Skanky Blonde Fighting with Cops

Skanky Blonde Fighting with Cops

Hard to know for sure what happens, but this skanky blonde alleges that she was a victim of violence and came to report it to police where she was again met with violence. To me it looks more like she initiated violence, went to whine cause she didn’t get her way, got too mouthy and was put in place. She’s probably had her fair share of fake rape reports before this incident cause whiny bitches like to play the victim card to get their way.

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          1. These men and women are doing an AMAZING job, given the circumstances! They can’t spent their whole life on this site. It’s not their only job in life. There are plenty of stories on this site to occupy your time. You don’t just have to go to the first story posted per day. Dive in a bit. With Mark gone, they’ve done an amazing job of maintaining the site, and I love them very much for it. Show respect.

      1. Sorry but what a ungrateful tool you are to have a site like this free for you viewing to see the world for what it really is. Admins and supports here do fine job don’t like it as said don’t let the door hit ya

  1. Man I was thinking this video was going to go differently by the way it looks like his hand is around her throat……this could have had such potential in becoming my next fapfest..instead my fucking ears hurt from this bitches loud annoying screams and my accidentally leaving my music up to 16..fuck man..someone choke this bitch the FUCK out with those uglyass blonde shitlocks she has on her head!!

        1. @ladywicked just gotta say your are one bad ass chick I can tell you can handle sum shit. I love reading your comments also you are so beautiful girl… I been coming here for a while but rarely comment.. Just had to say your bad girl A good bad just my kinda bad 馃槈

          1. Awww…you guys are so sweet…I WAS having a shittastic I’m not…thank you bebeevita..start commenting more hun…we can always use more insight..wit..and views 馃檪
            Juicy you’re AWESOME girl…I’m still amazed that someone as beautiful as you find my pretty…thank you.. 馃槈

  2. Ladies, don’t swing at or hit authorities or you’re going down with the quickness. They don’t play that ancient chivalrous, can’t hit women shit. They will gain control of the situation with or without your cooperation. It’s what they do. Hell, a great many of them would rather you not cooperate just to beat you down, especially if you’re “skanky”!

    Thanks Ate and lol @ your choice of words “Skanky Blonde”!

  3. Mrs sluty cakes sure was a screamer and those panties and that belly, it was less of a camel toe and more of a camel?s hump in my opinion.

    I bet she couldn?t even make a sandwich for her significant other either, useless jezebel whore.

    I bet this lady of loose morals likes to service randy old grey cocks in her house of ill repute, filthy night crawler.

    She should call herself the Eiffel Tower because everybody?s been up her, cheap strumpet, master of the cock trumpet.

    I bet her asshole?s like a clown?s pocket, demented cock connoisseur.

    Ahh, I think that about covers it.

      1. @YourNextExGirl,

        Well, thank you.

        There is something very therapeutic about insulting a first place, award winning loser isn’t there.

        We spend most of the day pretending to be nice to others in order to live in peace but when we get home we like nothing better than to swear, insult and abuse those who we take a dislike to, be it the lousy pop star, the crappy actor, the corrupt politician, it’s really good fun.

        My conclusion, society may bind our limbs and close our mouths but there is always the internet to let our real selves shine, we do not fit into preconceived categories because we are real, we are human, to be true to oneself requires that we understand and know ourselves, we are not all kind and all caring but we are not all bad either, we are shades of grey and that is fine with me.

        I therefore never look for perfection, I look for reality and hope to find my perfection within that reality.

    1. Usually what happens when they don’t learn respect as a child. They think they can fight with anyone they please and then get freaked out when someone finally bounces their head off the concrete and rag dolls them into submission

      1. so you’ve never had screaming orgasms? 馃檨

        ali, i’ll help you out, give me one hour. i’m the man who’s as interested in pleasing the female as i am in pleasing myself. make no mistake, one hour with me and you’ll need new bedsheets.

  4. Man, see some of the craziest shit on this site and not all of it gore. Clearly, this is in an office setting and she obviously isn’t dressed for the office. Who shows up to work in panties and a tank top then fights with the cops?

  5. High pitched Argentinian skanky blondes like this one are fucked. No wonder, the country is fucked too, it breed hysterical, desperate people. By the way, I thought I’d mention I keep reading douchebaggery in comments…WTF lol etc… Anybody moderating? Does anybody care?

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