Strange Case of Rape Caught on CCTV Camera in Russia

Strange Case of Rape Caught on CCTV Camera in Russia

This video raises many questions. Allegedly, the woman was raped by a gamer who felt sexually excited after watching internet porn. But if I were to believe what the original story claims, then he is the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet with Archangels watching over him at all times. That’s about the only way I could explain the fact that just after he was done watching online porn, the internet cafe emptied out and a lone female walked right in.

People typically load up internet porn when they’re thinking of retreating into the safety of a bathroom stall to beat it off there. You don’t start watching porn knowing that just when you’re ready to spew semen, everyone will disappear and a single, good looking, young woman walks in on you so you can stuff her pussy up instead of beating off into the toilet bowl.

I was also always lead to believe that women who get raped are awfully terrified because they are under a threat of use of force from the perpetrator. I played this video back and forth several times and it looked more like a case of girlfriend/boyfriend fighting (never underestimate the tendency of Russians to resort to violence even within close circles) or a hooker trying to run away with John’s money while he’s taking a piss.

This video could be many things but since I don’t know the true story, let’s just stick with the original implication that the woman was raped and the perpetrator was a gamer who was in the internet cafe to watch porn. Sounds legit?

Unfortunately… all action happens off camera.

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51 thoughts on “Strange Case of Rape Caught on CCTV Camera in Russia”

  1. Ah ! Its working now but….WTF ?…at 1st it looks like she’s fighting and struggling and then at the end it seemed ok 4 her beeing raped ? because she is WALKING out and then the “Rapist” is leaving i-net cafe too…walking, kinda weird xD

  2. i never beat off in the bathroom. it’s too difficult to hold the laptop in my right hand and use the left hand to take care of business. i have a mouse cock but my laptop is a massive 19 inches. anybody impressed? the fucking toilet is too hard a surface to get comfortable on. gots to be in bed to fap.

  3. For a rape case, she is NOT putting up much of a fight. If that had been me, I’d been kicking and screaming, clawing at his eyes and punching him in the nutsack as hard as i could. Hell I’d have been BITING him as hard as I could just to get him to let go and then whale on his ass. She just kinda lets him scoot her around on the floor and tries to dig her heels into smooth linoleum. No fight!

    Anyone gots an explanation for that?

    1. I happened to read a rape victim’s interview a while ago and she said she couldn’t pull off such violent actions because she thought that would get him even more mentally out of control which could even cost her life, not only sex. So she decided to take it and wanted him to just finish it quickly and go.
      I’m not saying this woman was right to do that, but at least i could understand what she was scared of.

      1. I guess that makes sense. In my case, I’m a little more “act in the moment” I guess, so if it would have been me, I probably wouldn’t have thought of that and just gone apeshit on him. Probably an act that would get me on this site, haha

  4. Was it rape or some lower form of sexual assault? How did he get her pants off? He didn’t look like he was willling to use enough force to get her to submit. He was just being too gentle. Now if he would have grabbed her hair and banged her head into the floor until she was semi-conscious, he could have had his way with her.

  5. I think they were a couple and he wanted to be freaky and get it on in public!? Or maybe he is the internet cafe owner and she is one of his young workers? I laughed when he was trying to undo her pants on the ground, but really, rape is not a laughing matter.

    1. Very much aggreed, however, unlike the lackmof choice their victoms had in the matter, I say, give them a choice.
      Lead them into a wooden shed, pull out their dick, nail it to a bench, give them an insanely dull peice of metal (a spoon maybe?) and set the shed on fire.
      They can live if they want to at a price, but never again will they rape somebody.

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