Russian Gay Protesters Receive a Beat Down

Russian Gay Protesters Receive a Beat Down

A Euronews reporter who knows absolutely nothing about Russia says that the kissing gay protesters were attacked by homophobes. Someone who’s paid to live in a posh apartment in Moscow and has a chauffeur to drive him around so he can make reports for English speaking audiences is bound to be clueless about reality. It’s the same as when dumbfucked leftists talk about how friendly and welcoming Thais are. They live there, but don’t know shit about the country.

Let me tell you something about Russia, although this is not strictly limited to the country. I’ve noticed the same type of behavior in other Eastern European countries and also in Vietnam which lead me to a conclusion that Communism fucked people up in more ways than immediately noticeable.

In Russia, every single thing, regardless of how small and irrelevant, or how unintentional and casual, is perceived as a challenge. You would for example talk to someone paying attention strictly to them and as you try to show something, your eye wanders and meets the eye of another Russian. That would be immediately responded to with: “Who the fuck you think you’re staring at you shit…” and without even understanding what happened, you’d have yourself an altercation on your ass.

Likewise if you accidentally bumped into someone, it would be perceived as a challenge no Russian would leave unanswered. They simply don’t know any such thing as: “Hey man, you’re having a great time. Good for you. Don’t worry about stepping on my toe. No biggie man. Just keep rocking and enjoy yourself…” This simply never happens there. It’s just the way they are. They are extremely short tempered and resolve everything with violence. It takes precious little, and I mean precious fucking little for someone to jump down your throat in Russia.

A beatdown at a gay kissing rally could be started by gay haters just as easily as someone who didn’t like that a bum was scavenging for leftovers around the corner. In Soviet Russia, a beatdown doesn’t happen at the drop of a hat. The drop of a hat is reason enough to unleash a massacre. It takes way less for a beatdown to go down. But of course, how could a Euronews reporter know that? He has an interpreter and a team of people who make arrangements for him to meet with people he’s meant to meet. He lives in Russia, but doesn’t know it. All he knows is a perception that gets reflected to him from a high stool he’s on.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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101 thoughts on “Russian Gay Protesters Receive a Beat Down”

  1. Looks like the Ruskie’s just want to throw punch’s. In the good ol USA it still provokes negative response so Russia will take another 60 years or so before they accept people for who they are and their sexual orientation. I would bet some of these homo phobes are sucking dick already.

  2. Here in my town in Australia you’ve only got to look like your looking in the direction of some of the “koori’s” and sure as shit one of them is bound to say, “WTF you look’n at bro”………… Paranoid f’kers.

    Mind you, alot of Caucasians are the same and it f’kn shits me.
    I wear wrap around sunnies while riding my pushy so I keep my noggin straight and an eye on them in my peripheral vision.

    Nothing worse than being hassled anywhere at anytime by some low life scumbag while going about your business.

    1. Smart man you are Spidey! I tend to wear my sunglasses because I like to watch people. Not in a weird way but if someone doesn’t know you are looking at them they can act a bit “different” at times. Maybe I am a weirdo but I am blessed with great peripheral! Stay safe on your pushy(motor bike?)!

      1. Every time I haul ass I tend to listen to fast music that makes me spaz out 😀 but when it rains and I see a sad bastard from school walking down the street in the rain and there is a puddle, I will most defiantly run over that puddle and wet his sorry ass. It isn’t my problem I gonna tells him *hey there boy this here is murica learn how to drive*^_^ America fuck yeah freedom and murder is the only motherfucking way yeah !! Gitt errr Dunn if you really love your country your gonna have to love moonshine < 3 ^o^ goddamn coons taking over United States I needs to lock up all my shit now, but good thing I has a gun 😛 I luvz my gun < 3 and m truck lets not forget the women you can ride in m truck if want but if you are three times a women holy shit !!! 😮 you belongs in the back of d truck wooh doggy my big ol fat ass baby loves t eat man you shoulda seen her she 4 times the women 😀 woohh Liquor+NASCAR +lizard lick towning= drunk as fuck xP. This here is a message to all you foxy ladies that loves alcohol and gettin drunk as fuck and loves to eat well shoot gives me a call make sure u ask for *RUSTY* my ma might pick up but don't worry we can do it family style !!

    2. Where do you live, Spidey? I’m in far north Queensland and we have a massive Aboriginal population, and I’ve never had a problem. In fact they are so respectful that it makes me uncomfortable. Patriotic white bogan fucktards with southern cross tattos, on the other hand…

    1. Then move there cracker of course you would get your ass beat daily and probably forced into prostitution… wait that’s an awesome idea after you sell your trailer how much more do you think you will need if all you racist move us true Americans will have a great country!

  3. My father was from a Russian controlled communist country, as a child I used to go there to see my family, as an adult I’ve been to many ex soviet block countries and what I garned is to never scratch too much behinfd thier surface. The older people will still fuck you up.

  4. Try living in London, if you look any black youth in the eye you had better be a fast runner because a lot of people have met their demise by showing this level of disrespect.

    Also I might add, since I have been to Russia, that being gay is not a crime, sure, there is gay bashing but then that is the case in most countries.

    However the Russian government draw the line at promotion of the gay community. They will not tolerate Gay pride parades or any Gay social movements.

    I am not a fan of the Russian government just as much as I dislike my own government however I can see where they are coming from.

    In terms of the nature of human kind, reproduction taken into account, in makes sense not to promote something that goes against the natural cycle. That’s not to say it should be banned because we are talking about consensual activity between adults, however it should not be actively encouraged.

    If you let the gay social lobby get out of control you will end up with what we have in England. We have a system where gay people get priority recruitment in jobs, regardless of skill.

    Most of our tv presenters are gay and talk with a silly high pitched voice and our music industry is run by gays which means that all we churn out is x-factor boy bands who are comprised of untalented twinks.

