woman doing something like this to a man. Equality to me means respecting each other not who has more dominance over the other. Haha yes a pussy pass is using your female privilege to get what you want. I don’t think mine works 😆

        1. Waiting for a day you disagree with me on something missy lmao.. Yea abuse on either sex is a terrible thing not only physical but mental abuse is just as bad to have your partner walking on egg shells through fear and if they step out they get a beating it confuses me why anybody would put up with that but they say love is blind but not for me any kinda dominace in a relationship and I walk it 50/50 or nothing … Ahghh yea when I was paying my self through college I worked as a bouncer and I experienced plenty of them pussy pass offers .. Didnt take any I might add lol .. I’m sure yours works if you try but you seem bit to classy for them games …

          1. Hahah I can’t help it you share the same views as me 😀
            I think with a lot of abusive relationships, the victims are terrified what would happen if they left because the abuser is so good at making threats and manipulating them into thinking they have no control or power. I agree (again lol) about relationships being equal. I don’t think there should be any ‘who wears the pants in the relationship’. It’s a partnership, not an ownership and both people should be giving equal amounts of love and respect.

            Lmao!! Good for you denying the pussy passes 😆 Yeah I’ve never bothered trying to use my pussy pass, if I have one lol. Even things like going out to dinner, I figure if you pay for this one then I’ll pay for the next one. I’ve made guys think I’m not interested in them because I refuse to let them pay for my meal, I’m just really weird about people buying stuff for me 😆

        2. I’m only teasing about wanting you to disagree it cool we share same views and can have bit of banter aswell so hope we don’t clash any time soon .. Yea I agree (again) lol abusive relationships involve a lot of power for the abuser and total loss of power for the victim but like I say I don’t get why you would stay in it but guess you don’t know how you would react until you in the situation rite … Hmm it took some self control to turn down some of the crazy offers but got to stick to my morals rite hmm so if I offerd you a best gore night me and you chilling watching our best BG vids butttttt the catch is I buy the munchies would you break your rule and let me buy them for you ?? Cmon perfect opportunity for you to disagree with me… Can you do itttttttt ????????


    2. I was gonna say that too, uppercut right to the balls & watch him drop!! Not just the slapping it’s when he even pulls her hair & head up so can slap her again & the video ends while it’s continuing so how much more does she endure? Uppercut to drop him then grind her heal into it when he’s down, he deserves it!!!!

        1. Don’t know how much worse could’ve been if she did retaliate to his nuts because he sure wasn’t showing any compassion & before anyone else could stop it she’d had her point made to him that she didn’t appreciate being treated that way while he’s feeling unimaginable pain laying on the floor imobile having been made her bitch.

          1. True but I think after she pulled a stunt like that some of the other members would’ve taken his place and then she really would’ve been in trouble. Best to just never join a damn cult to begin with. smh

  2. I got heaps of beatings from my ex, for being “too darn lippie” in other words for beating him in an argument. I’m not one to back down if I’m right, and if I’m wrong, I apologise immediately, I don’t tell lies. Men who hit women are weaklings, I’d like to see this cocksucker hit someone bigger and stronger than him. This guy in the video is just slapping her to humiliate her, I bet he got a boner from doing it, he wants to root her, that’s why he’s singling out the young blonde woman, I bet he has erectile dysfunction.

    1. This reminds me of that little girl that kept taking slaps from that bully girl on the roof top. You could be right Tas, he could be extra angry as well because he can’t use his ding-a-ling anymore.

      1. @Re-pete, I bet he can’t get it up, something has made him angry at women. It could be something as simple as that, if fact it usually is something silly like that. He is slapping her because she is not with her man, maybe he (her man) skipped this meeting, cos he is at home with the kids, where he belongs, lol.

        1. Not really. YouTube is full of video of his other sessions. He’s got a huge following because he encourages people to be confident in themselves, teaches them self defence so they can take care of themselves, and just makes them feel good about who they are.

          Women seem to have completely lost it over the past few decades. I guess where diplomacy fails, brute force may be the next best thing. I mean look at the millennials and their complete disrespect for elders. 21st century parenting clearly fails. You probably see arrogant kids that could use a slap across their face on a daily basis. I know I do.

          There is this thing called “the sexodus” – men opting out of relationships, because it’s just not worth the cost, the headache and the threat of imprisonment arising from trying to have a meaningful relationship with a woman. That’s where we got as a society. I mean, look at the comments to this post. If it was a video of a woman slapping a man, it’d be considered funny, everyone would be rolling on the floor laughing and the man be called a loser/wimp/dickless/etc.

          If giving a ho a slap is what it takes to end the sexodus, then I say bring it on. I’ve had it with all that feminist bullshit. Afterall, it’s the real women who suffer the most as a result.

          1. @acneska, what would YOU do if this guy slapped YOU like this? Would you sit there and take it? So he teaches them “self defence”? Girl must have missed that class, why did she just sit there then?

        2. No her man is right next door to her……with a blind fold……but wait until you see the video with the Alexander guy beating a man with a 2?4 and he is not slowing down.!!!!
          PS I’m not kidding.

      1. That right here confirms the point to the dot. Female privilege must be maintained, right? Just because she’s a woman, nothing else matters. Any attempt to take into account the possibility that she could be in the wrong must be ignored. Pussy pass or die! Her being a woman automatically means she’s the queen of all saints. Him being a man automatically means he’s the root of all evil. A mirror image of the way things are when a man is abused by a woman and seeks help, but gets arbitrarily arrested because he’s a man and she’s a woman. Anyone saying anything to the contrary must be mocked, cause… get with the times!

