Santa Cruz Cop Slams Drunk Handcuffed Man Head First Into Sidewalk

Santa Cruz Cop Slams Drunk Handcuffed Man Head First Into Sidewalk

Guy who filmed this video says that on April 22, 2013 at about 1 am he rode his bike past two guys sitting passively on a bench at night on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz, California. Then a cop the video identifies as N. Vasquez, badge #145 stopped and as one thing led to another, the officer hand cuffed one of the guys and slammed him head first with great force into the concrete sidewalk. According to officer Vasquez he had merely “spun him”.

As the upload correctly asked:

If a police officer slams a homeless man to the ground fracturing his skull and someone isn’t there to video tape it, did it even happen?

And that is why I always say that a police state is worse than a nigger state.

From what can be discerned from the video – the two guys on the bench were both drunk as skunks. Happens to the best of us. But they were seated in the bench, not causing any trouble, kind of supporting each other, waiting for the moment when they sobered up enough to walk safely on their own. Then the cops showed up and the charade of “which one do I take to jail and which one goes to the hospital” followed, along with a completely laughable parade of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. All that because two, albeit shitfaced, but minding their own business, not causing any trouble guys were sitting on a bench?

The premise of the police mishandling people, provoking natural responses so they can yell “stop resisting” has been well documented on Best Gore. It very well seems to be the case in this video again. A cop grabs you, pushes you around and causes discomfort and pain to which every man naturally responds by trying to get out of the discomfort and that’s precisely the response the cop intends to provoke. That is the greenlight for them to assume you’re resisting and the assumption that you’re resisting is virtually always followed with the use of excessive force. In this case, a camera was there to record it. But really – if a police officer slammed a man to the ground, fracturing his skull but no one was there to video tape it, did it even happen?

Props to Best Gore member sataniko for the video:

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86 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Cop Slams Drunk Handcuffed Man Head First Into Sidewalk”

  1. Pigs were having a slow night so they had to pass there time somehow by picking on these two. Same situation here in UK. 9 out of 10 of us have a good sensible and violence free night out. But worldwide cops have a ‘worst scenario’ attitude which leads to a ‘do as your told’ society. Now then…. Who likes being told what to do when u are hammered. What do they expect.

      1. to take him down..he was taking him down..down to jail b4 the cop took advantage of the situation by throwing this guy down. i mean really resisting arrest he was like a foot away from the back seat,not to mention he was CUFFED. that cop is a pussy and an asshole for doing that,then after he’s all apologetic and feels empathy and acts unaware of the situatuion after he just caused the injuries in the first place.

    1. I agree with you.
      The guy was getting violent and honestly deserved what happened.
      Plus it didn’t really look like the cop slammed his head it was more like the cop spun him around but totally forgot he was ridiculously drunk and he just fell face first.

      Either way, drunk ass deserved it.

      1. So in other words the cop isn’t a bad guy just incompetent?

        But seriously now, people like you two frighten me. You seem like the kind of people who would support a police state. I don’t drink but I support people’s freedom to do so without being accosted by armed thugs.

        1. lolol frighten you? I normally hate cops and think they’re power hungry pigs but in this case the only thing that he did wrong in my opinion is that they were sitting there not bothering anybody.
          Unless he got a call about them causing a disturbance beforehand there was no reason to bother them.
          But seeing the drunk freak out and start getting violent is when I sided against him.
          Violent drunks are scum.

      2. In this case I totally agree that the drunk was mostly to blame. He resisted the cuffs immediately and then kicked the shit out of the door while resisting being put in the back.

        It’s hard to say for sure if the cop knew he was going to hurt the drunk but it’s instinct kicking in. When you feel you may be in danger, you eliminate the possibility as quickly as possible, normally out of reflex and not so much out of planning.

        The cop showed remorse and the tone of his voice seemed that of a genuinely concerned person.

        So ya…Fuck drunks!

        1. The drunk guys were not to blame cause if the those pig ass peices of shit would have just left them alone, being they were not doing anything wrong, this incident would never have taken place,sittin’ on a bench at 1:00 in the morning is not a crime. If I was sittin’ on that bench and the cops came over harrassing me, drinking or not , you could be damn sure I’d tell them to go fuck themselves. On a similar note, my old lady called the troopers on me a couple of weeks ago and they came to my room (5 of them,1 of which when my car was stolen and crashed and they didn’t know who did it so they said it must’ve been me and wouldn’t tell me who towed the car for three months and it wound up being crushed (now I have to sue the tow company)was one of those troopers). Well they couldn’t touch me cause I never hit (I don’t hit women) my woman or threatened her, so I was able to tell them the fuck off and they couldn’t arrest me. I went as far as pulling down my pants, bending over, spreading my cheeks and telling them all to suck my asshole, then I turned to the female cop ( the one the reason my car got crushed) and swung my dick around in front of her and told her she should “suck my cock you fuckin’ spic cunt” I know that’s a hard story to believe, but it is the honest truth.Talk about satisfaction!

