Saadi Gaddafi, Son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Tortured in Al-Hadba Prison

Saadi Gaddafi, Son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Tortured in Al-Hadba Prison

An undated video filmed inside al-Hadba prison in Tripoli, Libya was recently released by Arabic Clear News. The video shows a blindfolded young man being forced to listen to the cries of several inmates being tortured, then watch them being caned, before having his feet tied to a frame and beaten.

International criminal court defense lawyer Melinda Taylor confirmed that the young man appears to be Saadi Gaddafi, the third son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who was executed by the CIA/Mossad trained “moderates” (also known as NATO Rats).

Joe Stork, Human Rights Watch Deputy Director for Middle East and North Africa Division said:

The graphic video that seems to show prisoners being beaten raises serious concerns about the methods used to interrogate al-Saadi Gaddafi and other detainees at al-Hadba prison. No exceptional circumstances justify torture or other ill-treatment.

Needless to say, Human Rights Watch has long served as a buffer zone for Israeli war crimes and human rights abuses, ensuring any action that could hurt Israel, results in no action. Pretending that they care is part of the strategy.

Props to Best Gore member African Angel for the video:

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      1. That’s what I read today in a news report. His brother Uday had the entire national football team arrested and beaten like this for not qualifying for the world cup. Another time he had three of the national team arrested, imprisoned for three days in his basement dungeons, dragged through gravel and dipped in sewage pits. Can’t say I have to much sympathy for Saadi.

          1. Mark Twain said it best…people that don’t read the news are uninformed and the people that do read the news are misinformed….Gaddafi and Fidel Castro have been lied about by the zio owned media for many years….the more I read about both Castro and Gaddafi the more I respect them….btw in 1938 Time Magazine declared Hitler the Man of the Year…

      2. C’mon Vic !!!
        So all of the shit we see on here didn’t happen ?
        And as for the Mods…Jew lovers…really ?
        Guess you can say whatever you want but that doesn’t make you right either.

      3. As shocking as this may seem to you vic, jews are not the ONLY ones who hate muslims. Personally I hate them because of fanatical assholes like you and the admins still allow you to talk your shit so that’s something for you to be grateful for. Not that it’s doing you any good.

      4. Maybe he deserved it maybe not (what ever happened to Maybe Douche Bag Maybe Not?) Anyway whats really fucked up is, Why in the hell would any normal man wear a dress? Can someone please tell me that?

      1. Sometimes I like to watch the vids before reading the write up because I don’t like spoilers @mama. I kept waiting for them to bring out wine and cheese platters so they could test him on his knowledge of regions and his cheese iq.

  1. As much as I fucking hate that region of the world, Gaddafi was pretty moderate compared to the rest of of the buffoons over there. Leave it to Team America to remove a decent leader and install chaos in its place.

      1. Exactly peach. Kind of like how after we invaded Afghanistan we just “happened” to find the largest deposit of rare earth minerals on the planet, which are conveniently used for making any and every modern electronic. My personal favorite is how americans are baffled by the heroin problem which coincidently didn’t really exist until we invaded one of the largest poppy growing nations on the globe.

          1. Heroin took the life of my youngest brother about a year ago at the age of 23. Fucked my head up man. Good to hear you got out and are trying to help…not many people can say that.

  2. i could provide you with translation but the voice quality is so fucking bad.. all i could hear is stretch your legs.. gaddafis son kept saying.. but take is easy turn off the camera .. the fat police officer at the end.. was shouting and telling him to shut the fuck up. libya another back warded country that helps with nothing but slowing down the progress of humanity.. i say nuke them all 😀 🙂

        1. Per capita wise….free electricity, $50,000 to buy home upon marriage, over $2,000 a year from shared oil education even abroad with stipend…30 cent gas and 50% subside when buying a car…free farm land with equipment to produce the land…46 billion of sweet crude oil in Libya…largest man made river to turn Deseret into Ag production and to sell the water as well…

          1. Exactly mike,along with the wealth and water(and the fact he wouldn’t use or support their banks),it was only a matter of time before they fucked him over.

