SAA Soldiers Deliver Beating to al-Fawj al-Awwal Jihadists

SAA Soldiers Deliver Beating to al-Fawj al-Awwal Jihadists

The Syrian Arab Army has done an amazing job fighting off the various faction of Israel friendly jihadists – whether it be ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria), or any of dozens of other terror groups – despite many years of occupation and relentless extermination of the Syrian population.

On Easter Sunday, the SAA announced a major victory in Palmyra, much o the utter displeasure of the US State Department, and now they are gearing for the retake of Raqqa – the jihadi capital in Syria.

Video below shows the SAA soldiers delivering various forms of punishments to the jihadists they encountered in the liberated areas of their country. The jihadists apparently belonged to the rebel group al-Fawj al-Awwal (the First Battalion), which is a name that appears on their Islamic flag. At 1:22 you can see the high tech Tow launcher, presumably supplied by their US/Israel sponsors.

Props to Best Gore member @amer-the-adventurerz for the video:

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  1. this guys were caught in lattakia….north part of syria…..they had hit i believe a helicopter although im not so sure…..anywho i hope syrian boy isnt dead but given the fact that no new material has surfaced coming from him might be a clue… the army lost around 100 soldiers in retaking palmyra while killin 500 paid crazies….this guys should be shot theres video that proves their crimes….also….fsa has breached the agreement of ceasefire…so russia is coming back

  2. You could tell from the look in their faces as they were being dragged…….life is fixing to turn to shit in a hurry. On the bright side…..they do have 79 goats waiting to 69…….in a tent……at night…….dressed in veils.

  3. Whether it’s SAA, ISIS, or any other form of Arab jihadists, they are just one and the same with their brutal mentalities.

    Dragging a person like that is the worst punishment. Two wrongs can not a thing right. Sand niggers are a disgrace.

  4. How is the re-uploading of deleted videos going along? I’ve checked some pages again, and it seems nothing has been re-posted,yet πŸ™ Is there a way to know what videos are being up-dated? I would love to donate $5, $10, or $20 a month to have access. I’ve seen about %70 of the older vids before they were taken down.

    1. Hundreds have been reuploaded, but we had thousands deleted, so it’s not gonna get fixed overnight. We are all just volunteers. We do our best as best as we can in our spare time. Unfortunately things are not progressing as fast as we’d like.

        1. Most people on here would love to help but one issue is allowing strangers to have access to the backend of the CMS. I’ve supported user access and content previously and you have to be very carful with who you allow to have keys to the castle (and I’m not saying you have malicious intent). No one wants to get Prochaned in the ass again. πŸ™‚

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  6. I hope they get the real culprits…..too many times innocent people get caught up in this and get lynched for nothing. If they are jihadists then good as they would do the same to people they have caught.

  7. It’s utterly fascinating to see how people get their power in groups. I suppose it’s natural, though. Humans are social animals. It’s easier for us to function in units rather than as individuals.

  8. Well, at least the SAA,are not complete savages like I.S.I.S. was to them, when caught, as they just cut their Mugs off! These Fucktards, got off way too easy, and are lucky to have gotten away, with simple beatings!

  9. Brings back memories of the rooms with blood-soaked floors, hands-tied rebels lying on the floor, rifle butts come smashing down, vicious beatings…kickings. These Arab boys are brutal, which almost make you feel sorry for the megging wearing fuckboys of Europe who might well encounter them as they strut effeminately around the city streets.

  10. This is an appeal on behalf of the SAA.
    Do you have an old phone with a decent camera you no longer need?
    Perhaps you could spare a few minutes to make a tutorial video on how to hold a phone correctly and reasonably still while filming?
    Making me dizzy trying to watch the bloody thing!
    I’m sure all help would be gratefully received.

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