        1. You and 99% of what you spit out just makes me roll my eyes. That’s why i don’t say shit to you or about you. When you get the taste slapped out of your mouth by a man like you are encouraging to be done then come at me with that bullshit. And don’t presume to think you know what I think.

          1. I’m sure glad you don’t talk to me. Please don’t make any more exceptions. I can’t stand women who demand privilege. I want our boys back. I want our boys to be our partners. Boys and girls are the opposites that complement each other. Without boys, girls are incomplete, and we have feminists and their demands for privilege to thanks for this.

          2. You don’t know anything about me or what my views are.. because i don’t spit them out entangled with a big ball of anger like you do. Your message gets lost with how you say the things you say. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you, you fall back to the same ol shit. You don’t bother me. I ignore most of what you say, and I’m not gonna kiss your ass. You encouraging a man to hit a woman is just fucked up. I’d say the same thing if it were reversed. Oh wait.. no i wouldn’t because i “demand female privilege” because i don’t agree with anyone slapping the fuck out of anyone, right?

          1. Now I want a tutti fruitti ice cream thanks a lot there lol… man who do I have to shlap (that is what I call loud slaps) To get an ice cream around here.

            But I agree with your point.

          2. Oh yes. One of the first original flavors. But beware you need to try a real genuine Italian tutti fruitti not a generic market freezer kind.

      2. i would never strike a woman. i was raised old school. i still hold doors for them and all that. i mean, if she was seriously coming a me trying to kill me or some shit, i’m gonna do what i need to do to defend my life, you know? but to assert dominance? or because dinner ain’t out when i think it should be? no fucking way. a relationship is 50/50. and everyone, men and women, are just so fucking selfish today.

        chivalry isn’t dead. it’s on life support, but it ain’t dead. not with guys like me still around. 😉

        1. I was raised old school myself and I believe a man’s home is his castle but I have never nor would I ever need to assert dominance by physical force…

          If anyone…male or female…feels that they need to get physical in a relationship needs to be put into a mental institution…

        2. I know you wouldn’t @Obli. At least the two of you actually make some sense. There is no excuse for either man or woman to ever get physical. I can take all the screaming you can throw at me, but when it turns physical.. I’m done. I won’t ever let a man or woman beat on me for any reason. No one needs that and it sure as hell doesn’t help anything.

          1. Shouldn’t even be screaming…that’s not talking or solving anything…my wife used to like to holler if I angered her…was her go to move instead of just talking…I’d just leave the room and do my thing till she felt like talking…I don’t do anger…people gotta learn to use their words…and at a conversational level.
            We still disagree on shit but after the first of 5 kids we knew we were both in it for the long haul.
            I figure if you or I have to scream to let the other know were displeased…the entire relationship needs work…not just the “latest issue” that brings it about.
            Quickest way to make me suffer immediate hearing loss is to have someone raise their voice in an angry tone.
            Some relationships are just plain un-healthy and when violence or intimidation is introduced here’s a newsflash…it is not a good relationship and should be ended unless living in misery and chaos is what the people involved in it really thrive upon.

          2. I completely agree with you @rayf. There should be none of that. I don’t scream either. I’m the one that walks off and gets really quiet when I’m angry. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle every situation. The way you say things matters so much in my opinion. It’s the way you say it. I would rather be single for the rest of my life than be with a guy that mistreats me, be it physically/mentally/emotionally. I could never just back down like a little puppy and let a man hit me. That’s just not my personality. And your wife is a lucky lady. 😉

            @Gnat Don’t tell anybody but i think I’d let you thump me in the arm with your fingers if you brought me some TB.

        3. Yay to old school! I’m a little bit of a traditionalist myself and I agree than a man and woman in a relationship should co-exist where they mutually serve each other’s needs. Men and women are never created equal (physiologically and psychologically speaking) and I think it would be nice to just get along with one another despite the difference and resolving arguments without resorting to violence.

          Also, I don’t think chivalry is dead but yeah, it is kinda dying, like the breed of good women.

        4. @obli I too, have it ingrained in my system to automatically avoid the idea of ever striking a woman, simply because she challenged my manhood. But I imagine situations where I would not hold back.

          If she rushes me to try and kill or hurt me, I would do what I must, like you. But what if she killed or seriously injured someone I know because she drove recklessly (I am not trying to reinforce the stereotype), or falsely called me a rapist and I got beaten or arrested and tossed in jail unnecessarily? If she stole all my belongings and hacked all my money out of my account, disrespected my family openly and blatantly, basically anything that would drive an otherwise peace seeking man to hit another man, I see it as a reason to swing on a woman.

          Once again, I’m not a supporter of the pussies who do it because they don’t feel big enough. But I do not completely leave the option off the table because I do not want to hesitate to throw that sweet final punch to that pretty smiling face who told a bullshit lie that got me jumped and beaten to death or something…

  3. If some asshole slapped me like that, I’d bust him right in his mouth then his junk. Man or woman, anybody slapped me.. I’m gonna return the favor. “Pussy pass” or “female privilege” bullshit or not.. fuck that.

  4. Oh wow that’s a total revocation of the slit pass what we’re seeing here . But WTF is this ? is the drama unfolding in a whore house
    or a cult house . And that’s no way to count your math tables either .
    Bizarre as it may look but the Cult Leader Alexander Shevtsov didn’t learn it then; while young and then again its highly deplorable on his part who brags being called a cult leader.

