Security Guards Flog Two Flip Flop Thieves in Nairobi, Kenya

Security Guards Flog Two Flip Flop Thieves in Nairobi, Kenya

Security Guards Flog Two Flip Flop Thieves in Nairobi, Kenya

This happens about a month ago, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.

The two ladies in the video are busted stealing flip flops on the doorstep of one of tenants. The guys flogging them are the security guards manning the complex. The ladies try to talk their way out by telling the guards they came with the extra pair but the guards were having none of it!

Props to Best Gore member @agentforty7 for the video:

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        1. There are also often sub-optimal levels of vitamin D suffered by dark-skinned people who live where they don’t get enough exposure to sunlight. Low D can negatively affect mood and learning and is suspected to play a role in the much higher rates of cancer in African-Americans. People with a lot of sub-Saharan ancestry also suffer more health problems than lighter-skinned people do from too much salt in the western diet. People whose ancestors evolved in a hot climate conserve salt; they can sweat more without depleting electrolytes.

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        3. Empty Soul – Superb response and about “bang on the nail”.

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      3. I know this isn’t the forum and I know you don’t want to hear this…But I worked in what’s known as a “white rural ghetto” (think “trailer trash”)…And believe me, the Caucasian people who lived there were every bit as dysfunctional ,degraded and self-destructive as any minority ghetto-rats…and… oh god… their poor kids…I got started as a volunteer, trying to get a local epidemic of head lice under control. I de-loused kids whose ‘parents’ wouldn’t bother…I won’t write a book here. Maybe somewhere else, someday.

        1. @laurawrzeski

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          1. And yet…In remote African villages you see almost naked little scrawny African kids squatting in front of a teacher in the dirt under a tree…Using a stick to copy their lessons in the dust…Giving that bush teacher their full, respectful attention….What happened to the generation of African-Americans in the USA today whose ancestors rose out of slavery to build black colleges and the civil rights movement? What the hell happened?

          2. @laurawrzeski

            The equal rights movement happened, before that African Americans were forced into black focused units and held together with strong bonds because that was their only way to survive.

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        2. At least the ‘low life’ whites have running water, electricity, access to schools and modern hospitals, and can read and write. Our lowest of whites enjoy a higher living standard than your highest class niggers in Africa. In Africa, they are living in straw huts sucking nectar from a cow’s ass for breakfast.

  1. Something tells me if a SJW were to watch this …..somehow it’s some colonial White man’s fault? Even kunta kinte would appreciate that kind of whipping action. lol. Fucking spades will never change! N E V E R -E V E R !

    1. Could be but I doubt it…These people are poor. They can’t just go replace their flip-flops if someone rips them off. There is nothing shittier than stealing from the poor…Even if the thief is also poor. No excuse for it…And not much help from the authorities in protecting the pathetically little property the poor might have. The people who live in that building had to hire the whipsters to protect their lousy flip-flops…Now THAT’S poverty.

  2. If fat-and-happy westerners think we won’t be driven to hiring guys like those whipsters to guard our suburban homes someday…well…Vigilante justice is better than none at all.

  3. situation look like a pair of prostitute that just ended with a customer but then realise that they went into the wrong hotel/building and get slap the shit out of them by security guards.

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