    Most of our politicians are gay and are always covering up their rent boy antics, the list goes on and on but what cannot be disguised is that my country actively promotes homosexuality.

    Once again, I do not believe that homosexuality is something that should be banned but if you don’t want your country to end up like mine, for fucks sake, do not promote it.

    1. You are a wise, wise man, Empty soul. If you ran for office in my country (the “good” ol’ US of A), you’d have my vote.

      I couldn’t agree more with the fact that homosexuality goes against the natural cycle. There’s a purpose for EVERYTHING in nature, and the purpose of sexual intercourse is reproduction…physical pleasure is simply nature’s incentive for organisms to participate in such practices; those that guarantee the perpetuation of the species. To say that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality would be like saying that consuming dirt is tantamount to eating food…which, of course, is a ludicrous way of thinking. Consuming handfuls of the former will make one feel full, but, ultimately, it does nothing for the organism and/or the species as a whole.

      That said, I really don’t care WTF consenting adults do behind closed doors. When it comes out into the streets where I have to look at it, however, that’s when I have a problem. It has nothing to do with any kind of “phobia”…it’s merely a matter of disgust. It doesn’t frighten me to see two weirdos making out any more than it frightens me to see someone vomit, but both things turn my stomach, so I’d rather not look at either while I’m walking to the store or taking a casual stroll through the park.

      THAT said, it does kinda turn me on to see a pair of hot looking chicks going at it, in public or otherwise…so maybe I’m just fucked up.


      1. Or maybe homosexuality is nature’s way of regulating over reproduction. I think China, India, and Africa to name a few could do with a few more homosexuals. You see homosexuality in nature as well, there are plenty of species that practice homosexuality.

    2. Gotta say I specifically disagree with one part. I’m gay, and have taken no offense to this, but I’m in a technical death metal band. All the gays and lesbians I’ve ever met like good music. It’s the whiny twelve year olds that like shit like that.

  5. this recent gay outbreak is due to mass-attention-whoring. its no longer cool to be the popular one, now you have to be apart of a “hated” culture in order to fill up your friendslist on facefuckbook. by 2050 bestiallity will be the “it” thing, then robo-sexual in 3100, etc. No im not bashing gays, im bashing those who are slaves to trends.

    As for assholes, they are everywhere. violence should be a last resort to the expression of hatred, but assholes see it as first line treatment, why? Because they lack words, persuasion and knowledge.

    Shit im high. happy kawanza

    1. If being in the “in” crowd means I have to ram my tongue down some females throat? Then NO thanks!

      I don’t care what anybody does behind closed doors between consenting adults. But I don’t want to see two guys with their legs wrapped around each other in public either.

    2. So basically what you’re saying is you don’t like change… Maybe you should find a remote location and build your self a hut to live in, then you can hunt for your food with sticks and stones, wipe your ass with a leaf. These “trends” are a part of progress of the human race. Think of a time when there were no computers. Oh but look, you’re now part of this technology “trend” that allows you to post your thoughts on the internet! How marvelous change is!

  6. Oh well, I already don’t believe a single thing that newsreporters say – they just believe what witnesses say, but who says they speak the truth.. Screw news reporters, I don’t even trust translations from news articles anymore. Only newspages I believe is Best Gore. And that’s all I need. Go Russia!

  7. I always laugh at people mocking Russia, or saying what a shithole it is.

    Criminals and immigrants in England have more rights than the law-abiding native British do.

    Blacks and Mestizo’s run rampant in the streets of America, assaulting, raping, and killing whoever they want. You criticize them? You’re racist. You fire them? You’re racist. You also get a beating for good measure. You don’t vote Democrat? You’re racist!

    Jesus, you can’t even travel on a bus/subway in England or US cities without feeling like you’re in a war zone in a foreign Country, constantly feeling like your one look at the wrong person away from getting your nose broken.

    You want to talk about lack of freedom in Russia? Let’s talk about how people are being arrested for comments they make on twitter that are deemed ‘racist or anti-semite’ in the West. And you know what constitutes ‘racism’ or ‘antisemitism’? Whatever the fuck they decide. You tell this Black dude on twitter to stop harassing your girlfriend? Ya, you did this because you’re racist. Arrested.

    Let’s talk about how America is quickly devolving to a one-party Government, where the only challengers they face are being labeled ‘racist’ because they don’t give free hand-outs to Blacks or Hispanics – You know, the people absolutely tearing that country to pieces. Oh, this Party is also now going to ‘reinvent’ itself, so it can get ‘minority’ votes. What that means is simple – It’s going to become Democrat Party Number 2. No one will represent the real people. It’ll be a true One Party Liberal/Leftist circle jerk Government.

    And Canada? Great and peaceful Canada? The leader of that Algeria Oil Siege? Yeah, he’s Canadian. There were also some Brits in there too. Doesn’t it just give you a nice, warm feeling to realize our Countries now breed Islamic terrorists? It makes me happy.

    Happy enough to drink a bottle of acid.

    Montreal is becoming a North African jungle.

    Toronto might as well be known as the Canadian Pakistan-Indian International Kashmir. Brampton, anyone? Oh – They have shootouts in Toronto, now. Ghetto’s, too. Isn’t multiculturalism and Liberalism wonderful?

    Hey, who wants to walk down a street in the middle of the day and feel safe, right? Only crazy people want that!

    Make a wrong turn on the wrong street? Might as well be entering a different Country. There’s nothing like that bitter taste of boil in your mouth when you realize – nope, still at home, still in my Country, just don’t see any of my people. Anywhere. At all.

    Paris is overrun with Africans, the French don’t even consider it part of France anymore. It’s an eye-sour. Might as well move the Eiffel tower to the African continent.