    Every dog thinks he is a lion in his own territory ;SOB…….I pity the woman who just uttered not a word ……..and she can’t be guilty because keeping quite doesn’t tantamount to being guilty .
    She took it because she respected his authority.

  5. Well after reading this I’ve realized tomorrow’s gonna be a very awkward day for me. I’m gonna have to drive to my grandmas’ house and teach her that she doesn’t automatically deserve my respect like I was always told.
    Yeppers, there’s gonna be a whole lotta slappin’ goin’ on! 😉

          1. Tragic, man! You still have a limited amount of time to get those correct recipes. When she’s gone, so are they. Next time, wear a helmet. I speak from experience. Your future dietary welfare and enjoyment hangs in the balance! Get those recipes! You’ll not only be elated that you did, you’ll be the keeper of all familial recipes for future reference. It’s a lot of power true, but someone has to do it.

  6. Welcome to the Russian national pimp convention! What we see here is the seminar on how to properly slap a bitch correctly with both hands. Mr. Shevstov is demonstrating that the both hands can serve as the pimp hand. Referring to a famous quote from some Nigger (most likely wearing platform shoes and a day glow purple suit with matching Nigger Sombrero, or pimp hat) “Pimpin’ ain’t easy”. This is an exercise designed to show how to slap a ho correctly no matter which hand you are currently holding your cane with.

  7. “Is this what’s needed to make women deserving of chivalry and respect once more” Is this what men really think? Even secretly? Do you men secretly wish you could slap women with immunity like you could up until about the late 1970’s (?) Before that, even the police would not involve themselves in domestic abuse. Don’t bother telling me that ‘women commit domestic violence too’ because the levels (although rising) are nothing comparable to man on woman violence. In Australia one woman a week, on average, is killed by her husband, it must be a huge number in the US? or the UK even?

    1. This is common feminist propaganda. Female on male domestic violence occurs as frequently as male on female – and that’s just based on reported cases. Because there is societal pressure on men that paints them as weak if they complain about spousal abuse, and there are typically no male abuse shelters or support services, most men don’t bother reporting it. Nevermind the fact that men reporting abuse end up being arrested themselves, because a man is always presumed to be the guilty party against a woman.

      1. @acneska, you really think women beat up men “as frequently” as male on female? It’s all just a hidden thing, not talked about, because men are embarrassed about it? Rightio. There have been some men I wish I could have beaten up, but me being smaller and not as strong, well that sort of stopped me.

        1. That’s not what I think. It’s a fact broadly confirmed with studies and statistics. Links to them are published in the Societal Misandry article. But of course, societal misandry dictates that facts that don’t support female privilege must be ignored, and fallacies to the contrary beat into everyone’s mind.

          It’s rather puzzling that you’ve been on Best Gore all these years, and you still have not noticed that men are victims of violence disproportionately more often than women?

          Here are some additional references for you:

          The US National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health found that more men than women (53 percent versus 49 percent) had been victims of nonreciprocal violence in the relationship.

          In committing acts of domestic violence, more women than men (25 percent versus 11 percent) were responsible. In the 71 percent of nonreciprocal partner violence instances, the instigator was the woman.

          In relationships that featured reciprocal violence, men were injured more often (25 percent of the time) than women (20 percent of the time).

          1. I see many, many more women victims on BestGore. Even the artist we had the other day Adam, he drew and painted pictures of women victims, mainly I guess, because of the way they lay there, discarded like rubbish afterwards, some like they could be sleeping.

          2. That’s known in psychology as Confirmation Bias – you see what confirms your belief and disregard what disproves it.

            Not only are men disproportionately more often victims of violence, they are also victims of more violent violence.

          3. Okay I meant I see more women victims in situations like the naked lady being dragged into a room just recently, a female would not have the strength needed to pull an adult male like that. I see many more female victims of rape and murder, not so much ‘victims of violence’ where they are dead from shootings, machete attacks, motorbike accidents etc. the men seem to make up the bulk of that sort of violence.

          4. Regarding rape, here is a study:


            Study found boys make up half of those who are sexually exploited commercially.

            I’m also working on a follow up on the Societal Misandry post. I have since researched proven false criminal convictions. Almost all wrongfully convicted persons are men, and a great number of them are on false rape accusations. Men spend decades in prison for crimes they did not commit, mostly because we have a serious epidemic of false rape accusations and men are presumed guilty by default when a woman says she was raped. The numbers I found are so shocking, they deserve its own post, which I hope to have together soon.

            Furthermore, countries plagued by societal misandry are experiencing never before seen exodus of people who renounce their citizenships. Most are men. You can tell men are sick of always being treated like shit, when women get all the privileges and still are unhappy. So men just pack up, pay the fee to renounce ($2,350 for Americans) and go to countries where it’s not that bad. For good. Although for various other reasons, there are also many women who expatriate “western” countries.

          5. I know my mother use to beat up on my father when I was small and he never fought back or reported it, my mother was also larger then my father, I had a fat mother, she even use to beat up on my brothers when my father stayed out nights drinking, I had a mean mother.

          6. See, the difference between you and me is that I don’t assume all women are saints, and all men are evil. I look at facts. You on the other hand have no study to back up your assumption, but you still automatically assume it’s men who commit sexual offences. Just as you automatically assumed more women are victims of domestic violence, etc. You are the perfect example of societal misandry in action.


            This study found that men are raped by women at much the same rate women are raped by men.

          7. so that gives men the right to beat the shit out of their women as they see fit? sorry, call me old fashioned but i don’t hit females. but i don’t just get into relationships with piece of shit women anyway. i look for someone i am compatible with and respect her/love her. treat her good.

