Russian Cult Leader Alexander Shevtsov Slaps the Living Snot Out of Girl

Russian Cult Leader Alexander Shevtsov Slaps the Living Snot Out of Girl

Total pussy pass denial in this video. Is this what’s needed to make women become worthy of chivalry and respect once more?

Alexander Shevtsov (Александр Шевцов) is a Russian psychologist and a leader of a sect Trojan Path (Троянова тропа). He is seen in the video slapping the living snot out of a young woman while the audience watches and does nothing.

Obviously, this type of video makes liberal fags pull it out of their boyfriend’s ass and wet their pants, for it affords the incitement of female privilege by enforcing the female victim card.

During the slap fest, Alexander Shevtsov tells his audience:

This is the bitch! What is she doing? She is once again not with her man!

In other words – a woman unworthy of respect was shown the way to deserve it, instead of demanding it, as is the case with women in pussy whipped countries today.

284 thoughts on “Russian Cult Leader Alexander Shevtsov Slaps the Living Snot Out of Girl”

  1. I wouldn’t do this to a respectable woman but I would definitely won’t hesitate to do this to a feminazi. Anita Sarkeesian or Clementine Ford should get what the woman in the video got and much more.

  2. Sounded like he wanted to fuck her REAL bad and she either rejected him or he just gets real turned on by smacking her like that. Like damn those were hard smacks. And she looked hot. Either way this dudes a fucking prick and she should come back with a couple of her friends or cousins and whoop this guys ass.

  3. Got any more of these videos? I fuckin loved watching this dumb cunt get the snot smacked out of her. Dunno why she puts herself through this shit, but if she isnt gonna stop the man from hitting her, then so be it. She must love it.

  4. What would I love? About 7/10th of a second with the little cunt. The cunt being the one with the “Y” chromosome.

    6/10th of a second is the absolute fastest a person can react to a threat, once they’ve perceived it. The rest of the time? It doesn’t take long to remove a windpipe. 😉

    ( @icicles222 : I thought you might like the “Cunt,” reference after reading your post. )

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