    And Brussels? Fuck it. Let’s just call a spade a spade on that one- That’s already an Islamic city.

    Unbelievable. At-least these Russians have balls. If A black savage attacked someone in the West, people would stand around watching, taking pictures, giggling and doing nothing. Oh, they might be shouting “World Star! World Star!”. Throw someone onto train tracks? “World Star, World Star!!” no one helps.

    White girl gets attacked by a Black in France? Nothing happens to the vermin. He walks on to assault another White girl. Or White guy. It matters little. It’s common.

    Don’t like it? Want to fight back? That’s racism.

    You got a gun and a Black guy attacks you and you shoot him? That’s it, you’re getting hanged. Can’t have this racism thing around.

    A black man breaks into your home while you aren’t there and tries to rape your wife, and she shoots him? Mass protests, calls for her head, major news on CNN; “Wife shoots Black attacker. Was she racist?”

    I wonder how’d you feel if that was your daughter? Your son? Your niece? How about your mother? Is the picture becoming clearer now?

    But I forgot. Putin is the incarnation of evil. Russia must be liberalized now! Russia must succumb to Zionist demanded multiculturalism now! Russia bad. Russia evil.

    Because Madonna said so. Because Western Governments said so. You know those people, right? The same ones supporting Islamic fundamentalists in Syria. The same ones who supported it in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya. You know, them ones.

    The same ones gearing up to unleash another horde of Islamic fundamentalism from Iran. We haven’t really created a Shitte led Al-Qaeda group yet, let’s get cracking on that!

    Yay. So exciting. More burning buildings, raped women and dead sons and daughters. All in the name of Zionism.

    No. Just fucking no. You’ve done enough damage to your own Countries. Leave others the fuck alone with your garbage ideologies. Spreading ‘democracy’, when we don’t even have a democracy in our own Countries.

    Do you think the Japanese would be fine with their cities being overrun with Whites, Blacks and whoever? Do you think they’d be okay with their Doctors etc. being non-Japanese?

    How about whole swaths of their cities made up entirely of redneck, trailer park meth-head Whites? Nah? You don’t think they’d enjoy that?

    How about them Chinese? You think they’d enjoy walking to a Grocery store, and not seeing a single Chinese person in there? Feeling like a foreigner in their own Country?

    You think Koreans would just love Seoul turning into a Detroit, or a London? Everywhere you look – No Koreans.

    Having to constantly move because your safe neighborhood just hit the front-lines, or the front-lines of multiculturalism has reached your neighborhood and now it’s being invaded. Watching crime go up, Housing prices going down, watching as a once clean and beautiful place is turned into a pile of garbage?

    You think these Chinese, Korean or Japanese would like see Chinese, Korean or Japanese women walking around with White or Black guys become common in their Country?

    No. They would fucking hate it. I can attest to that myself.

    Hell – Look what US soldiers stationed there already do. (Rape, anyone?)


    And Westerns want to criticize Russia.

    I hope I live to see the moment when the entire Western civilization burns down around the necks of Liberals/Leftist. Just watch as the ideology they’ve forced on us turns into an inferno and burns itself and them out.

    We’ll rebuild, no problem. Done it before. Cleansing by fire, if you will. Poetic, even.

      1. Wait no I apologize I see what’s going on now…and really it doesn’t even surprise me that you would take so much time to write out some redundant bullshit on this page of all but now I finally understand where all your hostility towards women comes from…your gay and its ok man we get it your all about white power and your gay pride but we all finally understand why you hate women so much your gay its pretty obvious now you don’t have to hide it anymore from us we won’t judge you just be honest tho trying to act all macho and talking down to women just cause they’re getting dick and your not isn’t right man, I always was wonder why you didn’t like pussy and now we know why, honestly if you hadn’t talked about your first gay experience with your “buddy” we probably wouldn’t have found out everyone would-be continued thinking you were just some woman hating racist that never gets laid.

        1. First off – Please use some punctuation and grammar.

          It doesn’t have to be perfect (Lord knows mine isn’t) but it makes it easier to read, and since I’m a nice guy and like to read what people type – it makes it easier to understand.

          Otherwise, it just makes you look like an idiot who types one long ass run-on sentence. Exhausting.

          It took me less than 5 minutes to type that up, by the way.

          Not sure if it’s lack of intelligence or just laziness. Meh.

          Secondly – I know you can’t resist reading my posts (Though I admit, this one was long. I’ve long held high hopes for Russia you see, and it irks me seeing brainwashed Westerners trashing it) the reason you can’t, is because you agree with me. It’s okay, Pale. It’s completely natural how you feel. Trying to bury it is not, and it’s why you value yourself so little.


          Regarding your whole spiel about me hating women, you couldn’t be more wrong (nor inarticulate).

          In-fact I love the female form. One of my favorite passions is being intimate with every part of a woman’s body in one way or another.

          What I ‘hate’ as you call it – is the rampant loss of morals, self-respect, dignity and values that seems so prudent among Females in the West. Since most Females in the West are White, like myself, this bothers me greatly.

          Also – just because I’m not a Female, doesn’t mean I hate them when I criticize them. This is very Liberal dogmaish, Pale. Akin to a White person not being able to criticize a Black without being considered racist. Liberal ideology is a very oppressive one, indeed, very destructive.

          See, for a slug like yourself, who would stick his cock in anything with a hole, this means nothing. Sex to you is akin to masturbation – Pleasurable, but meaningless. Such emptiness has no place in my life. Sex for me has to be about connection, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, if you will.

          Ergo, when the vast majority of the Women of my racial heritage treat it as nothing more than say eating a McDonald’s meal -fills you up for awhile, but leaves you empty otherwise and packing on the pounds – it causes me to shake my head in disgust.

