Shop Owner Assaulted with Bottle on Head and Robbed in Saudi Arabia

Shop Owner Assaulted with Bottle on Head and Robbed in Saudi Arabia

If I didn’t know this happened in Saudi Arabia, I’d think the video was from Detroit or some other place with hefty “African American” population.

Two robbers were caught on a CCTV camera assaulting an Asian convenience shop owner and robbing his shop in the city of Jeddah, on the western shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. The shopkeeper was counting his money when an assailant entered the shop pretending that he’s there to buy something. His accomplice entered a few seconds later, approached the clerk and smashed a bottle on his head from across the counter.

Joined by the other thug, the Asian man was forced out of the shop, allowing the other assailants to pick the cash register.

WTF? Why would an Asian man open a business in Saudi Arabia – the most undemocratic country in the world, ruled by a despotic family and one of the primary supporters of terrorism that’s been an integral part of the Axis of Evil for ever. There are countries that should be off the list of places to visit for every sane man. Saudi Arabia is hands down one of them.

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26 thoughts on “Shop Owner Assaulted with Bottle on Head and Robbed in Saudi Arabia”

  1. sometimes you wanna go
    where every Saudi’s dressed the same
    and they always bring the pain
    you wanna go where you can feel a glass bottle on the brain
    you wanna be where every Saudi’s dressed the same

    sung to the tune of the “Cheers” theme song

  2. I agree about them dressing the same, it’s hard to tell who is who. Made me think this was an inside job, that the guy who owns the store was ‘in on it’ but was not expecting to get hit on the head with the bottle. He was way to calm afterwards.

    1. Yea, I use to live in Saudi. What a shithole of a country, even though food and medical stuff is heavily subsidized via oil revenues rendering it quite affordable.

      Jeddah is sorta like the Dubai of Saudi. Minorities rarely own any business, let alone East Asians. Probably a Saudi or Arab owner, has 3 workers work the full week, and periodically comes to visit and check-up.

  3. paper money is a false matrix. the only value it has is the one we assign to it. it’s really only paper as common as any other paper used for different purposes. to think we have to devote so much time and effort out of our limited lives to obtain it drives me insane. to kill or hurt another to obtain their paper is truly perplexing. i know cuz on several occasions i was almost killed by others seeking to obtain my paper. i.e. muggers.

  4. I can’t say it looked like a typical US shite inner city holdup. Firstly the guy was openly counting cash out in the shop, who does that? Doesn’t seem that being held up is that common an occurance. Also, yes they bopped him with on the head with a bottle, but then they took him outside so that one could rob the till without hassle and the guy lived to tale the tale. Seems quite a gentlemanly way to hold up a store compared to some of the monstrous holdups we’ve seen here.

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