          2. As for the gold,I bet its in the same place as the majority of the European wealth ended up..SWITZERLAND… They are the biggest crooks on the planet,they make Jews look like angels.The powerbase of the world is there.

      1. @mike11111, that’s why I never agree with the “nuke ’em” comments, even when they’re said in sort of jest. I love nature/wilderness etc. too much for nuclear bombs, it stuffs up the regions ecology forever 🙁

    1. Thanks for translating @moroccanwalley .. It just seemed a little soft to be considered torture…I dont know, I’ve never been smacked on my feet with a stick, but I’ve seen a lot of shit on BG and this just didn’t seem very torturous

    1. Because of what you were told his father supposedly did? If you see Lybia today you only see anarchy and chaos… Is that better than having Gaddafi ruling? Not to mention he wasnt that bad as the zio-medias advertised. He was independent and wanted to form a relationship with the US. But the US regected, and Israel cracked its knuckles… Gaddafi then threatned to devalue the dollar and make the african gold the leading base currency in there… wich in result would not only balance the tarifs and trading prices of oil world wide, but it would also free the economy from USA/Israel control… wich of course they couldnt let that to happen… But they couldnt set their own feet on Libya territory, otherwise countries like China, Russia, and all the other Libya allies would fall over them… so they instead called in mercs to pose as rebels that were against the Gaddafi “regime”… or “freedom fighters” as the zio-medias called them. Thats when the first proxy-war happened… and it was never ment to be the last after its success… The same proxy-war tactic was tried in Syria, but failed, so they tried hiring and funding a new group of mercenaries, this time with enough training and equipment, and even their own antena broadcast… You might know them today as ISIS.

      1. 10 days after 9/11 Gen Wesely Clark was told after Afghan was already targeted that the USA would topple 7 govts in 5 years…the countries he states in his speech on YouTube was…Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon, Somalia and end in Iran…

        We don’t get the truth until people retire like Gen Clark speaks after his first pension check starts…

  3. No doubt the citizens of Libya miss his father based on what’s going on in Libya now…The first thing they did when the bombs were being dropped by NATO was to open up a New Central Bank…after the new central bank went into Libya and Sudan there only 3 countries left without central banks: Iran, Cuba and North Korea…it was against the law in Libya for banks to charge interest and I can imagine Libyas gold is now missing with most of the countries 400 billion investment reserves …Libya will never be as good as it was under Gaddafi…

    1. They actually asked him if he wanted to be hit on buttocks or feet, he says what kind of question is that, the feet…

      I think the guards wanted to homo him with caning his bare ass….bunch of ass clowns…

      1. I love reading up on Randy Quaid and his insane ranting ~ any star/celebrity who dies, has copped it by the “star whackers”, it must be contagious, his girlfriend believes the same stuff as him!

        1. Ya some crazy shit ….but….
          Hey ive heard before that stars like jim morison used to hang with charlie manson and that sharon tate was actually a offering to some occult secret shit,even claimed polansky was involved with it in some way..entertaining idea huh…anyone wondering who/or where that was talked about ?on an old long dead radio show the hour of the time with bill cooper

    1. @BB

      The way that these guys are beating one another, I imagine this poor fellow will have someone else handle him in prison.

      Probably the foot fetish guy.

      “Debbie does Tripoli” I believe, would end all sorts of violence among the sexes.

  4. But only if their God was a Goddess, perhaps there would be a decent porn channel in their country. Paying homage to a invisible male God with no clitoral cupids, will lead to violence every time. Is it their God that they fear, or is it actually a pretty little gal, running their hand up their thigh?

    I betcha all these religious wackos beating other men, will end up getting prostate cancer in the end.

    Give praise, to those on high!!


  5. Gaddafi and Saddam were perfect leaders for that part of the world, they could control the various factions and maintain stability. They ruled with fear and occasional violence granted but that makes them Mother Teresa compared to the fuckers in power there now.

    None of this mass exodus of blacks into Europe would have happened under Gaddafi?s reign.