          Which is why I now only bother with Asian women who are disconnected from the amoral, valueless Western culture, which breeds, well.. Kim Kardashians. 🙂

          Regarding my homosexual experience, I’ve talked about it before. I have nothing to hide. I had a gay experience with a good friend of mine while going through a period of confusion regarding my choice in females. If you wish to know, it resulted in him going me oral and a anilingus.

          It was not for me, and I stopped it. Because I am secure in my sexual orientation, I have no issues talking about it.

          Do I regret it? Yes. I lost a very good friend over it.

          And calling me a racist is akin to me calling you a player. We both know differences in races exist, that some have a higher propensity for breaking the law, for violence due to differences in chemical makeup. We also both know you aren’t getting any kind of pussy, Black, White, Asian, Indian or combined.

          Tis why you spend your time with your tongue extended from your mouth, droll clinging from the corners of your lips, dick in hand looking at the avatars of the ladies one this site who think nothing of themselves but sex objects. If you’re lucky, you might run into one who will find the idea of fucking a strange guy off the internet appealing, mostly though, you’ll just be flooded with tit and pussy shots.

          Hardly worth swallowing your self-esteem for, I should think.

          I picture you like Gollum. “My precious.. My precious” while reading posts made my select female members.

          You know what happens to Gollum, bro? He falls into lava and melts with his precious.

          1. Haha, is that like the boogieman or something to you?

            “Oh my god, oh my god! This guy kissed another man! Run away from him, runrunrunrun, he has coodies!”

            Nah bro. Calling me gay, racist, misogynist etc. doesn’t bother me.

            Why? Because I’m a straight White male in a relationship with an Asian female that looks likely to head toward marriage. An Asian female that is my equal in all things. She even likes Ice-Hockey as much as I do (it’s a Canadian thing. Maybe my Russian brothers, too).

            My feelings on Women pertain to Western Women, and mainly focus on White women because they are the largest demographic that exists here, and they are also my ideal match. There’s probably some Chinese guy, or Korean guy saying the same thing.

            If you can’t handle people talking about real issues taking effect in our Countries (Immigration, Lack of Morals, Values leading to the destruction of the ‘Lady’, Crime committed by Immigrants etc.) then avoid my comments.

            But give-up on this crusade of protecting them, mate. Have you seen some of the women on this site? They are BEYOND capable of defending themselves and putting me in my place where warranted.

            And let’s be honest, Pale. You know I’m right. It’s not an egotistical thing – it’s a ‘this is reality’ thing.

          2. Silenced its ok I now know where your all your anger stems from your frustrations towards women the fact that women of your own race won’t even fuck you can surley be enough to piss off any man to the point that they feel they have to constantly bash them…but know this man its not their fault its not their fault they don’t want to fuck you, their comes a time you have to step back and realize hey maybe its not them and maybe its me, maybe I’m the one who’s fucked up..because how can you honestly put every women in the same basket and call them what you do? that’s some deep seeded psychological shit bro you got mommy issues and your taking it out on every white women because of it, lol you can’t do that bro that shit will keep you from getting pussy..I mean look at your bro your on here everyday repeating yourself talking about the same bullshit no one wants hear or could give two shits about and its turned you gay man! Here you are talking about gays so highly but yet you love talking down to women! What’s up with that man? And then to top all that shit off you start talking about having gay relations with your gay friend..come on man get it together bro go out and get laid man…in all seriousness tho whens the last time you got laid? I know you talk about you wont just fuck any girl because blah blah but hey all I’m hearing is “I WON’T FUCK ANY GIRLS” and that’s some faggot shit thats clouding your mind bro, it has you all fucked up hating women and shit my advice to you is stop letting your gay friend stick his dick in your ass and get out there and get some pussy cause the more and more you complain about it the less and less chance you’ll have of ever getting any again…take a break from BG I’m sure nobody will mind lol and go get laid kid it’ll do your mind right trust me.

            P.S. I like the little story you made up about your Asian GF lol if only you really had one you would know pussy ain’t nothing to hate no matter what the color…but for some reason I feel your just to far gone cause now your admitting to being a faggot and talking about you like kissing other guys and so what…man if thats how you really feel then do you, maybe pussy is not for you its obvious you can’t get any and you gotta make up a fake Asian GF lol but its to late for all that shit man you been ousted your standing outside the closet ain’t no use in running back inside haha, own it bro I guarantee you everyone here would respect you more for it but if you wanna continue coming of as the pussy hating loner you’ve been coming off as them do it its your life..but let’s face it man its not an egotistical thing on my part its a reality thing..I’m trying to help you get rid of this hate for women that way you can find your self a dumb ugly girl that might consider fucking you and you wont have to make up fake Asian GF anymore..wouldn’t you like that?

          3. this has been a great read, guys. thanks!
            @Silenced, what exactly do you do for a living? if you don’t mind me asking. also, lets have a look at you! dont hide behind that little boy. i’m open about my racism and i say some stupid fucked up shit and i still show my ogrish face from time to time…no homo, jus sayin…

          4. Ugh. There you go again with the sloppy, almost unreadable garble. Seriously, have some respect and clean it up.

            Also, from what I can tell, your reply is full of the same; “You’re gay. This is why you feel this way” etc. gibberish as your other replies.

            Unimaginative and very lazy.

            A gay man who is afraid of coming out wouldn’t talk about what I talked about, for one.

            Secondly – Gays have more rights than straights, there is very little reason to not come out.

            Thirdly – What I type about Women in the West is the truth. Society grooms them from a young age to be promiscuous. Which is why Infidelity, Divorce etc. is so high among Western Women.

            Again – This doesn’t concern you because the only thing your dick is touching on a woman is the sloppy mess of a prostitutes labia.

            For real men – Who want something more important than sex with random women (families etc.) It’s a pretty significant concern, considering it’s one of the main-reasons the family unit in the West is almost completely eroded.