          8. I do not think anything of the sort. I know damn well not all women are saints, I am ALWAYS on news sites including this one. I see with my own eyes the violence on men and women by men. If you want us to believe that just as many men are raped by women why don’t you include some posts of raped/murdered/dumped men? I have 3 sons, a lovely dad, I NEVER think all men are evil, I never will. I know lots of men, funny ones, stupid ones. You couldn’t be more wrong by saying that, I thank men for anything they do for me, including strangers that open a door for me. The difference between you and me is I don’t think women are as bad as what you do. And your studies are about the US, I don’t live in the US, we don’t have the violence levels of the US.

          9. yeah you tell him @tastiger, I do think your right when you said there are more women victims of domestic violence then men, all thru history women get beat by men, but now that the cops get involved there is a spike in men getting beat by their women, espeilaly here in the USA where black females fight like men.

          10. @ladybug, @acneska is a woman. It seems to me that more women are victims and have been throughout history. Sure you hear of cases of domestic violence where a woman has beaten a man, and we do laugh (sometimes) because the man is not usually very hurt, if he is hurt, we are justifiably disgusted. Sometimes women even kill men or hurt them badly, I think that makes the news because it is more unusual? It may be that more women are committing violence against men, but so is the level of men beating up their wives/girlfriends, they are still doing it on a level that is alarming. I don’t think anybody should beat anybody else. I am NOT a man-hater at all, in fact I like most people I meet, old/young male/female, 😉

          11. It says in the ‘rape statistic’ link you provided @acneska, that “male victims have predominately male perpetrators” in other words, males are usually raped by other males. I didn’t think you really took much from these government surveys anyway? Until I see and read about men being raped/killed/dumped at the same rate as females then I’ll remain skeptical. I can’t recall seeing a single article about a raping, murdering young woman, who dumps the mans body somewhere. I don’t count Aileen Wournos because I don’t think she raped the men, she just shot them because she found she liked it, she just wanted their car and/or money. ‘Black widows’ are something different too, because they usually marry for money, it takes years for their crime to finish. I’m talking about a female serial killer who rapes/kills their victim, I can’t think of one? Thankyou for not getting angry with me, too, most members are worried about the tongue lashing they’ll get from you. You do realise a lot of men would love to slap you, if you spoke to them with a harsh tongue?

          12. You need to read the whole study. Here’s an article by a University of Tennessee law professor that cuts out all the clutter and sums it up:


            Quote from the article:

            In short, men are raped by women at nearly the same rate women are raped by men.


            A total of 43% of high school boys and young college men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience and of those, 95% said a female acquaintance was the aggressor, according to a study published online in the APA journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity.

            My purpose here is to run the website, not to make friends. Besides, I detest privileged bitches who are all too happy to call for violence against men, but get their feelings hurt when the same is applied to women. I’m glad they don’t talk to me. It leaves me with more time for ensuring the site remains operational.

            Your argument about men allegedly committing serial crimes is pointless. I could make similar argument stating that I’ve never heard of a woman who spent 30 years in prison on false rape accusation, or that I’ve never heard of a male serial false rape claimant, when there is an epidemic of women doing it.

          13. This is a student survey, they asked college and high school kids, not that it matters. How does a female “physically force” a man to have sex? And the other way is “due to intoxication”, a lot of this, is just the fellas waking up next to an unattractive person and they REGRET sleeping with that female due to beer goggles. I am very aware that female on male violence is on the rise, but so is male on female, like it always has been.
            Also you said “I want our boys back” back from what? Do you want us (the Western world)to revert back to an exclusive patriarchal society? Back to where women are to be seen and not heard, no voting, no driving, and definitely no, gasp! working. You don’t seem to me to be the sort of woman who wants men in charge of everything – again! You have always had a lot to say. There are still manly men out there, men who have been raised properly to respect other people, male and female. They’re not hard to find.

          14. @tas-tiger

            What I’m calling for is equality – a concept completely alien and offensive to the privileged (and associated social justice warriors). It should be the most qualified person who gets the position, regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman. This feminist thinking you are exhibiting is what bothers me. It’s time to realize that men and women are different. So instead of competing with each other, we should work with each other because both sides complement each other. If that means that one type of job will be all men, then be it, because another type of job will be all women. Nobody talks about jobs that are dominated by women (and there are many), and the need for gender equality there, only about jobs dominated by men. Or abnormal over-representation of women in universities and other higher education institutes. Privileged simply want to retain their privilege, and enforce it also in areas they don’t yet dominate. That is unacceptable by me standards, which is why all the privileged women and their white knights are so upset.

          15. i think they are upset because you openly encouraged physically beating women into submission. if you had said in your post what you just did now, i think the members would have seen your point a little better, no?

          16. And this is exactly the point I’m making: “physically beating women

            Comment section is full of such statements as “he deserved it” or “hope he gets raped in prison” etc. In other words – it’s OK to openly encourage violence against men, but once there is but a hint of equality, all social justice warriors stumble over one another in who gets to be the loudest bleater for women’s rights.

          17. @acneska, you have your points, but how would I know your opinion wasn’t based on ” confirmation bias”?
            It’s a real catch 22…
            Let’s all be real, NO one has any right, NONE, to lay their hands on someone else. Ever.

