Russian Girl Brutally Bullied Because Peers Thought She Had Lice

Russian Girl Brutally Bullied Because Peers Thought She Had Lice

16 year old Russian orphan girl was filmed on cell phone camera being brutally bullied by peers because they thought she had head lice. The suspicion arose from her having lived in an orphanage and having cut her hair recently.

The victim’s name is Oksana Krasnova. The incident took place on January 11, 2016 at the Karsun Technological College’s student hostel near Ulyanovsk, in south-eastern Russia. The bullies kick, stomp and stuff the girl in a toilet stall, where they try to force her head into a toilet bowl.

18 year olds Irina Azhina and Svetlana Kuklova, as well as another 17 year old girl have been arrested and charged after the video came to the attention of Russian authorities. A hostel supervisor on duty at the time of the assault has been fired.

Oksana was taken to medics for physical and psychological treatment. Doctors said they did not find any lice on her.

Props to Best Gore member @SrbijaBgd for the video. Parts of it are randomly censored:

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    1. translate ( by google. sorry, but I speak english a little)
      (After the light)
      – You fucking bitch Th
      – Depart Galya (covers her with a blanket)
      – You will kill me now (2x)
      – We kill? and lice on sheep want to bitch?
      – Stand. let her
      – Will shout even more will be beat
      – Let’s get up
      – I can not get up
      – Get up fuck
      – Do not beat me anymore, please
      – I am right now you to death …
      You know how to do? how? leg lift.
      – Go fuck. fucking bitch (beats her foot)

      1. man,that actually got my fuckin blood boiling! after all sick shit iv viewed here this got to me,even as mundane,or unultraviolent as it seems. i agree shes much smaller…and she fought back enough to satisfy bullies.bad enough poor kids an orphan,she prolly been through enough mental emotional abuse. if i could of transported there id choke slam everyone of them cunts,id take my chance with the law.

      2. Don’t really matter how small you are but if you are not willing to fight back you will get picked on more and worse each day, I went to a school like this when I was very young and girls there are very mean. I was very small for my age but I did know how to fight and once the bullies found out I would fight till I could no longer stand (which happen a lot because we moved around so much) the bullies would stop picking on me.

        1. ..yup,you’re right sis.MOST of the times you just gotta pick one of the bullies there and give all you got,if you give them hell,just maybe you’ll walk outta it in better shape.Bullies get scared easily,just be sure not to use this tactic when outside of school or in real world scenario.You’ll have to protect one self better then.

        2. @Ladybug:

          I hope you never got beaten up like that? Pretty brutal! Are you planning on going back to the scrubbers that fucked you up and dropping them like flies, one by one ? That’s what I would do, if I had revenge to get……do it slowly, like make one disappear and then nothing for 6 months and get the others totally freaked out, but stretch it out and hopefully they go crazy in the mean time……

          I think

        3. Right. You gotta stand up for urself. I was the only white kid in my school and until i stood up for myself they fucked with me (bone checks). I think in this particular situation tho these girls were fuckin with her becuz she was better looking, i think it was jealousy.

    1. Just what I was thinking. ALWAYS fight back, even if you are going to get your ass kicked anyway. ALWAYS. Even if you don’t win, you can still hurt them as much as possible. Bullies don’t like it and will find someone else to fuck with next time.

      1. So true Bubbaman, just the other day one of my nephews told me that the blacks in his school were taking his lunch money from his pockets of his pants, just reaching in and stealing it, so he puts his moneys in his sock, I told him to fight back and they would stop, he said they would beat him up, I said but if they know you would fight for what is yours they would stop because that is why they take it they know he will not fight. So we will see if they stop after he fights or not.

        1. Ladybug… exactly! Blacks will fuck with a white kid when he is outnumbered cuz they know thats intimidating. When he fights back tho he needs to know what hes doing tho cuz if he shows a weak lick (hit) they just might make him a bigger joke. Teach him how throw his hands and theyl respect him at the least. They probably mad cuz the black girls think he cute too.

      2. It’s easy to say that from behind a computer, I believe it’s a self defense mechanism to let it all come over you and also your brain is in ‘WTF’ mode. You simply cannot think rationally anymore.

      1. @joedirt you should finish that above sentence that you started. What’s that, I didn’t quite hear you? You want… Oh you want me to do it for you? Ok then….

        “Stupid kids are the reason there are so many school shootings….in America, but in Russia and every single other country on Earth no one would even think of doing such a strange fucked up thing”

    1. I’d beat the girl myself if I can get laid by 5 Russian bitches LOL just kiddin’ yeah the bully thing is messed up but be thankful you haven’t seen her stabbed to death which what this site usually show

    1. at first i thought ok,girl in all black has some decency,mercy…she telling them to stop. then she throws blanket on her and starts kicking and stomping… jeez.
      i know its easy to make jokes, laugh cuz we’ve prolly done shit like this as kids,but imagine if thats your kid,or niece,lil sister at school…

  1. This is pretty much standard for most teenage students I would have thought.

    When I was at school this sort of stuff went on all the time and if you didn?t want to become a victim of the bullying you made sure to raise your rank in the pecking order by fighting your way up.

    It was horrible when you think about it because injuries were common from the fighting, you would see kids get their noses broken and one had to have a metal plate put in his jaw as a result of a good right hook.