            This type of talk is above your head, though. Don’t sweat it.

            And ‘imaginary’ Asian girlfriend? Really :-/. Awkward. I guess I should probably tell her some ignoramus on the internet tells me she doesn’t exist.

            For your information, she’s very real, very beautiful, and very intelligent.

            Furthermore – No one cares about ‘immigration’? Are you insane? Tell that to the poor White folks in England forced to move out of their homes because their city or town has turned into a foreign Country. The Government even has an oppressive name for it; “White Flight”.

            Don’t be shocked if it becomes illegal or something in the near future.

            Tell that to the people of Detroit, who had to watch their city turn into an utter shithole. Tell that to the people of London, with whole swaths of England’s biggest city looking like something out of Africa or the Middle-East. With Sharia law being imposed on the street, and Muslim patrols.

            ‘No one’ cares about immigration. How flippant, careless and very Liberal of you. Yeah – No one cares about the very thing destroying our Countries from the inside out, destroying our culture, people, land, history etc.. Genius.

            @1girl1cup No.

            @Obliterator Why do you consider what you type ‘racist’? Why do you even believe that word exists? It doesn’t. It’s natural for different species to not like each-other. Yeah, we’re all human, but we aren’t all the same sub-species. That little boy is a little girl, by the way. And she represents what Whites have to put up with in our Countries. We are not allowed to talk about important issues (Multiculturalism, Race, Morals etc.) without being labeled some form of oppressive word and having our characters assassinated. Ergo, our voices are effectively taken from us, leaving us in ‘silence’.

            There is no hiding.

          5. Oh come on man you know how fucking stupid you’ve made yourself look? You constantly talk about the same exact racist issues and everytime you do it always seems to come back to the same thing your hate for every single women of your think about that for a second you know how fucking stupid that makes you sound? How the fuck do expect anyone to take you seriously when you talk about such stupid shit and box every single woman into the same category? Something tells me you had a white GF that cheated on you cause you couldn’t please her and for some reason you just never fully recovered no wait scratch that you strike as the kind that couldn’t get a GF or hold on to her even if he fact you probably just had a huge crush on some white girl that you didn’t have enough balls to talk to and that probably wouldn’t even give you the time of day anyway and now because she’s fucking some black dude your broken little heart wants vengeance and feels the need to come on a place where no one gives a fuck about you and put down every white woman, either that or you got some real mommy issues..most likely a combination of both, your mom was probably a whore that breast fed you till last year and now that your getting anymore teet time your pissed off at the world for whatever reason…which is funny as shit cause it seems to have turned you into a woman hating butt pirate and now your talking about your made up Asian GF that likes ice hockey haha…man seriously tho that shit is to funny you need to quit making yourself look stupid or your fake Asian GFs gunna brake up with you and no more ice hockey haha fucking loser.

          6. Annd, there you go again. The same regurgitated diatribe as your last replies.

            At this point, I’m just going to have to assume your reading comprehension is miserably low.

            Oh sure you can read, but you struggle with understanding what you read.

            Now – I’m not the most intelligent guy, but I try to keep what I type clean, comprehensiveand easy to read. Yet, you still fail to grasp it.

            All you do is regurgitate the same character attacking nonsense “You hate women. You’re racist. You’re gay’ etc. Exhausting.

            If you aren’t going to challenge my position, but rather resort to a constant stream of incomprehensible ad-hominems, then there is little point in this discussion continuing on.

            To make it more clear for you, I will outline two points:

            1 – My stance on Western Society/Culture is that it lacks morals, values, decency, self-respect. This leads to Women growing up to being promiscuous, with role models such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, Niki Manija (I spelled that wrong and can’t be arsed to Google it) Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, etc. with shows such as ‘Real Housewives’, ‘Honey Boo Boo’, ‘Teenage Pregnancy’, etc. etc. which explains the high rates of Infidelity, Divorce and a complete lack of self-respect and dignity. This directly impacts the Society by ripping the Family Unit apart, and leaving a blackhole where families used to be, filled up with single-mothers.

            This destruction of relationships and women in the West leads to tons of undisciplined children with little to no father figures in their lives, who grow up to be akin to monsters, and make the same mistakes.

            2 – Immigration and it’s effect on Western Countries. It’s not so much immigration as it is population replacement. The amount of new immigrants taken in to cities, and immigrant birthrates, outstrips that of Native White birthrates, leading to more non-Whites than Whites annually in various cities. This will inevitably spread, and lead to White people being foreigners in their own Countries.

            Add-on to this, is the rampant rise in crime, shredding of National identity, cultural identity etc. And it’s a huge issue.

            As examples of this are the United States of America, with it’s annual drop of 2% White Population overall. Leaving many cities stripped of any White people at all. Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, Atlanta etc. are just some cities as an example. All those cities also suffer from the same problem.

            England, most notably in London, Manchester and Birmingham. In Birmingham, over 50% of the new-borns are non-White (IIRC). In those cities, non-White children are given precedence over White children in school, and it seems the rate of ‘success’ for a school is rated by how ‘multicultural’ it is. This doesn’t include White children, and the English language. Ergo, White children in those cities are, a lot of the time, let down by the adults in the various Schools.

            Those are two very big issues for me. Chew on them a bit, and get back to me. Leave the ad-hominem attacks at your fingertips.

            PS: Men do not escape this. I focus on Women because I am a heterosexual male. The focus on the destruction of the Western Man would most likely be the focus of Women.

