Security Guard Assaults Suspicious Guy When He Thinks He’s Off CCTV Camera

Security Guard Assaults Suspicious Guy When He Thinks He's Off CCTV Camera

CCTV video from San Francisco, California shows a pair of security guards approach a guy who was acting suspiciously around and on property they were guarding. The guards have a brief verbal exchange with the guy and then appear to lead him away, but the moment the guard leading the guy thinks he’s off camera’s view, he assaults the guy by shoving him violently against the wall.

The “suspicious” guy may have been just some guy who had a bit too much to drink, or otherwise fucked himself up with some swag, and kept wandering around without realizing what he was doing. There are too many people out there who think wearing a uniform and a flat top hat entitles them to assaulting anyone at will.

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    1. You’d be owned like your mama’s used panties. The problem with these coward pigs is they don’t pick on people who can defend themselves, they take their childhood frustrations out on those who are weaker and vulnerable.

      Fuck the police.

      And fuck their wanna be tampons: mall guards, armaguard drivers and all those other twats who think a gun on their hip gives them a license to bully.

      1. I’m a small guy and look like an easy target, feeble even. However, jui jitsu and extensive knowledge of human anatomy lead to dangerous combination of this pacifist. I won’t take some rent a cop bullshit. I’ve taken shots from much larger men than in this video. You may see me on this site getting shot by a cop one day, because unjustified use of violence does not sit well with me.

    1. True. With no audio, there’s no way to tell.

      However, that’s no excuse to assault someone already under custody, who poses no physical threat.

      The LEO deserves to pay out of his own wallet. But we know that idea will never happen as long as the people keep tacitly accepting this behavior.

        1. @BluHell, Nice.
          It would depend on the night…. If he were to respond to me in that manner when I was his Mistress, I’d push him into a chair…he’d hear the creak of latex as I planted a thigh high, booted, stiletto heel into his crotch. He’d look up to see my cold, blue eyes staring at him from under the brim of a Nazi officers cap and over the top of dark shades. I’d gently caress his bearded face with my riding crop and ask him to repeat that. >:) If I were his slave, then, of course, he’d never have to ask for a beer, as I would anticipate his every need and would be sitting silently at his feet… waiting to fulfil My Masters desires.
          That works for us. 😉

          1. Nope… no homo here…
            Love my wife’s pussy…
            I like @cravingcarnage’s responding style…
            Very smart and articulate… that’s all… no homo… definitely!

            Anyway… @dutchy how can you say that about me… I only repeated people’s comments for 1 maybe 2 days… I swear I won’t do it again.
            Are we good now?
            🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Looks like He was just looking for a reasonable place to take a shit late at night. I did see Him leave on his own, then the cops brought him inside the parking structure… it could have been worse. Good thing for cameras… Last time I was in s.f. I took some Lucy at golden gate park met lots of,intresting people, but this one dude named Wayne Foot was causing havoc all over hippy hill, he was one tripped out dude. He sold me a picture he drew, i gave him pocket change, then he took bite out of the picture and said ” there it’s signed” wtf? I thought. also I remember drinking and smoking late at night skating around with no hassle from the cops. Ahh Nothing like reaching the edge, skating a round on a head full of cid!

  2. Cops are fucked up! Most of them are retards and sometimes college dropouts who has nothing to do in society and ending up joining the police and find it easy to offload their anger and frustrations to innocent citizens. No one intended to be a cop in life.

  3. Are they even armed with pistols, or are they just carrying OC spray and Tasers? I’m using an old phone with a small screen and can’t quite tell. I’m guessing they are probably not armed with anything that’s considered lethal. No respected security company is gonna hire this renegade rent-a-cop without a thorough background check along with this cornhole’s attitude.

    1. Knob head. The first time i heard that word was actually in Yorkshire. A local lady said it to someone. It sounded so cool that i asked her what she meant – just for the sake of having her repeat it. I’ll never forget her explanatory gesture. LOL !

  4. So the sneaky head against the wall off camera trick eh?
    Then again it’s private property isn’t it? So the guy uninvited/trespassing pretty much asked for it.
    Don’t know how I feel with this one, it’s just a video of 3 major dickheads.

  5. You guys probably already know this since most of us have higher iqs than the Sheeple. I just read that if you test too high on the iq test for the police exam in the US you don’t become a police officer. You have to be one stupid Motherfucker, OBVIOUSLY! All you have to do is watch these awesome vids on BG and it shows what morons they are and scumbags on top of it! Including mall cops!

  6. forgive me, but I did not see the cop slam the guy “violently” against the wall. in fact, what it looked like to me was the guy resisting the cop. I had to watch it three times because I thought I missed it. I honestly did not see the police brutality in this one.

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