          18. @acneska
            I can’t speak for everyone but I know there have been posts in the past of women doing awful things either to men or children and I and a few other females members tore them apart in the comments. I even said I hoped a few of them got sent to a male Brazilian prison and raped and that some of the men being raped in prison were actually guilty and not just accused. Personally, I don’t give a shit about gender, race ect. If a person is a piece of shit, I’ll call them out on it. I think at the end of the day, we all need to have respect for one another and nobody should ever put their hands on another person. Just my opinion though.

          19. @little-foot

            I don’t disagree with you on the points you are making. But this is not the point of this post. This post exposed just how deep societal misandry is. You could look at this post as a social experiment, that showcased how the same people who encourage and accept as normal open calls for violence against men, get all riled up when there is but a hint of violence against women. It has never happened in the history of the site to have all the SJWs get in their ranks and bleat their lines in opposition of calls for violence against me. This happens exclusively only when there are such calls against women.

            Societal misandry confirmed as previously exposed on BG. It’s really sad that there are so few who see it. There truly is difference between thinking you are aware, and being aware.

          20. @acneska, no one called for violence against you. We have a post of a man slapping the shit out of a women. Most of us are saying no-one should be slapped around like this. If it was a woman slapping a child (I doubt a man would sit there and be slapped) she gets comment calling for her blood. You agreed with Ate’s comment, most of us members and other admin. don’t agree. I don’t think women need to be slapped to earn chivalry and respect, end of. I agree with equality, I am no raging feminist, I do a female job, a cleaning job which unemployed men knock back, I don’t care, I get that. And until I start to see posts with men who have been raped/murdered/dumped by a woman, I’ll be skeptical about female on male violence, serious violence, at the same rate as male on female.

          21. You think you are not a feminists, but your views are. You only see pro feminist side of things. The Innocence Project maintains a database of wrongfully convicted people who have been exonerated by DNA evidence:


            Of 337 cases of wrongfully convicted people that they have in their database, 301 were falsely accused of sexual crimes. Take a look at that link and tell me how many women you find among them.

            You put all your focus on men raping women, but ignore men being falsely accused of rape by women. In other words, you cherry picks what fits your feminist views. You don’t think that’s female on male violence, when an innocent man is forcefully locked up for life in prison on a false rape charge initiated by a woman?

            University of Michigan Law School maintains a more detailed database of wrongfully convicted persons (almost 2,000). Again – take a look at how many women are among them, to see how disproportionately innocent men are victims of violence in form of state action against them:


          22. I’m a female of course my views are going to slant towards female views, males are going to think in a masculine way. You sound misogynistic, on a male side ALL the time, what good does that get you? We can see for ourselves than most real violence is perpetrated by males – against females AND other males. You said it yourself. “men are victims of violence disproportionately more than females” but it usually because of their risky behaviour, drinking, drug dealing, speeding in cars, fighting etc. they are doing this to each other.
            Why do you keep bringing up the fact that there are men in jail for false rape accusations? I know this, I watch the news. This doesn’t take away from the fact that there are many male rapists in jail that really did rape a woman/women or a man/men. It’s a lot harder these days to prove too, in a court of law. I’m not sure what I can do about false accusations? They don’t stick in most cases anyway, they can’t be proven. It wasn’t me focusing on “men raping women” that was you, putting up surveys and such about it. I said “rape and murder”, men rape/murder/dump women, not the other way around. Until, and if, it becomes a real problem in society (and believe me the media in Aust. would jump all over a female on male rape ‘problem’) I don’t see what anyone can do? I’m sure you fire off letters to ‘people’ all the time, anyone who will listen, who will read the surveys. I’m sure you know rape isn’t always about sex, it’s about power and humiliation.

          23. See, that’s where you’re wrong. That’s where all feminists are wrong. I’m not on a male side. I’m on the side of equality. It’s just that privileged women see equality as misogynist the same way Jews see failure to acknowledge their supremacy as anti-semitic.

            Besides, evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Mankind’s great advancements have been achieved by people from the privileged circles advocating on behalf of the oppressed. Admirable Israelis, like Miko Peled, use the fact that they are privileged by virtue of being Israelis to advocate on behalf of oppressed Palestinians. As so do admirable women use the fact that they are privileged by virtue of being women to advocate on behalf of oppressed men. I’m proud to be that woman, even though it makes me a target of all privileged women whose privilege is being challenged by equality I promote, as well as of all male white knights who side with those women because that’s what the sheep herd will pat them on the back for. In the same way, Miko Peled’s advocacy on behalf of Palestinians makes him a target of all privileged Israelis who’s privilege is being challenged by equality he promotes, as well as of all sheeple who side with the Israelis because that’s what the herd will pat them on the back for.

          24. Ahh but @acneska, don’t you realise you too, are a privileged woman. You are, you can go on your computer whenever you want, you too are a privileged Western woman, you are not out in the fields from 6am – 6pm every day or slaving away in an Indian or Asian sweat-shop. YOU are a very privileged women who possibly works from a computer? You certainly have a lot of free time to answer comments on BG, and I doubt it’s your only site? Would you like that taken away from you? You talk as if you don’t enjoy your female privilege and/or would be willing to give it up, if it brought your “boys back”.

          25. For the n-th time – I acknowledge my privilege, which is why I use it to advocate on behalf of the oppressed. You on the other hand – in every single comment you made in response you me, you pulled a victim card. Reread them for yourself:

            OMG I’m a woman. I’m eternal victim. Women have to do this, women have to do that. Men are rapists…

          26. Rubbish, you pull out the male victim card every opportunity, this post wasn’t even about a male victim, but you agreed that women may need slapping to “get respect” Clap, clap you are a champion of mens rights, I’ll roll my eyes too.