          7. The whole point im trying to make Is no one gives a fuck about you or what you have to say silenced, for someone named silenced you sure do talk a lot about nothing the same way stupid bitches do but your worst than them you think your views need to be heard but no one cares about them..yet you fucking repeat them like that’s all you know how to say and trust me no one here gives a fuck what you have to say because its the same fucking stupid bullshit you’ve been saying since you got here and its going to continue being the same stupid shit till you leave cause you don’t know anything else..and in all seriousness every member here comes to look at gore not hear your stupid fucking repetitive rhetoric, and that’s the reason why nobody likes you cause they don’t fucking care what you have to say they’ve already heard it before and its stupid to them…its “Best Gore” not “listen to me complain like a little bitch cause I’m to much of a pussy to do anything about it” and thats the problem with you is that you talk about the same issues yet in reality you haven’t done anything to change them, all you do is complain about them like a woman..seroiusly what have you done to make things better for your race what are you trying to do about it other than repeating it over and over again here on BG?..exactly nothing, cause your to much of a little bitch to go out there and put action to words your a talker and thats what talkers do talk and talk and talk..talkers are so full of shit that some of them don’t even know it or they start believing their own bullshit religiously just like you have, and Its obvious to me that the cause of all your bullshit talk is because your just some really lonely dude angry at women cause they dont fuck you and your using this place to vent your frustrations when nobody even wants to hear that stupid shit, I mean seriously who responds to your boring ass repetitive comments? no one does cause not one person here gives a fuck what you have to say because 1 they’ve already heard it and don’t care for it and 2 its become obvious to them your so full of shit and fake that they don’t care, yet you don’t seem to get that cause your heads to far up your ass in fact your head is so far up your ass that instead of concentrating on what I’m trying to tell you your worried about my punctuation like some kinda anal retentive little bitch are you really that fueling stupid that you can’t understand what I’m telling you? You can’t think of anything better to come at me with than my own punctuation and its because you know everything im saying to you is the truth but you just can’t handle that just like you can’t handle being alone so you have to make up a fake Asian GF that likes ice hockey lol…dude that’s some loser shit right there man, the same kinda loser shit that has you repeating yourself over and over again and taking out your anger and sexual frustration on women…and the only reason I bring up you being a faggot up is because you brought it up your self in the comment you made below this one and it just made me realize why you say what you say and its because your gay, your a homo, you like dick and now your trying to deny it..if you didn’t wanna anyone knowing then you shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place and let’s face its not the first time you say some really gay shit here on BG, but now I know why and making up a fake Asian GF that likes ice hockey isn’t going to take back your faggoty ways.

          8. Annd, you still couldn’t help yourself. I gave you a clear and open chance to pick apart my thoughts on issues you seem to vehemently disagree with me on, and you couldn’t do it.

            Not only do you sound unintelligent (You must have repeated that I’m gay or a faggot at least a hundred times) but you also sound incredibly angry, frustrated and confused.

            What is it that got you so angry? Rhetorical question, my friend. People only get this angry and upset when something truthfully negative is said about them.

            You see me? I’m completely calm and polite. I articulate my thoughts in easy digestible words, I try to keep the belittlement’s/insults and ad-hominems out of it, and move on.


            Also, just a FYI, this is a Gore Site with a comment section, which generally invokes discussion. It also hosts topics that involve the things I speak about (Multiculturalism etc.)

            Like I said – I’m sorry that you have an uncontrollable fetish for me that makes you constantly read my posts (Might want to do some digging to find out why that is) and either the lack of intelligence, or lack of rational thought to discuss them.

            See, when I happen across a post (or poster) I don’t wish to read, I skip it. Simple.

            All that hatred, diatribe and aggression.. Must be the lack of female attention (See what I did there? I borrowed a Paleism!).

            Oh well, I hope you get your tit and ass shots, my friend. By the looks of it, you need them badly.

          9. Silenced I’m not doing anything to you that you didn’t do to your self your the one that came out talking about your homosexual experiences with your “ex-boy friend I mean best friend” and then your made up Asian girl friend that likes ice hockey which I found hilarious as hell lol I mean seriously man if anyone made themselves look like a fucking idiot its you and no matter how fucking anal you make your self sound you know and I know that your really some fucking loser that gets no pussy from any women at all and thats why your on here talking down to women and talking about having sex with your gay “ex-best friend” come on man I called you out on being full of shit which you are and all you did was price me right and make your self look so fucking stupid that’s there is no coming back from It…everybody knows your a faggot you can’t erase that comment you made and now you have to be known as silenced the faggot that hates women and fucked his ex-best friend all be cause you talk to fucking much for your own good and yes this BG and people don’t mind hearing about real issues they just don’t wanna hear your cause 1 they’re all the same and 2 they’re fucking stupid and you can’t blame me or hate me for calling you out on it like I said I’m trying to help you not hurt you and you keep rambling on about your views and your views which personally I dont give a fuck about so I don’t know why you keep bringing them up…its funny to me cause it obvious thats all you have is your bullshit views which no ones cares about and the more you keep talking about them especially now that I put your stupid ass on blast because of them the more dumb and desperate you make your self look, and I know you have a high opinion of your self when in reality its just your way of making yourself feel better about being a fucking loser with no life, no girlfriend, no money, no friends but that’s no reason to act like arrogant asshole and all I did was call you out on it and you flipped out but you got understand everything I called you out on is the truth and its all shit that you did to yourself…I didn’t make you repeat your self to the point that you annoyed everyone, I didn’t make you say all the stupid shit you said on here, I didn’t make you fuck your gay best friend and then come and talk about it here on BG, I didn’t make you create a fake Asian girlfriend that likes ice hockey lol…you did all that your self broski I just called you out on it 🙂

          10. If anyone has made themselves look like a ‘loser’ as you so eloquently put it.. It’s you.

            And I think you know that. It’s why you keep coming back writing up long rants full of boil, anger, frustration and personal attacks. Reiterating the same insults over and over. I’ll paraphrase; “You’re a faggot. You’re girlfriend is fake. Hockey is dumb. You’re a loser. You get no pussy.” I’m sure I forgot some. They all kind of fade into the background at this point.