        2. Your kidding right? I would be resisting too if I was puss drunk, minding my buisiness and some yard handcuffs me. As for feeling threaten, seriously? Guy was piss drunk with handcuffs behind his back. Something seriously wrong with you if you felt threaten! Then again, if I whip my sick out and Pisa on you, you may feel threaten by the size.

          1. lol honestly i think its the cops fault because here you can get drunk off your ass + still be on your property and still get arrested for public intoxication.

            fuck i admit there are a few good cops but thats 1 in 100,000 if not 1 million.

            but damn most of the time 99% of they think that just because you don’t say “yes officer, Sorry officer, thank you officer, I will officer” that you are trying to resist them or are a threat to them hell some of my friends cuss a lot and thats just how they talk. hell some are fucking mellow as if they just got high off Pot and were just relaxing when they get drunk.

        3. B-O-O H-O-O. That’s the extent of my sympathy for “Drunk Dick”…

          I love all the clairvoyants commenting as if they know the circumstances which occurred immediately prior to when this “street journalist” started filming…I’d be surprised if the events leading up to this “harassment” weren’t also on video, but conveniently edited out.

          In Dick’s honor, I’m sending a Thank You card to Officer Vasquez for his dedication and hard work keeping the animals in check…

          1. @Rsking there was one good cop. his name was christopher dorner. what happened to him is a good example of why there is no such thing as a good cop. if a cop is a good cop, the other cops kill him.

      3. Nothing that drunk guy did earned him a fractured skull, a shattered cheek (??) and broken teeth (??)…. Nothing he did warrants that sort of damage to his body.

        Now, you both say “the drunk guy deserved it”: Why? What precisely did he do to earn that bodily damage? You can say “He kicked the car and got belligerent!!” But IT IS THE POLICE OFFICER’S LACK OF TRAINING AND SELF-RESTRAINT THAT LANDED THE DUDE ON THE GROUND, because I am certain that there are a hundred and one better ways to deal with a resisting drunk. This officer lost his shit and fucked a guy up. Saying “the drunk deserved it” makes you smells like sheep.

      4. Nothing that drunk guy did earned him a fractured skull, a shattered cheek (?) and broken teeth (?)…. Nothing he did warrants that sort of damage to his body.

        Now, you both say “the drunk guy deserved it”: Why does you say that? What precisely did he do to earn that bodily damage? Without a doubt, he kicked the car and got belligerent, but a police officer is (hopefully) trained to deal (less violently) with this sort of situation.

    2. I hate drunks. I’m a paramedic and >80% of my jobs are picking up this human garbage because people don’t want to look at drunk bums. They are easy jobs because most are regulars, “frequent flyers” dependent on the hospital system to feed them and cloth them. Then they get drunk every night and repeat the process. They’re not usually the violent ones. Some have gotten violent and we have to put them in their place. Ever since I had a female partner get choke slammed by a drunk, I refuse to show the least bit of mercy if they act up. Drunks used to go to a “drunk tank”, a holding cell. But now that we live in a lawyer run society, they all go to the hospital regardless of how violent they are.

    3. Only a retard would think its OK to provoke severe injuries to a heavily drunk person because they are resisting to prison or insulting an officer, if he can’t dominate a drunk person without killing it, he shouldn’t be wearing his uniform. Replace the poor drunk bastard with a sober heavyweight MMA fighter and I bet your ass that cunt would call another 5 cops to swarm the dude.

    4. couldn’t he of shoved him in the car, oh i guess bouncing his head of the concrete was a better choice. Is this america?
      talking shit is freedom of speech. He is going to jail for sitting on a park bench. I would say talking shit should go without saying.
      I don’t want this unstable cop around my kids.

    5. Everyone has been drunk before,and allmost everyone drinks…and yeah he talked shit he had been drinking,but talking shit and physical abuse are 2 different things,n with that bieng said that cop crossed the line big time. how about fuck the low life cop who handled his job so poorly. the guy had cuffs on and was like a foot away from the back seat…the cop executed that ending Terriblly.

  2. What a shame! Just arrest him- don’t fucking kill him for fucks sake! Of course this didn’t make the news around here. Fucking selective media tactics at it’s best!