          27. Bottom line is – Best Gore does not exist to win a popularity contest. If it did, it would push the same sheeple-friendly propaganda the mainstream press does. But instead, Best Gore exposes the darker side of humanity. You can’t win any popularity contests with that. Feminism is one of those dark sides, and indeed, one of the most destructive of them all. This post exposed just how bad it really is. Because that’s what we’re best at – exposing how bad it really is, regardless of how unpopular it’ll make us with those whose privilege our exposures challenge.

          28. Whether you like it or not @acneska you have benefited from feminism, and continue to do so. You have obviously confused me with a ‘feminazi’ ones who hate men. I have no such views, but I don’t think women are to blame for the worlds problems, either. Your views on feminism are all negative. Mine are not. Tell me what is a ‘mans job’?

          29. I’m moving on. There are more important things to focus on. Men do have their job. They are the stronger of the two, they are protectors. Women are carers. I don’t think women are to blame for all the world’s problems, I said feminism was one of the destructive ideologies, not the only one. With this, I’m moving on.

          30. You’re wrong. The statistics that show that men are victims of domestic violence are GAY men. That’s right, men committing violence against men. Don’t assume that just because an equal amount of men as women suffer from domestic violence, that women are just as guilty. That’s plain wrong. Women commit less than 10% of violence, compared to 90% of males committing violence against women, and other men.

    2. In the US there is the battered persons advocacy. Men and woman alike may utilize their resources. They will get you out of the home the abuse is occurring and get you a place to live to start you on your own. Also, the statistic boys make up half of the sexually extorted commercially, who is responsible? Homosexual males?

      1. Yes, you got that right. Homosexual males can be just as violent as straight males. That’s where most of the reported violence comes from. 10% of women compared to 90% of men being the perpetrators. And no, I did not just pull these figures out of my ass.

    1. @B. B. You may want to tell her that it is full of protein & will make her tits larger , but only after you give her 3 or 4 orgasms first.. . . P.s. j.s. werx 4me & never Ever ask a woman for a blowjob, Because the only time you will get a truly great one is “if” SHE ENJOYZ IT~ 😉

  8. When the vid stopped he was at 26 punch slap……
    This chick is solid……more than the average guy….
    Hard to believe that he can slap with that intensity…..and strength……a kid would pass out…….I’m impressed!!!!
    She can take alot.
    At 3 years a slap + $5000 compensation.!!!!!….this would be 78 years
    In jail + $130 000……in some states in the US.
    PS: there is trauma here undeniably……. This serial slapping
    Will leave this lady injured and handicapped for life…..
    What would think one of you professionals.????

  9. I was raised to never hit a woman, and I stand by that to an extent. I’ve never initiated physical violence with a woman, but with that being said, I’ve knocked the hell out of a couple of girls who have hit me first. One learned to never do that again, and the other one was a glutton for punishment and was kicked to the curb. The bottom line here is that if you hit someone, don’t get butthurt when you receive retaliation. We’re all humans, and we should do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

  10. ?Is this what?s needed to make women become worthy of chivalry and respect once more??

    ?In other words ? a woman unworthy of respect was shown the way to deserve it, instead of demanding it, as is the case with women in pussy whipped countries today?.

    I understand your argument that societal misandry and feminism are forms of discrimination often used to disable and thus gain preferential treatment over men but the example used here doesn?t really promote that argument because it adheres to the idea of control/behavioural modification via force.

    Equality is a neutral position and that is why it gets cancelled out by extreme positioning, be it extreme positioning on the side of men(Islam is a good example here) or extreme positioning on the side of women.

    Feminism is an old term which has lost its original meaning anyway. It started out as a movement advocating women?s rights to vote when they had no vote. It advocated equal rights to work, to own property ect with the long term goal being that women could stand on equal footing with their male counterparts and not be wholly dependant on them for survival.

    Fast forward to the present however and they have all of the above in the first world, they have, for want of a better word, ?equality?. The vast majority of so called ?feminists? in the first world today then are not feminists at all but are in fact female chauvinists because when you promote rights beyond the neutral position of equality you are actually advocating for preferential treatment.

    Anyhow, my point is that one cannot simply negate the increasing power of those who seek preferential treatment by taking an equally extreme position because all that does is cause the pendulum to swing back and forth from one extreme to the other without ever coming to rest and creates a continuous game of us vs. them which benefits none of us in the long run.

    My conclusion, you tackle the issue where it gains it?s traction to begin with, via it?s status in law and order. You demand equal treatment in courts by focusing on and advocating against preferential court rulings, you prevent women from making false rape claims etc by giving them longer jail sentences for their lies because at the end of the day it is the system of law and order that enables that inequality.

    In the above then, the best way to argue and thus gain traction on these sorts of things is to present a two sided picture. Show the side that received the preferential treatment next to the side which received the unequal treatment and debate the matter in a neutral manner, this way you do not isolate and drive away any potential supporters because at the end of the day when arguments gain enough supporters that is when they gain the power to take on the system and actually change things.

    1. You’re a genius, empty. You’re the smartest patty with crab hands that I know. Just kidding! But seriously, though, you make pretty good sense, sober or otherwise.

    2. “Show the side that received the preferential treatment next to the side which received the unequal treatment and debate the matter in a neutral manner, this way you do not isolate and drive away any potential supporters because at the end of the day when arguments gain enough supporters that is when they gain the power to take on the system and actually change things.”

