Savage Whipping of Alleged Thief by Multiple Men in Brazil

Savage Whipping of Alleged Thief by Multiple Men in Brazil

Savage Whipping of Alleged Thief by Multiple Men in Brazil

This happened somewhere in Brazil. The guy apparently robbed the wrong person in the wrong place, and got his due punishment.

The video shows the alleged thief getting whipped by multiple men with what looks like twigs. The punishers turned his back black, and some appeared to do the CV sign at the end of the video. Comando Vermelho is one of the biggest street gangs in Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @void33 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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78 thoughts on “Savage Whipping of Alleged Thief by Multiple Men in Brazil”

  1. They really hate thieves these people.

    I don’t consider it the worst thing in the world.

    They should all band together and raid the rich communities instead of eating their own penniless tails.

    1. @superking
      Everyone can proclaim their compassion, supreme concern, and how intensely their heart bleeds for the plight of the low-iq anti-social criminals. This is, of coarse, as long as the people making such claims are encased in the security of not being in direct proximity to the low-iq malingerers which they claim to champion.
      Correct me if my assessment is in error, but it seems to me that you are not living next to thiefs. You are not subject to their violence and transgression of your property rights. If you were, then you would start to sing a different tune. Or perhaps you, yourself have stolen from others. Perhaps that could be a factor in your predisposition to defending anti-social criminality.
      You said something about people “desperate enough to steal” being the real victims, but when an actual Brazilian explained how people in Brazil have access to low cost government meals and health care, and how stealing was not a matter of desperation you did not reply. It is almost as if you realized that your excuse for thiefs was totally fallacious. Armed robbery is not an act of desperation, rather it is an act of greed used to fuel hedonistic drug habits and or wanton materialistic desires.
      You can claim to see violent, anti-social criminals as victims of an exploitative economic system, and how compassionate you are, but if you were subjected to their crime regularly, your world would come crashing in, and you would sing a new song.
      What is your heritage? Do you have anyone in your family named Goldstien, Silverstien, Applebaulm, Abrahms, Cohen, Gold, Shumaker, Kahn, Levy, etc… Because if so, I could understand your predilection for promulgating marxist ideology. ✡️✡️✡️
      If you are just a misguided goy, and are not just acting out and or attention seeking with this absurd defense of armed robbers etc, then I hope we can get you back on track.

  2. I Fucking love this site. I can say my feelings and not be angered for it. You guys are the best! And yes, I concur, he was beaten for his pink shorts. If they were any shorter, Richard Simmons hot pants would be back in style.

  3. That whip lashing has helped his bare back get the desired tanned looks; which he’d so longed for like some tourists .

    Once out of his misery he can stroll down the beach wearing his faggotish short pants and start thieving again as no one will doubt him ever for impersonation. Beside lending his ass for a few bucks more as the beaches in Brazil are heavens for the gay lovers.
    He offered his back for the lashes twisting side to side but avoided tossing over feeling totally subdued and the way he let those screams out makes ya think if he left some of the whip lashers turned deaf for life .

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