    It’s bizarre to see my old stompin’ grounds on here. I spent many a summer boogie boarding in the water there! Some of the best clam chowder in Cali, too!! Santa Cruzin’..

    1. Yeah back when I lived in Santa Clara ,CA I used to ride my bike over the mountian to cruze the boardwalk and check out all the babes and have a few brewskis while I was at it! That whole area is really cool for ridden bikes,miles and miles of mountain roads.

      1. Yup! And let’s not forget people watching! As we saw here- there’s never a short supply of entertainment or drugs! People over there are always under the influence of something! I used to love finding private caves, etc. Lots of stuff to explore and nothing like the boardwalk at night! Smells of sun tan lotion, cotton candy and fresh ocean breeze..

  3. I think he honestly looked concerned, not for the dude with his head bashed but for himself. But whatever, I feel the cop didn’t really mean to brake his face like that so kinda unlucky for the both of them, but the cop definitely over stepped his boundaries so if anything hopefully next time he will be more careful handling suspects.

  4. “richard, are you just mad at us right now?”LMFAO!!! but seriously, what the fucking fuck. was all that comotion really necessary for those two boozers? hmmm, however, i personally have not had a negative experience with the police since i quit drinking and drugging…coincidence?

  5. It’s sad when something like this happens but whatever. A necessary evil in my book for cops should have superiority at all times. This guy was just doing his job and shit like this is going to go down just because of the line of work. Deal with it and whine about something that actually looks like abuse.

    1. the guys lost control. this happens with cops that get the ego. I think he’s taken off the street. Again the 2 where just sitting on a park bench. Not busting stuff up, besides, cops are some of the worst drinking bastards ever. Fire him. He don’t deserve to ware a badge. He knew what he was getting into when he chose that profession. You can’t slam a handcuffed prisoner face first into concrete. I don’t want him around my children.

      1. when i left the service (like all vets) law enforcement agencies solicited me for recruitment. i also lived in jacksonville,fl. and attended an orientation for the J.S.O. The first words out of the officer’s mouth who was giving this orientation was the following,”All of you are about to joined the largest,most powerful, and most profitable street gang in jacksonville,fl.;as well as the nation. Once you become an officer you will be a member, and be recognized as such by any and all law enforcement officer’s in the U.S. if not the world.” needless to say i did not enter law enforcement.

        1. oh, i forgot to mention that i attended this orientation purely out of curiosity. i had no desire to become a cop, nor any desire to interfere with anyone’s life. i’m very content with the size of my penis, and don’t need anything to make me feel like it’s bigger.

  6. I see alot of hate towards the drunk. Have you never had a few too many??? maybe because you had a crap day? this cop delt with this guy badly. that cud have killed him. And what if this guy was in your family. Wud you say fuck the drunk then?

  7. ok so maybe im a bit clueless but why was the dude being arrested anyways? why arrest 1 and send the other to the hospital? why did he even waste his time on these two? they were not causing any problems…bothering no one…just sitting on a bench chillin..sure they were hammered but they were not doing anything!! im with the drunk – damn skippy i would get cheezed off, he wasnt doing squat wrong apart from being intoxicated out in public….
    and whats with the, “richard? richard? are you mad at us???” yes clearly he is ignoring you because he is cheezed off…nothing to do with the fact that he is UNCONSCIOUS!!!

    1. I was thinking something of the same… What’s the whole point of public intox=crime anyway? Perhaps it was constructed with dangerous/indecent drugs in mind, to get them off the streets, but it seems ineffective to me. Addicts, perverts, and the mentally ill still make themselves a nuisance from time to time, PI law or not.

      It’s legal to smoke in certain public areas, and that’s a vice that can interfere with third party health. Drunkeness–not as much. These heavily intoxicated men parked themselves on a bench no one was using, no crowd was around for them to bother, and they attempted to remove themselves from potential injury. I just don’t see the crime in that.

      …and I can’t help but wonder… How many drunks hop into their vehicles in hope of evading the inevitable capture PI brings. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. How many lives could be saved by allowing drunks the option to sober up in public, without consequence, as opposed to being chased immediately from bars to the streets–no options.

      From the looks of it, both men needed the hospital trip because their acuity was so drastically impaired, possibly from acute alcohol poisoning. I wonder if the Vic survived this, with or without brain damage. Minutes of unconsciousness=very poor prognosis. Head trauma that could easily invoke brain swelling, turbo-charged at that (by the diminished clotting factor of drinking to excess).

      Perhaps it’s just me, but of the initial frames following the fall, it appears like the man’s face is twitching and his lips are quivering… Both strong indicators of shock and/or seizure.

