Street Justice Compilation – 10 Minutes of Thieves Getting Lynched

Street Justice Compilation - 10 Minutes of Thieves Getting Lynched

At last a compilation with awesome music, including Fight Fire with Motherfucking Fire – could hardly pick a better tune for a street justice compilation. Do onto others as they’ve done to you – fuck yeah! 80’s rocked. This new generation of single mother kids will never know what real music sounded like live when singers could sing and guitarists could shred. Cowboys from Hell fits in great too.

We’ve had a fair amount of lynchings featured on Best Gore lately and I don’t expect that trend to slow down. It’s been an increasing occurrence that people had to take justice in their own hands. Some of the videos in the compilation we have already seen on Best Gore, like the epic Chinese people coming together to deliver justice upon bag snatchers with furniture. At least one video is not thievery related – it’s a Russian with a short fuse and as we’ve seen on Best Gore, the slightest of things is turned into a fight in Russia, but it still counts as “street justice” so why not.

Enjoy 10 minutes of thieves betting their ass handed to them by we the people.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Street Justice Compilation – 10 Minutes of Thieves Getting Lynched”

  1. An interesting video; top marks for the girl in the lift who took her handbag back and dropped the guy that snatched it, second place to the following clip where the fleeing (?) thief is taken out with a kick in the throat, third place to the pavement face plant; repeat until desired effect is obtained or just take the f***ers onto a nearby roof and drop them over the edge, in the style of Saddam Hussein’s secret police; that way you don’t get all sweaty and hot.

    1. I haven’t watched it all yet but I will! Just had to comment on the flying elbow drop delivered in the first video. I’ve seen a few lynchings on here now but that made me laugh for a good while.

    2. That kick to the throat one was actually from a French hidden camera show called “Candid Camera”. It wasn’t really a thief, the guy was just a part of the prank. The kick to the throat guy was not part of the prank, he just thought he was stopping a thief. You can see a guy runs out from behind the camera waving, presumably telling people not to beat the shit out of the “thief”. The entire incident was filmed from a couple different angles and is on youtube under the title “Prank gone wrong: KO kick!”

    1. Yes. I love how as soon as the robbery happens, everybody around there came together as a community to fuck those guys up. Just goes to show, you might be a tough guy when you fuck with the individual, but when the town comes together for a common purpose, that’s your ass.

      1. I also love how some of the thieves try to stall their beatings by talking. The one guy is like, “Look, see? My neck is bruised up and uh I also got a bad back so please no more.” The crowd looks at each other and says, “…yeah, ok,” then BAM! Kayyyyyyy Ohhh Ohh O O!!

  2. best video i’ve seen in years and the entire 6-7 minute mark is just the shit, the woman with her crazy ass wrestling skills is awesome but the guy who does the ‘back kick’ as i’ll call it made my day that thief? didn’t have a fucking clue he was about to be dropped 🙂 i am a happy man now

  3. Ok, had to watch this before my workout because of just the name of the post! Just due to the nature and music alone- I’m juiced up and pumped! Lol. Loved the back kick to the throat! That was some Bruce Lee shit right there- and honestly, I loved the ones where just normal people tripped the shit outta the criminals that were running away! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve wanted to do that to a few random strangers before!! This was great! I think I’ll beat my personal best on time today! Woo whooo!! 🙂

  4. Oddly cathartic video. But I have to say that one clip in the lift is totally fake, the woman performs a wrestling move (back drop) you can see the guy bend his knees to jump backwards and he ends up in a perfect pinning position with his legs split. Well sold but very fake.

  5. Some of these went a little too far… I mean they’re thieves, usually it’s desperation that drives them into stealing, and they get beaten down and kicked while on the ground. That so-called ‘Street Justice’ is damn far away from justice…

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