      The debate of established inequalities will be misconstrued as taking away from one side. If we argue, say, pay that a woman receives at a job as compared to a man’s pay at the same job, in the same position. Perhaps it involves lifting a certain amount of weight, but naturally, it would be easier for the man to lift more than the woman. If we argue that she should be able to perform the exact same tasks as the man she gets paid the same as, what is the proper response when she requests help from the man to lift it when the job would require the man to do it by himself? If we approached the argument with full view of both sides, I can almost guarantee than an unbalancing percentage would call me a heartless woman hater for expecting that equal grounds be met.

      We consider it “traditional” thinking to heap anything requiring brawn on the shoulders of men while politely excusing the woman from the burden. Similar to how men often shirk the responsibility of raising the children and leave it on the mother. Of course, this falls into the thought process you described about introducing one sided arguments to support ones point.

      Not enough people think with the capacity to weigh facts and reality against their personal code of ethics towards the “rougher” or “gentler” gender. In other words, the argument may gain support, but not the support of those who would incite change that would benefit the cause of living as equally appreciated individuals, regardless of gender. Those with a valid point will, as always, be folded under the crushing mass of opinionated sheep.

      1. Those are exactly the points that are never taken into account. You point it out very well @Siniko

        Studies show that women take more time off work and go on vacations more often. A man in the same position as a woman will put on more work hours, and will work overtimes (women scarcely work overtimes – they get in the way of their privileged lives) because he’s so battered by anti male system, he’s given up on pursuing relationships and opted out of society, and as there is not much more left for him, he goes to work and uses the money to either buy booze and hang out with male friends, or buy an X-box and play games against virtual friends. That’s if he gets that far at all. Many men are feminized by the pro-female education system and doped on drugs that subdue their manliness and turn them into walking zombies that bow down to and embrace societal misandry.

        1. @Ackneska that certainly would be a description of the type of life I’ve lead, although I accord that circumstance to far more stressful things than female privilege. That being said, with all the other shit we as humans deal with on a day to day basis, it plays the proverbial final straw to the camel’s back to hear someone pull the gender or race card to try and excuse themselves from the shit I’m expected to just accept as fair.

        2. @acneska, you don’t have children do you? Women usually have to go home and do housework too, looks after kids stuff, other family stuff. This ‘female privilege’ is a load of shit, ‘pussy pass’ the same, you are talking to women on BestGore, women who look at death and destruction, we don’t go for any of that shit. We are strong women on BG who can and do, do things for ourselves. If we want a holiday, we’ll take it, without being accused of some ‘privilege’, it’ll be because we deserve, or even want, a holiday. So what. Men can do the same, it’s up to them. I’m not so far up myself that I won’t ask a man for help though, some things I just can’t do – some mechanics for example, many things, I don’t know about you but most of us out here, manage to get along, in harmony with the opposite sex. I think you spend so much time looking to find ‘stats’ on how bad women are, you are starting to believe we are all bad.

        3. This site is becoming embarrassingly misogynistic, honestly outsiders think we are a bunch of women-haters. Women can’t win, so now we take too many holidays and don’t do enough over-time to deserve such luxuries? If a woman doesn’t work she’s called a gold-digger (even with kids) if she does work, she’s not working enough! Fucking ridiculous, everybody can lead the life they want, as long as they are not hurting other people.
          Men rule the world.The only part they cannot control is that crucial part of their anatomy. It has a maddening way of standing to attention when they don’t want it to, or refusing to budge when they desperately need it to perform. Whence their tendency to cling to things whose firmness is reliable – guns, medals, briefcases, honours…They can’t stand the fact that females hold the remote control to their cocks. It scares them, that fear turns to anger, that anger is apparent everywhere. Since they can’t control they’re own bodies they control ours by declaring our bodies taboo….

          1. Here we go again. The same name calling over and over for saying it like it is. Jews say the site is anti semitic because it exposes their privileges. Feminists say it’s misogynic because it exposes their privilege. Leftists say it’s white supremacist because it exposes genocidal multi culturalism. Good thing is – so long as these labels persists, it means the site is on the right track. I’ll be concerned when they stop.

          2. Women are NOT a religion – Jews can leave Israel, white supremacists can denounce, Leftists is a political view, whatever, we are women, we can’t change sex, we don’t need to be slapped, full stop.

        4. I feel sorry for women like Acneska who suffer from internalised misogyny in order to please a man, or men. In other words, self hate in order to ingratiate yourself with a certain woman hater. How much more can a woman subjugate herself for the love of a bad man than this? It MUST be love…

    3. @Acneska, Siniko,

      You both state things that relate to law and order but you both perceive them to be social inequality outside of that order which is obviously wrong.

      Everyone in society wishes to have more than others, it is natural human nature to be this way. This being so it is the system that either enables or disables such unequal gains.

      Equality doesn?t really exist physically speaking anyway, men are physically far more capable than women and this enters every equation but under such evaluation neutrality can never exist either.

      My point is that we can debate back and forth who is better in what but that does not distract from the fact that we men and women must live together and balance our needs and abilities accordingly.

      In the above, if women were wholly subject to the physical world they would be servants to us men for all eternity because we men are physically superior than they are.

      I however prefer the notion of give and take and this transcends the physical world.

  11. A man who has to do this shit to ‘assert his dominance’ is nothing more that a washed up pussy who’s so fucked up the shit hanging between the legs only resemble a mans junk. A true dominant man has no need to do this shit, and the women who sit and take it like the bitch above are nothing more than what’s called trauma bonded. Best thing is for me to leave this post now and stay off it.