      I agree with the others that feel the cop wasn’t being willfully malicious, and had the unfortunate happenstance of the perfect storm* of factors.

      *drunkeness, no backup, resistance via uncontrollable unsteadiness, the curb, the fall….

      1. No, not willful intent. Common sense dictates someone having their hands handcuffed and being thrown down into concrete there is only one outcome. The pig fucker and the other piglets at the scene should be tortured, period. Smashing their bare feet with a 2 x 4 is a great start, so I have seen on a previous video.

    2. i feel rather safe assuming that the reason 1 was arrested and 1 was sent to the hospital was due to the cops profiling of them differed. most people are focused on racial profile, which does occur. however the primary form of profiling by law-enforcement is to determine whether one can afford private and competent legal consul. 1 could afford a lawyer, the other would have to rely on a public defender. so 1 is treated well, the other abused,

    1. It’s a huge waste of resources, as I said in my previous post. The problem is that citizens call 911 because they either think they’re saving someone’s life or they don’t like looking at a drunk bum. A ambulance is sent and we usually try to get them to run away. Some are drunks are assholes and tell you to fuck off. The problem is that once you encounter the drunk, they either have to go to jail or a hospital because if they get hurt or killed it’s your fault according to the jew lawyers. The only loophole is if they run away we don’t have to chase them down. It costs the city more to pay the settlement with a family of dead drunk then it does medicaid, ambulance time, and police time.

  8. “Richard” resisted, and in his drunken stated tripped on the curb.

    Fuck him, he was piss drunk and had it coming. Now, the piece of shit has hit the jackpot when he gets to sue the balls off the police department. The good thing about having your jaw wired shut is that you can still drink Jim bean and crown royal- the bad part is you can’t puke…. Your teeth act like a stringer and eventually get clogged with big chunks of shifty chicken tacos

  9. That’s bullshit. The homeless people in Santa Cruz are such nice people, they don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Like, they’re not totally sane and all but I don’t see how they could be treated so terribly. It makes me afraid to even walk the streets around there at this point. I’m sure it’s not just these guys who are fucked around with by police.

      1. he’s referring to the fact that it takes a particular disposition to even want to be an officer. this disposition is usually due to some form of abuse received during childhood, and cops are trying to compensate for once feeling like a victim. it is usually a good way to compensate for having a small penis as well.

  10. This is what they call ‘Serve and Protect’,
    ie: Serve your ass up and protect my own ass.
    Jack-ass cops, every single one of them. I don’t care, who, sex or specie – jackasses.

  11. you do realise that most cops just work for the money and don’t even do their jobs. hell if they did they would have stopped some if not most of the people speeding, running red lights, almost hitting me on my way to the bus stop, and a shit load of other things they never do hell i was almost hit by a cop last week and this week it happened again but with a truck and a cop just let it go and the truck ran a red light I had the signal to go across plus it wasn’t you uncles lowrider either this was a fucking diesel that they hawl full size trailers with on top if that it was fully loaded -.-

    1. it would be advisable that you remain indoors playing dungeons and dragons Rsking. reality is entirely to dangerous a place for you. and if you do venture outdoors, please wear a helmet. not to protect yourself, but so the rest of us can identify you for what you are.

  12. A little perspective on this. About a month and a half ago a Santa Cruz police officer was murdered while on duty. There had never been a death by murder of a cop there before. Ever. Also, gangs are all lit up inland, making threats against the police to murder them. Needless to say the cops are very edgy now. They way the perps were described it could have been any kind of local kid, so they have no leads as of yet.

    1. the cops don’t fear gang members. they know their all talk. besides cops know “ganstas” (sorry BG, i only use Ebonics when proving a point) can’t shoot worth damn, they’ve seen it to many times. a gansta empties a 45 round clip from an ak-47, doesn’t hit a single one of his intended targets, but kills a four year old a block away. the cop that was murdered was probably a good cop, and was murdered by fellow cops for being so. then they claim it was stereotypical black male between the ages of 16 and 30. and of course no arrest is made. despite the fact that 99% of murders committed by black male of that age are solved within 48 hours. mainly because black males of that age can help but open their fool mouths about crimes they’ve committed.

    1. of course you do. it’s what the manual and academy taught you to put in a report. just like your taught in the academy that if another officer contradicts your report your to kill that officer because he can’t be trusted, and is a threat to the force. and then you go to church and praise the lord.

  13. thank you BG and sataniko. i’ve enjoyed this video, as well as the commentary. especially the ignorant commentary. so, thank you to the ignorant commentators as well, keep the ignorance alive, it make success easier for the rest of us.


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