    The fact is the west allowed and supported the torture and murder of Gaddafi?s family even though just a few years before they supported and backed them.

    The same west that off-shores their own population?s jobs into the third world, the same west that allows mass uncontrolled Immigration so as to profit from cheap, low cost labour etc.

    Make no mistake Gaddafi, Saddam etc were not culled based upon any ?moral conscience?, they were removed so as to destabilise the Middle East and bring the cost of oil and gas down. In other words they were discarded based upon profit and loss ratios, in effect they were made redundant; surplus labour if you will.

    A destabilised Middle East also benefits Israel greatly because an enemy that fights itself is an enemy weakened.

    This was never a battle of good vs. evil as our media like to pretend, it was and still is a battle of politics and finance and that is why NATO does not intervene because NATO is a part of the system and as such cannot ever go against the system.

    1. Our CIA have always been the S & P 500 protectors with the USA military as back up if needed….it only cost the CIA to over throw the govt in Iran to install the Shah…now that guy was ruthless…always follow the money for the real truth and answers to most anything..

        1. @mike11111… I might not agree with everything you say but you’re definitely no slouch when it comes to history… No kiss ass…
          You’re definitely a thinker… And you don’t need to be told what to think… You’re very knowledgeable… And you’re not a bullshitter…

          Much respect…

          Just sayin’…

          1. Thanks gnat…its like a light bulb turningon with a lot of things when u seek out the truth…we have all been fed a bunch of bullshit since a child…cheers

  6. What’s with the love taps? Beat that fucking cock sucker. Who knows how many he has tortured. Fuck his old man too. Always talking about how the lepers of islam would engulf Europe, in only a couple of decades were his words. A real righteous asshole.

    1. “… And now a song from the Beat Feet Band starring Grandmaster Flash!…”

      “Beat Feet
      The king of the beat
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      And Huh Huh!
      Beat Feet is a lesson too, because you can’t let the Feet beat you!”

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          2. A pool table… Now that’s what I need at my shop… But then again it’ll probably be covered in grease and used as storage for machine parts after the honeymoon phase is over with…

            Sure I’ll play you sweetheart… I’m fair to middlin’ when it comes to pool… 😉

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          4. Lol the last time I thoroughly beat someone in pool was my birthday last year I don’t see how its hard to play in heeled boots and a skirt I guess I was to drunk to over think my shots

          5. I’d have a hard time watching you play in heeled boots and a skirt…
            Actually… I’d have a hard time standing up…

            No pun intended… (?.?)

          1. @gnat my bro i did and even he says oh my god,, how could a lil biker have such meat, it must be the leberwurst,,

            Prost Bruder!

  7. Kaddafi was a good man, people was living like kings under him, he didn’t want to fuck with the United states of israel and israel, that’s why they got him killed, always you cock sucking Americans and Brits with your hateful comments, but to tell you the truth, I understand.. Because you are getting raped by the jews every day, that’s why all the hate, you sheep will never live like people lived in Libya,

    1. @tas
      Good question. However, if I was one of those guys on the floor, I’d be worrying about all those other men in skirts walking around.

      Just because you don’t hear any zippers, doesn’t mean any of those men aren’t fly fishing.

    1. @fuk

      They are merely setting the stage for a second video soon to follow. After all the blindfolds, cuffs, whips and chains have been set into place, the foot fetish guy will ask his malicious misters, “tell me where it squirts.”

  8. That brings back old memories of how they disciplined me and my school mates in elementary/ junior high school. Back in the day when they got away with paddling us with those big ass wooden paddles.. Parents today would be suing the schools if they knew that there kids were getting ass whoopings..

  9. I believe it was CIA Robert Baer who said that if you want a serious interrogation send them over to Jordan, for torture to Syria and Libya and in Egypt to disappear. This shit was happening with Qaddafi in power too. He was willing to except people US couldn’t legally torture and who were his enemies. However, Qaddafi was a saint compared to this lot, and some idiots still believe Libya today is a melting pot of democracy.

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