Showing Off Really Deep Emo Cuts (bloody pics)

Showing Off Really Deep Emo Cuts (bloody pics)

Following up on our notorious Emo Pics post, Best Gore is back with more emo cuts, this time the cuts are deeper, longer and bloodier. This time it is also obvious that this emo kid cut himself (or herself, can’t say for sure with these skinny people) for the show. He’s spreading the cuts open and taking pictures from all different angles. He’s also playing with his own blood he had collected in the bucket and takes pictures of it all to show how awesome he is. Clearly showing off in this case, I’m pretty sure of that one.

I have to give this emo kid props, though. He’s still pretty fucking messed up, but these cuts are fucking deep. It’s a true mastery in self inflicting and enduring pain. Not that that’s much to brag about, but still – he did it and likely enjoyed himself doing it. Cuts that go that deep must have hurt to inflict. It would hurt if someone else was doing it to you, but doing it to yourself – damn!

I guess you reach this stage when nobody thinks your suicidal poerty full of broken dreams and broken hearts is anything special. If your writing gets no attention, your cuts will. And they do, obviously. So much to go through just to get attention though? Why not just shove a glass jar up your ass instead… Oops 🙂

Gallery with lots of pics of emo kid showing off his really deep emo cuts is below. Insane!

Thanks Carlos for pics

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132 thoughts on “Showing Off Really Deep Emo Cuts (bloody pics)”

    1. This is why I hate Emos. Stupid, depressed, self-cutting, depressed poetry writing wannabe goths. Yes, Sookie. This is how they express themselves. Somethings, to the point of killing themselves from massive blood loss or depression. Emos are such pathetic fools.

      1. I don’t believe these are “emo” cuts. This guy is doing this simply because he enjoys it. I’ve also cut, and not because I am sad or depressed or want attention (they are all where normal clothes cover and I am very annoyed when people by chance happen to see) but because I love the way scars look and feel. The chances that he got away with no infections is low though.

        1. I do not write poetry and I am not depressed, I just love the way the scars look, and how it feels, I cut high on my thighs where pants cover, considering I wear kapris from time to time. Also, just going to add, real “goths” don’t care how you dress, because it doesn’t matter. What I am sick of is all these mother fucking cookie cutter goths with all the clothes and accesories. The subculture has been lost in translation, and you get kids these days warping the true meaning. It is about protesting what is acceptable, and one day when tripp pants and mohawks become mainstream, real goths will protest that too.

      2. dumbass emo isnt about cutting its about the music. cutting is a steriotype of emos. idk why they thought it was an emo but that could be anyone. doesnt mean hes emo -.- but there are some that are deppresed. dont judge.

  1. He cheated. He avoided the tendons and the arteries. Most of the cuts are in areas far from major arteries. See the bleeding, it’s slow and oozing. Capillary bleeding I think.

    Doesn’t this guy have any ambition in life? Cannibals will be happy to welcome him.

  2. do these dick heads fink they cool or what, the stupid thing is they say it’s all about individuality but yet they all do it to some extent, I don’t know about you or anybody else but my personal definition of indivuality is being unique and the definition of uniqueness is one of a kind. So how can they say they individual if they follow each other, or am i just dumb and need a bit more education.
    I don’t understand it, I was a cutter in my youth and have numerous scares and I know that the reason why I did it was to take emotional pain away, and I also knew that the deeper I cut the less I could feel. So therefore I would keep the cut shallow, and I kept it to myself it was my own punishment for my fucked up thoughts, I didn’t do it to entertain anyone else.
    I just don’t understand the need to cause muscle damage for no reason other than other peoples entertainment.

    1. I just got finished telling my emo ex-girlfriend that after me and her broke up. She got angry because I told her that long story of why I wasn’t a part of the emo fan-base anymore. I thought being emo was all about being a fan of the screamo genre but they’ve reformed it to just a group of lame fucks trying so hard to be something so they do shit like this and post in on the internet or where ever else. Fuck the emo sub-culture and I hope they end up eventually following the trend of beheading themselves -_-

  3. This isnt a boy, its a girl.

    Theres actually a picture of her in the same set, two infact. She posted these on some german forum late last year. Still, continue with the snide comments though, youre obviously all better people.

  4. this is more than just some death cab for cutie fan feeling bad about herself. i am a former cutter, and did some crazy shit, but never went this nutso. this chick is seriously off the charts. this person needs to be hospitalized. not just for the injuries, for some SERIOUS mental thereapy.

  5. I am really sad for this person. I would love to pick their brain to see what would make them not only damage themselves so severely, but put it on display for all to see. Seeing the scars from previous cuttings just makes me hurt for this person. I really hope they have some good people in their life that will intervene before this person ends up killing themself.

  6. Eh Fuck off everyone. I’m emo, and proud of it. Just because all of you feel you have to follow the “In” crowd doesn’t mean shit. I pity all of you who are afraid to be themselves.

    JK… Fuck emo kids. That’s just fucking insane. I have a friend that does that shit… and they all need serious help. Let em die of blood loss 🙂

  7. I saw this girl on another site. She needs help. This is a desperate cry for attention. If she wanted to die she would have succeeded long ago. To the girl in the pics, seek therapy. The only thing you have achieved by making your actions public is making a spectacle of yourself, and a soon to be statistic. Nobody here trully cares, you have only added to your emotional pain.
    “Emo Kid”, emos aren’t being themselves, they are equally as guilty of following trends, and lacking what it means to be an individaul, as the other fashion victims. This girl isn’t being herself. She is clearly unstable and probably chemically unbalanced.

  8. “waaa life is hard” “waaa life hurts” i know what will make me feel better! let me cut my self so deep so i can have something to really cry about. waa!!! what a dumb fuck i hope he died of an infection not blood loss!

  9. Fuck all these people laughing at this kid. I don’t think this is about attention anymore. This guy is messed up in the head and needs help. Real help, not the bull shit “Get over it emo kid” things you retards say.
    Someone needs to help him.

  10. OMG!
    1st ov all ouch!!
    2nd if emos cut 2 loose their emotional feelings then this girl has alot! i mean how the fuk can u cut that deep n not feel a thing?? u got issues girl! but its defo 4 attention! n specially in the wrong way!! all ov u that r sayin ”i hope she died” seriously guys think wot ure sayin i mean if u were that fukd up wud u wish sum1 wished u dead!!? i think not!


  12. There are a lot of people needing blood donors today, and these emos don’t seem to help…

    If she died from those wounds, I’d sure love to make an “emo soup” out of her.

    Human meat is sweet…


  14. Annaleigh Giovinazzo u r Right he or she or whatever Cheated. I cut my self accidentaly in the thumb with a kitchen knife sometime ago while i was peeling potatos
    and blood flushed out like hell.I guess i did hit a tendon cause i had real freaking trouble to stop the bleeding.
    I think u r right he or she knew where to cut to avoid heavy bleeding.

  15. maybe this person just likes blood? i mean, they obviously could’ve actually killed themselves if they wanted to. i used to cut, but not nearly that bad, & after a while, i did it just because i liked to bleed. i like to see blood. after all, isn’t that why most of you are on this site?

  16. thanks for uploading these pics i sent u Mark…..ill try to get more fucked up shit like that…these pics were sent by someone i met here on best gore… hope u guys enjoyed the total stupidities pple actually do..enjoy

  17. Rock group ” poison “every rose has it’s thorn I suppose you can’t convince her . She is allergic to her stray cat , and she needs to get rid of it? Apparently. The geek squad found, her proving once again there’s always an open door for girl!

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