            You notice the difference in our posts? You constantly attacking me, and me simply shrugging you off.

            ‘Calling me out’?

            You embarrassed yourself, and everyone who wasted their time reading this entire exchange knows it and witnessed it.

            That’s not my issue. I warned you about this very thing.

            Regarding your constant asinine insults – I’ve talked about the same-sex experience I had on here before. Clearly, if I was ‘ashamed’ of it, or whatever your simple mind commented, I wouldn’t have brought it up again.

            As I said, I’m more than comfortable with my own sexuality to talk about anything. Here – let me be clear for you:

            My best-friend is gay. Came out when he was 17. During a difficult and confusing time in my life (when I was going through a period of disgust at the way the majority of Western Women behaved and acted), we had an intimate encounter (Didn’t make it to intercourse). I didn’t like it, it ended and now the friendship is broken.

            You, on the other hand seem fixated on that topic. Repressed thoughts bubbling up, I guess?

            Secondly, another topic you seem fixated on – I’m not sure what you find funny about Hockey. That’s my Countries (Canada) National sport, and it’s awesome. But meh, I don’t like Basketball or Football so I can’t really feel upset about it 🙂

            Regarding the girlfriend – She moved to Vancouver when she was a child with her family. Father worked ‘around’ the game (In arenas etc.). He ended up falling in love with the sport. Moved to my province some years ago. We met at a local rink (skating).

            Is there anything else I can clear up for you?

            In any case – I look forward to your reply. See if I can nail it:

            “herp derp faggot derp derp fake herpity derpity loser”

            You’re a try hard, so try harder. 🙂

          11. Silenced I’m glad you took the time to try and explain all your gayness, but really I don’t care that’s your thing if you like dick in your mouth, your ass, your ear whatever it is you fags like that’s your thing i have nothing against that…I’m just saying it made me realize why you say what you say about western women and seriously I’m not here to attack you for being gay that’s your personal shit, but I am gunna call you out on being full of shit cause thats what you are and thats what everyone’s problem is with you, the fact that your a woman hating homo that makes up Asian girlfriends that like ice hockey lol isn’t the point I’m trying to make thats just shit I find funny and pathetic and for the record I don’t hate hockey I just thought it was hysterical that you could think that by saying your fake Asian girlfriend likes ice hockey you thought it would make her seem more real or something which is so sad and pathetic I can’t help but find it hilarious and laugh at it lol, and so just so you know I’m not laughing at ice hockey I’m laughing at you… and I’m not mad at you either man I can’t be you made yourself look dumber than I ever could so I cant be pissed at you for that cause all I did was call you out on your bullshit to try and set you in the right direction but you were so full of shit that now your drowning in it and I can’t save you man..I can’t save you from all the stupid shit you said, I can’t save you from all the damage you did to yourself, I can’t undo you talking about having sex with your gay best friend, I cant undo you talking about racial issues then hating on women of your own race making you look like a hypocrite I can’t undo you making up a fake Asian girlfriend that likes ice hockey lol hell you can’t even undo that anymore and I know your trying to by explaining all the stupid shit you’ve said and I’ve called you out on but all your doing is digging a deeper hole for yourself man…and the truth is this is what happens when someone is as full of shit as you are their bullshit consumes them and then destroys them and I know your angry at me for calling you out on it but if I hadn’t called you out on it then imagine all the other bullshit that would’ve spewed out of your big mouth unchecked…once you started hating on women and talking about your gay experiences and in a positive light I had to check you bro I just had to and truthfully if I was on here talking reckless and saying the same stupid shit that you are then I would want somebody to tell me what I’m telling you I would want somebody to tell me hey man your fullshit and everybody knows it so that way I could quit being full of shit and start being real and if you don’t appreciate me telling you what you are cause truth then that’s not my fault that’s you not wanting to hear or accept the truth and you and I both know I’m speaking the truth I’m not telling you something that you don’t know or should come as a shock to you, because you know your full of shit you just didn’t expect anyone to call you on it and that’s why your upset…but just understand this I’m not doing this to embarrass you or anything like that you did that your self, I’m doing this to help you because as it is everything you say is bullshit yet you talk about it with such conviction that you honestly belive every word of it when in reality you don’t know what the hell your talking about and your lonely confused mind just makes you think you do, and also your revealing personal things about yourself that no one cares about or wants to hear like you having sex with your gay best friend seriously no one wants to hear about that shit bro save it for the shrink or keep that shit to yourself, and on top of all that your creating a fake Asian girlfriend that you and I both know is not real and you think that by saying she likes ice hockey lol that’ll add some realness to your lies..but it won’t and you know that now and the whole point of me putting you on blast is so that you realize nobody belives your bullshit and that they see it for what it really is, so that way you can’t stop bullshitting yourself and stop trying to bullshit others because its not healthy its not and that why im saying I’m trying to help you not hurt you and but sometimes you need to be hurt in order to be helped and thats what I’m doing so don’t hate me for that man I’m trying help you cause today your making up fake Asian girlfriend that likes ice hockey lol and tomorow your pulling a Sandy Hook all because nobody had the balls or time to stop and tell you that your to full of shit for your own good.

