Shanghai Kindergarten Worker Faces Backlash After Being Filmed Forcefeeding Children Wasabi

Shanghai Kindergarten Worker Faces Backlash After Being Filmed Forcefeeding Children Wasabi

In Shanghai, China, a child abuse incident occurred in a kindergarten Ctrip – a NASDAQ listed Chinese travel services provider with a female CEO. The licensed worker, who was responsible for taking care of children, was filmed on a CCTV camera force-feeding the kids wasabi.

The incident caused significant shitstorm in China. The female teacher responsible for the abuse was arrested and is being prosecuted.

Props to Best Gore member @domfu for the videos. Here’s the CCTV footage showing the force-feeding in the school:

The teacher facing the backlash from angry parents:

Angry parents taking out their anger on the source of their anger by force-feeding the evil teacher:

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  2. That’s messed up, I just ‘touched’ one of my finger’s enough to get a taste, I had almost none on my finger, put it on the end of my tongue; Jesus H Christ, I Honestly thought I was gonna Die! What sick F**K would you have to be/are you, to do that, to a child? Sick, demented Bitch!! Idk anymore

    1. Asians love wasabi. It’s a traditional paste. They eat it with almost every Asian dish. Your taste bud just aren’t fine tuned to it yet. Give it some time perhaps you will come to love it.

    1. While that would be a good one and she damn well deserves it, I think just a 2-4 week jail sentence would suffice. However, she would be on 24 hour lockdown and only allowed to eat food covered in the spiciest possible hot sauce, chilis, or wasabi available. Also, she wouldn’t be allowed water or any beverage for at least an hour or so after she gets her food. So she’ll either have to starve for a few weeks or put up with the heat just to gain subsistence. The reality is that a sadistic bitch like that will never receive a punishment that will “cure” her… She will do something similar in the future some kind of way so the only true punishment that should be considered is execution and that’s where we can get really creative. Maybe down her in a tub of wasabi 🙂

  3. I love wasabi. I always have it with the green soy sauce for my sushi, especially the raw stuff. If you take just enough, the effect is always instantaneous. You eat it, the rush of the wasabi hitting you, smoke comes out of your nostrils, mouth and ears, and the effect is gone. No need to drink a gallon of milk to cool the heat.

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  5. You know what I thought was great? The fact that the cops/security/whatever-they-are gave the parents some leeway to give that bitch some grief. I would definitely agree to that kind of thing being done in western justice; something like prisoners running the gauntlet of victims after sentencing when led out of court. Let those who suffered throw a few punches and kicks as the POS is led away.

  6. Such sensitive creature humans are. Anything can strike a nerve. No wonder people become emotionally detached. Another reason just tend to your own children. Be selfish. Best way to go about things so people don’t have a reason to blame you. If they persist you have a right to sodomize them.

    1. Unfortunately, babies are a delicacy in china. The earlier the stages of development the better. Reason for there oversensitivity I suppose. It appears that this particular group don’t fancy eating embryos.

  7. I don’t get it. When I was being a little asshole as a kid, my mom would shovel horseradish in my mouth as a way to get me to knock it off. And it worked. Straightened me right the fuck out. I’m sure these little fuckers aren’t acting up anymore either. I like this teacher. She’s edgy, but effective!

  8. That is well out of order you cannot forcefeed wasabi to the kids however breast milk force feeding is a different matter altogether especially to adults in those Japanese educational videos with censored genitalia & happy ending. I absolutely love lactation videos theres something really fascinating & erotic about the mammary glands producing milk……… I am from London & from what I’ve heard breastfeeding in public is hugely popular amongst the so called ‘caring’ mums & also widely accepted & encouraged by the public. Despite nationwide encouragement & acceptance I haven’t been fortunate enough to witness it in public. Nothing would beat the sight of the swollen nipples & breasts full of warm milk with occasional sprinkle

  9. I had to review the footage again, because I’m not the type to judge someone based off emotional stimuli. That being said, I’ve made my assessment on this teacher. She is indeed a cunt. This particular cock juggling specimen clearly could see that the kid shook her no. Still she persist. Sever the fucking cunt’s head off. Vindicative bitch.

  10. “Good Guy Cop” just stands there and waits patiently while they shove a shit ton of wasabi into her mouth, only then does he step in to restore order. Probably wanted to see her get what she deserved too lol.

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