    The worst part is you get told that it all gets better when you become an adult and go to work even though in reality the exact same game is played out here as well except psychology rather than physically. People still raise their ranks in the pecking order by bullying, deceiving, entrapping and trampling each other into the ground.

    Success it would seem is the towering peak at the top of a mountain of corpses. It?s no wonder then when ever I look around all I see is a society that is covered in blood and smells like shit.

        1. @rayf, one other thing – what happened to the orphanages? There are none in Australia. I bet there are none in the UK or the US either. I only hear of them in Romania, Cambodia (and other SE Asian countries)

          1. Ya know @tas until you just now mentioned it I still believed we had orphanages here in the states.
            They now call it Foster Care.
            …Never knew.
            I had heard of Foster Care before but had no ideal there are no more orphanages.

    1. @rayf – ha ha ( the sun will come out tomorrow or some shit…..)

      This chick is sort of a cliche? The teenage Russian girl from the orphanage with knits getting beat up by the cool kids…..who are also orphans??? sure she starred in some fairytale…..

  2. Bog washing was standard when I started secondary school, along with being tagged, which consisted of one’s tie having the tag ripped out by one of the 5th form bully boys. Nobody escaped it, you just waited for the day and got on with it. After all, kids can be cruel, but no one ever died from a bog washing.

    Anyway, this lass was obviously picked on for something other than the supposed head lice infestation. Who knows why she was picked on, but head lice ain’t it.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking @stomper. Lice might have been the excuse they used so they wouldn’t look as bad but it was more likely something like her being more intelligent or even a boy looking at her instead of them. Disgusting at that age either way. Must’ve been watching too many utube videos of nigger fights in the “hood”.

      1. Indeed @gramps, apart from the lack of ebonics, the exhibited behaviour is much the same as any bunch of hood rats.
        I honestly believe young females are far worse than males when it comes to bullying. And bitchiness between them can be unbelievably cutting and harsh. But I suppose when the pack mentality sets in, both sexes can exhibit off the chart bad behaviour.

        1. Ebonics – ha ha – that is so funny……

          @ewe, can you explain the bog washing thing again – me not get it? And the tagging? Are they separate things or part of the same beat down?

          When I started high school, I was freaking out about what we just saw in this viddeo – getting the head flushed! But it never happened to me, or my twin brother and I never saw anyone else go through it either….

  3. About that toilet…I see shit in there but no toilet paper. Did someone take a shit and not wipe their ass? Also why didn’t they flush afterwards? Is it possible that they did wipe and flush but then shit out another turd before they left? I’ll bet they didn’t even wash their hands afterwards.
    Girls can be so disgusting.

  4. They’re lucky someone like me didn’t walk in on them doing this heinous shit. I can’t stand seeing someone picked on. I would have made sure they all ended up unconscious. except for the victim of course. these fucking cowards sicken me

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  6. I remember when I was young (8-9) I caught head-lice, my mother cruelly cut my long blonde hair very short. I can remember my ‘boyfriend’ dropped me at school the very next day 🙁
    These days lice can be prolific in the classrooms, one theory is the lice became immune to the poisonous solutions we wash our kids hair in? That and the fact there is always 1 family in the classroom too lazy to treat their child so the cycle begins again.

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        1. Nah @tas. I only know because I’ve listened to the Eagles my whole life. Take it easy has the chorus…

          “Take it easy, take it easy
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          wheels make you crazy”

          But you are right, both are great songs.

    1. I only just heard about Glenn Frey, I absolutely love the Eagles, especially this song @vulva eater. RIP Glenn Frey
      I think a lot of our favourite stars will be passing soon. ie. Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood

  8. Poor girl. I felt bad for her a few seconds in and didn’t wanna watch the rest so I tried to visualise myself in her place getting my ass kicked by 3 girls, it was going good until they started shoving her head in the toilet bowl… Yeah I’m not into that.

    Now if this was another she-boon fight I actually wouldn’t have minded this time… The part with the toilet would’ve been very fitting.

  9. Head lice is really like the pain in the ass. I remember having these when I was growing up. It was terrible though we never experienced any segregation since the whole school including teachers had them.

    When I went for my upper primary school atleast we had better boarding facilities and have to find a better way of getting rid of them. I achieved my goal before having my first public hair, otherwise it could have been terrible having parasites on my virgin pussy!

  10. despite the rage inducing bullying and hazing in this video, I’m just happy to read that this girl didn’t get brain damaged or suffer sever handicaps to this shit. a I’m even happier to read that all those worthless fucks who did that to her were punished, and she didn’t even have lice! I hope those bullies fall into the darkest hells life has to offer, and stay there until they die.

    1. I dont think its over lice either, if they was scared of getting lice then why put your head right next to her? Why grab her hair which supposedly has the lice if it offends you? Stupid girls.
      Defo something personal for them all to go in on her like this.

    2. still bull shit! if that was my daughter be bullied like that at her school. i would beat the shit of the principal and sue the school. they are suppose to protect the kids. then i would go knocking on the doors of the girls. and beat the shit out there parents. then sue them as well. nah…just beat the helll out of them.

  11. bullies are terrible. why would you beat a girl up for having lice. plus who beats a poor orphan, but i guess bullies don’t give a shit. hope the victim is alright. Being an orphan already sucks, she doesn’t need stupid bullies making her life harder.

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