      1. @Obli when I posted that I had just woke up, was still morning cranky and getting ready for work. It would not have been good to fast my temper to a hair trigger on a 15-hour shift before the idiots I deal with all day get their chance to. This is a good post with great debate value and can separate the boys from the real men who don’t need to engage in Behavior as such to make themselves feel less like the puss they are. Plus this subject has the tendency to bring up bad memories from my childhood which I don’t normally mind when my 80 pound bag is close at hand. 😉 I know there are just as many women who act like scum in the video and I categorize these women as the same shit stains on humanity, well whats left of it anyway. I know this post could cause me to go from debating to full-blown arguing and that’s something that I would rather avoid.

  12. PMSL, there’s another video on liveleak of him beating the shit out of a guy just before doing a video presentation, entitled “Alexander Shevtsov, sadistic leader”. That’s what you get for setting up the projector wrong!

  13. This woman can seriously take a beating, he’s definatly not giving her love taps. Makes you think what is going on behind doors in her life for her not to stand up at least or even say anything but to just sit there and take it like a fucking champ !

  14. Talking of pussy passes and female head up my own arse delusion.
    A cheeky bitch parked her motor on my drive a couple of days ago. I opened the window and told her to shift it as my drive is not a fucking car park. She replied ” You’re talking to the wrong person young man, I’m an ex Police woman “.
    I replied ” Oh, so that’s where your sense of entitlement comes from is it ?!, well, I couldn’t give a flying shite who or what you think you are, move the thing, now “.
    She moved it, but looked at me as if I was the imbecile. Fucking stupid Bint.
    So there you go, my latest experience of female entitlement.

    1. It happens to me all the time Ewestomper, they can clearly see that my car is on my driveway and that my gates are open but they still fucking park right in front of it.

      As you said, 8 times out of 10 it is a woman who has done it.

      Every morning before work I have to get up extra early just to keep an eye out for the cheeky bastards otherwise I would have to do the dreaded door to door routine hoping to find the bastard who has done it before I am late for work.

      What?s worse is that most times when they have parked on my driveway there was plenty of space available elsewhere on the road for them to have had no reason to do it.

      Their excuses are always the same shit as well, ?sorry, I didn?t notice I was on a driveway?, ?I didn?t think anyone would be going out that early on a Saturday?, to the most laughable ones such as ?you don?t own the road?.

      I normally have the patience of a saint but when it comes to being able to get in and out of my own fucking driveway my blood boils.

  15. Think if this is what you had to do to get respect from someone I wouldn’t bother.
    If it is not in self defense or in the course of protecting someone the moment you lay hands on someone in an argument….you lost.

  16. “And whats this in the audience?… A woman!?… WHAT THE FUCK *SLAP* YOU DOING *SLAP* OUT OF THE *SLAP* FUCKING *SLAP* KITCHEN!?” 😆 Just kidding… we need some russian translators in here. I’d love to know what is he saying. 😛

    1. I could have one of my Russian friends come on BG but then I probably won’t because I forget that I have been totally desensitized and she will probably puke her lunch on her phone from the content lol

  17. What is the problem in admitting that women in the West are indeed privileged and are treated like grown up children in constant need of protection? Not justifying beatings (only in self defense, then the bitch will get one of those flying kicks to the jaw), but society does grant women certain advantages that we men don’t have. Our instinctive reproductive urge turns us into voluntary slaves of women. We bow down and obey all of their demands, we nearly kill each other in a ferocious competition over them, only to be despised and cheated on not long afterwards, or hear the never ending nagging that will be perpetuated ad infinitum. Most men are manginas and cuckholds, white nights who may very well lay on a puddle so that the madam can go across it. I mean, how pathetic have we become? Women used to be a complement, now its our end goal, and that is corroding society.

    1. what a great analogy. women have become these mystical magical creatures that when you finally get one and settle down this has become the creamy top of human achievement. you see all these social media’ites with their ‘now in a relationship’ and their stupid together selfies and holidays together albums and the look on their faces as if to say look at me i have a woman i have made it big in life.

  18. lets just rewind 50,000 years and how were women treated then ? when their was no police and no laws? i bet women were getting raped and thrown around the caves left right and centre lets not forget what we really are we are mammals with quite savage instincts and despite the ‘laws’ and technology of today we are just primates that eat fuck and sleep and then die. the world is ‘law’ mad and ideology this and that someday this madness that is humanity will cease to exist and all the bullshit that goes with it. let rats or insects be the next step in evolution and if they do evolve to be intelligent i hope they look at what we did and do the exact fourking opposite.

  19. Wow, funny how all the split asses getting raged about this. Remember bitches you are second to man. Men are stronger mentally and physically. How many dead ho’s we see on here killed by their spouses? And vice-versa? Not so many. When man lose it, bitches get hurt. When bitches lose it, like cats, just vicious, no strength. Gonna scratch us to death? Get your jaw broken bitch… the man in this video would slap all you disrespectful gashes up

    1. Aye, and the day a female tennis player actually earns her crust, a crust which is currently equal to the men’s, but so much easier to attain, I’ll eat my hat.
      Obviously the above is not a wholly serious point, but, it goes a long way towards describing what all the fuss is about if one contemplates the issue for a moment or two.
      And I guarantee most females would spit feathers if one were to suggest the above is unfair.

  20. Total pussy pass denial, lmao. That guy slapped her with some Torque, damn! I still cannot stop laughing. Not a fan of violence towards women, but the guys nad’s were damn near buffing her chin, and she just sits there and takes it? Not the ladies I hang with!

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