    1. Dear Silenced
      Your problem with women (and cultural issues) stems from the fact that you have a need to subjugate others to your will. You’re thinking, what the fuck is this douchebag talking about? Let me tell you. You want your women to be “lady” like, and that is synonymous with propriety, which is synonymous with men exerting their will on women. Isn’t it interesting that you never mentioned the promiscuity of the male gender? It’s historically looked upon as trivial when a man has sexual intercourse with multiple women, but it’s raining fecal matter if it’s the other way around. Hypocrite…
      This whole thing with women being able to dress like a skank if they want to is called the feminist movement. If men want to dress in a wife beater (tank top) and pretend to be all macho and shit, then women should be able to express their femininity as well. Now a days you see Hollywood portraying rugged, manly man type movies stars in metrosexual attire, but nobody questions how gay it looks or their manliness. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar to this concept of equality and karma. All the stereotypes you’ve mention doesn’t even begin to make up for all the shit white men have subjected men of color to for thousands of years (yeah karma’s a bitch i.e. Affirmative Action). It’s a new age for us all where countries are starting to treat all people as equals, and through this transition there will be some hic ups along the way. But what you want is for all countries to close its borders so that immigration would be a thing of the past. That way you can be stuck eating steak and potatoes for the rest of your life, and forget about international trade or travel, and forget about your soon to be fiance Chinese girl friend. Join us on this parade of change, or get left behind on the side line (poetic isn’t it?).

    1. Speaking as a Male who has tried it (Well, no penetration and nothing stick-like in my mouth) my personal feeling on it is this:

      Gays and Lesbians should be free to be Gays and Lesbians. They should be free to have the same protection in law as heterosexual couples and should be given the same benefits.

      I’m iffy on adoption. I think Male-Female parents in the West are fucking horrible, so I don’t think it matters.

      Getting married in a Church is at the discretion of the Religious leaders of said Church/Country.

      They shouldn’t become a privileged class of people (Like Blacks and Latinos in the USA; Muslims and Blacks in Europe etc.) they should not get jobs over heterosexuals due to ‘diversity’ or ‘homophobia’.

      They should be treated equally, and all which that entails.

      Unfortunately, in the West, with our Liberal/Left dominated Governments, Politicians, and our brainwashed populace this does not happen.

      Minorities get better and more rights than the ‘non-minorities’.

      This includes greater priority in the Job departments, great priority in the College/University departments, better treatment etc.

      They also can turn around when fired and file a discrimination suit based on Race (Blacks abuse the shit out of this); Gender (Women abuse the shit out of this); Religion (Muslims abuse the shit out of this); Sexual Orientations (Homosexuals / Lesbians).

      However – What I’ve noticed is that, with the promotion of Homosexuality/Lesbianism, also comes with the promotion of promiscuity, Infidelity, Race-Mixing, and the whole ‘no morals, no values’ culture so prevalent in the West today. It feels good? Do it. You only live once! The problem? If everyone did whatever felt good to them, society would collapse, children would have no homes, and we’d go extinct as a species.

      Having said that, one of my best friends is gay (Well, he was a best friend until the aforementioned homosexual experience I had with him) and I have worked along side some. It’s funny and depressing to hear the stories they tell about what straight, married women say without the ears of straight men being around.

      Enough to turn a man homosexual, I would think.

  8. Some are very sensitive and concerned about what others do with their shit holes, I dont care if some likes it banged, as far as they dont disturb me, who cares if they live their relation in their privacy ? stop interfering with others lifes.

  9. Hossman, that sums it up perfect LMFAO!!…….San Francisco has good weather so I can see gays cruising around with their statements or attention getting behavior. But frozen fucking Russia? Brokeback called it, Russians have to be better at everything…… I don’t like what silenced has to say, really. This is BESTGORE, don’t pick on him. I’m not telling people what to do though. The back and forth is entertaining.

  10. Now I remember why I stopped clicking on “comments”. Morons… morons everywhere…

    I can understand people caring about things that affect them or may affect them in the future. But why the fuck do you care which consenting adult some other consenting adult chooses to fuck? Seriously, please explain it to me, because I don’t get it.

      1. Take a minute and think about this for a second. Hardly anyone complains that hetero sex is being sold on billboards, magazines, tv, movies, and even radio. The gays don’t complain about how straights are “shoving” it in their face. When was the last time you posted online about how some teen hetero couple was making out in front of you, and how revolting it made you feel? The fact that you’re grossed out is because you can’t accept change, or anything out of the “norm” of what you’re used to. I don’t blame you, because most people are like that.

    1. I don’t think that most of us give a flying rat’s ass which consenting adult another consenting adult chooses to fuck behind closed doors…the problem comes about when those consenting adults can’t just be happy fucking behind closed doors, so they feel the need to bring it out into the street and put it in everyone’s faces.

      Like it or not, a lot of (if not most) people find the sight of two hairy guys making out to be abhorrent, so they tend to get a trifle perturbed when they’re forced to look @ that shit as they go about their daily lives. It’d be like if you went up to people on the street and forced them to look @ pics of naked old ladies or mutilated puppies…it turns many people’s stomachs and causes a general disturbance, so, if you take part in such activities, don’t be surprised if you get your ass kicked every now and then.

  11. Nice clip posted and I’d like to go further with what Mark said abotu Russians. Having a Russian background I can attest to Russian behaviour and it seems like more than a stereotype. Mark is also right in that countries surrounding Russia or were once part of Russia behave similarly, maybe Communism really did fuck us up lol. Having said that though I live in Australia so even my understanding of their behaviour is limited, but I have a number of Russian friends and what I learnt is they tend to take things literally and expect you to talk literally, this is also important when doing something.

    So if you had a Russian friend and as a joke said for e.g “why you checking out my crotch, are you a fag”? At best he’d tell you off and prob forgive you, at worst he’d fuck you up.

    Personally though I couldn’t be bothered being like that it’s a waste of energy to get pissed at little things, which is prob the Aussie culture talking, though when I do say I’m Russian I don’t have to do much because it’s already assumed I’m a nut case.

    As for the clip, Russia hasn’t even got democracy right, it’s still a quasi – communist regime, what makes you think they will nail it with gay rights? 😛

  12. What does a gay couple tell their adopted child when they ask where babies come from? (fuckin’ sorry, mouthful of shit that no child needs to hear.) (“well, a suitable 3rd party who, should, by right, have their own attorney, then his and our attorneys would thereby…”

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