Sadistic Woman Beats and Tortures Child with Hot Wax

Sadistic Woman Beats and Tortures Child with Hot Wax

Sadistic Woman Beats and Tortures Child with Hot Wax

In this video, a sadistic adult woman is seen mistreating a small child. In the first part of the video, she beats the terrified, crying child on the head and other parts of the body. In the second part she appears to torture the child by dripping hot, molten wax on his/her body (not sure if the child is a boy or a girl).

The abuse happens in the presence of other adult women, who encourage it by not doing anything to stop it.

I don’t know reliably where the video is from, but could be from India.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for this one:

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103 thoughts on “Sadistic Woman Beats and Tortures Child with Hot Wax”

      1. Agreed- I’d help you beat the shit outta her, that’s it! I’d never rape a woman or fuck an indian! I’m not interested in having my balls rot off slowly! Love to hand her over to the Mexican cartels and film them torturing her with molten plastic and finish her with a plastic butter knife! Then upload to bestgore! Ahh it’s good to be back! Was lurking around and slowly rotting is this world- then I managed to log in to my old email and bam I’m back on bestgore!

          1. Thank you! I’d love to drop that bitch into a hot boiling vat of molten plastic… slowly feet first! There’s so many things I would do to that bitch! I just hate seeing kids getting hurt! It’s the soft side (humanity) in me! Now that poor kid will be the next Hannibal Lecter or some shit! Poor kid I really hope he gets out of that shit hole and throws a gallon of hydrochloric acid on that bitch’s face!
            @John Frum

          1. Start a Go Fund Me for the kid and the cartels! Lol – I will even buy them a good phone to film the torture! I’ve even got a list of things I’d ask them to do to that bitch! Then the remaining $$$ goes to a psychiatrist for the boy so he doesn’t become Hannibal Lecter and eat my brain…ha ha ha

      1. @TheCaptain
        That would do a fantastic job, and make sure when you rent-it to pay the 26 dollar U.S. or al least that’s how much it was/cost at the time,( lol) for insurance.

        This way when you are done launch that fucker overboard instead of having to spend many, many hours cleaning-it. And at 60 miles off shore it will never see the light of day again.

  1. Holy crap the kid is not even a toddler he isn’t going to learn shit with that kind of discipline. Hitting him on the head will probably just make him more retarded. No wonder these fucks grow up to snackbar and abuse women.

  2. You snow flakes never had kids or let your kids run your house hold. This is the punishment after they told them 1000s times not to do what they been doing, tried giving light spanking, tried doing the fake news time out that never works. And this is the end result. THis is the only way some hard headed kids learn or throw grow up being another felon that joins blm after they get out of prison. He obviously did something really bad to get that kind of punishment.

    There was a kid that would go to businesses and trash the stores kicking and knocking things over around 4 years old. Would ride his bike around mcdonalds and knock over peoples food at the tables. Finally after like 6 months of doing it i took his bike and waited for his dad to come get it. His dad said i can’t fix him. I gave his dad a belt off my store rack and locked my store door so nobody could come in. And he took him to the dressing room and whipped him for about 30m until the kid passed out. That kids a good kid now says sir and yes ma am. Its not like people want to beat little kids but some kids are so hard headed this is the only way they can learn. Just like most best gore victims who do stupid shit.

    1. The adults in that kids life were the failures. They didn’t do what they should have from day one. After enough years of negligence a kid will be out of order. The adults are to blame. The adults were likely unfit. Of course they couldn’t control the brat by that time. If that kid had a neurological disorder even a beating wouldn’t have worked. It did you say, but it’s no different than beating fear into a dog. Fail. I don’t believe that kid went on to lead a successful actualized life.

      There are millions of humans who bottom line shouldn’t have kids. But they are too arrogant, selfish, lazy and or stupid, no self awareness or control, not having enough sense to not bring children in that they have no clue or desire to raise properly. Fucked up humans fuck up their kids and the cycle repeats unless by some near miracle the cycle is broken. Dumbass humans.

  3. That poor soul is sooo tiny…I wish I could jump in the video and take that baby away. I not a mother nor do I want children… However child and animal abuse is never ok… Inflicting pain and suffering on the innocent and defenceless is just beyond me!!! I can’t think of any act that is more vile and cruel!!

    Hell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here

  4. My wager she hates her husband or whoever the sperm donor is. This man is the one she really wishes she could hurt. But his son will do. Betting she is submissive in his presence unless he has abandoned them which could be the reason she hates the boy.

    She is human garbage. So are the others who do nothing. All of them garbage.

  5. This was just awful – that poor little piece of curry didn’t know
    shit from Shinola, as Mom was cruel to him
    Note that curries are flooding to the West like an open sewer, too
    Mmm : Cultural enrichment

    Death to the curry


    1. I feel somewhat compelled to help answer your question.
      Considering I’ve been previously convicted of manslaughter I know a little something about mortality and the human condition yada yada insert some witty preamble…..Anyways she probably lacks a strong moral compass….or rather social mores that align with our first world ones…..To be honest I haven’t even watched the video….I just noticed you are the only other person who recently commented and I always seem to feel so alone on this site. Also I would rather look at accidents and try to imagine the victims final moments as I grapple with my mortality. Anyways have a nice night.

  6. This one was fucking hard to watch. I have never felt so fucking angry watching a video.
    What the fuck were the other useless scumbags doing,I can’t get my head around these dumb slags. They just sat there like nothing was happening.
    That poor kid,this truly breaks my heart. I really hope this video was seen by who ever needed to see it,someone that could do something about it.
    My heart goes out to that little kid,breaks my heart.
    How can people just sit around her like that. I am not a violent person. But I would have grabbed that baby up,took him away from it. Then I would have gone back to that slut & I would have landed on her. And belive me I am Not a violent person. This just broke my heart. That is some fucked up shit right there.

  7. more i see this videos and more i convinct myself that italy it’s a wonderful and quiet place. On this fucked world existing place like this where the evil have win. These people are not people but beasts

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